1. that was a really cute moment with the two of them!! I would be nice to have more moments like that make the final cut!! :)

  2. Can anyone explain the reasoning behind blocking viewers outside the US? I’m in Canada too, this is ridiculous.

  3. #3 Alli – I agree. Very Sweet moment, this would have went well with all the chaos in tonights episode.

  4. I love Oscar and Angela bonding over their mutual distaste for the scummy bar. Oscar & Angela friendship yay!

  5. I wish that clip had been in there – I laughed when the bartender/waiter was able to correctly identify all Meredith’s co-workers.

    The Angela-Oscar moment was nice: they both bond over being snobby about Poor Richard’s. lol

  6. I wish they would have put that scene in!! Lol! We didn’t get enough of the bar scenes! This show should be an hour!! At first I thought, “Oo Dwight should watch his back…” then I remembered…wait…no that’s not right…

  7. Big Tuna, heh… Oscela does look better but Angcar is funnier. One of my friends suggested “Pim” instead of “Jam.” I find that hilarious.

  8. Yeah, great Angela/Oscar moment.

    This is the first time I’m wishing for a particular deleted scene, but I really hope they put out more of the stuff with Pam and Roy at the end. The pace of his whole reaction leading up to his explosion seemed too rushed to me, like they had to cram it in for time’s sake. I feel like even though he would have been shocked and angry as soon as Pam said anything, that he would have asked at least a few questions before totally losing it. So, I’d really like to see what else they filmed for that scene.

  9. I am in Canada too but here’s what I did to get past the “BLOCKING” thing…seriously it works, ask around here.

    1. download Ultrasurf, run it,Connect and it should open your Internet Explorer and take you to their Homepage

    2.go to the Deleted scenes section and you should be able to see it now, try all the three ports listed if the first one doesn’t work. it works perfectly on my end(that’s what she said!)..lol

  10. 20something minutes just doesn’t do this show justice, that deleted scene was great! i’m really glad they put up clips for the fanatics to savor, while we wait anxiously for the next episode to air. hope solismm’s tips work for you canadians!

  11. I don’t understand how some deleted scenes are available to us Canadians, but others aren’t. What a tease!

  12. We dont let the Northern Menace see our Office Deleted Scenes because we are jealous of you being years ahead of us in Zamboni’s

  13. I love it when they all go out together… it so accurately captures that awkward feeling of “work socials”…

  14. I’m glad Angela and Oscar finally found something in common other than being on the party planning commitee…which doesn’t count because Angela kind of made Oscar join.

  15. hehe, i love this deleted scene. any scene where two unlikely characters bonding is great. =D go angela! go oscar!

  16. Some deleted scenes are blocked in Canada… coincidentally around the time that Global has bumped the show for a 6 week run of Deal Or No Deal Canada. So, if the show isn’t being aired by the Canadian rights holders then perhaps that has something to do with the blocked nbc web content.

    FWIW, the ureach suggestion here (that I picked up from the thread on the last director’s cut video and is repeated in comment 16) seems to be dead simple and effective.

  17. i love that oscar and angela share a special moment while complaining about poor richard’s :)

  18. I’d just like to point out that comment #35 was from a different Cousin Mose than me. And I’m horrified.

  19. That second deleted scene with Ryan talking up Stanley’s daughter again without realizing who she is could be the funniest moment of the season so far.

  20. Wow…you would have thought after Stanley screamed at Ryan the first time, his daughter’s face would be etched in Ryan’s memory forever… as a symbol for DANGER!!!!

    Very funny clip, but they probably cut it because that would be too much drama for one bar to handle in one night.

  21. Oh man, Stanley’s daughter is trouble!

    This underage moment brought to you by Creed…

  22. Super funny scene! I love pissed-off Stanley! And yeah, HOW did Ryan not have that girl’s face burned in his brain with red flags all around it?

  23. so is she one of Creed’s clients? And I thought during the second season Stanley said she was in middle school. How is she 16 now…unless she got left back….

  24. Yeah, I just don’t believe that Ryan wouldn’t remember that girl. I think they didn’t put that hilarious scene in because the calm nature of the outing makes Roy’s anger scarier.

  25. I’m glad they deleted the scene. Just didn’t fit. Why wouldn’t Ryan remember her? Why doesn’t he see how young she is?

    Stanley is really scary! Ryan’s very wimping.
    I hope we get a deleted scene of Kelly being mad at Ryan, too.

    Funny, but I’m glad it was gone.

  26. oh my god, stanley. i love it!!!

    probably the hardest i’ve laughed at office-related stuff in a while.

  27. Both of those are hilarious. I’d have loved to see that 2nd one actually in the episode. Kelly nodding while Stanley yelled at Ryan was perfect.

  28. Right before Ryan ducks into the women’s room it looks like he’s about to break character. He’s got a big smile on his face. Heh.

  29. So in scene two when the bathroom door has just closed behind stanley and ryan, does anyone else hear a voice go “that’s a good one” It’s in the background and maybe you have to turn the volume up a little but I hear someone’s voice..JJ Abrams?

    PS: Hopefully someone else can hear it too so I’m not just hearing things :)

  30. Wow. Yeah, I can totally here “That’s a good one.” And maybe I’m just imagining things, but it does sound sort of like JJ Abrams

  31. Ryan/BJ DID break in that scene, but Leslie/Stanley RULED the whole thing. It didn’t matter what Ryan was doing because Stanley was about to kill him and made me LAUGH. The break may be why it was a deleted scene.

    Um, but why was Stanley’s teenage daughter in a BAR?

  32. The actress who plays Stanley’s daughter is AMAZING. What’s her name? It’s a shame this was deleted from the broadcast!!
    As someone pointed out, though, how come she’s 16 now? When was it – season 2 – “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” (loved her in that) – she was in middle school. And did she get a Creed-issued ID ? Was Stanley’s “Not again” referring to her being in a bar or flirting with Ryan?
    I love seeing Stanley in action too!

  33. WOW, Stanley and Ryan play so well off of each other, its hilarious, somehow i think Stanley will end up assisting Ryan in his development as a salesman. Deep down i think Stanley likes the kid

  34. I heard “that’s a good one” too, it actually kind of sounds like Kevin

    I would love if they put together director’s cuts of these episodes on the S3 DVD

  35. That was freakin’ hilarious. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Stanley’s daughter. And as for her being 16, who knows, maybe she was 15 in middle school. Maybe she was held back… spent too much time flirting, not enough time learnin’.

  36. Oh MAN I loved the first Stanley outburst in Bring Your Daughter To Work Day but this might top it!

    FYI – The actress who plays Melissa, Stanley’s daughter is Jazz Raycole and she is also on “Jercho” right now as Robert Hawkins’ daughter Allison.

  37. Melissa says that she was in 8th grade in Take Your Daughter to Work Day.

    It doesn’t make sense that she is 16 now. Unless she’s been kept back. It was less than a year ago that she was at the office.

  38. Yeah, her being 16 now is a little off, wasn’t she 13 or something last year. But,it was hilarious! They should have left that in.

  39. see … this scene with ryan and stanley is another example where a scene was made, didn’t quite fit in for some reason, was left out of the show, and then was slapped on the website as a deleted scene. there’s no way ryan wouldn’t remember stanley’s daughter. no way whatsoever. the scene from last week when karen was about to rip down the flyer for pam’s art show is the same. i don’t think scenes that don’t make it into the episode shouldn’t be taken seriously the way last week’s with karen was. i think they just throw it on the website cuz to keep us checking in.

  40. Another reason why this show should be an hour long. So funny! Also, I think that Ryan tends to block out work related instances.

  41. OMGOSh, that scene with Melissa was priceless. Too bad it wasn’t kept in. I love seeing Stanley being mad at Ryan.

  42. I thinks it’s unreasonable to think that these scenes “never happened” because they did not make the final cut. Of course they happened, the Andy to anger mgmt is a perfect example (but of course not good enough for some over-analyzers).
    And speaking of over-analyzing, nit-picking over Stanley’s daughter’s age is another example. I wouldn’t put it past the writers to use a little “creative licensing” to advance her age a bit in order to enhance the storyline…which obviously worked based on the response to this deleted scene…but SO WHAT? Don’t get me wrong I appreciate the real-life feel of the documentary set-up, but it’s still a scripted program with the main objective of ENTERTAINING us an making us LAUGH. There’s bound to be some instances where we pick up on some of the writers’ little inconsistancies, especially if we scrutinize every single detail.
    I’d personally prefer them to spice it up a bit for comedy’s sake. I mean really, if a camera was present in your “real” job everyday, do you think you’d get an NBC comedy or a sad social commentary?
    Sorry if this is a bit too much realism for our “Office” world, btu sometimes as I read these comments, some people seem to take this stuff too far…it’s still just a 1/2 hour TV show…I’ll watch as long as it’s funny. Perfect example is the Golden Girls, horrible storyline continuity but still one of the best comedies ever (and that goes for the Odd Couple too).

  43. I rewatched the Stanley & Ryan fight scene again. I didn’t notice at first that Pam totally did a Jim face :)

  44. The Stanley-Ryan scene did not ring true to me. It’s probably my “mom alarm” going off but if I were in that situation, my kid would be on the receiving end of the dressing down before the hapless guy would be. The other thing that was weird is that, as said before, there is no way Ryan would have forgotten that annoying and snotty bit of trouble, Melissa.

  45. Amen, NEWBIE. All this talk of Stanley’s daughters age is making me sort of crazy.

    (and anyways, I’ve taught ninth grade, and there are some 16-year-olds there who never failed a grade. People are just overthinking it and slapping an “impossible” label on something that (a) isn’t impossible and (b) isn’t important anyway)

  46. There’s a new deleted scene up about Jan.

    Oh, Jan. A violent karate instructor? How did that one come along?

  47. A third deleted scene is up at nbc.com

    Is that one of the camera men saying a line to Dwight?

  48. But, on the upside of all of Jan’s bad decisions… she can, well….you know… rather easily.

  49. I wish they’d left in the exchange with Dwight and the kid. Too funny–I nearly fell out of my chair when he pitched that soccer ball across the room.

  50. #85:

    “Has anyone been able to figure out the last thing Stanley says before they enter the restroom?”

    Something in the line of: “You don’t want to end up on a ‘Stone Philips nasty man show'(?)

  51. Jan…she is the classic masochist…humiliation, violence, arguments, all one big turn on for her!

  52. i tried to resist watching, but i’m going through Office withdrawals. great stuff, but this bugs me: stanly says melissa’s 16, but last year she was in the 8th grade.. can we say continuity?

  53. Melissa: Hi Ryan.

    Ryan: Heyyy.

    Melissa: How are you doing? I’ve… I’ve missed you.

    Ryan: I’ve… missed you too.

    Melissa: Don’t you… remember me?

    Ryan: (laughs) ummm, you uh… you gotta give me a hint. Ummm… did you meet me at the gym?

    Melissa: (giggles) no.

    Kelly: Who the HELL is Ryan talking to?

    Ryan: Are you… a client of Dunder Mifflin?

    Melissa: No.

    Stanley: Oh, not again… Melissa!!

    Melissa: Daddy!!

    Stanley: Wait for me outside!

    Ryan: Oh god!

    Stanley: She is 16 years old. What is wrong with you?

    Ryan: Ok, alright. Let… let me explain to you… what happened.

    Stanley: No. Oh, no no…

    Ryan: She came right up to me, just like she did when you brought her into work…

    Stanley: No no no no no, you planned this whole thing. Boy, I will smack yo spine out yo back, you’ll be walkin like you got spina bifida. You runnin around here like some sort of a…

    Ryan: *Ok, I apologize*…

    Stanley: … No no no no no don’t apologize now, you outta stay away from my daughter. You wanna end up on the Stone Phillips ‘Nasty Man’ show? Don’t try to run from me…(door banging)… and aim high… you gonna stay away from my daughter… Oh you think you’re gon run from me huh… I’ll be on ya tail like a hot wind!!

    “You wanna end up on the Stone Phillips ‘Nasty Man’ show?”

  54. Roni, it’s possible. I turned 13 in the 8th grade, but I know a lot of people who turned 14 (and even 15) in the 8th grade. It’s plausible that she has an early birthday and that she failed kindergarten or something, making her 16 by the end of freshman year. I noticed the age problem, too, but without an explanation, you just have to remedy the situation with whatever fits, I guess.

  55. And yet another thing Jan has picked up from Michael..

    ..Sharing WAY too much information with the camera.

  56. Something I’ve been thinking about but have not seen mentioned on any of the boards:

    Even though it was creepy of Dwight to be in the kid’s room, isn’t it likely that the boy would have at least met Dwight over the course of the day, seeing as how he and Michael got there so ungodly early?

  57. Melora Hardin pulls off this stuff so well. And, you know, even the small parts are always done so perfectly — the C.F.O.’s wife’s reactions are just perfect.

  58. im so sorry because this is so off topic but since tanster is living out my dream, i thought i might tell people that in the spoilers section i posted one from watch with kristin..
    just thought some of you might want to know :)

  59. There will be repeats of Traveling Salesmen & The Return from 8-9p on March 15th according to a recent NBC Press Release.

  60. Is it just me or did anybody see the chemistry between Angela and Oscar in the deleted scenes?

  61. “Could Oscar and Angela be having a gay affair….maybe.”

    I hope that NBC has a whole lot a deleted scenes to hold me over for the long break. The trouble with reruns is that I’ve already watched the episodes a bunch of times thanks to itunes.

    I like the idea of the kid in bed already meeting Dwight during the day, it explains why he’s not freaked out, and makes me Dwight seem less like a freak.

  62. Sorry Cousin Mose,

    That is a look that means something else. Think about it….Oscar is just as snobbish as Angela. Besides lust for power what does Angela really have in common with Dwight. I have seen this one coming since the day Oscar got back from his “gaycation”

  63. re: #114:

    I don’t see any romantic chemistry there at all. Oscar is gay. I agree with Cousin Mose.

  64. ok…ok….I had my girlfriend look at it and she agrees with you guys. Maybe secretly inside I want to see Dwight compete with Oscar for Angela’s affection. That would be the ultimate episode!!!

  65. Just watched the Stanley/Ryan scene again, and noticed the happy look that Kenny had on his face. This guy sure likes a fight!

  66. Adriana, the issue was already put to rest by about three other people who said roughly the same thing. That’s all.

    Also, I would love to think that Angela has a thing for Oscar, but I don’t see it. Now Roy on the other hand…

  67. For some reason the deleted scenes won’t show??? I can see the commercials (of course) but afterwards it says the clip is not available from my location? I’m in Canada on an iMac, could either of theses be the reason?

  68. so . . . HOW long do we have to wait for a new episode? I heard (somewhere) 6 weeks . . . please tell me that’s not true.

  69. Also having trouble viewing the scenes…strange, because it only started happening with Phyllis’s wedding I think.

    I’m in Korea, and trying to use a mac…..same crap about not being available from this location. I bet they’ve got it locked to the US market. Sucks.

  70. I don’t get what Karen was trying to say in deleted scene 4.

    Funny stuff with Toby though…

  71. Karen was saying “Michael.” She tried to stop herself when she realized that it probably wasn’t the smartest thing to say in front of the camera, but it was kind of too late, and she couldn’t think of anything to turn her “Mi-” into, so she just decided to be honest and finished his name.

    I love Toby. He’s so adorkable.

  72. No, I’m pretty sure Karen was just starting to say “Michael”, then stopped herself because it’s, well, not very nice, then realized that she might as well just say it. :P

  73. But that was a deleted scene, which means it never happened, because Karen is pure as the driven snow, and would never do anything like rip down Pam’s art flyer…

    It’s fun to chuck rocks at beehives… heh heh heh…

  74. I loved how Kelly appeared over the cubicle wall and then sank back down. It was almost creepy-and REALLY funny! :)

  75. The deleted scenes count now!!! So I can start to dislike Karen? casue at the moment… well..

  76. I really liked the Toby/Kelly/Ryan scene…it’s like the Season 2 Office with all the little character scenes. Sigh. I kind of miss that.

    So…who thinks a New York job offer might be in Jim’s future? Or Karen’s?

  77. I have to say that “Karen’s” delivery in scene 4 was really unfortunate. She just didn’t quite pull it off.

  78. I agree with Elisabeth…the Kelly/Ryan/Toby scene was HILARIOUS! I watched it a bunch of times and I just kept giggling.

    And I actually liked the Karen talking head. Trying to be nice, but in the end…not caring.

  79. for the love of god nbc. keep these coming a couple times a week because I can feel myself having office withdrawls already. The clips are so perfect.

    ooo and I do think Jim is going to get a job offer in NY and pam is going to tell him not to go because shes in love with him. Ok maybe it wont play out like that but a girl can dream:)

  80. Ok, so I’m sure I’m the only one who doesn’t know the answe to this, but I’m in canada, can’t watch deleted scenes, can’t get the solution program working, etc… Anyways, where the hell is Andy? I thought Ed Helms was permanent cast now?

  81. Hey – fellow Canadians!! To watch the deleted scenes, and other shows online available only to Americans – download Ultrasurf at http://www.ultrareach.com. It only works with Explorer. It’s a quick download…open Ultrasurf and once it connects it opens Explorer automatically…and enjoy!! :)

  82. Ha, Toby wins. Ryan needs to grow a pair.

    Interesting how they’ve cut the “Karen shows her not-so-great side” scenes two episodes in a row.

  83. I couldn’t get the solution program working either… can someone please describe these scenes to the other Canadians? Mainly the last 2… you guys did a pretty good job of explaining the first two. THANKS!

  84. “I’m not doing your dirty work for you.”

    Toby is uh-mazing! He always has such great moments.

  85. Caaaaaaaaaaaaanon. Love it.

    And I love that just now Ryan realizes there might have been a loophole to get out of his relationship. Nice try.

  86. Among the four deleted scenes, this is the one that meshed with the overall tone of the episode. It makes me wish we could pass the hat and pay for NBC to forego a commercial. Imagine, “This scene was brought to you by the fans at OfficeTally.” It would have been worth it just to get Michael’s suggestion of a “four-way…” on the air, which was gloriously topped by Toby’s line.

  87. Now it seems that people are just nitpicking every little detail of Karen just looking for anything that could potentially be wrong with her. I think she’s great and that deleted scene was funny.

  88. Well, I’m from Sweden and I can only view deleted scenes from about every other episode due to my location.. Anyone know a way of getting by this?

  89. On a slightly unrelated note…

    I was watching “The Fight” from Season 2 and when Jim is asking Dwight which people he could beat up, the very first person he asks about is Roy.

    Anyone think this is foreshadowing? Maybe?

  90. It’s kind of ironic that Jim can say he wants to clamp Michael’s face in a grill, and he’s still the golden boy, but when Karen voices the idea that Michael isn’t the most exemplary boss/employee in the world (a sentiment also voiced by, um, just about everyone in the office at various points in the series), she’s horrendous.

    Kind of like how Karen’s “clingy” because she talks through a relationship issue like an adult and rubs her boyfriend’s back.

    The lack of objectivity on the Karen issue is pretty disappointing.

  91. ok, seriously . . . someone PLEASE tell me when the next new episode is? How long do we have to wait? At least 3 weeks, I know (SUCK!)

  92. OK – despite the whole love Karen/hate Karen debate, can someone tell me what she was really trying to say? I’m confused by the “My…..chael”. It didn’t sound to me like she had started to say Michael and then stopped herself, then finally said it. To me, it sounded like she was trying to say “my…” and then stopped and said Michael because she didn’t want to say the original thing. Did anyone else get that?

  93. i got that..and i was thinking the same thing…i just wish we knew what she was going to originally say..i don’t think her initial thought was michael, and she changed it at the last second.

  94. I think Ryan was just joking around, not seriously trying to find a loophole. I think he’s progressed (regressed?) into almost a marriage mentality.

  95. I love how Kelly says “I hear whispering..” and Ryan’s face shows he’s beaten once again.

  96. I really wish they’d stop deleting the “Kryan” scenes…they’re always really funny (like the scenes in the dumpster a while back). It seems like their whole storyline has ended up on the editing room floor…

    P.S. – Karen rocks….

  97. I don’t think there’s anything was wrong with Karen’s talking head. She’s not the first to say anything negative about Michael’s … unconventional style of leadership. Is unconventional the right word? (/Jim)

    But I do wish they had kept it in, if only to highlight the continuing disconnect between Karen and Jim. Karen’s obvious excitement about the party would have stood out glaringly next to Jim’s obvious disinterest.

    They should never cut Kelly/Ryan scenes. They have their own private world going on in the deleted scenes that I wish would make it to the air.

  98. I think the reason people think negative comments about Michael sound different coming from Karen than from Jim is that Karen still seems like an outsider. It’s like in the Dundies; it’s okay if the Office folks are appalled by Michael and think he’s an idiot, but it’s another thing altogether when a stranger does it.

    It’s like your family, or your spouse. I can complain all I want about my Hubby, but if someone else says something derogatory, watch out! I’m allowed to talk trash about my family (even though it’s not nice), but YOU are NOT!

    Maybe it’s just me, but I think Karen still has not entered the inner sanctum of the office. Nor will she. That’s why it’s going to be easy to say “buh-bye”!

  99. Does anyone have a mirror of these deleted scenes? Those of us outside the country can’t view them on the (crappy, and only getting crappier) NBC site any more.

  100. Okay, so I was also confused about Karen’s pause during her ‘talking head’ in the last deleted scene. It did sound like she was saying ‘my…’ and then changed to ‘chael.’

    Here’s one guess:

    mabey she’s setting up the documentary camera men for her prank on Jim at the party later on? Hmmmm. Doesn’t quite work though.

  101. My take on the Karen TH: I think she was talking about Michael, because she said, “or they’ll think everyone here is like mic..chael”. If you listen carefully, it sounds like she gets a little of the “ch” sound in after the “my” (if that makes sense). Plus, if she wasn’t talking about Michael, what “my” in the office was she talking about? I couldn’t think of an alternative.

    The first time I watched it, I felt the same confusion everyone else did. I just think that Rashida didn’t pull it off, or it’s just too bad that the first syllable of Michael’s name is an actual word (and therefore not really Rashida’s fault).

  102. Did anyone else catch Roy’s laugh when he saw Pam’s picture on the wall? What an a$$. I think he was really laughing, then tried to backtrack by saying she should sign it. Pam did look at little, wtf? (pardon my abbreviated french) at first. Is it just me? Maybe I just really don’t like Roy, and I’m not being objective anymore, especially after the Poor Richard’s Freak Out. I would love to hear your opinions, OT folks!

  103. I didn’t see that Dying Star, I saw a supportive boyfriend. His laugh was one of, “Oh wow, look at that! Your stuff is on the wall.”

    I won’t excuse Roy for his behavior at Poor Richard’s, but I’ll give him credit where I think it is due.

  104. I interpreted Roy’s laugh as being somewhat embarrassed, because he had been so unenthusiastic about her art and then someone at the office had gone and hung it up. It probably also felt like a nasty reminder of an unpleasant night for both of them.


    Again For all the People who can’t VIEW the scenes because you’re outside the US borders…Here’s how to view it, as I posted in comment 16.(I also got the info from someone here in Officetally)

    am in Canada too but here’s what I did to get past the BLOCKING thing — seriously it works, ask around here.

    1. download Ultrasurf, run it,Connect and it should open your Internet Explorer and take you to their Homepage

    2.go to the Deleted scenes section and you should be able to see it now, try all the three ports listed if the first one doesn’t work. it works perfectly on my end(that’s what she said!)..lol

  106. Now that Pam has said “its over” to Roy and we know that Rashida Jones is leaving after the season finale, any ideas about what the obstacles to JAM will be for the next 6 years? We know they aren’t gettin together anytime soon…

  107. Dying star, I’m going to have to agree with MelB here. Roy’s laugh had no malice in it whatsoever. It was a friendly laugh, just like MelB said,

    “His laugh was one of, ‘Oh wow, look at that! Your stuff is on the wall.'”

  108. Okay, well, maybe I was reading too much into Roy’s laugh. I never thought he was being malicious (trying to hurt Pam’s feelings), I just got the distinct impression that he got caught in a typical insensitive Roy moment. And in that moment he thought it was weird that someone put one of her paintings on the wall (like he didn’t really think they were worthy of that).

  109. I’d like to say thank you to solismm for their help with UltraSurf. Now I don’t feel like the odd one out.

  110. Right — about the ultrasurf, thanks but no thanks. My virus detection software detected a trojan/virus in this download….I would warn against downloading this…

    [from tanster: here is ultrasurf’s FAQ on the subject. i downloaded it without any problems]


    If you are in a different timezone to the US make sure you change the time on your computer – NBC will block even if you’re using Ultrasurf if the timezone doesn’t match up!

    I now have no problems using Ultrasurf to get these clips

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