1. I love Steve’s dry sense of humor. “I’m not listening” and “I unload the dishwasher” snerk.

  2. I love that guy so much. So sweet and he just gets it. There is nothing like a guy who will do something little like unload a dishwasher to capture your heart.

  3. How crazy handsome was Steve today? His daughter did a very good job picking out his outfit.

  4. How can anyone not like this man? Sweet, funny, modest, classy, adorable!

  5. I can’t believe we won’t be seeing him on our tvs this Thursday. He’s so awesome! And totally right about the dishwasher thing :)

  6. He looks so much younger… it must be when he grows his hair out. Shorter hair is the Michael Scott. Longer hair is the 40-Year-Old Virgin. Haha

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