Office promo contest videos

Have you guys checked out any of the Office promo contest entries over at YouTube? — just enter “office promo” in the YouTube search box.

I’ve watched about 100 of them, and here are some of my favorites:

To view the playlist at YouTube, go here.

Got a favorite that’s not listed here? Add a comment with a link!


  1. Those are all good picks- I watched a bunch this morning but didn’t see too many I liked. This batch is really good!

  2. Wow. Those are all so good. Wow. This is why Office fans are the best! Everyone is so creative. I don’t even know which one is my favorite.

  3. I think my favorite is #2, “I Haven’t Seen My Dolls …” The shot of the office with the pictures of the characters taped over the dolls’ faces just kills me.

  4. Wow! I love all of them! I hope the winner is an OT/NA user and is allowed to tell us when he/she wins. I don’t know all the rules of the contest or when they can reveal anything.

  5. The Dolls was psychotically awesome. So was the I Love You bit. And You Reap What You Throw. Heck, there’s a lot of great ones. Talented, creative folks in Dunder-Miffland. Or is it Dunder-MILFland?

  6. I’ve become obsessed with watching these videos, but I never caught the dolls one and that seriously made my day. I like the t.v. throwing one too. And the “Isn’t he gay?” one. These are some other good ones.

    ((V. cool alternative)) ((This one just cracks me up)) ((A promo for all of us that watch The Office and think “THANK YOU!!!”))

    ((Originally my favorite))

    ((more giggles; very awkward))

    ((all time favorite))

  7. Wow, Emily, you found some good ones. And so did tanster.

    I just watched like 70 or 80 of them. I learned that it’s really really hard to make a good funny 20 second promotional video for The Office.

  8. Hey, proudgirl, that’s yours! I hadn’t noticed when I watched it before. Hehe. It’s funny and awkward and good.

  9. Heh, thanks NSpector! I had hoped to do capture some semblance of the show’s tone, and then I thought it might be interesting if the documentarians took the documentary a step further and interviewed a Dunder-Mifflin customer…

  10. I thought they were supposed to be marked private? Are they public now that the contest is over?

  11. Tanster & others: thanks for the links. I spent an hour on YouTube yesterday and missed some of the best entries.

    Amelia: Just wanted to say I enjoyed yours…nice job (how old are you?) Loved the thru-the-blinds shot, and the ringtone.

  12. I thought they were supposed to be marked private? Are they public now that the contest is over?

    Tori, I wondered the same thing. It was a requirement for entries to be marked private to be submitted to the contest, but I think some vid creators then re-posted their work publicly for everyone to see. Hope that didn’t invalidate their entries!

  13. We had to post them as Private, then, after a day or so (at least in my case), we got emails saying we could go ahead and mark them as Public so everyone could see them.

  14. Thanks for posting my promo (the one with the dolls). This was the first time I submitted something to YouTube, and I had so much trouble getting it uploaded that I missed the deadline by an hour. I don’t think it is being considered, it didn’t get added to the group videos. BUT, it made the OfficeTally list!

  15. Oh I am so sad right now I could cry! I never got the email that said I could mark it as public. What that means my entry never even went through???? Did you get a confirmation email that NBC had received your entry? All I got was a screen that said Thank you for entering.

    Oh I am so sad…

  16. Oh no, I didn’t get an email from NBC at ALL. And my video has never been “approved” into the promo group for some reason or other, even though I added it on July 20. What’s going on?

  17. proudgirl — I remember it did take awhile for my video to get approved in the youtube group.

    Okay… I feel a tiny bit better that you didn’t get an email from NBC either. Maybe that just means they haven’t been reviewed yet. But I submitted mine way back on July 8th.

  18. Hey garbagethrower, thanks! My brother will appreciate it, all of it is his vision, I’m just the actor and initiator. I’m 19, by the way, but probably look a little younger! Thanks again

  19. I turned mine in at the last minute, and got my YouTube message (not an email to my regular address) the next day:

    “Thank you for submitting your video for the “Make Your Own Office Promo Contest”. Your video has been reviewed and has been accepted into the OFFICE group. Please change the setting on your video to ‘Public’ so it can be viewed in the contest section at a later date. We will be reviewing all accepted submissions and selecting the winners as provided in the contest rules.”

    You did remember to fill out the application, right? Because I almost forgot …

  20. I’m confused – I filled out an application on, which only asked for the youtube LINK to my video. Then I went on youtube and did “add video” to the promo group, and it said it was pending approval. It’s been a week (almost) and there have been NO replies, and my video hasn’t been approved either. I have no idea what’s going on.

  21. Weird. I didn’t get a YouTube message but I do see my listed as one of the 406 videos.

    Oh well. I guess I will just wait and see…

    Do you think I should change it to public now?

  22. Wow, thanks for that greatest hits list. The doll one and the “i love you” crack me up. I mean, their all great, but those two are awesome to me.

  23. From the NBC site:

    “The Submission Period Has Ended.
    Check back soon for information on the 20 finalists!”

    20???! The rules said “UP TO” or “fewer than” 10 … which means we have double the chances we thought we had … !

    Of course, in my case, double nil is still nil … but hey, at least there’s more finalists!

  24. These promos are all so good! Thanks for posting the videos, tanster! I can’t wait to see the winner! Glad i’m not the one choosing ^_^

  25. OfficeAddict: I really liked that one too. The only problem was that “Lovesick” was barely readable on the card, otherwise, it was perfect.

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