Deadline reports possible ‘The Office 2.0’ reboot


… The Office executive producer Greg Daniels, who originally developed the American version of the cult British comedy, is mulling a reboot of the series, now in its eighth season. Daniels is expected to meet with NBC brass to lay out his idea for The Office 2.0, which I hear would feature existing characters as well as new ones.

Link: Series Reboot Eyed As Talks With Cast Still In Holding Pattern


  1. It’s certainly interesting, though I really want to see Andy as the manager. He’s finally finding his place and the writers are finally starting to write his character well. They are going to revisit his anger issues and have him fight with Nellie, he’ll have to prove himself to Robert. Andy was the perfect fit, so I’m sad if this will be the only season he will have had the role.

  2. How can I put this with suitable understatement:
    I’ll quit my job to work in PR for Bashar Assad, make my hobby going online and demanding Brett Ratner direct every big-budget project in development, and buy Charlotte Bobcats season tickets (despite living in the DC area) before I would watch a nanosecond of this Office reboot or anything akin to it. It takes a lot to have the worst idea associated with anything NBC-related…but this one would win that award. TRAVESTY IF IT HAPPENS.

  3. They should just cancel the show. The script is mediocre, erin and andy are boring, and james spader (the most redeeming character) is leaving. It is embarrassing and they should have stopped at season 4, maybe 5. Steve carell knew what he was doing when he split

  4. I don’t think there are words to describe how terrible this idea is. I’d much rather see the show end outright than turn into something “new.” We have already seen this season (and really, ever since the introduction of Erin) that they can’t write multifaceted interesting new characters. It was a mistake for them to give up on the character development of the original central characters. This is just sad.

  5. I love this show and I don’t want it to end, but if the main cast leaves, then it wouldn’t be The Office anymore. I’d rather the show end than continue without the main characters, and I say that with a very heavy heart. My health is not good, and I’m confined to my home a lot. It can get very frustrating and depressing, and watching The Office is what I do to cheer myself up. Each new episode is quite literally the highlight of my week, so it will be a huge wrench when the show ends. But it’s the characters I love and I wouldn’t want to watch if they were gone.

  6. If NBC and Greg decide to go this route, I’ll be bidding a fond farewell to the show. They have tried this with other shows and didn’t work. Can anyone say ER and Scrubs? Please just end this with the dignity it deserves.

  7. It’s Greg Daniels. The man who brought us here in the first place.

    Because of that I would welcome this wholeheartedly. If it goes through, we’ll see how it goes.

    But I think it’s better off letting the franchise die..

  8. Is it just me, or does this reporter use “I hear” alot? Isn’t this the same guy that reported that “heard that” John, Jenna, and BJ are leaving? As the Office actors love to say, “don’t believe everything you read” (or hear). That said, even if all 3 and Ed Helms return, I could see Dwight’s departure serving as a “first series finale”, followed by a pilot episode for the reboot.

  9. You guys! It’s The Office!!
    The Office minus some office workers, plus some more office workers = The Office!

    If there ever was a mistake in the show, it was making Steve seem like the main character. But let’s be honest. That was our fault as fans. We forgot that the show was called The Office and not Michael Scott’s Office

    This show is great no matter who is on it.
    Every character has made us laugh!
    So just sit back and enjoy the show!!

    Go true office fans!!

  10. Watch the British series, where it originated from. And that was based around David Brent. And even though I think the American one was funnier, the British one ended at the right time and did it in the best way. There will always be a lead character. It’s a TV show. Michael Scott was that person

  11. I honestly don’t know if I could watch if Dwight/Jim/Pam(especially Pam)weren’t around anymore. It hurts to say but I’d rather they end it next year with a Pam/Jim centric storyline with plenty of Dwight/Angela thrown in. Perhaps for old times sakes some of the old cocky Cornell/Pre-Anger Management Andy as well

  12. Those posting negative comments fail to realize that any reboot would probably mean a whole new cast, and it would probably be shot in a different location with a new plot for a new company. It would probably be like a totally new show, and I think it would be a great idea. It would be better than prolonging the current series another season or two.

  13. They tried this with WKRP in Cincinnati…. I’m sure someone remembers it … maybe

  14. No problem for me if Erin is there. She is by far the funniest character on the show right now. Obviously, I would prefer Andy to stick around for more Andrin actions.

  15. After-M*A*S*H, scrubs, ER, and the list goes on. The Office golden years were amazing but it is time to end this.

  16. This is probably for the best—the original audience “in” to the show, Jim and Pam’s frustration with their dead-end jobs, has been completely exhausted, and all the secondary characters are just too familiar and too friendly with each other.

    I’d love to see Jim and Pam move somewhere and try something else; I’d watch that show, because it seems like that was the show I was watching in seasons 1-3 was building for, not this collegial mediocrity.

  17. A reboot would just be a desperate attempt to squeeze a few more bucks out of the franchise to get to 200 episodes and avoid paying the original cast the salaries they deserve for their loyalty.

  18. This is seriously starting to annoy me…

    The cast wants it to be the last season let it be the last season.
    It just won’t be the same if they end this show with a different cast. Let this show go out with everyone we know. It’s gonna be its 9th season does it really need more? geez…

  19. For me Dwight, Jim, Erin, Pam, and Andy are the mainstays of this show. I would find it harder to watch with any of these guys gone, let alone several or most of them.

    This show still surprises me sometimes but maybe it’s just time to call it quits. It just hasn’t felt right a for lot of this season and there are already too many new characters. Nellie is pretty horrible. Please don’t let it end up like that Scrubs show.

  20. I’m not completely opposed to this idea….I’d rather them start fresh than completely run the current show into the ground (at least more than they have already). I still love The Office in its current form because I love the characters so much but at the same time I’m fully aware it can’t just keep going as it is.

  21. Come on! I love The Office more than any other show that’s ever been on tv, but come on! Let us get a dignifying end to it. The show deserves a graceful ending.

  22. Interesting idea. It didn’t work for Scrubs, but Scrubs never was as successful or relevant as The Office. I am pro reboot , because I don’t see the series working the way it is now and I don’t want it to completely die off.

  23. I would love there to be a Jim/Pam-based spin-off – I think it’s a much better idea than a reboot, and to be honest, it’s something that appeals to me more than the idea of The Farm. But now I’m just really hoping that there will be a ninth season and that it will be Jim/Pam-centric, and we’ll see the series end with the two of them finally moving on to better things. I’ve enjoyed this season, but my one complaint is that there hasn’t been enough about these two. I love all the other characters, they make me laugh but Jim and Pam are the heart of the show, so they’re what keeps me invested.

  24. I think if Mindy’s pilot takes off, she could go. The show could last without her. I don’t see it continuing without Jenna, Rainn or John though.

    I have faith in Greg Daniels, and I’ll support the show regardless.

  25. If I may… No, God! No, God, Please no! No! No! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Give the show a decent end!

  26. I’m kind of sad to see that the stars would not renegotiate their contracts and give us fans one strong final season if it were the end. However, I’m on board with his idea, mainly because Greg Daniels is behind this. If he can get the Office back to what is was like during the early years, why not give it a shot? If it doesn’t work out, at least they tried.

  27. @12 qwerty, I loved the British series. In fact, I have preferred it over the American series until the arrival of Erin. Now I think the US version is MUCH better than the original. Season 8 is the best so far and I definitely look forward to more seasons of The Office.

  28. This post hardly needs another “let the show rest in peace” comment, but here it is. What is it with this show and NBC? Like many have said, 8 years is a PRETTY GOOD RUN. Friends ran for 10 and even then we could´ve gone without one of the final seasons. They keep this up and people are going to start forgetting how original and funny TO once was. I think it´s pretty clear instead of getting one great, final season with the entire original cast, we´re in for a slow, painful death which pretty much already began.

  29. To me, the Office is the first 4 seasons, plus a few really good episodes in the other seasons. I have these on DVD, so I am good.
    As much as pains me to say…the Office needs to close.

    Thank you cast, writers and crew…you have a lot to be proud of!

  30. I think that a reboot is an excellent idea. In fact,it may be the only way to save the show. This season the series has been spinning out of control without any sense of direction; without any idea of where it wants to go or what it wants to be. There has to be a renewed focus with some new faces and fresh ideas.

  31. And to me The Office is the last 4 seasons plus hopefully the next 4. Cheer up! The show is getting better with each season. Perhaps we will get a new character that is as good as Erin.

  32. If it’s Greg Daniels, I’ll watch. If there’s anyone who knows how these characters are supposed to act, it’s him.

  33. The idea that the show is getting better each season is crazy. They need to spend the summer writing a conclusion to this story and finish with one strong season that has some grounding in the real world. Like S1-4.

  34. It’s a sad, sad day at the office (pun intended) when more character development and thought went into Bandit/Garbage the cat than what has been going on as of late. Sort of being facetious about the character development thing (of Bandit/Garbage), but at this point it’s not too terribly unjustified.

    Bandit being hurled into the ceiling tiles in “Stress Relief”, chewing on the photocopier cord in “Two Weeks”, & Jim diapering him in “The Delivery”. Heck, they even managed to work the Scranton Strangler into “The Delivery” episode and he had better story continuity than what I’ve seen of the past two seasons. BLURGH! (Sounds like a Michael Scott-enough word to me.)

    Stop tearing The Office apart. None of this piecemeal business. (ALL) the ones we love should have every bit the proper & awesome farewell as Michael Scott, preferably he should be included as well. And by farewell I mean finale. It’s time for the “documentary crew”, and by documentary crew I mean Greg Daniels, to wrap things up the way they should be. We have come to expect and deserve much better.

  35. I got to looking around on Wikipedia and found that Empty Nest was a spin-off from The Golden Girls. It’s first incarnation failed, but after revamping, it became very successful. The characters were neighbors and appeared on each others’ shows. Also, Nurses was spun off from Empty Nest. These shows were all created & produced by Susan Harris. The premise was that all the characters lived in the same city, knew each other from the start, & aired on the same night. Twice storylines were written to punctuate all three shows.

    Hmm, makes me wonder…
    Okay I stopped wondering. While this idea is interesting, The Office WAS too great of a show to tinker around with that way.

    While I was in Wikipedia, I found that Greg Daniels is an awesome writer, director, & producer associated with some very, very long running (and excellent) shows. Also that he is the creator of several amazing shows. While I trust that he can definitely start incredible projects, I don’t know if he can also end them incredibly. Let’s hope so.

  36. I’m on board with the idea of a cast change. I enjoyed when the show was about the actual office. Spin off Jim and Pam into their own bad 80s sitcom and let the office be about an office again. No more babies, weddings, cats, or Jim and Pam. I might even start watching again. This show is more like “Charles In Charge” than “The Office” these days.

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