John Krasinski talks about The Office season finale

spoiler alertContent and comments may contain spoilers. (John doesn’t really reveal anything, though.)

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  1. @ Lindsay -well, he didn’t say that it was necessarily something new or shocking, but that it was “really good material,” so I’m guessing that you’re right and that it was just really well-written. A part of me hopes that I’m wrong, though, because having already predicted the end might just lead to disappointment. But, I’m still really excited, at any rate! John ALWAYS = <3.

  2. Yay! I’m excited for the 100th episode. Plus, it’ll be cool to see tanster on the show.

  3. Mindy, me too! Love him! Too bad he didn’t really answer the question though. Oh well, can’t wait until Thursday. And then the 3 months of torture after that, wondering what to do on Thursday nights.

  4. Love him.
    I’m unbelievably excited for Thursday.
    Jim and Pam moments are going to be amazing!

  5. I also <3 John/Jim!!!! My husband frequently tells me that I’m going to leave him for John K.

  6. Pure speculation, as I am remaining completely unspoiled this season – I have always maintained that as soon as John STOPS joking about JAM babies, we’ll know they are on the way!

  7. My excitement over Away We Go is ridiculous. I’m thrilled with the amount of good press the indie flick is generating. Fantastic.

  8. I just want to squeeze him.

    Also, I CANNOT WAIT for Away We Go and the Season Finale of TO. CANNOT WAIT. This is going to be amaziiiiiing! ::channelling Kelly::

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