1. Loved the Dwight/Michael pinch! I can’t imagine getting packed into Michael’s office! THAT must have been… (Cue Diwali music) “One. Crazy. Night.”

  2. “Are you getting married?” “Psych”.

    Classic Michael haha – can’t wait for Thursday!!

  3. Who’s playing Michael’s mom?????

    I can’t tell by the voice, but wasn’t it rumored to be Carol Burnett? Or was that shot down by the writers?

  4. I thought Mary Tyler Moore was supposed to be Michael’s Mom. But it didn’t sound like her either … Hmmmm.

  5. I can’t see the video. It is just an empty box. Do I need to download something to view it? I haven’t been able to view videos since the site updated. Thanks!

  6. I’m not so sure that Holly going AWOL has to do with Michael telling people he’s getting married. I believe Holly has already gone AWOL, so to speak. It also mentions that Toby’s return is a result of Holly going quote unquote AWOL, meaning Scranton needs an HR rep.

  7. (from urbandictionary.com)
    To retract your previous statement, in an attempt to fool the person you’re talking/chatting to. Also see sike.

    I think it was meant to be “psych” but people just misspelled it and the slang term became “sike”, so I guess it could go either way. Nevertheless, we know what you’re talking about..haha.

  8. #13 – just make sure you have the latest Flash and/or Java Environment installed on your browser

  9. btw if you can’t see the promo, you can go to youtube.com and go to zerohhero channel. This guy got all promos of season 5 (and a bunch of deleted scenes)

  10. #15, you’re both wrong it’s “PSYCHE!” as in psyched-out. I will accept ‘sike’ as a phonetic spelling I suppose.

  11. I love that you referenced urbandictionary, Tanster :) I can’t wait for tonight’s episode! Thursday is the best day.

  12. The phone voice sounded like it had been dubbed over just for the commercial. If you listen carefully the voice sounds a little too loud compared to the rest and doesn’t have the typical phone voice sound. They probably have a familiar actress cast, but want to keep it a secret until the episode actually airs.

  13. 21-Dudeman —

    I think you are right. The voice on the promo shown before tonight is different, and sounds a lot like Steve Carell’s wife (who also played Carol Stills). But I just saw the promo during Kath and Kim, and it’s definitely a different, older voice.

    Hmmmmmmmm….. :-)

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