Paul Lieberstein signs 3-year deal with UMS

According to, Paul Lieberstein signed a 3-year deal with NBC Universal Studios, which includes continuing to serve as showrunner/executive producer for The Office.

The article includes some interesting tidbits about the origin of his role as hapless HR rep Toby Flenderson, as well as The Office Season 7 finale.

Congratulations, Paul!

Link: ‘The Office’ Showrunner Paul Lieberstein Signs 3-Year Overall Deal With UMS

P.S. The Office Season 8 has been confirmed, no other seasons beyond that. (Yet.)


  1. Nooooooooooo God! No, God, please no! No. No! Noooooooooooooooo!

    – Michael Scott

  2. I’m putting my hopes in that “Lieberstein will continue to run the comedy, working closely with The Office developer/executive producer Greg Daniels.” comment.

  3. As nice as it would be, this doesn’t mean there are officially 3 more seasons. It just means he’s been contracted with NBC for 3 years. The show can get canned at any time. But I’d love for the show to last that long as long as the stories are well made and still hilarious.

  4. I agree James. As long as Rainn, John and Jenna all stay, i would love for it to last another 3 years. Here’s hoping! That would mean 10 seasons, that’s a great and longer than average run for any show. So much could happen in 3 more seasons.

  5. I won’t say i think the show should end, not until i see season 8. After that i’ll have a much clearer view of where things are post Michael, and where they’re potentially heading. Right now i don’t want my show to end so this is good news. The key though is keeping the principal actors, it all lies with them.

  6. @JimisBigBird Totally agree. Although no show should go beyond that unless it is as legendary/popular as “M*A*S*H” (so probably no show ever again).

  7. Ricky Gervais is on record as wanting 200 episodes, which is a full year for syndication. So, unless the ratings go off a cliff, you can count on at least 9 seasons.

  8. In that article, it says that towards the end of those three years, Paul will be doing other things for NBC… so that doesn’t necessarily mean 3 more years of the Office (as much as we’d all love that).

  9. I saw this article and was so pleased for Paul – he really deserves this! And when The Office is done (yes, I know that day will sadly come at some point) I’ll be really interested to see what he comes up with next! (Many of my favourite Office episodes were written by Paul along with Jen Celotta)

  10. @TobyFan – Jen Celotta! I miss her, i wish she’d come back and give us another episode. I always loved her writing. Same with Gene and Lee. I really miss them too. They wrote one of the greatest episodes ever – Weight Loss.

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