Mindy Kaling: Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?

Here’s an excerpt from Mindy Kaling’s book, Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?, available November 1.

Not only is it funny and charming and true, Mindy weaves tidbits of The Office throughout.

‘Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me?’ excerpt

[Excerpt no longer available]

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  1. This is such entertaining reading! Of course it helps that the person writing is Mindy. Graceland makes me melancholy too, for the exact same reason. I really hope there isn’t some great guy out there who likes me until he finds out I have been previously diagnosed with clinical depression though!

  2. In the New Yorker, they described Mindy Kaling’s target audience as “unmarried, babyless women above the age of sixteen and under the age of thirty”

    Well, that is exactly what I am, and I will be pre-ordering this book. She speaks my language! Love her.

  3. I predict this will be a big bestseller for Mindy. I could relate to almost all the excerpts, and laughed out loud several times. Brilliant! :-)

  4. I have had this pre-ordered on my Nook for ages! I can’t wait! I like the part of the Best Friend Rights and Responsibilitites where she will niely tell her friend if she looks bad. So true!

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