1. What kind of promo was that? haha It must be good if we didn’t get to see anything but poor Kevin getting hit by a ball. CAN’T WAIT!!!

  2. Ahhh! I can’t wait!! The wait for Thursday will be, in the words of Kevin, a nail biter!

  3. Can’t wait. But after next week, I won’t have anything to look forward to towards the end of the week!!

  4. OK, that was a bit disappointing. I was all excited and then …nothing. Well, OK, so that just means that it’s gonna be all made of awesome, right? So awesome they can’t show us any of it. Right. Is it Thursday yet?!

  5. I hope it will be like last year’s season finale, where the promo said they couldn’t show anything, but then they aired a lot of preview clips. I’m a sucker for those. Either way, I’m excited!

  6. I saw Michael and Holly standing together for a second there. Looks like it has the potential to be good TV….

  7. Oh man…how are they going to fit a proper season finale into 22 minutes?!!?

  8. Can’t wait for it!
    I hope it is a big season finale, something like Casino Night–a cliffhanger.

  9. I’m not going to lie. I paused it on Kev’s scene to see if I could find you in the background, Jennie.

    [from tanster: lol. i did that, too. then i realized i was probably behind the camera during this scene. :) ]

  10. “…to end up on the internet!”

    Yeah, and then hunted down by NBC’s lawyers.

  11. I’m also going to tune in and see the lazy guy from Parks & Rec get the cast taken off his leg. I bet that’s a stinky iPod.

  12. Holly…wake up and smell Michael! You know he’s your soulmate! Good promo thingy though!

  13. Tanster… is that you taking off your backpack behind them yelling at Kevin? I see… an orange shirt… and a hat… that’s about all I can see.

    [from tanster: you guys are so sweet to look for me! no, that’s not me.]

  14. When A.J. was talking about designing the house, I couldn’t bear to watch. Then when Michael started talking about his chair pants idea and we saw Holly’s reaction, there might be some glimmer of hope.

    Season finales have always had the subtle hints under the obvious expectations. Like in the Season 4 finale, we expected Jim to propose to Pam. Then when Pam had that talking head about how she’s gonna miss Toby, you could just tell something was gonna go wrong. So in this case with Michael and Holly, *fingers crossed*.

  15. My anticipation just went up about 50 notches. Can. Not. Wait. Poor Jim just can’t get a break, can he?

    Tanster, on a related note, and forgive me if this has been said or if it’s too spoilery. was Andy Buckley there when you were filming? I really don’t care if he affects the plot, I just want to see him in some shorts :-)

    [from tanster: hmmm …]

  16. Seriously, this preview-clip thingy just made me hate Charles Miner even more. Not that I don’t love you Idris.

  17. I don’t know what it was but seeing this preview it just clicked: how important Holly is to Michael and how really great they are together. Though I don’t know how the show will be able to pull their relationship off, what with Amy Ryan’s busy schedule, here’s to sincerely hoping they make it as a couple.

  18. I am playing “I spy” looking for Tanster! Lol…I can’t wait for this episode! I feel so badly for Jim. I want David Wallace to say something about it. Thank you for posting, Tanster!!

  19. Yay, Michael! Go get Holly!
    That clip gives a bit of hope, judging from Holly’s facial expressions, etc.

  20. I really hope Jim brings his A-game because I want him spike that ball over and over in Charles’ face.

  21. Teach, pause the video at 1:16, you can see David Wallace to Charles’s left.

  22. YAY!!! Pam supporting Jim! I hope that’s a theme of this episode and next season.

  23. ( 26. epinson ) Yep that’s Andy B. (David Wallace) on Charles’s left.

  24. I can’t wait to see what it is that Michael and Holly need to rehearse.

  25. Holly and Michael are Soup Snakes…I mean Soul mates!!! Michael totally deserves some happiness and his heart better not be crushed by the end of this episode!

  26. tiana,

    I’d be willing to bet my season 1-4 dvds that it’s a magic show.

  27. What’s Ryan taking out of his pocket just after Kevin misses the volleyball (at about 1:06 left)?

  28. You would think that being bested in a battle of wits by Michael Scott would teach Charles some humility but apparently it didn’t.

  29. GUH! I’m trying to deduce what has been shown by reading everyone’s comments because I’m in Australia so “the clip isn’t available in my location”
    But I’m guessing, since I already hate Charles, that this clip will make me hate him even more! lol

  30. For a moment, I thought Jim would smack Phyllis in the face with that volleyball

  31. Please please please let this episode contain a long overdue Charles Miner ass-kicking. GET HIM JIM!!!

  32. I believe I spotted Tanster at about 1:04, and when Dwight is yelling at Phyllis.

    [from tanster: you’re the second person who’s said that, and now i’m thinking, maybe it is me? is it awful that i can’t remember? :) ]

  33. I know it is supposed to be funny that Charles thinks so little of Jim, but it just makes me cringe. That almost makes me feel like a “bad” Office fan :)

    I just want Jim to get the best of Charles and prove to him once and for all that he is a great person (and employee).

  34. looks funny, but i’m still mad the season finale isn’t an hour long!!!

  35. I’m really hoping for some good Michael/Holly closure. We’ve been waiting all season just to see them get together again. I don’t think I’d be able to stand it if we were left with a finale cliffhanger, and have to wait until the fall.

  36. Tanster you’re in this!!!

    [from tanster: hmmm. you guys say i am, but i keep thinking i’m not, lol. i’ll have to download it from iTunes and watch it in high-def to confirm … :) ]

  37. The charles stuff is 50/50 for me…the stuff in volleyball just seems like more Charles competitive nature, like when he was playing soccer. the other scene was irritating charles.

  38. Tanster if you start watching at about 1:10, you will see yourself start to sit down at the picnic table behind them. You are wearing a black hat right??

  39. Ohmygodohmygooood! Tonight is the night! I can’t wait! By the way, I hate Chuck.

  40. Tanster, that sure looks like you in the orange shirt sitting down at the picnic table at about the 1:10 mark.

  41. OMG, just watched the new promo. *exploding inside* It is now officially impossible to do any work for the rest of the day!

    [from tanster: i have felt that way all day, lol!]

  42. I absolutely LOVED Pam’s calm but determined “let’s do this.” Too cute!

  43. Tanster, are you wearing a black long sleeve T under your orange shirt? If so I have to agree with #47 and #49 basic shape and size look about right. The dark sunglasses make it hard to tell

    [from tanster: no, i’m not. aha! — i knew it wasn’t me! :) ]

  44. “Let’s do this”. “This is delightful” and Meredith’s shirt.. OMG I knew she’d step up for the company picnic.

  45. I have to agree with others….I really do think it is Tanster sitting down at the picnic table!

  46. “let’s do this.” wuh-oh… looks like pam’s about to open up a can o’ whoop-ass! wait no, a six-pack! and michael and holly were holding hands when they bowed…. i hope that means something!

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