1. Dang, which new episode is the preview from? Does that mean I’ll have to put off watching two of my favorite famous women until Thursday night? Sad.

  2. ***SPOILER?***

    I’m almost positive it was this weeks, Women’s Appreciation. Dwight was enforcing a new set of restrictions on the women in the office. He said things like they’re forbidden to wear so much makeup or heels more than 1/2 inch. He then said he was removing all bananas from the break room hahaha.

  3. commenters 2 & 4 – i’m totally w/ you guys. I too recently converted to
    no-spoilerism lol, and it has changed my life. The episodes are much better to me this way. But i still allow myself to peek at the comments ; ) , you know old habits dying hard and all

  4. Hey all – the preview is just a :30 preview of the Martha Stewart show, NOT of the Office. I don’t even think they showed a clip of the show at all. It’s just Rashida talking to Martha about making some frilly Mother’s Day things.

  5. Hi, everyone.

    Any chance that someone will upload this to youtube? I forgot to set my ancient recording device this morning.

  6. I really dislike it when celebrities appear on the Martha Stewart show. In a way it validates her as a ‘special’ person and kind of ignores all the things she has done.

    Just my two cents.

  7. I would like to buy the gift that she made
    Do you think Rashida will sell it on ebay?

  8. I have to say Rashida looked amazing on Martha. Very friendly, smiling, glowing almost! I was very impressed. There was no mention of who she is or isn’t dating though. ;)

    And just to confirm…they did show a preview of this week’s episode Women’s Appreciation – right before Rashida came out. Then her and Martha talked about what was in the preview a bit.

  9. Rashida is so adorable- I want to kidnap her.
    The clip they showed from this week’s episode was funny.
    And comment#12- Corporate Booty, I’ll look out for it on ebay and let you if I find it being sold. ;)

  10. In the follow-up show (reran last Friday–August 24th), Martha displays the plaster cast that Rashida made of her lovely hand. Martha then mis-identifies Rashida’s mom as Diana Ross, when she mentioned that Rashida was planning to give this cast to her mother as a Mother’s Day gift.

    In apologizing for her gaffe, Martha corrects herself and identifies Rashida’s mom as Peggy Lipton, then inexplicably rambles on in an awkward attempt to explain why she had originally said Diana Ross.

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