1. Definitely admirable!

    P.S. In case I don’t get a chance to say it next week – Happy Holidays to you, Tanster, and to all the Tallyheads out there!!

    [ from tanster: and a very Happy Belsnickel to you, TobyFan! :) ]

  2. I’m going with impish. This was one of those pranks where I spent more time thinking how implausible it would be to accomplish rather than how funny it was.

  3. Doing that to Jim???!!! Very VERY Impish! I thought that was a prank that was taken WAY too far. Yes, Jim pranks Dwight a lot but I can’t recall things where Dwight gets hurt and especially where Jim intentionally hurts him. I also agree with Roy’s Mugshot about thinking more about how implausible it was.

  4. I have to go with Admirable for this classic Office Christmas moment! I most definitely admire Kate’s willingness to go to any length for the show – and I raise my Dunder Mifflin mug with her likeness as I type. :)

    Merry Christmas, Jennie, and all the rest of you!

    [ from tanster: merry christmas, laura! :) ]

  5. Meredith flashing Michael? Definitely Admirable. Brave move from our favourite alcoholic.

    Merry Christmas Tanster,and to all you tallyheads out there :)

    [ from tanster: happy holidays, marie! ]

  6. As someone who has worked in retail and dealt with people trying to get the made in china toy everyone just has to have, I think it’s just plain funny.

  7. Jim, that was very impish. You could have saved yourself and Pam a year and a half of misery if you’d let her read the letter. But then again, season 3 of the office was pretty amazing. I’m torn.

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