Meredith’s world of wigs

Kate Flannery stars in the best running gag this season, and it’s time to honor it.

Ever since The Office episode, Lice, where Meredith shaved her head, she’s worn a different wig every subsequent episode. I look forward to it every week!

Here’s what we’ve seen so far.

The Office: Meredith's wig in the episode, Suit Warehouse

Meredith’s wig in episode 11,
Suit Warehouse

“The Kardashian”

The Office: Meredith's wig in the episode, Customer Loyalty

Meredith’s wig in episode 12,
Customer Loyalty

“The Georgette”

The Office: Meredith's wig in the episode, Junior Salesman

Meredith’s wig in episode 13,
Junior Salesman

“The Pulp Fiction”

The Office: Meredith's wig in the episode, Vandalism

Meredith’s wig in episode 14,

“The MacGyver”

The Office: Meredith's wig in the episode, Couples Discount

Meredith’s wig in episode 15,
Couples Discount

“The Jan Brady”

The Office: Meredith's wig in the episode, Moving On

Meredith’s wig in episode 16,
Moving On

“The Meredith”

If you have other wig names, please post them in a comment!


  1. I hope Meredith comes in with Farrah Fawcett’s style from “Charlie’s Angels”.

  2. haha, love these. Great names, by the way. In my mind the references were:
    #2: the Marilyn
    #3: the Pulp Fiction

    That’s at least where my mind went. Loved the MacGyver one!

    [ from tanster: oooh, love your #3! i’m changing it. ]

  3. Meredith with beads in her hair like Michael Scott when he came back from Jamaica!

    [ from tanster: ooooooh. love it! ]

  4. Bravo to the writers and producers in making Meredith’s head shaving very realistic by fixing her up with all these awesome wigs. I’ve seen another sit-com where a woman gets her long hair cut really short, and then it miraculously all grows back by next week’s episode.
    Applause applause !!

    Here’s hoping she dons a wig of “The Rachel” from Friends.

    [ from tanster: oooh, another iconic hairstyle! ]

  5. I thought the first wig was the one from her Kate Middleton Halloween costume :)

    [ from tanster: oh nice, kate middleton, that’s right! ]

  6. Was it just me, or did anyone else see a very quick shot towards the end of “Moving On”, where Meredith had a blonde wig on ? She kept adjusting “The Meredith” and maybe had to move on to another wig.

    [ from tanster: omigosh, you’re right! it looks like the “jan brady.” wondering if this scene was actually from last week. good eye, pam! ]

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