1. Eeeeee! Yay Pam! More Pam more Pam!

    Karen’s going to get the job, right?

  2. omg! okay. hilarious.especially stanley and andy’s bit. but just want to say. waiting for this episode was so agonizing. i seriously don’t know how i’m supposed to wait for next thursday. seriously.

    and i guess jenna wasn’t lying about not missing this episode.

  3. all I have to say is “AHHHHHHHHH”… we have to wait another week to even know the response!

  4. I thought it was a pretty good episode. JAM fans had something they longed for several weeks. It wasn’t as funny as the last couple weeks – but it was enjoyable.

  5. Good episode. Bravo Pam!!!! I hope Jim has a positive reaction next week. He looked like he was in shock.

  6. Creed catching a fish with his hands and eating it raw reminded me of Gollum.

  7. Yes! Pam! Now Jim actually knows how she feels, and the look on his face? Priceless! The JAM finale is gonna be extra sweet!

  8. I loved this episode!!!

    Go Pam!!! I couldn’t believe that she said all of that – I am so proud of her for finally speaking up!

    I can’t wait to see the season finale!

  9. GO PAM!!
    who else is just a little mad at jim though?
    just for dating karen.
    and at nbc for CUTTING US OFF LIKE THAT?!

  10. 5!!!!

    That episode was awesome. I feel very strongly that that episode was the best of the season.


  11. now that I’ve said that…I was really thinking the episode wasn’t stacking up as well but the last 5 minutes just beat out every other episode this season. Pam was awesome!

  12. That part where Pam said all that stuff to Jim seemed a little too long and verbose. I thought that she seemed out of character and too outgoing, also. I wish she just said that she wanted to be with Jim. We’ll have to wait till next week.

  13. My mouth just dropped when Pam went off…I didn’t expect that at all.

  14. OH. MY. GOD.

    Did NOT expect that to happen.

    Not sure what to think of what Pam did.

  15. First, Stanley was awesome, and second, everybody who thought Pam wouldn’t say anything in front of everyone was dead wrong. Obviously. :-)

    So where do we go from here? Can’t wait!

  16. She did it! She did it! Fancy New Beesley Indeed!

    And when did Jim turn into SUCH a jerk? In Stamford, he had respect for Michael and now to go behind his back and go after the same job? What about loyalty?

    I hate what they’ve done to Jim.

  17. I love how everyone’s comment was “omg, Pam,” including mine. Just wow! Good for her and good for Jim and Pam. (I hate the term “JAM”).

  18. Wow, Pam! I never expected it to be that great. The funniest part for me was when Andy fell in the water. I laughed for a long time after I saw that.

  19. This episode wasn’t the funniest I’ve seen, but it was nice. Pam’s words to Jim were very sweet and perfectly put. I love her spunky attitude! Jim is crazy if he chooses Karen over her.
    Andy’s floating, Creed’s fish meal, Stanley’s sumo face, and Dwight’s coal walk were some of the funniest parts.

  20. Thank God, Pam! I was starting to get worried. It sucks we didn’t really get to see what Jim thought of everything though. And Pam didn’t really say that she loved him, just that she missed him. Hmmm

  21. andy floating away.

    creed catching AND eating a fish

    jim in a sumo outfit

    andy and dwight fighting


    Overall, AMAZING! Best episode of season!!

  22. OMG…..GOOOOOOO PAM!!!!! You rock!!!!!! Looks like Jim has something to think about! I am so proud of my girl!

  23. Echoing everyone else, Pam is amazing. I can’t wait to hear Jim’s reaction. He better have one!!!

  24. oh and angela leaving andy was hilarious. my favorite angela thing i have ever seen.

  25. poor andy….at least we know he got out of the lake, he was on the bus…..

    pretty good episode, but i know some ppl wont like what pam did, i mean telling jim when he is still with karen….

  26. I have not seen the episode yet (late night at work). Could someone please give a brief summary of what Pam said and whether there was any reaction. Thank you!!!!

  27. hilarious! when pam opened up and just went honest on everyone, that was amazing. i was so happy for her. her character is so much stronger and i really like how it’s developed. i think karen’s gonna get the job in corporate. which would mean JAM could happen, that’s just the writer’s way of getting rid of her. maybe not completely, but for the JAM story’s sake.

  28. YAY PAM!!! How great was that ending?! I felt so proud. :) All of those awkward JAM moments were worth it to get to this episode.
    -I loved that she said she should be Michael’s boss.
    -Dwight was hilarious on the coals.
    -We got to see more of Stanley finally (and literally too much of Meredith –again).
    -Did anyone think that Jim and Karen competing against Michael was kind of wrong?

  29. Tons of gasp moments. Plus I never laughed so hard as I did with Andy bobbing away. Wow, they really got us with this one! What a great Pam speech, and what now, Jim, what?

  30. 23- No kidding, Jim better be sweet about it and not totally blow her off!

  31. Freakin’ love the Harry Potter references….love that Andy floated away and Angela was super cute cheering on her man!


    If Jenna doesn’t win SOMETHING for that performance, I will not be able to deal.

  33. its funny cus i and everyone on these boards was like “oh those promos are tricking us pam would never do that in front of everybody that would be stupid and i would hate that”. and now we are all euphoric.

  34. Jim is turning into such a turd, I don’t think I even want Pam to be with him. She’s too good for him. It’s terrible the way he went behind Michael’s back.

  35. OH MY GOD OH MY GOD OH MY GOD….Pammy (I mean Pam)is my goddess! She did the fire walk and she told everyone she was upset about not coming to her art show (awesome!) and she was honest with Jim. Take that Karen and your aggressive competitivness. A quick shout out to Dwight in the sumo suit. Awesome. OH MY GOD!

  36. What did Pam do? Our NBC station goes out every Thurs between 7:00 and 8:30. Can someone dish?

  37. wow, just wow.

    so many weeks of absolutely nothing on the jim/pam radar and things just explode

    greate episode by the way, loved stanley in it, and creed is definitely awesome after grabbing that fish

  38. Omg one of the best Jam episodes ever. I’m so glad that Pam opened her mouth and told everyone how she felt. And the look on Jim’s face as sad as it was made everyone realize how their relationship changed. But I think that if they want to go out with a bang for the season finale they need to have an extreme cliffhanger.

  39. I’ll say it again…Oh My God! Go Pam! That’s exactly what I was hoping for her to say. The look on Jim’s face…wow. Cannot wait for next week.

    Oh, Andy floating away was freaking hysterical.

  40. I really really liked this episode. I thought the comedy was great (Stanley really got to shine), and I always love Angela’s Lady Macbeth moments like when Andy was floatin’ downriver. I am just so proud of Pam. The tension when she was getting ready to walk across the coals was the perfect example of why this show needs to be an hour long, because I know that would have been the first thing shortened if they’d fit this into 20 minutes. I cannot wait to see Jim’s reaction next week; there’s no way he can act like that was meaningless (she’s never said outright that HE was the reason why that wedding never happened).
    Ugh. Why is next Thursday oh-so-far away??

  41. I’m soooo glad she mentioned the art show. If that were me I would be devastated and I’m so glad she told them all whats up.

  42. bravo nbc for making us think nothing was going to happen with those promos. finally, did anybody catch jim NOT singing at the end?

  43. pam didn’t say she loved jim…. just that she missed the friendship. today is my birthday. what a great present this episode was!

  44. OMG OK so we’re getting bad weather and OF COURSE MY DARN SATELLITE CUT OUT RIGHT WHEN PAM MADE HER SPEECH!!!! I heard her say she did the coal walk, and then it picks up when she says something to Jim…forgot what it was, something about having fun with him fun. I officially hate satellite. So please please please can someone give me a brief description of the scene? I would love you forever!!!

  45. after Pam said that she needed to say some things, then she said she went on the coal walk, I thought the hype was for nothing. But I was proved wrong. WOW.

  46. LOVE LOVE LOVE FNB!!! She rocks my socks. I do hate NBC for cutting it off there, though! Did you see Jim’s face after she said all that? I’m so happy for her and her newfound bravery!!

  47. That was the most hilarious and amazing Office episode in a long time. Andy floating…Creed catching the fish…Pam…

    just amazing

  48. Pam kicked a** tonight. WOW, I can’t believe that. I knew she would say “I miss you.” I couldn’t believe she brought up Karen and Roy. Nice Fancy New Beesly, nice.

    AMAZING episode tonight, new favorite.

  49. Wow, I was totally taken aback by Pam’s speech. At that moment, at least speaking for myself I totally felt one with Pam. I felt like she represented everyone of us, who has been scared at one time or another to say what we really feel. You go Pam! It’s about freaking time. Keep right on that same path.

    As for the episode itself, it was actually a bit of a disappointment pre-Pam speech. A lot of the big premise episodes this season have fallen flat, IMHO. Pam’s speech saved what was a somewhat ho-hum episode.

  50. #44

    I don’t think it was too long or verbose. When you’re nervous and not quite sure how to say what you want to say you tend to ramble. It seemed pretty natural to me.

    Anybody else think Jim looked like he was going to start crying?!

  51. Super sad when she asked why no one came to her art show…. and that she felt like no one notices her ever….. so sad for her.

    Great performance Jenna – I laughed, I cried, I related.

    Awesome blossom.

  52. Am I the first? Huh.

    Holy jeez, this was an incredible episode. Loved Meredith’s talking head and the accidental flash to the camera, loved Michael turning it into SURVIVOR, and Toby being left out like always. I loved how Stanley was only able to feign a suck-up attitude for like half a second. Was laughing my ass off with Creed catching the fish with his hand and eating it raw (“No one told me there were hot dogs.”) and Andy floating away in the sumo wrestler suit. The river may not be chocolate, but his self-prophecy has been fulfilled.

    And of course, the big reveal at the end with Pam walking across coals and telling it like it is. I like how she basically tells Jim that she just wants the friendship back. She doesn’t want Jim to drop everything for her. She just wants the friendship back. I thought that was more powerful than a “I love you” reveal.

    Oh, and Oscar re-considering his sexuality and Dwight cooking himself on coals.

  53. the last two episodes of both seasons were really strung together..
    ..im infering that we see the aftermath of this one, by the way.

    wow. i still cant get over that scene. either its REALLY humid or im having trouble breathing. uh oh.

  54. I think Pam handled the speech well. It wasn’t the “I love you, choose me” speech a lot of folks were worried about, and she worded it in a way that couldn’t directly piss off Karen (though if anyone believes Pam really thinks it’s “okay” for him to be with Karen they’re crazy), and the things she said related to HER growth rather than just her relationship with Jim.
    So proud. I know I’ve said it, and I’ve seen it in other posts, but “proud” is the word for it.
    Time to study for exams (though how I’m to focus tonight is beyond me…)

  55. Oh that was SOOO good – it was just so incredible to see Pam be so forthright – wasn’t Jenna’s acting AMAZING? And Michael’s response – LOL!

    I am such a JAM fan, but after tonight, if Jim doesn’t re-think his attitude, I hope that Pam can just be happy that she got this off her chest and can move on. Maybe Jim doesn’t deserve her. I couldn’t help but think that him “going behind Michael’s back” to apply for the position seemed like something shady – like how he criticized Josh in “Branch Closing.” Maybe Pam’s speech will help him realize he needs to be more honest too. Anyway, go FNB!

  56. I’m SO glad the art show was brought up. I loved that she got to express her sadness and hurt over being overlooked by people she thought were her friends.

    I’m SO thrilled for Pam and for Jenna. I knew this season was about Pam’s journey and tonight was just the perfect culmination.

  57. 104- i never got the whole willy wonka-andy reference. Loved it! also, the fact that pam said she misses the friendship and nothing more shows restraint on her part and respect for karen.

  58. Did anyone get the speech!?!? I was in such shock I need to see it again to make sure I didnt miss anything.

  59. Looks like Pam got that courage that Michael wished for her last week.


  60. I was ready to boycott if something BIG didnt happen (r u listening NBC?) WAY TO GO PAM!!! Dont look back now, keep on truckin!!

  61. It would have been way better if she said “I love you” instead of “I wish we were friends still”. Still pretty good.

  62. totally loved the ep. laughed out loud (and unfortunately woke my baby several times, starting with when creed reached in a grabbed that fish!)

    other great moments:
    andy falling into the water–and then seeing him in the background during michael’s talking head
    jim in the sumo suit
    dwight saying he wanted angela to be near him during a group hug
    stanley attempting to go for the job

    but i thought it was really odd that jim and karen would call david and ask to be considered for the job. first off–kinda disloyal. secondly, why would they want to compete against each other? does that mean if one got the job, they would both go to nyc? are they doing it for fun? that whole scene when they’re on the phone is weird. it didn’t seem like they were taking the job seriously, which is blech. not nice. yeah, loving pam, but not liking jim so much in this ep.

  63. That was amazing. I’m a big JAMmer but even if I don’t get Jim/Pam this season, that was just a huge leap forward for Pam, and what a great moment for Jenna to act. I am SO PROUD of Pam!

  64. Pam’s speech rocked! I love how she asked everyone why they didn’t show up to her art show – WHY didn’t anyone go?

    And I love how she said she missed Jim. I am glad she didn’t profess her love because let’s be real…Beach Day is NOT the place. And I love that she didn’t blame Karen for anything. It shows that she is not that obsessive crazy girl. And I love that she admitted her relationship with Roy wasn’t a good decision – she used to deny that but now she opened her eyes.

    I love Pam. She took a stand. And she rocked.

  65. 100- i thought he looked like he might cry! but it was hard for me to gauge his reaction. i’m gonna have to watch that scene over and over again.

    i was so sad for toby!

    glad she called people out on the art show.

  66. why didn’t they show more of jim and karen on the bus back? i almost missed them, they were there for like 1/2 second, and i thought maybe they drove home to avoid awkwardness, but i rewinded. it wasn’t clear if they were singing w/ everyone else or staying quiet.

  67. who wrote this episode? anyone?

    what happened with toby? i missed the first 10 minutes.

  68. People have brought up the idea that Andy was on the busride home and Jim looked shocked on the busride home…I don’t think that scene at the end of the episode when they’re doing a singalong to the Flinstones was the ride home because it was still sunny out. When Pam made her speech, it was dark out, no? I think the last scene of the busride was just an outtake or something from when they were on their way to the Beach…am I wrong?

  69. Just noticed this—this is it. One more hour of Office goodness, then we’re put on the “life support” of reruns and fan fiction until September. The writers are awesome, this is an amazing lead for next year, and we don’t even know what will happen at Corporate. I can’t wait.

  70. this just proves it even more.

    I am in love with Pam Beesly.

  71. MAN! Now THAT’S a good episode! Pam’s speech was by far the best moment in the show. I’m glad she called everyone out for not attending her art show. You go girlfriend!

  72. One more thing.. nah.. a few more things:

    i loved(!) how Pam just came out and said that she didnt need to be with him, but she wanted to have fun with him.

    On the tail scene, the first 2 or 3 seconds the you can see jim’s face on the right of the screen and it doesnt look like it had changed since the last commercial break, for those of you who dont have tivo and didnt catch it the first time around.

    ALSO.. when pam was running over i thought that the stupid NBC promo-ers had tricked us and all she was going to say was, “I walked on coal!”, but as soon as she started talking about the art show and you see jim’sface drop i knew it was going somewhere.

    my heart was pounding. i dont know how i will be able to make it over the summer.. the same thing happened last year. I saw Jim talking to Jan about the promotion and thought, “How am i going to make it to next week?” but then i saw the kiss and thought, “ohh my goodness! how will i ever make it to september?”

    this is an extra long entry. im gonna stop ranting.

  73. Is it possible that the job that opened up is Jan’s ?? She wasn’t in this episode….

  74. this is just like last season. all us jammers waited all season for something HUGE to happen (thats what she said) and we all complained up until casino night. now it looks like beach day payed off! :)

  75. 122– i agree. i’m pretty sure the ending was another shot of the trip on the way to the beach. everyone was sitting in the same seats, and it was sunny out. there’s no way they’d be singing about flintstones after pam’s speech. i felt it was a cop-out closing, but i’m sure the writers didn’t want anything to happen after pam’s speech.

  76. 119 (Tricia)-Happy Birthday and I’m pretty sure it was Jen Celotta and Greg Daniels who wrote it. I could be wrong!

  77. yeahyeah, you’re definitely correct. That little clip at the end happened on the way to the beach, not on the way home.

  78. Several people have mentioned Jim going behind Michael’s back for the job in New York. That’s not what I thought was happening. I thought Jim got a call from David at corporate asking him to interview, just the same as Michael did. And I also assumed David asked if Karen was there and invited her to interview as well. Am I the only one who saw it that way?

  79. I too felt like Jim was being a bit of a jerk to Michael. I mean, it’s fine that he is going for the corporate position but I feel like it all seemed a little shady…
    I want the Season 2 fun Jim who made fun of Michael but still cared about him and his craziness.
    I think Pam’s speech was a big slap in the face for him…WOO!
    And Pam looked great btw…hair pulled back…alright Fancy New Beesly!

  80. I don’t think Jim and Karen called David Wallace about the job. He met them both at his cocktail party so I think David called them.

  81. 122 – yeah i realized that after a second or two, because they obviously didn’t stay overnight. So yes, I think that was just an extra scene from the ride there. (sorry if this gets posted late)

  82. About the bus ride home…I do think it was the ride home. Pam wasn’t wearing her halter, she looked kind of sunburned and she looked MUCH happier than the ride up.

  83. Some people have brought up why didn’t Pam say she loved Jim. I think its better that she didn’t. After all she did say she was happy for him and Karen (or thought it was nice or whatever.) Anyway I’m glad she emphasized the friendship because this season I didn’t wish for Pam and Jim to be all over each other, I just wanted them to be friends again.

  84. My DVR messed up when Pam stepped into the water after the “speech”. What happened after that?

  85. I can’t believe a lot of you thought this wasn’t funny! I was laughing out loud more than I have all season. “WILMA!!!!” was freakin’ hilarious. Also, Dwight on the coals… oh, my gosh. “Give me the job!! Give me the job!!” The pained look on his face will forever be burned in my head. And I agree, 100–Jim SO looked like he was about to cry! I wish he would of. He was mean in this episode. Going behind Michael’s back? Mean! And he just seemed really jerky. Didn’t care for him all around in this one. But Pam–yay!!

  86. This was by far the best episode of the season, not a huge JAM fan but even Pam’s speech was good. It was so sad when Michael said he was going to be leaving and the look on Dwight’s face. Also, poor Toby he was all ready with the sunscreen and everything. I absolutely loved this one, and its amazing how good Michael looks. Steve Carell is getting my vote for ‘hottest in the office’ dundie!

  87. Yeah, the Flintstones sing-along on the bus ride was from earlier in the day…much like Boys and Girls and Valentine’s day had outtakes that happened earlier.

  88. I agree with 122 yeahyeah – I thought that the bus ride at the end was from earlier in the day.

  89. good points on post #114, that part with Jim interrupting Karen while she asked to be considered for the corp. job, was weird.

  90. Pam’s speech was a little way too out of character for her, I know shes going through a lot of change. However, Pam would never do this. Also, what is Jim supposed to do in response? Get together with her? He has a girlfriend Pam, so just back off. This show needs to get away from the JAM storyline for a while, and they did that for a large portion of the show, until Pam’s speech. Cant wait for next week!!

    I really hope my man Michael doesnt leave Scranton!

  91. I don’t think it’s “disloyal” at all for anyone to want to compete against Michael for the promotion. It’s business. Anyone should be able to apply for a job internally, just as anyone externally can apply for it. What made Dwight’s power play disloyal was 1) Jan wasn’t looking for a replacement and 2) Dwight envisioned Michael being demoted and working for him.

  92. I never thought that maybe it was the CFO that called Jim. But I guess it kind of makes sense. I guess I don’t want to believe that Jim would be sneaky.

  93. Jim Schrute, I was thinking the position opening up might be Jan’s as well. I know Jan isn’t leaving the show, but that would throw an extra twist into the Michael-Jan storyline.

  94. Jim got the call from corporate to interview! He didn’t go behind Michael’s back. AND, he told Michael about it before Pam came over and did her thing…so lay off the guy!

  95. i don’t get what the big deal is about jim “stealing” michael’s job (aka being asked to interview for it by the ceo).

  96. I thought this was a good episode…more plot driven than comedic…but I enjoyed it a lot. Pam’s speech didn’t flip my lid quite as much as others here, but it was cool.

    I especially loved Stanley’s bits in this episode…haven’t really gotten to see him shine for a while.

    I felt a little like Toby when Pam said she would be wearing a two-piece and he would miss it. I have to admit that I was really hoping to see Jim with his shirt off in a beach themed episode. I know, I know…I should get help! He did look darn cute in the sumo outfit though…guess that will have to do!

    All and all, great episode, I am off to watch it again.

  97. The coup de grace for Toby after Michael said he couldn’t go on Beach Day was Pam thanking him for the sunscreen because she was wearing a two-piece. Ouch!

  98. o dear. eveyone go look at the behind the scenes pics from this episode on nbc.com

  99. ‘Chicken Head thy name is PAM!’ Go Pam!

    Obvious best bit of the show. But Creed’s fishing scenes and Michael yelling out “Watch out for snakes!” a la “Eegah!” were AWESOME!!

    And they’ve officially made me sorry for Andy!

    Best episode of the season hands down!!!!!

    Tanster, can I vote 6?

  100. I thought the episode was amazing, but I’m really surprised by all the negative Jim comments. He really laid it on the line for Pam before, and she totally blew it. I want them together, but I don’t think he’s done anything but try to move on. This is the first real step she’s made towards him. Let’s see how the Office tortures us for the whole of the summer!

    Team Pam 4-eva!

  101. Can someone give info as to what happened at the end? My DVR cut out right when Pam said she was going to go cool her feet off in the lake, after her speech to Jim/circle….I’m dying to know if something happened!!!

  102. I thought Pam’s speech was totally believable for her character. She’s very internal and introverted. She holds things in until she explodes. She exploaded today. I’m sort of like this too, I believed it. I though it was great.

  103. wow….


    I’ve been in love with the character development this season… especially in Pam and Creed! –i feel like Creed came out of nowhere..

    post 143… i think it was from earlier in the day.. cuz Andy isn’t wet in the shot…. but even so… Jim isn’t singing…

    great episode… i can’t wait to see what happens next..
    -I’ve thought the last 3 or so episodes were great but not pivotal…
    –this one rocked my world…

    hats off to the storywriters of this show..

  104. #149
    How do you know that Jim got the phone call, we didnt get to see that part? I think he just called and asked for an interview. Yes, this is back stabbing but Jim did tell Michael so he saved himself. As for Karen, her other show didnt get picked up so I dont think shes going anywhere anytime soon.

  105. great episode! i think last weeks was better but this week’s had a lot of funny moments! loved andy floating down the river! lol dwight getting burned on the coals, toby being left behind! also, jim tricking karen to walk into the water, creed eating the fish. also, pam walking on the coals and tellin jim how she feels!!! :)


  106. Oh yes, Andy was hilarious in this episode! When Angela was pretending not to understand him and he was all, “It’s pretty obvious! Look what I’m doing. Tell them that.” Or something along those lines.

  107. For those saying that Pam’s speech was out of character, realize that she just walked over a bed of hot coals — I imagine that must’ve really got her adrenaline pumping. It was the boost she needed for all of those feelings to come out in her speech.

  108. I’m with the people saying that Jim/Karen didn’t go behind Michael’s back. David Wallace called them and asked them to interview. jim was immature in this episode but still had integrity — he did tell michael that he was going for the job.

    Loved how each tribe leader reacted perfectly in character in the egg race — jim goofed off, andy lost his temper, dwight has no interpersonal skills, stanley gave up immediately to do his crossword puzzle.

    so many good, good, moments for each character. really an ensemble work, but JENNA my gawd, you rocked.

    so, getting to next week. I’m not sure pam is going to give jim much a chance to respond … she’s pretty mad at him. and as for not saying she loved him, she really did in fact. she told him she broke off her wedding for him. she told him that she never cared about the reasons roy was wrong before she met jim. she told him she missed him, missed having fun. she said in a million ways that she loves him, without actually saying it. AND it was PERFECT!!!

  109. Help! I live all the way on the other side of the planet and am waaaay too impatient to wait for the episode to be available on iTunes, THEN take forever to download with our crappy internet. What did Pam say?!

    Thank goodness I’m moving back to the U.S. this summer-no more waiting an extra three days for a new episode!

  110. I can’t look at those behind the scenes pics now (sharing my wireless conection). Do they show anything great???

  111. Great episode, my favorite moment was when Michael was talking and you could see Andy floating in the background, even before they zoomed in on him, although I would like to know what he was trying to do when he fell in in the first place.

    Pam’s speech was an awesome moment, but it has been discussed a lot already, and probably will continue to be way more than needed over the course of the next day. I’m glad she came out and said how she felt. I think saying she should be Michal’s boss was hilarious, because she probably would be more competent. Maybe she will be Michael’s nominee, since there aren’t any other deserving candidates left. Hopefully, they won’t follow the British version in having Dwight take over the branch, although I strongly doubt Michael will get the promotion anyways.

    Next week will be interesting, will Jim take a chance…again, and go after Pam? Will Karen tell him he should be with Pam? Cliffhangers will abound, no doubt.

  112. I honestly have to admit I didn’t think a lot of the episode was that funny. Creed moments were great and there were some good lines here and there. I just didn’t think it was quite up to par as far as the laughs go.

    The real point behind the episode was Pam’s speech and the lead up to it. That made the whole episode worthwhile and this sets up everything for the finale. Really good acting by Jenna Fischer.

  113. I also think Jim was the one who pushed to interview. Notice how he said I am going to New York to interview, he didn’t say I was called or David contacted me. But I could be wrong. I don’t know if there is a definitive answer either way. Have to watch the ep. again.

  114. You got to know when to hold ’em, know when to fold ’em, know when to walk away, know when to run … wooo hoooo Pam! Last year Jim gambled big on Casino Night, this year it’s your turn to be the gambler. You go girl, I hope you win big.

  115. I don’t think Pam’s speech was out of character – I think whatever she said has been building up inside her for a while now. I also think that she’s been wanting to get her courage up, ever since the cliffhanger a few weeks ago.

  116. My favorite part of the episode was the little moan from Toby after Pam mentioned she was going to be wearing a two-piece – classic Toby! I wonder if Paul purposely tries to keep himself out of episodes, he’s by far my favorite character in the ensemble and we never get to see him!

  117. The show made it seem like Jim called up David Wallace and put himself in line for the job, then gave Karen the phone so she could do the same. I didn’t get the impression they were called.

    IF that’s what happened (they called and asked for the interview) I think its very shady and very disloyal, especially on Jim’s part. I just don’t like who he’s become this season.

  118. this is my favorite of the season. Everyone had their moments where their character really shined through. It’s episodes like these that i love.

  119. I know everyone’s excited about the big JAM moment, etc, and I for one am glad it’s all out there…but I was pretty disappointed in how it was handled. I feel like what keeps drawing me to The Office is its reality and…Jim and Pam in the parking lot was a great example of that. I feel like I’ve lived that scene, it really rang true.

    Pam’s speech on the beach seemed very romantic-comedy-movie to me. If that were me, post-coals, I would have had the guts to be honest and ask Jim to talk *in private* about the situation, not in front of everyone. I think it’s great it’s out there…but I think it could have been handled a little more realistically.

  120. What happened after Pam said she was going to go in the water to cool off her feet…??? Anything??? I’m dying here guys…damn DVR!!!!!!!!!

  121. They are just setting up Karen going to NYC to work in Corporate. Jim and Pam will just be friends going into next season. Nothing will happen next week.

  122. #157 Go to Televisionwithoutpity.com and they have a re-cap and some of her speech typed out on the office
    message board. I had the same thing happen to me tonight!So check it out. And download the episode on itunes when it comes out!

  123. My second favorite moment was definitely the look on Toby’s face when Pam said she was wearing a two-piece and he wouldn’t get to see. So hilarious/sad.

  124. Fantastic episode. The great writing leaves it to where one can realistically see the finale going either way.

  125. i’m in love with pam. her speech i thought was perfectly done. perfectly written, perfectly acted.

    i’m in love with pam.

  126. I always feel bad when Toby gets screwed over on the fun things. I think it would be hilarious if Toby used his time alone in the office to put his name in for the corporate job too. Karma for Michael.

    If there’s a group hug later, try to stand next to me.

  127. You know when you keep something bottled for so long… a secret. And you just can’t hold it in anymore because it becomes too painful. So, when you spill your heart out… you don’t even sound like yourself. Your mouth just opens and random words come out.

    I think that’s what happened with Pam. It was an evolution. Not an out of character one because… her character can change… she’s “human” remember?

  128. I think there should be a poll.
    -Did Jim call the cfo OR did the cfo call Jim?

  129. Someone please explain the HWSNBN and Voldemort references to TWOP…PLEASE. Thanks!

  130. 1) Why is Michael still upset over Jan?

    2) Why did Jan give that ‘speech’ in front of the whole crowd and not just privately go up to Jim?

    3) Who was the person setting up the fire/coal stuff? not someone from the office. Did Michael hire someone?

    4) How bad did Dwight burn himself?? haha.

    5) Who else is getting sick of hearing about JAM and Pam’s ‘big speech’???

  131. I seriously almost cried! anyone else?? even if her and jim never get together, at least she got to say what she felt and let that boy know what was up…for once in her life! im so proud of her!

  132. commment number 191, part two is supposed to say Pam and not Jan.

  133. Drunkbiking-

    Jennifer Celotta and Greg Daniels wrote it, Harold Ramis directed

  134. after tonight’s episode, i think jim will get the job in nyc but turn it down because of pam, and karen will then get the job.

    and then, hopefully there will be lots of jam for season 4!

  135. Pam’s speech was so inspiring and something that I have been hoping for since the very first episode, for her to finally tell Jim his importance in her life. Inspiring, simply inspiring. Go Pammy!

  136. Does Karen really want the job in NYC, this is the same Karen who seems attached to Jim’s hip. Something about that seemed odd and forced to me.

    Maybe they talked about it and agreed that if person one got the job, the other would move also and get another job in New York. I dunno… thoughts?

    Jim was having a lot of second thoughts about Karen, and it was obvious he was just filling a voide, now he is willing to relocate with her? I dunno… thoughts?



  137. Compared to how greatly done Jim’s love scene was last year, this was completely and utterly lackluster. They had the whole season to think of the way to work this scene, and it fell flat I think.

  138. I agree completely with poeticeclipse (probably because I’ve lived that moment before). When you’re in that moment, you can’t exactly filter what comes out of your mouth – I’m kind of surprised she didn’t elaborate more.

  139. About the question of who called who, Jim/karen or david? I don’t think David would have Jim’s cell phone number.

  140. Re Jim calling David Wallace – why would Jim have the CFO’s phone number programmed into his cell phone?

  141. This episode was hilarious. One of the funniest ever.

    Pam’s speech needed to be more realistic? I think it achieved a near-perfect balance between plausibility and flat-out good writing and acting.

  142. Awesome episode. One of the best of the season. Andy floating out in the lake…HILARIOUS!

    And, I love Pam. Not sure what goes in her head, but that’s what makes it so interesting. It reminds me a lot of real life–unpredictable and a little weird. I’m curious to see where they take this in the next season.

  143. I’m wondering what the big secret is with Jan and Michael…?

    Pam rocked! Poor Andy…I wonder how they found him!?

    WILMAAAA! hehe

  144. This show generally doesn’t waste scenes, if they leave something in, it is usally for a reason. Remember the party at Wallace’s house? There was a scene showing Jim and Wallace getting chummy and playing b’ball together. I guess this would explain Wallace having Jim’s cell.

  145. In a way, Pam telling Jim how she missed having fun sort of sums up a lot of this season. We haven’t seen the same happy-go-lucky, prank-filled office activity much this year mainly because in season 2, much of it was a product of the Jim / Pam connection.

    I’ve got a feeling things will start to fall back into place and further away from a lot of the overdramatic sitcom-type episodes as we get into season 4.

  146. I agree with 208. Pam’s speech was so well done and so realistic. She also was so mature and didn’t cry or whine. She just needed to say what she said and I’m so glad she did! She addressed EVERYTHING I’ve been wanting her to address all season. Especially that art show. Jim looked a little shocked that she said that. That’s what jolted him to start really paying attention. SUCK ON THAT, HALPERT!

    GO PAM! I can’t wait to see what happens next week!

  147. i am surprised that people think that the JAM scene was so bad. honestly, i thought it was perfect.

    but i think Pam said what so many of us viewers were thinking, too. we miss the Pam/Jim antics–the way things were in season 2. all season long to great Pam/Jim dynamic was missing–and we aren’t the only ones who want it back.

  148. And I also want to add that Pam’s speech alone made up for the lack of Jim-Pam fun this season, and then some. In my book.

  149. Y’know, everyone’s freaking out about Pam (as am I) so it’s easy to overlook how gut-bustingly funny and enjoyable the rest of the episode was. The “Survivor”-style beach games, the busting into song on the bus, the sumo wrestling, Meredith accidently flashing the camera, Creed, Stanley…everyone was in top form. It was really a team effort tonight; granted Pam was the superstar.

  150. No offense taken #196, but this show isn’t “Friends” regardless of former time slot! It’s shot in a documentary style and is supposed to be more “realistic.” At least that was always my understanding.

    I’ve always thought of that as its greatest strength. The reason for the blah costumes and the gauche comments. It’s like people you know in real life (but funnier)…And so this rather unrealistic (in my view) speech was a disappointment.

  151. Most people seem to be focusing on Pam’s comments to Jim, which were great, but what about her calling out her self-involved co-workers? I mean we are always lead to believe that Michael is self-absorbed, but he was the only one who showed up to her art show. (excluding Roy and his brother)

  152. am i the only one who actually teared up when pam was making her speech…? haha, maybe i shouldn’t admit that. but it was just amazing. just when i think i couldn’t love this show any more, there’s an episode like this. i can’t WAIT for next week!!

  153. I’ve missed the last two episodes cuz of school =[
    What happened???

  154. Stanley is nominated for this episode, he deserves it! Go Stanley the Manley!!!

  155. I dunno, I’m gonna have to disagree with people saying this episode was funny. I mean it was funny, but one of the better episodes all season? No way! I think people are letting Pam’s speech cloud their judgement.

    I thought it was an average ep. until Pam made her speech.

    This ep. was filled with a lot more physical and obvious humor than you usually see on the office. It’s cool, but it’s not what I enjoy about the show. Who wrote this ep?

  156. To 222/Pavlov’s…Don’t forget Oscar and Gil showed up to Pam’s art show too… :)

  157. I’m sure this has already been said but I don’t believe Jim called David, I think David called Jim because when Karen talked to David she said something to the effect of “Yes i would love to interview for the job.”

    Amazing episode, I watched it right after it was over and it is one of those episodes where you can watch it over and find new things to laugh at. I highly recommend people re-watch it again.

  158. If there is anyone from the cast or crew checking this message board to get the fan reaction, I am confident when I say this: You made heads explode.

    This season has been such a long road for us Pam and Jim fans, and we’ve all been waiting to see if Pam would finally find her voice. She did. It was amazing!

  159. Good for Pam!!!

    I am so happy for her.

    I am glad she stood up for herself. Jim really needed to hear that.

  160. Frickin’ Hilarious!!!! What a great episode!…Oh, has anyone seen Drew?

  161. @216 – Good catch! Did anyone else notice Michael say the line “watch out for snakes!”. That is a reference to a Mystery Science Theater episode. Ok, I am huge geek!

  162. Frank (216)- what a great catch! I kept thinking that scene seemed familiar. Steve Carell . . . John Candy . . . both fantastic “Wilmaaaa”s!

  163. FINALLY!!!! Pam said what she was feeling…well, not completely, she didn’t tell Jim that she loved him but it’s a start! Wooohooo!!! DOWN WITH KAREN!

  164. re: the job thing.

    the reason i think it’s messed up that jim is interviewing (because i feel, like others, that he solicited david for the job) is because he didn’t seem like he was taking it very seriously. i mean, he hands over the phone to karen, then starts teasing her and making her laugh. that looked like a prank call to me, not a serious business opportunity. and jim, prankster and all, does know how business works. so i feel it’s messed up because if he’s not taking it seriously, then he’s just making life difficult for michael. and before, he said michael was a great boss. it just seems like karen brings out the worst in him.

  165. actually, karen said, “i also would like to be considered for the job in well.” (which led to the whole in well/as well stupid thing. and that line implies that she’s asking to be considered, not that david called her and asked her to consider applying for the job.

  166. As far as “NO ONE” showing up to the art show when Pam said “NO ONE” showed it meant “JIM” did not show. That is what hurt her her best friend did not show everyone else could have shown up and still “no one” would have shown!

    Great writing!

  167. Re Anna (post 34): I agree. I am not speaking to NBC. Shunned!

    Until next Thursday.

  168. Awesome episode! (Thank you, Harold Ramis!) I LOLed many times. But noone has addressed Mrs. Michael Scott’s question #2: Why did Jan feel the need to share her feelings for Jim with the entire group? C’mon these are her co-workers…not her closest confidants. True, she didn’t say “Jim, I’m in love you”, but isn’t saying “Jim, I called off my wedding because of you” the same thing as saying “I’m in love with you”. Also, why would Pam, a thoughtful person, hurt Karen’s feelings in front of the whole group? Believe me, I loved the fact that she finally got up the courage to say what she said. I just don’t get why she needed to share it with everyone.

  169. Touche, 227-yeahyeah, I guess I forgot since Oscar and Pam didn’t have any direct contact with him, she just overheard Gil and him.

  170. I really loved that Pam called everyone out as well. She literally said the words “it hurt.” That’s so gutsy. I adore her for that. Maybe now she won’t be invisible like she said. The whole episode she was “the invisible” one. It was a great play on that. The writers did so well with this episode.

  171. You can’t really blame Jim for trying to move on. Is he the same Jim from season 1 & 2? No, but calling him a jerk, and an a-hole is a bit much, isn’t it?

  172. who did Pam want to show up at that art show?? Michael showed up, Roy and his brother did, and Oscar and Gil. Was she really expecting the whole office to show up? Oh come on Pam!

  173. On a lighter note, I loved when Michael followed Pam’s speech by saying (this isn’t an exact quote): “That was an awesome speech, but I’m looking for someone with sales experience.” Could he be any more clueless!

  174. Lance (229), you are not a geek. When I read about this episode, I had dreams about “The Legend of Boggy Creek II”…not really dreams…hopes maybe. Ok, I am a huge geek

  175. thank you fauvistfly. great point about karen saying “I would like to be considered…”

  176. This was the best episode of the year. I didn’t think The Negotiation could be topped, but this one was just awesome. I know everybody is talking about Pam, and Jenna does deserve an Emmy for tonight, but there were so many hilarious moments in this episode. Andy floating down the lake, Creed catching fish with his hands, Stanley and his competitiveness, and the whole office singing The Gambler and The Flinstones song on the bus. And those were just a few laugh out loud moments.

    PS I loved how Dwight told Angela to stand next to him if there was going to be a group hug.

  177. Who do you guys think will get the job?? Jim, Karen, Mike, or no one from Scranton?

  178. I don’t know if someone has said this but it’s completely unrealistic for the CFO of a company to call people asking them to come in for a SALES job interview.

  179. “Hey, I wanna say something. I’ve been trying to be more honest lately & I just need to say a few things. I did the coal walk! Just, I did it. Michael, you couldn’t even do that. Maybe I should be your boss. Wow, I feel really good right now. Why didn’t any of you come to my art show? I invited all of you. That really sucked. It’s like sometimes some of you act like I don’t even exist. Jim, I called off my wedding because of you. And now we’re not even friends. And things are just weird between us & that sucks. And I miss you. You were my best friend before you went to Stamford. And I really miss you. I shouldn’t have been with Roy, and there were a lot of reasons to call off my wedding. But the truth is I didn’t care about any of those reasons until I met you. And now you’re with someone else, and that’s fine. It’s whatever. That’s not what I’m…I’m not…okay my feet really hurt. The thing that I’m just trying to say to you Jim & to everyone else in the circle I guess is that I miss having fun with you. Just you, not everyone in the circle. Okay, I am gonna go walk in the water now. Yeah, good day.”

  180. uh, yeah she should expect the whole office to show up to her art show. She is the sweetest person in the office (remember how she even helped save angela’s christmas party by combining it with her own even though angela acted liked, well angela?) She would go for anybody else.

  181. Do you think pam and toby will ever end up together?
    i heard somewhere that thats the next big thing for Jam…

    I hope jim goes with pam now,
    but i don’t think he will

  182. I thought this episode was good, but not great. While there were some moderately funny moments, overall this episode wasn’t nearly as funny as the previous 2 episodes, although to be fair those were 2 of the funniest of the season. I don’t think this episode will have the same kind of rewatchability as most episodes. Still, this could easily turn out to be one of the most important episodes of the series because of Pam’s stream of consciousness speech. That would be awesome if as a result of it Season 4 was chock full of the same kind of great interactions between Jim and Pam that made Season 2 so great, and Season 3 was so sorely lacking. Anyway, here are my favorite quotations:

    5. Michael: “We are all participating in mandatory fun activities. Funtivities! And there is a special secret prize for the winner.”
    Dwight: “Yes, funtivities! I knew it wasn’t just a trip to the beach.”
    Michael: “Ok, you know what? Your enthusiasm is turning people off.”
    Dwight: “I hope there will be management parables.”

    4. Phyllis: “Is there any mustard?”
    Michael: “No mustard, no mustard. Just eat it… eat it, Phyllis. Dip it in the water so it’ll slide down your gullet more easily.”

    3. Oscar: “If either of these guys [Dwight or Andy] are put in charge of the office, I will transfer to Albany. Gil can come if he wants. I’m kind of looking for a way out of that relationship anyway. I think I might try girls for awhile. Angela thinks I can cross over. We’ll see.”

    2. Pam: “The thing that I’m just trying to say to you, Jim, and to everyone else in the circle, I guess, is that I miss having fun with you. Just you, not everyone in the circle.”

    1. Michael: “Pam, that was amazing. But I am still looking for someone with a sales background.”

  183. yea #249 I agree, a CFO doesnt have time to go through the list of people and tell them to apply. I understand that he would do it to Michael b/c hes the Regional Manager, but Karen? or Jim? NO way!

  184. I believe that Karen will end up getting the job in NYC.. Where Jim will stay back and then hook up with Pam……but that is if Jim even deserves Pam, now.

  185. It seems that everyone has always treated Pam kind of poorly, but it never affected her so much because she had Jim to be with. Without any real friends in the office she’s really just alone.

    I suspect this is part of why this season has had somewhat of a gloomy/angsty feeling to it.

  186. well #251, I know that Pam is nice to everyone but expect Dwight to show up or Angela, Stanley, Kevin, Ryan?? Its unrealistic to expect people to come to your show. I know she would expect Phyllis, Jim, Toby (b/c he has a thing for her). But, she shouldnt expect anything else out of others.

  187. 223 | Shun/ReShun – I totally teared up during Pam’s speech too!! You’re not the only one! That speech has been a long time coming.

  188. I’m all for JAM, but if Pam just put it all on the table and Jim doesn’t let himself be with her this time, then I think Pam should go out with Toby if he ever gets ballsy enough to say something to her.

    Maybe Toby should make a Pam speech. He’s pretty unappreciated too.

  189. People talking about David, don’t forget that Jan was “out of the office” (read into that what you will). I can’t imagine Dunder Mifflin being that big, so it’s not impossible that the CFO would do that.

    However, aren’t CFO’s generally concerned with financials and stock numbers and not operations and promotions?

    BTW, what is Jan’s actual job title? Does anyone know?

  190. I didn’t get to see the end scene during the credits — can someone tell me about it? PLEASE!!!!!!!

  191. “You can’t really blame Jim for trying to move on. Is he the same Jim from season 1 & 2? No, but calling him a jerk, and an a-hole is a bit much, isn’t it?”

    Going behind Michael’s back is not him trying to “move on” with his life. He isn’t a jerk for being with Karen. He isn’t an a-hole for keeping Pam at a distance.

    But going behind Michael’s back to put himself in line for a job that he knows Michael wants when he has never shown any interest in moving up the corporate ladder – and in fact has suggested that if he goes any further in his career at Dunder Mifflin, he’d rather throw himself in front of a train – makes him a jerk. Just a few months back, he respected Michael for being a loyal boss who loved Dunder Mifflin above all, and now he’s trying to cut him out of a job he’s obviously excited about?

    Its not who Jim used to be, but its been who he has become, and I don’t like it. I’m hoping Pam’s confession knocks some sense back into him. I want old Jim back.

  192. I really hope Jan is pregnant next episode. That would make me happy. Also, I hope there isnt any stupid cliffhangers, b/c this whole season hasnt lived up to our expectations and we deserve a REALLY good finale!

  193. #250 — God Bless ya. Now I can see, again, how good the writing in that speech was

    Everyone who has mentioned how kind Pam is to everyone in the office — its true, even Dwight during The Injury or Stanley when he said he didn’t want to stay late to sign the forms (“the perfect storm” in “The Fight” she tried all day to get Michael to sign them

  194. Fancy New Beasley!!!! I was stunned–of course in a good way. And I absolutely cracked up when Talking Head Jim waddled out of the shot. Can’t wait til next week!

  195. Callan, thanks for your post, and, yes, I agree that Pam had some things that she needed to say to her co-workers, but I’m sure that if she’d said to Jim “I really need to talk to you privately”, he wouldn’t have rebuffed her. Yeah, she was on a high after her coal walk, but it seems out of character for even the brave, new Pam to declare her love for Jim (let’s face it…that’s what she was doing) in front of Karen and her co-workers. It must have crossed her mind how much she’d be hurting Karen’s feelings.

  196. I loved all the Harry Potter references at the beginning. I’m a huge HP dork.

  197. I like how Pam came out, not just with her feelings for Jim but her feelings for Jim in front of everyone. People in the office always had there suspicions or assumed Jim and Pam’s relationship, but it was never really publicly acknowledged (Phyllis talking to Karen was the only real, out-loud, reference). So how awkward will life in the office be from now on, if Jim and Pam work together and are not ‘together’?

  198. Whatever other qualities Michael has, don’t forget that he is utterly incompetent. I think the one effect Karen has had on Jim is that it made him realize how unprofessional that whole organization is, at least in Scranton, starting with the Regional Manager.

    If Jim really cared about his career, he would have taken that job at Cumberland Paper that they tried to get Dwight to take.

  199. Jim is on the exact same path that Tim took in the British original. After being rejected by Dawn he distanced himself and was extremely cold to her, at the same time coming to grips with the fact that he will be at his job for a long time, so he might as well make it as high in the company as he can get. Sure it’s not ‘fun’ to see, but it’s realistic considering how completely devastated Jim was after casino night. I don’t blame him for acting this way. Plus, you know he’s the same guy underneath, and he’ll be back :)

  200. I hope that when they release the Season 3 DVD they provide commentary on this episode. For Season 2 only about half the episodes had commentaries. I always like Jenna’s comments on scenes that are pivotal for Pam.

  201. Re Oogabooga (post 159): Oh yeah, I’ve been saying it for months… and finally! Visual confirmation!

    We all love the Jim haircut, but the wig looks pretty awful… I’d rather have Jim get a haircut than wear a wig.

  202. I got really ticked at Michael in this episode. Especially poor Dwight on the coal walk – Michael is just an idiot sometimes. Most of the time he’s a lovable idiot but tonight he was a big jerk.

    Pam was just great. She looked good and sounded good. I like how she did the coal walk and didn’t need everyone to come watch her. The experience gave her a huge rush of adrenaline and all the courage she needed to say what she did. I thought her speech was great, and she really said everything that needed to be said. That kind of honesty is great and it felt so genuine and real.

    I think the art show comment was meant to be directed at Jim mostly.

    Andy floating…priceless.

  203. Dorky Dancer, I’m with you. It’s not that I hate Jim, but this is a really low blow for Michael. Michael probably wants to move to corporate as a way of keeping close to Jan, since he most likely misses her, even if it’s just a little bit… ;)

  204. 229/Lance: Ok i thought i would be the only person in the entire universe that recognized “watch out for snakes!” from “Eegah” on mst3k. i hope that was really what the writers were going for!

  205. it’s not going to be michael. either karen or jim. i think probably jim, because they said that rashida is still in the show, so she must stay in the office. we wouldn’t follow her storyline if she got the job. whatever happens, i just hope i’m satisfied. though i know i won’t be because they want to leave us coming back for more. the bastards.

    I hate all of you that say it is unrealistic for pam to have more peopel show up to her art show. phyllis is her good friend, and i can kind of see angela showing up, they have a bit of a bond. She’s friendly with kelly and and toby, and overall, she wanted jim to show up. I feel so bad for her because she’s been so lonely lately without roy AND pretty much without jim. she has no one to talk to. she’s living alone for the first time in about 9 years. She just wanted a few friends to come to know she was supported. how would you feel?

    I always wanted her to make a speech like that, and now she finally did! and I loved the running on the coals part. it was so good. “wow, my feet really hurt.” I can’t wait to see how karen and jim react to it. I love pam.

  206. I don’t understand all of the “out of character” comments about Pam’s speech. Her character is changing, which we should understand by now. Fancy New Beesly, anyone?

  207. #276

    Michael wants the job only because it validates his belief (delusion) that he is a fantastic manager that everyone loves.

  208. I thought Jim didn’t want DM to be his career…

    I thought Jim was pretty rude to Michael this episode.

    Also, his face looked like he was absolutely heartbroken that he had hurt Pam so deeply.

    I’m curious why Jim and Karen would interview for the same job…?

  209. I actually cried while Pam said her speech, I think it took so much to build up to this and it was such a relatable speech. I think we all have those moments of frustration and just spit out words that we think makes sense. Pam is that girl next door most can relate to, that settle for what comes their way and are soft spoken, and in this episode she stood up for what she wants. As far as the job interviews, I think Karen will get the job. It would create a better plot line and a cliff hanger for next season. Jim would have his long distance relationship and have no excuse to hide from Pam. Her kind hearted ways would hopefully rub back off on him to change him into the old him. Karen made him age almost 10 years and sucked the fun out of him. I don’t think Pam did anything wrong in announcing it infront of Karen.. All is fair in love and war, right?

  210. Was I the only one who thought there were a TON of commercials, promos and local affiliate breaks during the show? It was almost as if instead of being a supersized show it was 22 minutes of show with an extra 10 minutes of commercials. The commercial break before the tribal council scene was 4 minutes long.

  211. And I think its pretty clear Jim was not contacted BY David Wallace.

    When he handed the phone to Karen, she said she wanted to be considered for the position as well – which means they were both putting their names into the hat by choice.

    They contacted him.

    As soon as Michael said something about the position and that they were interviewing, Jim turned to face the camera and the wheels were spinning. Then they went out to a secluded place where they couldn’t be heard, then asked to be included in the interviews, after knowing Michael wanted it.

    I just think its low. The whole way it was set up was sneaky and behind Michael’s back.

    Just very unlike Jim. I really didn’t care for it.

  212. Sorry…stupid deal here….my DVR cut the last little scene out…….what happened? so sorry for the stupid question

  213. I don’t think Karen will necessarily be upset at Pam. Karen knows about JAM’s history, but maybe didn’t realize the full extent or length of it. Karen should be upset at Jim for bring her into the unresolved situation in Scranton.

    Now Jim can’t put it off any longer and can be fair to Karen and tell her how he really feels. Which Karen has suspected since “The Return.”

  214. i love how everyone wants the old Michael and The old Jim back and think that they are acting so out of character and being jerks. Dont people change in real life, or evolve I should say?? And cant everyone be or has been a jerk at sometimes in their life, whether trying to be or not?? So what if Jim said in season one that he didnt want to advance, we are over 50 episodes later in the series. I know that I hate my job, but if they offered me a higher position with more pay i would be all over it. And was it established that Jim is the one that sought out the CFO for an interview?? Because if he got called then I dont see how its going behind Michael’s back.

  215. My solitary complaint about this episode would be that the ABSOLUTELY AMAZING INCREDIBLE ASTOUNDING last few minutes have made me unable to think about the rest of the truly, truly hilarious and fantastic episode.

  216. I personally think Michael will bow out of the running at some point. He’d miss his “chilin” too much. It would not be the same for him at corporate, and I think he’ll see that at some point and let Karen and Jim fight over it.

  217. Has anyone considered that Jim and Karen called David to ask for interview’s just to head the Scranton branch? David only asked for Michael’s RECOMMENDATION, I wouldn’t expect them to hire someone without an interview. Anyways, I could’ve missed something specific. But that’s my take on it. I don’t think Jim would be that skeezy.

  218. Even if Jim did call, so what? It’s not sneaky. He’s just interested in the job. All he did is call about a job that he has learned has become available. Dwight’s Coup was sneaky.

    I’m guessing it’s Karen who will end up with the job at corporate and will be more than happy to leave Jim behind in Scranton anyway.

  219. I did miss something specific….Jim said he’s going for the job at corp…he is that skeezy!

  220. Great episode!

    Many people have commented on this season, and how it’s very much Pam’s Journey. This is spot on, but it’s also Jim’s journey. Many people are critizing Jim’s behaviour, but this is also a sign of Karen’s influence on him.

    Pam’s Jim wouldn’t stay away from Pam’s art show. This is now why I think the scene was deleted about Pam’s winning picture, it was intended to show how Jim has changed being with Karen. I hope Jim comes to a realization on how he’s treated Pam this year after her speech, and he’ll come to his senses regarding being in a relationship that isn’t working for him.

    As for the other cast, fantastic. Creed, Angela, Stanley, Medideth, even Oscar with his talking head made me laugh. Andy’s ‘chocolate river’ scene made me laugh out loud.

    This episode was fantastic, absolutely why I love this show.

  221. to 293 something about if this job was my career, I’d throw myself in front of a train…

  222. Re Pavlov’s Altoid (post 222): I am really glad Pam called out everyone in the office. Pam always shows her co-workers kindness and supports them. She even reached out to Karen during Christmas when she realized how cold she was acting towards her. Her co-workers do not support her nearly as much as she does them.

  223. I haven’t read many of the comments but I did notice that some think that Jim and Karen went behind Michael’s back about the job. The way I took it is Jim’s reaction when Michael came out about the job was more of a “Oh great this is going to be weird because I was also offered this job.” I just got the impression that he and Karen had already been contacted about it. If anything, Michael was the rude one to insinuate not only that he already had the job but that there was no way that anyone else could possibly be offered. But that was totally in his character to act that way so no hard feelings.

    Overall, this was one of the best episodes of this season. And I am very much digging Fancy New Beesley. Her character has progressed so well this season with her emotional highs and lows. I’m glad to see her emerging with new independence and strength. Hot coals be damned. Office awkwardness be damned. Pammy is saying what she feels…just don’t call her Pammy.

  224. Could someone please clarify if there was anything to this episode after Michael shouted that he still wanted someone with a sales background?

    My DVR and TiVo both stopped right after that. Thanks!

  225. Karen definitely should be ready to leave. I have always gotten the vibe that the whole Pam-didn’t-get-married-after-I-left thing never entered into her many late night talks with Jim. I’m sure she knew about hte engagement after “The Negotiation,” but hopefully hearing it from the (awesome/daring/gutsy/amazing) horse’s mouth would put a new perspective on it for her.

  226. to everyone:
    the last 30 seconds was a clip from the ride up to the beach where everyone is singing the flintstones’ theme song.. a little poorly, but enthusiastically nonetheless. Michael was the background music.

  227. 293 – I disagree. It was the definition of sneaky when he went to an area where Michael wouldn’t overhear and put himself into the running for a job that his boss wanted and was excited for.

    Is it business? Sure. Is it realistic? Sure. Does it happen in real life? Sure.

    But that was never who Jim was. And yes, characters/people change.

    But if this is new Jim, then I will probably cease to be a fan. I’ll consider him as I do Ryan. A really hot, sometimes funny, but mainly hot headed jerk who is only out for himself.

  228. Do we know if Karen knew about Pam & Roy PRE-her move to Scranton? Or did she only know they were together recently?

  229. I would also like to say that I’m happy that Pam didn’t give Jim an ultimatum or put Karen at fault. I’m glad she let her romantic feelings known, but left her regret confined to the loss of Jim’s friendship. Although declaring all this in front of her co-workers wasn’t the best move, Pam showed some class.

    I think Jim really needs to re-evaluate how he’s treated Pam this year.

  230. I can’t believe i’m writing this…but I don’t think I even care anymore if Jim and Karen get together and move to NYC. I find them, as a couple, to be very unlikeable. Jim seemed downright nasty tonight, and Karen was her typical self… aloof, disinterested and non tolerant of everyone in the office except Jim. She has never even tried to make friends with anyone there. Good riddance!!!

  231. Now that I’ve had a bit of time to digest what I just saw:
    Oh man, LOVED this episode!
    I was just watching Survivor before this episode came on and when Jeff Probst went to start a challenge, I noticed he had one hand raised and then switched and raised the other when he said start, and then I was watching this episode and Michael mimics that perfectly, such a good touch, made me laugh

    Holy smokes Pammy (er, Pam, sorry) that was INCREDIBLE! When she came over, and then said the whole thing about how she walked over the coals, I thought “funny NBC, tricking us with the promos again” but then WOW! I think just as much as how I liked that she finally spilled to Jim, was how much I loved that she called everyone in the Office out for not coming to her art show, that was balls.

    As for Jim/Karen talking to the CFO, remember in Cocktails, Jim and the CFO were getting all buddy buddy outside shooting hoops so maybe they exchanged numbers or something there, who knows.

    I loved how into the competition Stanley got, how Andy fell into the water, the sing-a-longs on the bus were great too. So was Creed catching and then apparently eating the fish.

    But let’s be honest, Pam totally stole this episode, and I love her for it

  232. #302 – Thank you!

    #304 – I don’t believe that has ever been confirmed.

    Good HEAVENS, I cannot wait until next week! So many questions that need to be answered.

  233. from Oscar Nunez interview posted earlier today on this site……

    TVGuide.com: This season’s big story line was the addition of the Stamford office staff. Do you have any idea what sort of future shake-ups are planned?

    Nuñez: There’s definitely more interoffice politics coming down the pike.

    people going for the same job happens all the time. It’s a normal thing

  234. Re Dwide, post 235: Pam has tried several times to talk to Jim privately. She asked him out for coffee during the merger. She tried to apologize for Roy’s attack. Jim rebuffed her twice. I think this was her only recourse. Plus, she had things she wanted to say to the office in general. Her co-workers either ignore her, or when they actually pay attention to her, they make remarks about her appearance.

    I chalk her outburst up to her high from doing the fire walk and the fact that Jim has refused to hear her out.

  235. Yeah, my DVR cut off right after Pam walks off….what happened? I don’t wanna have to buy the dang episode.

  236. When Michael announced that the winner of the challenges would head the Scranton branch, the look on Jim’s face was one that was more heartbreak then seizing an opportunity. I thought it was more of a “He thinks he’s the only one going for this job? What should I say?” look rather then what it’s being interpreted as by some here… I don’t wanna rush to judgment right now, I have a feeling that there’s more to these interviews then meets the eye, and I’m sure most of it will be answered next week (hopefully)… And why wouldn’t Jim be contacted by Wallace for the job? They obviously had a connection during the cocktail party.

  237. Before this episode, I never realized how pathetic Pam’s life really is. She seemed so small, and just sad. “I should be your boss” Wow. She’s feeling pretty insecure. I just pity her.

  238. also did we all forget “Cocktails” and that the CFO showed that he likes both Jim and Karen (he knew Karen from before the party)….especially Jim since they were bonding outside playing basketball. Why wouldnt he consider the two of them for the position. You could tell that in that episode he thought Michael was an idiot. He could possibly have asked Michael to interview (knowing that he was going to interview Jim and Karen as well) because he knows how bad it would probably look to go to sales associates about a higher position and not consider upper management as well

  239. I’m sorry but Pam’s speech was just atrocious. Poorly written and poorly acted.

  240. Oh my god! Happy Smile Patrol, I completely forgot about Oscar’s comment! My stomach hurt, I was laughing so hard at that line.

    I love that Oscar and Angela are becoming friends.

  241. a lot of us are upset that it cut off. Was it the network or our service providers? That is a huge deal for die-hard fans! The episode was amazing- what great courage from Pam. The best this season!

  242. I loved how Michael’s introduction to the fun-tivities at the beach included elements from The Amazing Race, The Real World, and Survivor. Is this right? Of course he would know enough about those show to be able to copy the intro voiceovers.

  243. Well, tonight’s episode was pretty good and better than last week’s. It wasn’t that funny, but I really loved Pam’s speech. I’m glad it wasn’t an outright confession of love but a more nuanced thing. Nice work on the part of the writers.

    I enjoyed Toby’s disappointment,
    Stanley briefly being a team player,
    Dwight being horribly burnt
    and Andy floating off in the lake.

    I predict that Karen will get the job in NY and her and Jim will slowly drift apart as Pam and Jim get close to each other.

  244. Also, did you see Jim’s face when Pam was talking!?!?!?! Now, that is a face that is still in love with her!

  245. 304-SPTS

    Karen didn’t know pre-scranton, hence why she told Pam she should go out with him (Roy) in Benihana Christmas.

  246. one more thing I forgot…I LOVED the Harry Potter references, and how after Dwight chose Gryffindor, Jim ribbed him and wound up picking Voledemort, and how at the end there were points deducted from Voldemort just like at the end of the year at Hogwarts

  247. 304| SPTS:

    Karen didn’t know before. Remember when Karen told Pam that Roy was cute and that she (Pam) should date him? Pretty sure that was early in the season.

    On another note: GO PAM!!!!!!

  248. Did Jim not call and get a promotion without anyone knowing about it last year?

    This isn’t out of character, and I don’t think it’s sneaky. What was he supposed to do, go and talk to Michael about it, first? What would Michael have said? “Please, Jim, they only want real candidates with real skills, i.e. me, for this job.”

  249. “Watch out for snakes!”

    Awesome shout-out to “Eegah!” and MST3K!

    [And I would have totally missed it if not for usenet. Dangit! This show is too smart for me!]

    Also, yay for Pam! What a brave thing to do! You go, girl!

  250. she didn’t know cause remember in the x-mas episode she said “you and roy should totally date”

  251. I think the most logical explanation is that David called Jim. Much more logical than Jim calling the CFO about a corporate job position; he wouldn’t be that presumptuous (now Dwight, on the other hand…). He would go through the normal channels (calling HR, etc.). Also, unless I missed something, Michael didn’t even say what the position was. How would Jim or Karen even know if they wanted the job, or if they were even qualified? It’s more likely David needed a list of qualified applicants quickly and made the calls himself. Plus, he’s met Jim before. Oh, and of course the CFO would be able to get Jim’s cell phone number. The guy’s a salesman for his company! OK, I’m scaring myself that I’ve given this so much thought….

  252. It pains me to write this, but I’m so over Jim Halpert after this episode. What happened to the guy from Season 1 and 2?

  253. For all those with TiVo, DVR, etc…I learned this the hard way but here’s a tip…tape the show AFTER the Office, that way that last scene that gets cut off during taping still gets taped!! Works like a charm!

  254. I don’t necessarily think that Jim and Karen contacted David Wallace first. I figured he’d asked them if they wanted to be considered, and both hesitated before deciding to just go for it after Michael’s antics. I don’t know, I could be wrong. Regardless, Pam’s awesome speech at the end made that episode for me. (Although I thought the whole thing was great.)

  255. Hmmm…wow, I’m really torn on this episode. I’m proud of Pam for being so honest with Jim. Not sure I understand why it was in front of everybody…seemed very “romantic comedy-ish” as someone else mentioned. Not too realistic…almost seemed like it would have been more realistic for her to walk across the coals, and then pull Jim aside and speak to him alone. But – my mind could be changed on it all. :)

  256. Ok…here’s some theories…

    1. Jan has NOT been fired. Jan is actually afraid she will lose Michael and pulled some strings to get him an interview in NY show she can be closer to him. Michael will NOT get the job. Perhaps an outsider?

    2. Jim and the CFO know each other (remember? they shot basketball’s in the driveway) so it’s possible the CFO called Jim for an interview. It is also possible Jim has HIS number. Since they got along so well and the glowing reviews from Jan, he is considered the front-runner.

    3. My guess is that Jim talked with Karen, and decided Karen could get a DIFFERENT job in NY so they could BOTH move to NY together if Jim gets the promotion. Karen will probably get HER job, but in light of the “Pam Confessional” Jim won’t be able to move again. Jam returns to season 2 levels.

    4. Jan doesn’t get fired – but gets DEMOTED. Maybe she will get sent to work in Scranton as a salesperson (replacing Karen?) Longshot…

  257. I would just like to echo everybody else and say…. GOOOOOO PAAAAMMMM!!!!
    I feel like I should go walk on coal now, and change my life!

  258. its so good to see pam be the one who finally just put it all out there….shes always so cute and innocent so i was so glad to see her put it all out there to jim who has really let karen change him

  259. Pam showed more courage in her little speech than Jim did when he revealed his love for her last season. Think about it…he wanted to tell her his feelings on Casino Night before he left for another job in another city! What a weanie way out! Pam was contemplating the walk on the coals and didn’t hear Jim say he was interviewing with corporate. So as far as she knows, she’ll be seeing him everyday after making this big reveal.

    In summary:

    1. Pam is brave.
    2. Nothing else matters.

  260. That was amazing! AMAZING.

    My Pam love just…I mean…wow. I’m so proud of her. I pretty much died. I really did.

  261. OH MY FREAKING GOSH!!!!!!! YES!! This is what we have been waiting for all season! I love how they’ve gradually built up to it. The biggest problem for JAM has always been communication. And Pam was so amazing! She covered all the areas that have been missing for them. It wasn’t a over-dramtic I love you, although the hints were there. But overall it was just a call back to their own friendship at the very least. I LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Can’t wait till next week. I think it will end on a very good note for us JAMers.

  262. Pam is toootally my hero, seriously. Once her whole speech goes onto youtube, its going straight to my heroes section on myspace (which is empty). Hah.

  263. i notice a lot of jim-hating going on after this episode. but come on you guys: “i’ve never seen that look in a man’s eyes before EVER. i thought i was going to die.” in my opinion, that redeems any and all possible skeeziness.

  264. 303 – I hear what you’re saying but I still don’t think it was deliberately sneaky. I think it’s pretty normal to want privacy when making a call like that.

    And going behind Michael’s back? Michael used hot dog eating and sumo wrestling to determine who should be recommended for promotion – he’s hardly the standard-bearer for professional behavior.

  265. those behind-the-scenes pictures reinforce that jim has definitely been wearing a wig lately. look how short his hair is.

  266. Was everyone singing the Flintstones theme an homage to John Candy singing it in on the bus in Planes, Trains and Automobiles?

  267. First time posting, but I just *had* to after tonight’s episode! I am so freakin’ proud of Pam! Jenna *rocked* in her final scenes. IMO, it was totally believable. I mean, c’mon — she psyched herself up to do something and *did it*. Big adrenaline rush for the FNB. And what she said to Jim was perfect. It shows, I think, how she really respects Jim. She wasn’t all “Make a decision in the next ten minutes or I’m outta here.” She showed, I think, more maturity than what he did on Casino Night. At this point, I don’t care if she ends up with Jim. As some have said, I would almost prefer she didn’t. Think about it — she had spent all of her adult life to date, minus a year, with Roy. It would be great for her to really find out who she is without Roy, without Jim. Just simply as Pam.

    The sing-alongs on the bus were hilarious. Loved how Angela knew “The Gambler” and was quietly (at first) singing along with Kevin. heehee

  268. #250/SPTS Thank you, hank you, thank you! I didn’t get to see the episode, and that is what I wanted to see the most.

    Alright Pammy! I mean Pam.

  269. This was probably the best episode this season. I keep thinking that each episode but man this took it…unless the finale will be even BETTER.
    favorite parts

    fancy new beesly showing her true colors and her
    feelings for jim

    jim’s face after her speech

    toby’s face when he found out pam was going to wear a two piece

    andy floating on water

    the dwangela moments

    how jim named his group voldemort lmao

    the sumo wrestling

    not so happy moments

    toby being left at the office

    jim being distant to pam

    I think that Jim will finally realize what has been going on…sort of like how pam found out about jim’s feelings during casino night. except her confession was before the finale and now all we’re waiting for is who jim is going to chose. but honestly…i think what drives us to watch the office is the whole JAM shipper. if they get together what do we thrive to watch for? I mean don’t get me wrong I love the office in all, but JAM is a strong driving force too. so maybe i wont mind karen hang around a bit more…and maybe..pam and toby can venture on their realtionship…as long in the END JAM get together

    losing michael will be the stupidest thing that could ever happen.

  270. Oh. My. God. I really have no words, except: AMAZING! Absolutely fantastic episode in every single way. Brilliant, hysterical, moving, realistic – amazing!!! LOVED IT!

  271. Awesome episode !!!

    Gotta say this … all year long i was complaining about the time they gave for pam and jim’s little awkward moments and the too much love for “jam” on here … but this is the first episode since probably the first season that i was screaming at my tv in happiness when Pam let everything off her chest !!

    Tonight truely made me a jam fan … the way they built it up all this time and then her finally saying everythin was beautiful !!!

    GO PAMMMM GOOOO ahaha first time i ever said that

    Cant waitttt till next week

  272. The episode was fantastic! Damn it blows out practically all the other ones for this season. Definitely Pam’s best moment.

  273. Stanley was hilarious suddenly dropping the kissing-Michael’s-butt act. We never get to see him smile, and that was nice despite the fact that it was done sarcastically.
    Pam’s speech was wonderful, but not enough for me! I’m seriously going to have a hard time of it if they don’t actually show Jim and Pam getting together in the finale. I can’t possibly wait ’til next season! Arrgghh!

  274. after pam’s speech seems safe enough that either karen or jim will get the job… probably jim… don’t think jim and karen will be too much longer either, maybe early 4th season or next week.

  275. OK, 322 comments… as much as I’d like to read them all before posting, that isn’t going to happen for an hour or two.
    Awesome episode! It was, in many ways, fluff leading up to Pam’s announcement. You can read her words as you wish, but her nod to Karen was incidental. She says, for the first time, that she broke off her wedding because of Jim.
    I think it’s no mistake that the timing didn’t allow for responses from Jim, Karen… anyone but Michael (someone with sales experience”…).
    I am confident that this leads to Jim staying, as Pam frames her need for friendship, not anything more.
    For all who said Pam wouldn’t spill her guts about Jim (and I agreed with you) we were wrong.
    The writers pulled off a very believable scenario in which Pam expressed publicly that she rejected the cold semi-relationship that we’ve seen from Jim this season. I don’t think we expected that from her.
    I hope her feet are okay, and that Andy was rescued before too many hours afloat. It was good to see him on the bus ride home.
    All in all, I’d rate this episode as a ten ( and I’m pretty harsh).
    Can’t wait for next week, though I dread the long summer drought.

  276. I have to admit that it didn’t even occur to me to think that what Jim did was sneaky. Michael wasn’t promised the position and Jim pretty much immediately told Michael about the fact that he was interviewing for it. Going off to a corner to make the call could be about just getting some quiet or a good cel signal.

    Also, I disagree with folks that are saying that Pam’s speech was about telling Jim that she’s in love with him. I mean, I think she definitely is in love with him but I don’t think that was what she was saying tonight AT ALL. Instead, I really think it was all about self-awareness: she finally admitted that he helped her learn what having a real relationship based on mutual respect can be like, and that as a result of her friendship with Jim she realized that she didn’t have that with Roy.

    I hope Jim gets some time to think about what Pam has said so that he can respond in a way that he’ll be happy with long-term. I’m a HUGE Jammer so I can’t beleive I’m about to type this…but I honestly would like them to stay apart romantically for a while. I think they’ve unintentionally hurt each other so much that season 4 needs to be about rediscovering each other without the complication of romantic love.


    I CLAPPED AND CHEEEEEEEEEERED when Pam did the coal walk and then went on to speak her mind in front of everybody. I liked..err..LOVED what she said. I was proud of her to let everyone know that she felt let down after everyone skipped her Art Show and I respected her for not spilling the ILY to Jim in front of everyone (like we al wanted her to…deep down inside) but instead said what was most important…that she missed her best friend. I felt like a PROUD, PROUD mother when she said that.

    FNB..you rock my socks!!

    Is anyone else depressed that our season 3 is over next week???

  278. I’m really late to the party, as usual (I’m on the West Coast)! First, let me just say, Yay Pam! So glad to see her finally let it all out (well, I don’t think she let it ALL out, but enough to force Jim to talk to her). What new twist will next week bring? Yikes, I almost don’t want to watch (and then have to wait until the FALL for some resolution)!

    Second, did anyone else feel sorry for Andy, and wonder how long he bobbed around in that lake? I made sure to stick around to see the tag, which was great, but didn’t answer the Andy question.

    And third, on a related note, as much as Angela’s “Bye Andy!” was funny, we really saw her mean streak tonight, didn’t we? I mean, to just let him float away, and to not tell anyone where he was even as night fell? Whoo, her love for Dwight knows no bounds!

  279. Pam-casso –

    I’m with you.
    I’m a JAMer (what Office fan isn’t) but I think the plot has become about Pam’s self-awareness and all that comes with it. I felt a glow of pride in her actions tonight, and I think she has a ways to go before we can see that eclipsed by a relationship (with Jim). I am thrilled that the show has chosen a plot of personal growth over instant gratification.
    I’ll sleep well tonight, that was very satisfying.

  280. #347–when did we see the bus ride home? Did I miss it? *running to check my dvr*

  281. Pam is so freakin’ awesome!!! I am so proud of her! I am so happy she stood up for herself and told Jim everything he needed to hear. Pam rocks! I was clapping and all giddy. Absolutely amazing! I loved it.

  282. I might be the only person who thought David Wallace contacted Jim (and not the other way around) about the position…just like he contacted Michael at the beginning of the episode.

    Pam’s speech gave me goosebumps and brought tears to my eyes — it was SO good.

  283. ok it is was obvious that Jim and Karen contacted on their own.

    1. they were off by themselves — Jiim didn’t just get phone call in group and walk away

    2. Jim might not have CFO ‘s personal number but as number 2 in scranton he definitely has number of corporate

    3. Remember when Jim and Karen where in Conn and Jim told her at first she should go to NYC instead of Scranton so moving to NYC is something Karen has contenplated

    4. Jim didn’t call till after Michael spilled the beans which means he didn’t know until Michael said something — the look on Jim’s face when Michael revealed he was interviewing for job was one of “everything is going to change and maybe this is something I waant as well”

    5. Karen said something a few episodes back instead of worrying about Dwight he should be worrying about making sales..

    I think perhaps next week Jim has second thoughts about stabbing Michael in back (and leaving Pam) and turns down the job

  284. OMG – Go Pam!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a transformation this year.

    Jenna Fischer should get an Emmy nod (supporting) and they should submit this episode. Loved loved loved Pam’s honesty, and how alive she looked and sounded.

    Also loved Kelly’s Bob Hope / Amanda Bynes exchange.

  285. Jennie-

    I just want to say how much I appreciate the long hours you put into this, day in and day out, but especially on a night like this, with 300-plus comments in a matter of hours. That you’re still up and moderating comments, and maintaining this quality forum, is phenomenal.
    I’d sure like to think of a nice thing that we could all do for you. You deserve a HUGE “Thank you”!

  286. Did they spend the night at the “beach”? In the bus on the way back it was daylight outside.

    Oh, for gosh sake, give us an hour of this amazing show!

  287. I think it was pretty obvious that Jim contacted David. 1.) It happened after Michael made the announcement (the director cued the look on Jim’s face). 2.) Karen’s words after Jim handed her the phone seem to indicate that he called and asked for the position.

    Is it sneaky? No more so than looking for another job and not asking your boss about it. It would be impossible to go through Michael, he would never allow one of his employees to be promoted over him.

    However, it may have been a little arrogant to assume he should get the job over Michael.

    Finally, I haven’t read it anywhere else, so here goes: Poor Tobey.

  288. K #355-
    I think you’re right, that David contacted Jim and Karen.

  289. pams speech has me a little worried. im afraid jim was only in pams life to show her what she deserved. they may never be a couple. i mean that happens sometimes.

  290. – I LOVE Pam! Very cute how she was hesitant to walk the coals and finally just went for it and had a enormous burst of happiness afterwards. And wow, that speech was powerful and liberating. I admit…I teared up a bit. Michael mentioned “courage” again in this episode and maybe it resonated with Pam.

    – Just realized how sneaky and shady Jim is, although I still think he’s kinda cool.

    – Stanley the Manley’s fake enthusiasm and then goin’ back to his good ol’ crossword puzzles.

    – Dwight writhing in pain in the coals was so hard to watch. Were the coals fo’ real?

    – Andy floating in lake during Michael’s talking head!

    – Everyone singing The Flintstones on the party bus was too adorable!

  291. Tanster-

    If we ever have a gathering, drinks are on me.

    Transcribing notes, moderating a hundred comments an hour… how do you find time to watch the show?

  292. That is QUITE possibly the best episode of The Office. Ever. Especially Pam’s coal walk; that was terrific. Creed, catching fish in his bare hands, Michael, with his 800 hot dogs, Toby, sitting at the office, and all the rest were just amazing. Also: WAS THE FIRE WHEN IT FIRST APPEARED REAL OR FAKE? It looked rather fake, but I’m not sure.

  293. a below average episode. Nothing really made me laugh out loud other than Andy floating away.

    I liked Pam’s speech, though I am a bit surprised she didn’t call out Oscar for the comments at the Art Show.

    But I feel as if in Season 2 a lot of the IMPORTANT interaction with Jim and Pam was on screen. The Christmas present, the Booze Cruise, the “you can tell me anything” comment from Drug Testing. And of course, the confession and kiss scenes from Casino Night.

    Season 3’s IMPORTANT interactions have all been off camera. Everything that happened between Casino Night and Jim’s departure/Pam calling off the wedding to everytihng leading up to the phone call in The Initiation.

    In The Return Pam/Jim are working together and we get the “Do you still have feeling for her” piece, and then no payoff. We’re told Jim/Karen spent late nights talking about their feelings. Anyone think JIm would really put up with that in the real world. I mean, Pam’s newly single. He confesses to Karen he still has feelings for Pam but he’d rather endure late night after late night talking about his/Karen’s feelings?

    Is there a reason for Karen/Jim to be together other than to keep Jim/Pam apart? No, its a plot device.

    Tonight we get Pam’s speech but then no payoff. The payoff is next week. Or maybe the payoff is the first show of Season 4. Or maybe the payoff is the final show of Sesaon 4.

  294. Wow, this is the first episode of the season that absolutely knocked my socks off. I’ll admit much of that is due to Pam’s coal walk/speech at the end, but I was already laughing out loud a lot more than I have been this season at the rest of the episode. All of the character quirks were just coming out perfectly in the out-of-office setting and I think the writers were firing on all cylinders. Stanley has always been a favorite of mine, and he had some CHOICE lines this episode, especially when he started faking enthusiasm and then a second later said, nah, I can’t do this anymore. I love you Stanley!!

    Creed catching a fish by hand was also priceless.

    Andy falling in the lake and floating away… did anyone start thinking of the Willy Wonka theme during this?? LOL. I like the guy a lot better post-anger management, so I did feel a little sorry for him.

    Steve Carell was charmingly stupid in this episode — not over the top at all, just blissfully ridiculous. That’s the way I like him.

    Overall it was nice to get the office out of the office — and witness the dynamic between co-workers in a not-so professional setting.

    And finally, Pam. I have to admit, I’ve never been the biggest fan of Jenna Fischer. As Pam, she’s had her moments, but at times I’ve felt like, possibly, in reaching too far to come off as an awkward character, she just comes off as an awkward actor. But she’s really come around in this latter part of the season, and I have a whole new respect for her — not just after the coal walk, but after her performance over the entire episode. There was something about Pam being blatantly marginalized, really just set aside, over the course of an entire day that brought out the best in Jenna’s acting. It was the perfect last straw. And the best part was, when confession time came around, nothing seemed forced for ratings or anything. Her speech was honest and not over the top and sounded exactly like it should’ve — like a woman who had finally had it with being brought down by people — both her co-workers and Jim — and was ready to get it off her chest after a rare burst of confidence.

    I think the Jim part of her speech was an excellent mirror to the way a lot of JAM fans have been feeling throughout the season. Not necessarily ooh, Jim we love you, you’re so hot, dump Karen! But Jim, for christ’s sake, forget everything else, we miss YOU. Pam misses her best friend, and we miss the fun-loving irreverent nice guy who’s maybe not as nice as he used to be. Pam misses the camaraderie, and we miss watching it every week. Maybe they’ll get together romantically, maybe they won’t — the big gaping hole in this season has been the missing dynamic between Jim & Pam, whether that’s based on love or friendship or meaningless flirtation or whatever.

    So it’ll be really interesting to see where this goes. It seems to me this should detract from Jim’s desire to want to go for the NYC job, but who knows, maybe Pam’s honesty came a little too late and he’s too wrapped up in his relationship with Karen and moving up the corporate ladder. If that’s the case, I think I’d echo comment 303 and say I’ll probably cease to be a Jim fan.

    Always good to be kept in suspense (only for a week though! No more!)

  295. Tin Man-

    Thanks for the reminder about Creed catching the fish with his bare hands. Classic!

    This may well, indeed, be one of the best episodes EVER, and it looks like the voting bears that out.

    Good catch on the return bus ride. I didn’t notice that it was light out. What could that mean? Did they spend the night?

  296. Okay, I just rewatched the ending, including the tag. Where was the ride home some have mentioned? The tag showed an extra scene from the ride TO the beach, but I didn’t see anything on the way HOME.

    I think people might believe the “Flintstones” scene is the ride home just because it appeared at the end of the episode, but the only way that could be is if they all stayed overnight at the beach, wore the same clothes home the next day, and sat in the same exact seats.

    I believe we didn’t see a ride home (unless they cut something out of the episode here on the West Coast), which still leaves Andy floating in the lake! Will someone go rescue him please? I used to be Anti-Andy, but I’m warming up to “Drew”. You gotta give credit where credit is due, he’s really trying (even though he did try to kill a duck)!

  297. What did anyone else think of Karen’s expression during Pam’s talk. I didn’t like it(then again, I don’t like much concerning Karen). I felt she was almost thinking to herself “what’s up with this? don’t you know it’s too late? he’s mine now.” Is my utter disdain for the girl just surfacing?

  298. TinMan (366): I thought the fire looked sort of CG, too. Someone earlier had asked whether people thought the coals Jenna walked over were real. I don’t think so. To me, they looked like red and yellow lights under the “coals”. Besides, there’s no way NBC would allow their star actress to do something that could possibly physically hurt her.

    I loved how Michael took credit for cooking all the hot dogs, when it was Pam who actually did it (note her camera-glance when Michael said HE prepared them). Oh, Michael.

    And I agree with Hot Dog Fingers, we all owe Tanster a debt of gratitude!

  299. #370, Jim was obviously very deap in thought and conflicted in the ride, hence she already told him that. Also, they weren’t prepared to spend the night, so Michael must have just let them use their old clothes. He’s known to make work-related outings waste his employees’ personal time (hence the Dundies). Pam looks relieved in that shot, and by the way they cut it it was definitely the ride home. And, I forgot to mention one of the best parts of all: DWIGHT. Standing on the coals, telling Michael to give him the job. Then, when he falls down and gets 3rd degree burns, crawling back. I couldn’t stop laughing when I saw the burnt-to-a-crisp arms-at-weird-angles hilarious Dwight. That was too good.

  300. Yeah, there seems to be a lot of confusion about the Flintstones tag. It was definitely from the ride TO the beach. Of course the mood would not be so jovial after the confession and of course we are meant to be left hanging until next week.
    That is one thing that is so great/so excruciatingly difficult about this show…so much happens in between and outside of what we see. We fill in the gaps ourselves. Probably why people are so invested in these character’s lives.
    The ride back, I’m sure, was a pretty silent and awkward affair.
    Also, I wonder if they found Andy before they left!?

  301. Kim E-

    You’re on fire!
    You really nailed the nature of Pam’s newfound voice in this episode. And you’re so right about the nature of her relationship with Jim, and how it’s been the missing element of late. Love or friendship, however it may turn out, she articulated its absence. Whether Karen is the cause of that is another story. The fact that she stuck it out there in front of Karen and all was spectacular, and unexpected.
    Thanks for a very well-articulated take on “Beach Games”.

  302. I was also curious about thoughts on Karen’s reaction

    She didn’t look worried. She didn’t look surprised. She looked like she was watching a good movie. Engrossed, even.

    Not exactly the reaction I was thinking she’d have. I thought she’d react with at least a GLANCE towards Jim to see how HE was reacting. Or maybe a reaction more like she had in the food court after Pam’s “Maybe you’re just wrong for each other” comment.

    But I do enjoy that the camera forgot completely that Karen is part of that equation until Pam brought her up lol

    I’d like to forget her too *sigh*

  303. I really liked the episode, great moments, very survivor , with the torches and Michael wearing Jeff’s outfit. @ 369’s view on Jim and corporate: I don’t really agree with your view point on Jim, I think the writers have done an amazing job in following through with Jim. He’s just a regular, funny guy that has potential but doesn’t choose to want it yet because he wanted to have fun with Pam, who in return choose ROY instead. So I don’t think we should give any sympathy for Pam, because honestly Jim waited for Pam and she rejected him cold heartily, thinking of him only as a friend. Although I think moving to Stanford and having Karen as his girlfriend affected him, he’s finally maturing and surpassing the others in the Office, which is a change. People have to change, the Office has to have some sort of change, Pam being more honest, Andy controlling his anger, Oscar turning back to the ladies.

  304. One question — Pam has always said Jim is her best friend but Jim said last season — He didn’t want that – he wanted something more — so in a sense she wants things to be the way they were but they are gone .

  305. TinMan (#374): I’m going to have to disagree with you on this one. Yeah, Jim and Karen don’t look too happy in the split second you see them, but then neither does Stanley. Also, if anyone shouldn’t be happy on this bus ride home, that’s Andy (of course you can say he’s just a “little” nuts, and would put on a post-anger-management “happy face”, but I can’t buy that). And just because Pam is having fun singing is probably just that. It doesn’t have to mean that she felt relieved after making her speech. If anything, I would think that the ride home would be pretty uncomfortable for Pam, especially if it happened in the light of day the following morning. Sometimes, things that make perfect sense to say under the cover of night, when you’re all pumped up with emotion, don’t seem like sensible things to say once the lights are turned on and the adrenaline has burned off. And I’ll reiterate that just because the scene was shown as the tag doesn’t mean that the scene happened after the evening’s events. I think it’s a real stretch to make the tag scene the ride home. And the writers have always given the viewers a lot of credit, I don’t think they would give us that tag scene and expect us to make all the leaps it would take to make it the ride home.

  306. #375–Yes! Emily, you brought up another good point about the ride home. It wouldn’t be just Jim and Karen who felt awkward, it would have been everyone. Pam called them all out for not coming to her art show and for treating her like furniture most of the time. Any conversations between Pam and anyone else would be strained, I would think, and would just serve to add to the tension. Or, more likely I think, Pam walked off and no one knew WHAT to say to her, they were probably totally flabbergasted. My guess is that speech just killed the evening. Pam may also be regretting her little moment of honesty, at the very least maybe regretting having it in front of the whole office. Not really going to put people in the singing mood!

  307. On a lighter note, I wish we had seen just a split second more of Jim’s little sumo-run! So funny!

  308. So here’s my two cents. (of course, LOVED the episode. Pam. Creed/Gollum. Gryffindor. Voldemort (and how they kept shouting it). Stanley. Andy floating. the gambler. the flinstones. Back/front/drive the bus. management parables. SO GREAT!!!!!)

    Anyhow, the big debate about the corporate job. I think that David Wallace probably called Jim and Karen at the office the same day he called Michael. Not sure why Karen…but anyhow. They may not have wanted to discuss it on the phone at their desk where everyone else could hear. Or, yuck, they may have wanted to discuss it with each other to figure out what would happen if one of them got it, moved to NY etc. In a 6 month relationship you probably would consider your girl/boyfriend. OR, often companies have to post job openings internally first, so they may have gotten a general email.

    then when they got to the beach, they were thinking about the horror of working under dwight or andy so they called corporate to say they wanted to apply for the job.

  309. I loved this episode!!! I think my DVR missed the ending (after Pam’s speech) – what exactly happened? Pam’s speech brought tears to my eyes. The writing for this episode was so good, esp her speech. I love that she mentioned the art show (tho she could have mentioned that Michael did show up – which I think was a great part of that episode). My other favorite parts included Stanley’s exchange with Michael about sitting on the back of the bus and all of the cast during the egg game. Poor Tobey! I really like him. I am sick of Creed – I don’t feel like he adds anything to the show. Did anyone else find Angela sort of out of character in this episode?? the whole thing about not getting help for Andy didn’t seem like how she would actually behave, even tho she doesn’t like him.

  310. I also really liked how Pam ended by saying that “Yeah, it’s a good day.” To me this harkened back to the ending of two prior episodes – Jim said it in Diversity Day and Pam said it in Michael’s Birthday. It seems to be something they tend to say as an indicator of feelings without saying too much.

  311. I’m of two minds about this episode. On the one hand, I’m dismayed at how broad and at times utterly unreal the show has become. There was this sense in Season 2 of the documentary being somewhat real — the great moment when the camera grabbed Pam’s attention to let her know about Dwight and Angela, or how they used obvious long-distance shots to capture the season finally cliffhanger — that has left Season 3.

    In Season 2, the show brought me along. I was willing to let these totally unrealistic things happen (Jim really truly dragged Dwight’s desk into the bathroom and also hooked up his phone?), because overall the tone of the show remained a little understated, a little drab, a little like working in a real office. But Season 3, from the opening moments of a total cheeseball flashback, complete with obvious reshoots and new camera angles, has become more and more a sitcom that happens to be shot like a documentary. Any feeling of cinema verite has left. I’m not saying that it has to be like this McSweeney’s article a while back, about when TV resembles reality, that went like this: “The Office — Jim spends the day making cold calls while carefully adjusting his fantasy football team online, and Pam gets a new high score on Minesweeper. Dwight completes a required spreadsheet and his monthly expense report, while Michael is put on probation for sexual harassment. In the loading dock, packages are received and processed.”

    Nobody wants that. But I do feel like the show has strayed somehow, and the laughs haven’t been as big for me this season.

    But! Pam! And her speech! I’ll echo a lot of other people in saying, this is exactly what I’ve wanted her to say since The Merger. Not that she loves Jim, just her saying honestly that she feels ignored, and that it’s not okay. Jenna Fischer really did give an awesome performance, and I’m not an apologist for her (the scene last episode, with the whole “Whew, I am saying a lot of things” was wincingly bad). Equal credit has to be given to John Krasinski, who played it exactly right: shock moving into a kind of concern and acknowledgment, but filtered through Jim maintaining that awareness that the cameras are always on him.


    I am still with this show, all the way, and in a way I’ve never been with a show before. But I want this show to do the opposite of stepping it up: I want it to bring it back some. I want the humor to remain in small reactions, not people falling over in the sand. And as much as I dug the big speech tonight, I want the relationships to continue to be molded by tiny moments and what isn’t said.

  312. I am so proud of Pam! Good for her, she’s finally becoming confident and aware of her own feelings. Yay!

  313. Well theres been news that Karen/Rashida Jones MIGHT be coming back next season if her new show doesnt get picked up by FOX. So if Karen/Rashida’s show doesnt get picked up, then new story lines for Jaren. There’s a possibility of them still being together during season 4.Season 4 means new headache but as well more laughness and love interests. Also we all know that Jim and Pam would end up together anyways.

  314. wow..great JAM moment at the end! I do sincerely hope (and believe) that Karen is going to get the coporate job. Hooray!

  315. i bet Pam would’ve said that she loved Jim if tons of other people including Karen, weren’t watching her. oh the irony of timing.

  316. Alan,

    i disagree with what you said. i don’t think pam rejected jim cold-heartedly. put yourself in her shoes. what would you do if you were with someone for TEN years (and engaged to be married in a month) and all of a sudden your best friend tells you he/she loved you. would you really drop that ten year relationship and go with your friend? i highly doubt it.

    and as for jim, i do think he is a jerk. he got promoted to assistant regional manager (which comes with a pay raise) and i doubt he really wants it all that much. remember the season 1 and 2 jim where he used to want to LEAVE scranton and the only reason he didn’t was because of pam. now, he wants to compete against michael for that position in new york (which i doubt he really wants). that just spells “jerk” all over for me.

    anyways, i personally fell in love with pam all over again tonight. this was definitely my favorite episode all season. my favorite moments:

    – meredith flashing the camera

    – creed eating the raw fish

    -the guys in sumo wrestling suits

    – angela pretending not to hear andy’s call for help

    – andy floating in the water

    – michael taking forever to walk on the coal

    – pam’s speech and jim’s reaction

  317. Pam’s Speech
    “Hey, I wanna say something. I’ve been trying to be more honest lately and I want to say a few things. I did the coal walk! Just, I did it! Michael you couldn’t even do it, maybe I should be your boss. Wow I feel really good right now! Why didn’t any of you come to my art show? I invited all of you, that really sucked. It’s like sometimes some of you act like I don’t even exist. (turns to Jim)Jim I called off my wedding because of you. And now we’re not even friends and things are just weird between us and that sucks. And I miss you. You were my best friend before you went to Stanford. And I really miss you. I shouldn’t of been with Roy. There were a lot of reasons to call off my wedding, but the truth is I didn’t care about any of those reasons until I met you. And now your with someone else, And that’s fine, thats not.. whatever.. I’m not. Okay my feet really hurt. The thing that i’m just trying to say to you Jim, and everyone else in the circle I guess, Is that I miss having fun with you. Just you, not everyone in the circle. Okay! I am going to go walk in the water now, Yeah..Good day!”

    Hope this helps for those who didn’t catch it.. It’s on NBC’s website now:)

  318. Smartone (380), that’s an interesting point. In my opinion, Pam’s speech wasn’t a ‘love confession’. She plays it safe and keeps her comments on the friendship level, obviously because it wouldn’t be Pam’s style to make an overt grab for someone else’s (Karen’s) man. But as you note, Jim’s not really interested in friendship with Pam. So will Pam’s comments be enough to make him want to patch things up, or not quite enough?

    If anything, Pam’s speech should spur a sort of “feeling out” period between them. Pam took the first step, but she stopped short of an all-out love confession, so Jim, having been rejected twice before, no doubt wants a more definite confirmation. Now Jim has to step up and admit he’s missed her too, and try to get a better read on whether Pam wants more than friendship. Any way it goes, at least Pam opened things up between them again and hopefully we won’t have another full season (argh) of misunderstandings/miscommunication.

  319. Was I the only one that thought Jim and Karen seemed cute and believable in this episode? I don’t think either of them are perfect, but the way they joke around and stuff gives another side to things… it just made it easier to understand why Jim would struggle with this new information.

    I think David called Jim and/or Karen about the position and they both decided to go for it, and then he called Michael in just as sort of a formality, because he’s higher up than them and thus should be considered. I can’t imagine much else happening besides Karen eventually getting it. I would hate to see Jim leave again and come back… it’s just enough.

    I also think Jim and Pam have a lot of rebuilding to do.

  320. I agree with the previous comments, Pam’s speech at the end was the best part of the episode. It was great because her marginalization had been so pronounced over the episode. If Jenna Fischer doesn’t get an emmy nomination for this and back from vacation the emmys aren’t worth anything(they usually aren’t). Am I alone in thinking that Jenna Fischer looked especially beautiful in this episode?

  321. #377- I don’t know… I was just re-watching Pam’s big speech, and Karen actually looks REALLLLLY pissed. She has this look of, “oh, you’re going to drag this out in front of everybody NOW and make ME the bad guy?” It’s pretty much in character, as Karen’s never taken a liking to anybody in the office but Jim (excluding a pre-“Negotiation” Pam, of course). I loved the whole ‘Survivor’ theme of this episode, made all the better by the fact that one of the producers used to tape the talking heads for that show. It wasn’t quite as jam-packed (though plenty JAM-packed) as I was expecting, but again, Pam’s speech, Creed, and Angela’s Lady MacBeth leanings made it all worthwhile. Excellent show.

  322. How great would it be if Jim turned out to be an asshole instead of the cute office niceguy we all thought he was? I truly think that would be a great plot twist.
    Interrupting his girlfriend’s calls with corporate? Publicly announcing he’s in the running for the same promotion as Michael? And the kicker: ignoring his friendship with Pam for months?
    Just a thought.

  323. I’ve complained in the past about poor season 3 episodes, but this one was very good. The only part that I remember being out of character was Michael: at the end, singing in the bus, in the last moment, just after he yelled, “Willl-maa!” he smiled that warm smile that looked like Steve instead of Michael. :)

    Really, great episode. Too many funny moments to list. Bravo.

  324. When Meredith flashes the camera, are her nipples taped? Is that a normal thing for women to do when they go braless?

    Jesus Christ.

  325. Sooo I’m a little late…I just finished watching the episode (my friend recorded it for me because i had a final during that time). Anyway, WOW. I do agree with what a lot of people are saying, that it’s a little less realistic, but hopefully this too shall pass.

    So PAM HOLY CRAP that was AMAZING. At first, when she said, “I’ve been trying to be more honest lately,” followed with the, “I just walked on the coals, ” I thought to myself, “Is NBC kidding me? I’ve waited all week for this?” But then they proved me wrong with a wonderful speech by Pam! I’m so glad she covered the art show, I as mad as well that nobody had shown up (as I’m sure we all were). Hooray for Pammie! I mean…Pam.

  326. #381/374: Flintstones tag scene

    C’mon, folks. This was obviously the ride TO the beach, shown as an addendum. They didn’t bring camping gear to the lake or mention anything about staying over. Do you really think Stanley or Angela would attend a campout? (Stanley: “I am NOT spending the night in a tent.”) This wasn’t the next day.

    So any clues you may take from the characters’ dispositions in this scene are worthless.

    I loved Pam’s monologue and thought it was completely realistic. I don’t get the people here who say it was “out of character.” This entire season for Pam has been leading to this moment. She has found her confidence and self-esteem and the notion that she deserves to be more than a doormat. It wasn’t perfect–being assertive takes getting used to–but she spoke from her heart and kept her dignity. And what she said meant so much more than the words she spoke, if you know what I mean.

    To anyone who thinks there won’t be a JAM payoff of some sort next week, remember that Brian(Kevin) said he plays an integral part in helping Jim choose between Karen and Pam. From that we know the true climax of this season is yet to come.

  327. Ah, I loved this.

    When I read the summary for the finale a week ago on some other website, I didn’t get the impression that Jim and Karen both interviewing for the same corporate position as Michael was weird. Jim’s the number 2, Karen has personal connections within corporate. If anything, from the phonecall at the beginning of the episode, it seemed David was reluctant to invite Michael to interview.

    How is it sneaky of Jim/Karen? Going into the episode, I thought they’d been invited by David the same as Michael like I said above. But if they weren’t and applied on their own: they might have done it b/c the idea of Michael in corporate is terrifying. They might have done it because they’ll be damned if someone as incompetent as Michael Scott moves up in the company before they do. When Jim said that he’d throw himself in front of a train if this was his career, he was being dumb and immature and lying to himself. What were his alternate plans, exactly? He’s grown up since he said that. And maybe part of it is having Karen around, but whatev.

    As for it being sneaky to go away and make the call: should they have done it right in front of Michael? He would have been a complete ass. He would have pulled some much worse BS than Jim did to Karen while she was on the phone. (Which I found annoying; I turned to my bf and made him promise he’d never do anything like that to me cuz we’re both in the same field.)

    Fancy. New. Beesley. and yes she did look especially hot in this ep! I wish we’d seen the bathing suit, it looked adorable. Whatever happens, I love this show. The episodes before last week, I thought she was going to get all browbeaten and downtrodden again— I was even horrified that they might be setting her up for some sort of freak accident Michael-kiss brought on by despair! But now my faith in the show is renewed.

    Whatever happens next, I love this show because they delivered on their promise of FNB.

  328. whoo number 400! GREAT episode. I was cheering Pam on the whole time. She looked damn fine also.

  329. I doubt they stayed at the beach all night. I’m pretty confident that the Flintstone’s bus scene occurred on the ride to the beach.

  330. #387 Pemulis:
    How beautifully said.

    Stunned by Pam’s speech. And so grateful for it. Waited a year for it! Oh, thank you, thank you, Jenna, Pam and the powers-that-be.

    I agree that much of the original vision of the show has been lost. The “small moments” — what happened to them?

    A couple of thoughts: Jim and Karen phoning the NY office on the sly, only after hearing about Michaels’ interview. .. underhanded, and very un-Jim like. The beach thing was over the top, yes, but Jim so calculating and insensitive to the every-needy Michael? And doesn’t he want a reference from his current boss?

    Jim and Karen actually had a bit of a connection this time around. It was like getting socked in the stomach.

  331. I’ve only had one viewing, and I haven’t read all the comments yet, but I have to put in my two cents. It was amazing as always. I have to say though I’m slightly disapointed in the Jim and Pam stuff. Not because of tonight’s show, but because I think we know exactly what’s going to happen in the finale. Jim’s going to decide to stay and start rebuilding his friendship with Pam, no togetherness just yet, only friendship. End result is good, but its kind of predictable. When she said “nobody came to my art show, and that sucked” that was so sad… but I yelled to the TV, “not true Oscar and Michael came!” And I hated that Karen was sitting right next to Jim when Pam was talking to them. They actually both seemed to have a rather indifferent reaction to all of it. Karen being there probably kept Jim from showing his true feelings….

  332. The third Harry Potter reference in three years! That’s all it takes to whip me into a frenzy.

  333. It’s official. Pam Beesly is my dream girl. HOLY MOLY what a speech!! It so perfectly showed her growing strength of character while at the same time it also showed the vulnerability that her co-workers may not have been aware of. Gosh. What an episode.

  334. At this point I’d be ok with them just writing Jim off the show, he bears no resemblance anymore to the likable everyman that I used to identify with in season 1 and 2.

  335. My DVR cut off too, right after Pam’s speech. Oh well.

    Way to go Pam/Jenna. Great speech. I think Pam held back on revealing some of her feeling but she said plenty to put the ball back in Jim’s court. I’m not sure where this leaves us. Don’t forget that in Casino Night Jim said that he he didn’t want “that” (i.e., to be friends), because he wanted to be more than “that.” So, if all Pam is offering is friends, and arguably the same rollercoaster bs from seasons 1 and 2, then should Jim really jump at that “opportunity?” While several months ago Jim admitted he still had feeling for Pam, we are not even sure if that is still the case. Regardless, Pam still has not admitted her feelings to Jim, just the importance of their friendship. She said the same thing last year in Casino…and that wasn’t good enough for Jim.

    While I agree that Jim is rapidly turning into a jerk and a very unlikeable character, I don’t blame him for being neutral towards Pam.

    btw, Andy floating away was one of the funniest things I have ever seen on the show.

  336. I enjoy reading all the posts here every week. I’m sad to say this is the first episode I didn’t like very much, for two basic reasons.

    First, this was probably the first episode that didn’t produce a single laugh-out-loud moment for me. There were a couple of chuckles here and there, but no outright hilarity.

    Secondly, as great as it was to see Pam ‘come out’ with her feelings after her burst of confidence, it was not in the way that I feel Pam would have done it. I COULD see her confronting the group over not coming to her art show, but I felt that she would have been very frank with Jim in a more private setting. I know most will say they disagree, which is cool, but this one felt way too ‘scripted’ for me and felt like it was missing some of the naturalness I’ve come to love. For instance, as bad as Angela can be, and as much as she letting Andy float off for hours with no care for his safety just rang false.

  337. what if jim gets the job and needs a person to be in NY to be his receptionist?

    also, who noticed jan was out for the week? interesting

  338. Regarding the corporate job, I agree with the scenario suggested by #384 — David Wallace might have called Jim and asked him to interview. I don’t think they reached out to Karen, but once Jim and Karen realized that Dwight or Andy could be their boss, they both decided to go for it. Now that Pam is on this path to self discovery (and at the end of this episode she is too good for him) Jim needs to figure out what he wants. Moving up the ladder at Dunder Mifflin isn’t it.

    I remember reading a spoiler awhile back in the season finale Jim is at a high school and asks about a certain teacher. Always thought he’d make a fantastic high school teacher —Pam would think that’s awesome. I don’t think Karen would get it.

  339. Dying Star (#381)- the tag where they are singing at the end of the episode clearly happens prior to getting to the beach as it is light out, and during Pam’s speech it is dark outside.

  340. This was the perfect line:
    “But the truth is, I didn’t care about any of those reasons until I met you.”

    Hats off to whomever wrote that part. Hats off.

  341. How were the teams allocated? As in, who was in each team? Muchos gracias.

  342. A lot of people seem to be fed up with Jim, but I think we need to remember that Pam is not the only one who has had a really difficult year. Jim transfered to Stamford in hopes of healing his heartbreak and ended up having to come back to face Pam all over again. After admitting to Karen and himself that he still has feelings for Pam, Pam goes back with Roy. His relationship with Karen has provided him with a barrier against being hurt by Pam again. Karen is one of those women who takes charge in a relationship which Jim probably needed at the time so he could try to get on with his life. But do you realize, we’ve never even seen them Jim and Karen kiss on screen? As secretive as Dwight and Angela have tried to be, we’ve seen their passion.

    Anyway, my point is that Jim, while maybe not the guy we fell for early on, is working through or running from some heavy stuff of his own. Maybe Pam’s confession will give him some perspective and courage too. Don’t give up on him yet.

  343. I think it’s so clear now that Jim and Pam are definetly in love with each other. I would generally think of a soulmate as someone who makes you a better person, and this season was proof that Jim and Pam were made for each other. There have been a lot of gripes about Jim being a jerk this season, but I think his actions were thought out by the writers to show that Pam really does make Jim the guy that we all loved in season 2. Of course, it’s pretty obvious what Jim has done for Pam. Can’t wait for the finale!

  344. I’ve got another take on the corporate job. I’m leaning towards the idea that Jim will be offered the job – especially since he’s second in command, but will turn it down to remain at Scranton, and it will be given to Karen – effectively ending their relationship. (that is if Rashida Jones DOESN’T return next season).

  345. Jenna Fisher did look exceptionally pretty on the episode. I was wondering if they are trying to pretty up the cast a litte. Jim was looking a little hotter than usual too. Even Michael had some moments.

  346. Oh come on. We’ve had a series (+6 eps) of Jim pining over Pam, now a series of Pam pining after Jim.. If the producers think it would be boring for Jim and Pam to be “cuddling” all the time, then I’m not sure how they think ANOTHER year of pining/will they won’t they is more exciting. I am a die hard Jim/Pam fan, but I’m getting a bit sick of it! Even Ross and Rachel on Friends got together quicker than this! And on the UK version, we had a series of Tim pining for Dawn, then vice versa.. AND THEN THEY GOT TOGETHER!

  347. Best episode of the season next to Branch Closing…hands down. Felt a lot like Booze Cruise from 2nd season.

  348. “I called off my wedding because of you.”

    Maybe not an all out confession of love, but surely Jim isn’t so thick that he won’t pick up on the implications of this statement?

    Season 2 Jim would… Not so sure about Season 3 Jim. Sigh.

  349. i’m kind of in the same position jim’s in in real life. so i understand how he must feel. He put so much effort into trying to get pam and she ended up rejecting him. now, it finally seems as though he’s moved on and he’s got someone new. People are thinking he’s probably a jerk for seeming distant to pam and not being the same with her as he used to be. That’s only cause if he keeps doing what he was doing it’s just gonna be him going backwards, into the same things he was doing. he wants to move forward. it must feel good to not have to try so much with pam. but now that she has told him how she feels…we’ll see. i wouldn’t be suprised if he rejects her little friend request.

  350. 1. Jim is not evil. He’s become resigned to working at DM, and wants to make the most of it. Not shady, not sneaky. Just realistic (and just like Tim in the UK version).

    2. I’m so glad I wasn’t the only person in the country laughing at the “Watch out for snakes” MST3K ref!

    3. Pam rocks. And so does Creed barehanding a fish.

  351. Info for all of us DVR users.

    I tape My Name is Earl and Scrubs every week. That way, if by chance my DVR cuts off the cold open or the final closing scene (which it invariably cuts off one or the other every single time), I can watch the other show to see it. Just some friendly advice from someone who wishes they would stick to their danged schedules up there at NBC.

  352. Thank you, number 404! I think some people on this board are being a little quick to judge Jim. We just have no way of knowing yet whether or not he and Karen were asked to apply for the position at corporate or the other way around. My understanding of his reaction after Michael’s big announcement was that Jim was thinking “Oh Crap, he thinks he’s the only one interviewing!” not “Woohoo! There’s a new way to get out of Scranton!”

    Either way that it happened, though, I don’t think it should be seen as stabbing Michael in the back. (Michael, of course, will see it that way, but he’s sooo unrealistic). Jim knows that Michael is not a terribly effective manager. It would stand to reason that any promotion that Michael would receive would take him farther away from the sales part of his job (where he excels) to an even more managerial role (in which he is a dismal failure). Jim knows he might do well in that role, he’s finally coming around to the idea that he has to grow up at some time, and he knows it’s a good opportunity for him. There is no reason for him not to interview!

    As far as his relationship with Pam goes (and how it’s influenced his character this year), she broke his heart. It’s probably hard for him to just jump right back into being her best friend. Also, his current girlfriend is well aware of the history between Jim and Pam, and he may be putting some distance there to avoid hurting Karen’s feelings. While I ultimately want Jim and Pam to end up together, I do think that he and Karen have a decent relationship (they seem to enjoy being around each other and joking together). He may see something there that’s worth pursuing and feel that continuing his previous relationship with Pam the same way that they did before will really hurt both Karen and the relationship that they have together.

    Whew! Sorry for the book! Loved the episode. “Menses. Maybe…”

  353. First I want to say a big “thank you” to Tanster for operating this site. I enjoying reading through the hundreds of comments after each show, and appreciate everyone’s view. This is such a cool place.
    Pam’s speech last night was a breath of fresh air. It has been painful to watch her this year and all her let downs. It’s been more painful than all of Jim’s let downs in seasons 1 & 2. In the first two seasons we rooted for Jim because Pam and Roy were clearly not good for each other and we anticipated their break up. We suspected that Jim would be involved. The twist this season is that Jim and Karen’s relationship isn’t awkward and they are not an unlikely match, and she isn’t neurotic. I wonder what will happen to cause Jim to leave her for Pam when he’s shown very few signs that he’s still interested in her. It’s been interesting to watch many of the characters develop. I’m glad for Pam’s new spine, but what about Jim? Jim’s only development this season is his committed relationship to Karen, which has caused him to grow up but has made him a little dry. What happened to the gelatin molds? Even his reactions to the camera aren’t as funny. He has pulled away from anything to do with Pam and has focused only on Karen, and he’s not the same Jim. What does she have that Pam doesn’t, or has he been in denial and is still in love with Pam? Something just doesn’t seem real with this story line. Someone here said it very well that season 3 isn’t like the first two with the documentary style. I understand what they mean. In the last episode, I’m hoping for a cliff hanger that puts me on a high all summer like from Casino Night. It will be frustrating to suffer through the summer with two different endings and be let down in September when the outcome doesn’t favor Jim and Pam getting together, again. With all this being said, the show is awesome and the writing is smart so come what may.

  354. What if michael is the one who leaves, could they really do that to us, what would happen to the show?

    I just read that CBS is going to put their version of “the office” during the same time slot as NBC’s. How stupid can they be.

  355. Jim checked his voicemail from the beach and had a message from David Wallace. He called him back.

  356. Another moment people are forgetting — after Roy attacked Jim — in the breakroom – Pam told Jim she was sorry — Jim basically didn’t buy it saying that Pam would find her way back to Roy-

    another interesting thing is Pam didn’t hear Jim say he was going for NYC job

  357. – Defining moment for Pam (great acting Jenna Fischer)
    – Sumo wrestling (replete with Andy’s river floating)
    – Oscar saying he may switch sides (Angela thinks he can)
    – My TiVO stopping literally one second after the Pam scene

    = Great episode

    Just like this week’s LOST, I thought last night could have been the season finale…Pam’s “coming out” scene was a pinnacle moment that I’m sure all Office fans rejoiced in. “The Job” is like a bonus episode…sweet.

  358. The big change in Jim came after PW episode when he allowed hope to spring up that Pam was maybe interested in him. remember earlier in the season jim flirting with pam by pulling the banjo/pig latin prank on andy, the benihana christmas dwight prank, etc etc. jim was bitterly disappointed after that, angry at her choosing roy (again) and now he keeps his distance, plus he knows that karen is sensitive to any contact w/pam. but the assist with her prank on dwight last week shows there is still a basic jim we know underneath

    jim isn’t in love with karen and he isn’t always even happy w/her. their moments together are always slightly edgy, off — he teasing her, she teasing/nagging him. their sense of humor doesn’t mesh exactly. but he cares enough not to outright hurt her

  359. Jim didn’t call up the CFO and say “Hey I hear there is a job opening at Corporate that Michael is interviewing for. I have no idea what the job is or even if I’d want to take it, but can I come up there and interview for it.” I’d wager the CFO called him.

    What I am struggling with is Karen’s interest in the job. There is no job that Michael, Jim and Karen should be/would be competing for. She’s a junior salesperson (recall she was having trouble with her accounts earlier in Stamford on the “hunt for the Herr’s chips” episode) with ZERO mgmt experience at Dunder Mifflin. She’s at best #4 at the office behind Michael, Jim, Dwight (top salesperson in the company). And even then it seems like she’d be behind Andy, Phyllis and Stanley.

    I think Karen’s involvement in the Job at Corporate is solely a function of a plot device. They need a way to end this Jim/Karen/Pam triangle so they write a job scenario for Karen in NYC.

    Also, if they have filmed 2 endings (one where Jim/Pam get together, one where they don’t), it seems there are 2 different directions to take Season 4. And the deciding factor in all this is whether or not Rashida Jones’ Fox pilot gets picked up? Seems like a rather small event is managing to have MASSIVE consequences. if her show is picked up, she leaves the show and we get Jim/Pam. If her show isn’t picked up, she sticks around and we have another season of Jim/Karen. Can Daniels and the other producers really be this silly? The direction of the show is in the hands of Fox studio executives? Rashida Jones?

  360. 430-30% Frontal Attack

    I agree that next weeks episode is like a bonus episode. This episode was great, though it was a lacking a little in “funny, stand out quotes”, like last weeks episode (which had many, “FOLIAGE!”), though there still are great lines in it. This one was more story-oriented, which I liked since too much of one or the other can get boring.

    Can we please stop using “JAM” and say Jim/Pam? Is saving typing 4 extra keys that much of a hassle, or do people think that “hybrid names” is somehow cool? Because it’s not. “Bennifer” was “in” like 4 or 5 years ago, so how about we let this horrible trend die out? (stepping off my soapbox now)

    The writers and Jenna showed how great they are with Pam’s speech. After reading it on here again, i am amazed at how real the speech is and how Jenna was able to perform it. Here Pam is, she just did the coal walk, huge adrenaline rush and all these things she has wanted to say come pouring out of her, and the “everyone else in the circle/not everyone else in the circle” line is typical of what most people might say when their thoughts are coming out all at once and are jumbled up. Plus, although she is exposing herself, she still is guarding her “love” of Jim, just seeking the return of the friendship, and not trying to be cruel to Karen, who she likes, but is kind of in her way.

    Congrats to Celotta/Daniels & Ramis on an episode well done.

  361. I see a number of people have commented that Pam’s speech about being “friends” will not be enough for Jim. I think Jim is smart enough to read between the lines; whether he does anything about it is another story.

    When Pam says “I called off my wedding because of you” that has huge implications. Remember, Karen knows about “the kiss”, but Jim told her, or she believes, it was “JUST a kiss”. Karen also knows that Jim still has feelings for Pam (as does everyone else in the office), but I don’t think anyone but Pam and Jim know that he actually said “I’m in love with you.” And then a couple of short weeks after that, Pam called off the wedding. Jim probably didn’t know for sure, but he must have suspected that he had something to do with it.

    Now he knows for sure. . . but as I said above, I really don’t know that he’ll do anything about it. We may see some tentative steps back to each other, but I don’t see any huge changes in Pam and Jim’s relationship in the finale or even early next season.

    Love the show, though! Looking forward to next week and next season!

  362. 441-fd

    I believe the CBS version of “The Office” was a joke. It was in The Onion was making the joke of having the show be based off a show based off another show. Reading the article provides more information than just reading the title.

  363. Is it wrong that I kind of felt bad for Karen? I mean I like Jim and Pam together, but to have to sit there while some other girl announces to your coworkers that she digs your boyfriend kind of sucks.
    This episode was good though, in that it kind of brought the JAM relationship, which has been pretty neglected this season, back to the forefront. Plus it had Jim in a sumo suit, a crazily competitive Stanley and Michael made a MST3K reference which is always awesome.

  364. #426 — threec. yes, that was what i was trying to say in my earlier post. perfectly articulated.

  365. #441, that thing about CBS remaking “The Office” was a parody from The Onion.

  366. Remember Jan came to Scranton to look for qualified women for corporate before — so Karen getting a shot at job is well within realm of posibility

  367. #441-FD:
    The CBS “office” is a JOKE from theonion, which is purely a parody of articles, none of which are real. LOL CBS does not have a new show imitating the office on at the same time as NBC’s office with the same characters plots and David Spade. LOL That’s a joke.

    This episode wasn’t that funny, but Pam’s moment at the end was brilliant, to say the least. Wow!! Now I’m DYING to know Jim’s reaction to that. Wow! He’ll probably get the job in NY and be separate from Pam again. Eck!

    Karen interviewing for the NY job is ludicrous! She has NO management or leadership qualities. Ryan would be a better leader than her.

  368. Employer of the Bride – how do you know that the corporate job in NY is a management position? I think its wrong for you to assume that the position is related to management. out of Jim, Michael, and karen – Karen is prob the most professional – and takes her job more seriously out of the three (Jim likes to prank allot)

  369. re: Jim being kind of a jerk this season. when he said that thing to Michael, something like, “you can’t say it? or you can’t pronounce it?” I was cracking up, but then stopped and realized…that was kind of mean! and while it was obviously funny (and possibly true), there was something in Jim’s tone that made it sound unusually harsh.

  370. this is great- for me it finally cleared up pam’s feelings. seems like she broke up her wedding not because she realized she loved jim, but because he opened her eyes and she knew she deserved more. i hope this means they can truly be friends again. can’t wait for next week!

  371. Sometimes the show parallels the British Office right? At the end of the British first season, the boss David Brent is offered a corporate job, but he fails his physical. We will probably get some last minute switch-around like that.
    I’d say Jim gets offered the job, but turns it downs, obvious to everyone but him, for Pam.

  372. Corporate Booty,
    A lot. Two words, one “l.” (Sorry, that stuff just really bothers me)
    Also, it can be safe to assume the job is management since they are interviewing a current manager, his second-in-command, and the most professional employees in the office. I doubt they’d be moving to take a lesser job.

  373. I hope that Jim is not the one who gets this job at corporate, and not so much because of the Jim/Pam aspect. Actually, I don’t want to see it happen, because Jim already has transferred once, why is he the only one that transfers from Scranton? I am campaigning for Toby to get the job, he did have a lot of time to do stuff while everyone else was away on beach day. Wasn’t Toby in one of those photos posted on officetally recently, with Jim and Karen in NYC? The comdeic possibilities of having Toby be Michael’s possible boss (I’m assuming this corporate job opening is related to Jan leaving/being fired because of her relationship with Michael) are endless. Also, Toby would be a 180 from closet-case Jan. Anyone else with me, with supporting Toby for the job? Come on, it’s a win-win….WIN!

  374. Aaaahhhhhh it all makes sense now. Without the lack of Jam moments this season, the “beach speech” wouldn’t have been effective.

    BTW I know I wasn’t the only guy waiting to see what Toby wanted to see. Just kidding, sorta.

  375. Do not be too surprised if Michael gets the corporate job. For starters, Jim getting the job would put the show in the exact same position as after last seasons finale. The show dragged its feet for the first few episodes of this season and the office dynamic is not quite the same without Jim. I don’t think Greg Daniels and Co. would take the same plot route they used last year, they’re too creative. Which is also why I say Karen doesn’t get it either. These guys love throwing curveballs at us, especially in the finale last year. Everyone wants it to be Karen just so she can get out of Jim and Pam’s way. However, I believe this option is a far too obivous and easy solution to get Karen out of the office. If you read the summary for the episode it says Jan comes in with exciting news. I believe this news is that Michael got the job and will be able to be closer to Jan. The spoilers indicate that Jan has big news regarding her and Michael’s relationship. They also indicate that this news is NOT that Jan is pregnant. They also say that you will see much more of corporate next season. I believe Michael gets the job and is close to Jan for a little bit of next season before realizing he misses Scranton and asks for his old position.

  376. Is anyone else bothered by the time and place of Pam’s speech? While I agree with most people here that it’s refreshing and satisfying to see Pam be honest with her feelings and be more assertive, I think it was pretty out of line how she talked about her feelings for Jim in front of her coworkers and especially in front of Karen like that. While Karen knows about Jim and Pam’s past, it just put her in such an awkard position in the office and only serves to alienate her more. (I realize this is the perfect vehicle to have Karen leave for NYC, but still.)

    I’m glad Pam revealed her true feelings, but I am really bothered by how she did it. Don’t get me wrong, Pam is my favorite character, but I thought that her public speech was just completely inappropriate. I guess the argument could be made that it’s better for her to reveal her feelings publicly than to go to Jim and look like she’s going behind Karen’s back or something (even though admittedly, Pam never said she wanted to be with Jim and essentially just said she misses him), but I’m not so convinced. I know Pam said that it’s fine that Jim’s with Karen now, but I think that was just thrown in there by Pam to kind of backtrack and not make it seem like she is trying to win Jim back, even though, imo, it sounds like she is.

    Eh, I don’t know, maybe I’m being too hard on Pam. I’ll try and cut her some slack since she was fresh off the euphoria of the fire walk … I just keep thinking about this happening in ‘real life,’ and how it would be totally inappropriate, awkward and self-serving. But there’s a lot of willing suspension of disbelief that goes on with this show, so I’ll try and stop being so overanalytical.

  377. Okay, also on the subject of defending Jim:

    Pam’s speech was “honest” until she got to how she feels about Karen. Then she started lying, and trailed off. All the questions she asked were answered by Jim in “Casino Night” and “The Return.” Why can’t they be friends? “Casino Night”: “Don’t do that. I want to be more than that.” “The Return”: “yes.” Part of Jim’s sadness in that “yes” to Karen is the sadness in realizing that he is not capable of being “just friends” with Pam. Even when he just pulls a prank with her, he ends up remembering how good of a connection they have, and that he wants more than just friendship from Pam. Before Karen, he could bury those feelings more effectively, but it was always unhealthy to do. Now, because he’s dating Karen, he realizes that his previous “friendship” with Pam was fundamentally unsustainable, and led only to heartbreak. He wants to be over Pam, and the only way he sees that happening is by not being friends with her; by shutting her out of his life.

    Admittedly, Pam probably cannot deduce all of this, and she deserves to hear again that Jim wants to be friends with her, but that he can’t manage to be “just friends.” Does Jim have the guts to tell her how he feels again? Maybe not, but Jim also needs to hear for once that Pam is actually in love with him, because she has never been honest with anybody but her mother on that subject. And her beautiful fireside speech was just a perpetuation of that lie — albeit one that insinuated much more of the truth than her past lies have. They only deserve to have each other if they tell the truth.

  378. I really hope they don’t separate Jim from the Scranton office. The show brings the funny so much better when Jim is in Scranton. The Jim/Dwight interaction is crucial to the show, even moreso in my opinion than Jim/Pam.

    Go through the funniest/best moments of the season and most revolve around Jim/Dwight:

    “Dwight ordered a hooker” from the Convention

    Faxes from Future Dwight

    Jim/Dwight at Benihana’s telling the waitress how to slaughter a goose

    Dwight wearing a baby’s bonnet with a muppet tattoo

    their sales call

    the hug when Dwight leaves Dunder Mifflin

    Vampire Jim

    “which bear is best”

    Gotta have Jim around to torment Dwight.

  379. I think it started out being a public speech because she was upset about the art show, and it probably snowballed in her head to just going for it with Jim. She did try and stop herself once she realized she had brought Karen into the mix, so I think that she really wasn’t trying to be innapropriate (I mean, it’s PAM) but was just so caught up in her emotions that it all came out.

  380. The ultimate mark of a good relationship is whether the person makes you grow as a person. W/Jim and Karen, Jim appears to have become less of a nice guy this season (though Pam’s rejection last season certainly contributed), and relatively more cynical. With Jim as her safety net for companionship around the office, Karen really hasn’t had to make the effort to get to know her co-workers (on safety training day, she lost a lot of $ betting because of this…her only other friend is Phyllis). So, even w/o the PAM factor, Jim and Karen are clearly not right for each other. They just haven’t reached a point where either one of them is willing to admit it – Karen doesn’t want to admit she made a mistake moving to Scranton, while Jim doesn’t want to admit that Karen really is JUST a rebound.

    If we contrast to Dwight/Angela, we see to opposite. They clearly enjoy each other’s company, and even though there is a whole MacBeth/Lady MacBeth feel to it on occasion, they have become better people this season. Take for example, the sweet, if inept way Dwight comforted Pam earlier in the season (I forget the episode, but she’s crying and he asks “are you on your period?”). Also, Angela has been nicer to Pam, taking her out for coffee after Dwight took the payroll forms to NYC. Angela also has been trying to be nicer to Oscar, even though his orientation was initially abhorrent to her. (Even though she is trying to get him to “cross over” know……)

    Thanks for letting me speak my peace.

  381. after pam’s speech last night, all i can say is that jim better not stay with karen…i’m just saying…also i missed the actual episode but caught little snipets of it due to NBC previews…

  382. Wasn’t it kind of cruel for the camera crew to leave Andy floating out in the lake? That was just mean.

  383. CFO’s phone call– You don’t ask for First Quarter Reports and your candidate for replacement unless CFO is serious about giving you the job and then he would never extend a job interview to the second in command also–Jim definitely call on his own.

  384. Until the final ratings are posted by tanster, here are the fast nationals (courtesy of Marc Berman over at Mediaweek) for last night’s totally awesome episode. Until the finalized ratings are available to break up “Earl”, “The Office” and “Scrubs” from the unusual timeslots, we would have to be happy with half-hour breakdowns for now:

    8:00 p.m. My Name is Earl
    Viewers: 6.60 million, A18-49: 2.8/ 9

    8:30 p.m. My Name is Earl/The Office
    Viewers: 7.59 million, A18-49: 3.8/11

    9:00 p.m. The Office / Scrubs
    Viewers: 6.59 million, A18-49: 3.5/ 10

    9:30pm. Scrubs
    Viewers: 5.30 million viewers, A18-49: 2.8/ 7

    Some thoughts:
    1. The 8.00pm hour ratings for “Earl” is worrying…I don’t like “Earl”, but it’s always been there for “The Office”, so I’m always grateful for it (kinda like Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid…sorry, I meant Mozart)

    2. The 8.30 half hour contains both “Earl” and “The Office”, but I’d like to think our little show was mainly responsible for the impressive 3.8 ratings in the key adults 18-49 demo (second in the 8-9 pm hour behind “Survivor” and tied with “ER” for the highest by an NBC show for the night). I mean, that’s 8 minutes of “Earl” but 22 minutes of “The Office”, right?

    3. The 9 pm hour breakdown is worrying. About a million viewers lost. “Grey’s” and “CSI” are simply too strong. NBC….please don’t move our little show into this timeslot! That said, a slide of only 0.3 ratings in the 18-49 demo suggests our little show can bite back at the top two more than some might think.

    4. Pam was totally awesome. Just wanted to put that in there :)

    Sorry for the second long post in a row, tanster.

  385. ADAM (#465) – I think you might be right on the money. I remember reading somewhere that we would see a lot more of corporate next year, and being that Michael is the lead character, I can see this idea playing out. This also allows for a playing out of the love triangle after Pam’s public confession.

    On a side note, to those who think Pam’s confession was inappropriate – this show has always been committed to keeping the Jim/Pam dynamic very realistic. People say inappropriate things sometimes. People get overwhelmed by emotions and leave propriety by the wayside. The interesting thing will be to see if Pam takes it all back (either out of embarassment or fear) in the finale or sticks to her guns and lays it all out on the line. You gotta go after what you want in life and Pam’s spent much of her life doing the exact opposite. I say more power to her.

  386. To me, the best would be Michael getting a job at Corporate where he now is Jan’s boss. Jan takes this current week off because she’s being demoted and has to get her bearings. They’ve done about all they can with Michael at Scranton, getting him at Corporate opens up all new kinds of avenues. Plus it presents the Jan/Michael dynamic in a new light.

    It also opens up things down in Scranton. Jim has to adjust to being the actual boss and has to juggle his professional career with his personal relationship with Pam.

    I always thought it would be interesting to explore if Jim/Pam can make it work. Its one thing to pine for someone who you can’t have. Its another thing to be able to work through the problems that arise.

  387. This is a bit off topic, but since I’ve spend the last 12 hours on OT reading comments, I went back and looked at the post for Casino Night…there were only 184 comments left for that episode! And here we are, not even a day later, already close to 500!

    This really speaks to the quality of the show that so many people are so compelled to write in. It also speaks to the quality and the success of this website.

    Thanks Tanster!!

  388. Someone with a mind immeasurably superior to mine can answer this: has an episode of the Office generated this kind of response before? I mean, closing in on 500 posts? Just curious.

    And here’s my two Abe Lincolns:

    Best episode of the season. Period. Pam grows a spine. It doesn’t get any better than that. Say what you will about all the other character dynamics that make the show so funny, it is Pam that is the heart of the Office.

  389. I don’t think it was out of place for Pam to do what she did in front of everyone. She did start out by calling everyone out for ignoring her and not coming to her art show. I think she maybe then just got caught up in the moment with her courage and then had to let everything out. I loved it and I loved how she was happy and relieved about it and not crying. I especially loved that she said it was a good day! Go Pam!

  390. Cousin Mose-

    Apparently great minds think alike-check out my post right before yours :-)

  391. i haven’t read all the comments about the jim/karen conspiracy (due to time and time :)but if David Wallace did call jim, wouldn’t he call karen separately? obviously he knows they work together and therefore they both would be near each other, but i think a CFO or even Jan would make the call to each individual candidate. I also think that since Jan was out of town, David probably called the managers from the other branches as well.

    it did feel awkward to see jim and karen making that call. but remember when pam was engaged to roy and jim was content with his job. he never had a motivation to leave. he hated his job-we know this due to his many talking heads. but he stayed probably becuz of pam. pam even tried to get him to take that job, when they were pranking dwight (forget the episode). i think that when pam set her date and reinforced her feelings by rejecting jim, jim kind of “woke up”. he couldn’t ruin his professional career waiting for a woman, especially when she didn’t feel the same way. his new found ambition shows that he wants to make changes in his life and not live his life passively.

    the thing is, he called david before finding out that pam returns his feelings. so..yea.

  392. I too think it’s interesting that Pam came out with all that even though she didn’t hear that Jim is interviewing for the corporate.

    I’m surprised Jim is even going for the interview now!

  393. i think we are all missing the real tragedy of last nights episode. toby did not go to the beach. damn shame.

  394. I don’t know if this has been mentioned,but my prediction is Pam will leave Scranton to pursue her art.She has nothing keeping her in Scranton-no Roy(thank God),and definitely no Jim.Greg Daniels did say she will be on a journey of self-discovery.Frankly,I hope this does happen.I believe this was the plot in the UK version-Dawn left the office to pursue her dream.Last night’s episode was awesome-especially the ending.Pam running over the coals was liberating for her.I hope she does pursue her dreams.She deserves it.

  395. “Best episode of the season. Period. Pam grows a spine. It doesn’t get any better than that. Say what you will about all the other character dynamics that make the show so funny, it is Pam that is the heart of the Office. ”

    See, I disagree a bit here. To me, she grew her spine when she called off the wedding. That took more courage and heart than speaking her mind at the campfire.

    Which reinforces my earlier complaint that we’ve missed out on the BIG moments this season. We missed out on Jim leaving. Did he and Pam talk at all the day after Casino Night? Did he leave for Stamford right after Casino Night? What was pam’s reaction to Jim leaving? What was Jim’s reaction to Pam cancelling the wedding.

    Why would this declaration from Pam spur Jim to move when cancelling the wedding didn’t?

  396. I think it will be michael at corporate, because Steve Carell’s movie career is taking off and I know it’s been a struggle to fit his schedule in with the show. i think this way, the show will focus on the scranton office, and minor characters will be given more screen time, and michael will be shown about 5 minutes an episode, or on a phone call, and during sweeps week or for major promotions, he’ll be in more. Like ER, the cast will just rotate in and out.
    not happy about it, but I think that’s what will happen

  397. #466

    I can sort of see what you are saying about the timing and I think that’s why I didn’t think it was actually going to happen when I saw the previews for this week’s show. Then while watching the episode I was thinking the whole time, “OMG! Pam’s going to quit! Noooo!” Then, when she gave her speech, I was in shock.


    It seems like this season is a loose parallel of season 2, with some interesting contrasts. Think about Jim’s confession last season. His timing sucked, too. There were so many times that he could have told Pam how he felt that would have been so much better (Dundees, Booze Cruise)… But instead he waits until weeks before her wedding, right after her fiance drives away, saying, “Take care of her, Halpert.”

    Pam, this season, instead of getting her feelings out as soon as Jim returns to Scranton, she spends months moping and getting angry when she must clearly be able to see that things are not exactly great between Jim and Karen. Pam’s confession, unlike Jim’s, presented no ultimatums or demands that they be “more than friends”. I think her speech was completely honest, and while maybe not the best that she said it in front of Karen, if you think about it, it’s actually a lot more respectful that she didn’t do it behind her back… Like Jim did with Roy. She simply wanted to make her feelings known and I think that she’s given up all hope that Jim still loves her, so she’s basically saying that she messed up, but she really misses his friendship, and it sucks that she lost her best friend (Have you ever noticed she always says this about Jim but he has never said that about Pam?). Plus I think the fact that she is saying that it’s fine that he’s with someone else was out of respect for Karen, even though I doubt there was anything “honest” about that statement.

    Having said that, it may not have been the best way for Pam to express her feelings, but I am so ridiculously happy that she finally did that I am having a hard time finding fault with her.

  398. Corporate job, that is.

    Does anyone think it’s at all possible that Karen will break up with Jim? Either because she didn’t know the full history with Pam or because she just doesn’t like him that much and really sees that now? Or other reasons, of course.

  399. #467 JamaicaJanSunPrincess —

    I think your comment about Pam being honest until she brought Karen into the speech is absolutely right on and a great observation that hadn’t occured to me. So, thanks for that. But, I’m not sure we should think of that comment as a lie either. I think she just realized that she was heading into territory that she didn’t want to get into in that particular situation and so in the midst of the stream-of-consciousness she just said “whatever, that’s fine” in order to get herself out of it and back on track (such as it was). I think the most important point in that part of the speech is actually the next thing she says (or attempts to say), which is that Jim’s relationship with Karen isn’t the point of her comments anyway. That, I think, was the honesty re-asserting itself.

    I don’t know about anyone else, but I know I’ve made a handful of unplanned speeches of a similar sort in my life which sounded very straightforward to me at the time…but probably would appear really disjointed if they were transcribed and analyzed in the way we’re going about that here. I LOVE analyzing and I’m not going to stop (even though I should, really, honestly get back to work!) but I think we need to definitely keep the context of the speech in mind when we’re considering the meaning of her words.

  400. I loved this episode! I can’t think of what’s going to happen next… but I wonder, why CAN”T Pam be next Regional Manager?

    I can just imagine the cliffhanger for that;

    We hear the phone ring, and Pam answers.

    “Dunder-Miflin, this is Pam…
    *slight Pause*
    Regional Manager.”


  401. Don’t know if this has been mentioned (in almost 500 posts!):

    Wallace says Jan is out of town.

    Verrry interesting…..

  402. My 2 cents after reading a sample population of the zillion posts….

    I too am quite POSITIVE now that Jim called David, because as some people have already suggested…if David had called Jim, and Karen knew this, and also knew that David had called Michael and basically INVITED them to interview, how forward it would been of her to PLACE herself in the mix. She’s bold, but not that bold, at least I don’t think.

    But now we’re back to HOW RUDE OF JIM! I know he bonded a bit with David during ‘Cocktails’ and the basketball game…but his putting HIMSELF in the mix was a totally UNCHARACTERISTIC display of disrespect to and of Michael. Like, of course if Michael (my boss by the way) is being considered for this opportunity, I’m certainly just as qualified as him. I’m sorry it was just RUDE! Also rude was announcing it in the circle. If anything, he should have pulled Michael aside and spoke with him privately and seriously.

  403. I am so proud of PAM!!! I think she did great and should feel liberated and totally fabulous. I think she had to give her speech in front of EVERYONE because JIM has not allowed her any 1-1 time. This was her moment and she seized it. I think even Michael was proud of her for doing so. I can hardly wait for next week… just knowing that Pam has got this out and stopped stuffing her feelings has made all the agony of S3 better. Honestly, I don’t think I could have taken any more heartbreak. I love everything about the show, but the special relationship between Pam and Jim is just so cool and so dissapointing not to have this season. I am just basking in all the goodness of Pam’s courage and openess. I’d give her the biggest hug if I could. Way to go PAM!

  404. To all those that think Jim initiated the interview with David Wallace, check out Jim’s awkward/pity face to camera in the The Job promo when Michael announces he’s going for this job and he’s more qualified than the other candidates. Jim’s expression is ooops, awkward–michael thinks he’s the only one called. the look was not a lightbulb going off about career advancement opportunity.

    I think wallace had already called jim and the cell call is jim returning the call to set up the interview and i think wallace then asks for karen (b/c they are looking for good female candidates, or at least to interview a woman… this is a co. concerned about diversity) and he passes along the ph. its not a surprise for karen b/c jim has already told her wallace called.

    also, when wallace asks michael pointedly about who would be a candidate for successor, isn’t that also a way of also getting information about the relative qualifications of jim & karen

  405. Cont. from #494…

    We know that Michael really doesn’t want to leave Scranton or his position, we know he’s really only going because he was asked and he’s flattered for being asked…

    Which is why Jim’s going ahead and getting an interview for himself was even that much more insulting to Michael.

    To me it’s like an inside joke between he and Karen…like a little competition they have going on between them, since they both seem to have competitive personalities (especially Karen…she’s bringing that out of Jim). But in this case at Michael’s expense.

    So the writers need to do some major character rehabilitation of Jim (IMHO) because this Jim is no longer good enough for Pam. So, while the show is still funny, the “heart” of the show (which is Jim & Pam to me and it seems like most fans)…is broken and in needs of serious repair if it’s ever going to work again (from a ratings and viewership standpoint, that is).

  406. Re 486/Henry

    I’m keeping my fingers crossed that some deleted scenes or extras will show what Toby did at the office while everyone was away. But I’m so glad he had that moment when he hands Pam the lotion and she says she’s wearing a two-piece – classic look on his face (I thought he might punch Michael when he walked by).

    And I’m still laughing about Creed and the fish – how perfect!

    I think it was a great episode and I’m sure I’m not the only one getting depressed about a whole summer of no Office. I wish they would release the Season 3 DVD in the summer – at least that would keep me occupied for a while!

  407. #490 – Kismet
    I agree with you 100% about Pam. There was one time that Jim called Pam his ‘best friend’ – but it was in a deleted scene – during the Booze Cruise when Katy makes Jim get up and give a toast after Roy sets a date for their wedding. He says she’s awesome and she’s the best and she’s his best friend, and then Dwight interrupts him with his own toast.
    But I think that’s the only time he calls her that.

  408. I wonder if Jim is prepared for all the bazillion year long, heartfelt conversations Karen is going to put him through.

  409. I’ll bet that the writers are upset that there is a question about who-called-who for the job interview. I don’t think that it was intended to be a guessing game for viewers. In my mind, it would be too big of a leap for Jim to aggressively go behind Michael’s back…there is no way they are turning Jim into Anakin Skywalker (or Voldemort).

  410. 499 McOfficeFan –

    Could not agree with you more about Jim/Pam being the heart of the office. I’m not saying every episode should be like Casino Night, but a large part of what made Season 2 great were the interactions of the two. The Dundies, The Client, The Christmas Episode, The Booze Cruise – These episodes were what made Season 2 so fantastic.

  411. Yeah, I can’t wait to get home then to download this episode, I wish iTunes would get these uploaded sooner (pre-8am) so I can download it before I go to work and can watch it while i’m there/here. But I guess it makes the workday go by quicker…thankfully.

  412. I could see how this could be a win-win for Jam regardless of whether Jim chooses Pam or Karen. Either way, it’s clear that he suddenly realizes that he’s been a huge jerk recently towards Pam and that, even if she did reject him, she did not deserve the treatment that he gave her. I think that, even if Jim chooses Karen, he will demand that he is allowed to remain freinds with Pam. In this case, it will only be a matter of time before he realizes who’s right for him. Delayed gratification is often more difficult, but in this case, I think it is much more realistic. I mean, she doesn’t even regard him as a friend anymore at this point!

  413. Sorry if someone already mentioned this..
    Will Jim be mad at Pam for saying it in front of everyone?

  414. Thoughts:

    1. I heart Fancy New Beesley.

    Yeah, that’s pretty much it. But while I’m at it, I just want to say how utterly amazing the writers for this show are. Having to arc so many story lines, while staying funny, and staying true to the characters AND the fans seems impossible, but they come through every time.

    My favorite parts – which I’m sure have already been said.

    1. Pam – ’nuff said
    2. Jim wobbling out of his TH about almost dying at Beach Day
    3. Andy trying to kick while floating behind Michael’s talking head
    4. Amanda Bynes vs. Bob Hope
    5. Stanley being told to move to the back of the bus
    6. POOR Toby
    7. Dwight yelling, “Mush you bastard” during the egg relay
    8. The camera panning to the “big rock” after Kelly quits
    9. Angela being a “sinner” by sabotaging Andy
    10. Pam’s TH about having the most boring job on beach day
    11. Angela mumbling the words to The Gambler
    12. WILMA…………

    Things I did not like:
    1. Karen calling Jim “Big Boy” – Gag me.

  415. bollocks, I missed the 500th post.

    anyway, I just was wondering, and could be totally off here. Does anyone think, because Jan has admitted that she does some horribly self-destructive behaviors, maybe after Michael dumped her she went off the deep end and the job they’re all interviewing is for hers. I mean I haven’t heard anything about Melora leaving the show and I would be very sad if she did, but that would provide an interesting twist on things, and possibly explain why she was out.

  416. #364 – “Michael mentioned “courage” again in this episode and maybe it resonated with Pam.”


    Also, I think that the fact she felt excluded from all the funtivities just reiterated to her she’d always be overlooked or pushed aside unless FNB started kicking butt and taking names.

    The build-up all season was painful and painstaking, but the last few minutes of the episode were definitely a great payoff in the Pam growth storyline.

  417. I loved Pam’s confession. Any more and it would have been out of character. She longs for the Jam of S02 and she dropped enough hints that any guy with 1/10th of a brain would have no trouble picking up on what she really wants. She wants more than friendship.

    I’m very anxious to see what happens with Jan and here big announcement. Perhaps she’s transferring down to be closer to Michael since they both complain a lot about the long drive. Perhaps she’ll say she’s pregnant?

    … gonna be interesting.

  418. #368 – “I liked Pam’s speech, though I am a bit surprised she didn’t call out Oscar for the comments at the Art Show.”


    I think Pam knew that as hard as it was to hear, there was truth in what Oscar and Gil said. Not to mention that Oscar and Michael were the only two Office folk to show up, period. And FNB might even recognize Oscar & Gil’s comments are the catalyst for her current, more ‘together’ state of being.

  419. Has anyone figured out yet, what Andy was doing/trying to do when he fell in the lake? He was holding a plastic bag to do something.

  420. Woah woah woah I just had a thought. Jan becomes new regional manager. Michael takes her job. They switch. Woah. Probably won’t happen. But woah, that’d be weird.

  421. Jim mentions that he has never seen that kind of look in a man’s eyes – after Stanley rushes him in the Sumo contest – but didn’t he see the same look when Roy went after him

  422. also – I’m betting that Steve Carrel improvised the WILMA line in the tag scene. if you re-watch it you can see everyone (especially BJ) lose it – like they weren’t excepting it

  423. Did anyone else notice that the bus they’re riding on is for “Lackawanna County Senior Center Tours”?

  424. How can Michael possibly get the corporate job? Without him in the office, the office isn’t “The Office”. How’s he going to be involved in all the parties, awkwardness, and whatnot from NYC? It’s one of those things that can’t happen without ending the show.

    The fact that he is even being considered for the job is a little farfetched, as him even keeping his current job would be impossible in this PC world. since numerous lawsuits would be outstanding. Also, the fact that he is/was involved with Jan has to hinder something.

  425. Did you see Jim and Karen on the bus ride home not signing or looking a each other?

  426. Something we need to consider: Jim and Karen are serious (six months). They are both applying for the NY job. Only one of them can get it. That implies that they’re planning to move to NY together.

  427. Whoa, looking at the behind the scenes photos from Beach Day totally confirms that Jim has been wearing a wig! I didn’t believe it until I saw those! Haha!

    I loved the episode! I thought it was real and well done. Jenna did some AWESOME acting! I was totally impressed.

  428. #491

    Karen knows that Jim kissed Pam. But does she know that Jim told Pam he was in love with her? Based on how evasive Jim was to Karen in Travelling Salesmen (after Phyllis told Karen about Jim’s ‘thing’ for Pam) I expect that even with their “long talks” Jim did not tell Karen everything.

  429. I hate to be the one to bring this up, but was anyone else disappointed that it wasn’t warmer/sunnier at the beach? I mean c’mon, we’re promised a two piece and we’re left with sumo suits.

    Either way, what an episode.

  430. tseb #521

    That was NOT the bus ride home. It was an addendum scene from their trip TO the beach.

  431. here are my overly obsessed current brainstorms on next episode.

    1. Jim/Karen are over. somehow Jim sees that karen is not the right one for him, regardless of Pam. Karen will do some little thing that shows this — perhaps be mean/sneaky to Michael (see the hint in deleted scene of Business School when she tries to rip down Pam’s art show flyer) as part of their competition for the corporate job. Somehow Kevin will play a role — maybe he pushes karen over the edge with how do you feel now that pam says she broke off her wedding for your boyfriend. Kev is known for his subtlety, right? and supposedly is going to help jim reach some decision.

    2. jim will get the job, but defer to karen, or somehow recommend her. this will be misinterpreted in corporate as him wanting to help a girlfriend but will save awkward explanations for why he really wants to stay in scranton. maybe karen calls b.s. on this and dump him

    3. we will be seeing a lot of NY next yr because Jan is pregnant. Karen will be there too in a very limited role, but the main story we will be following there will be jan/michael. but the excuse for the camera crew there initially will be to follow karen. plus karen can come conveniently in if they need to stir up JAM jealousy

    4. jim will come walking back into scranton (dump his stuff on his old desk, maybe??) cue small moment that will bring back the fun (and start the rebuilding) between Jim and Pam. Maybe that moment of friendly reunion will be built around realizing they are both keeping Dwangela’s secret. how fun would THAT conversation be

    5. Jim will tell pam that he missed her too. and maybe even that he’s sorry. i’m not sure they can be friends in the same again, but i think they’ll at least try to fit into their old mold at the beginning of next season. they both do want “more.”

  432. 521-tseb

    I think that the tag (Flintstone’s song) was just a clip from earlier in the episode when they were singing songs. As it was light out in that scene, and it was nighttime when they would have left the beach. They occasionally do that with the ending scene.

  433. jabs (#421): Yes, that was exactly my point. I never once thought that the scene took place on the way home. My arguments were all in favor of the scene being bonus footage from the ride TO the beach.

  434. I’ve been thinking about this, and even though Pam said in her speech that Jim had been her best friend, she was clearly declaring that she had more than “friendship” feelings toward him. Why else would she have said “I called off my wedding because of you”, “I shouldn’t have been with Roy”, and “..now you’re with someone else”. If she was just saying she missed his friendship, why would she have cared whether or not he was dating someone besides herself.

    She didn’t say “I love you, Jim”, but she might as well have!

  435. #475

    At first I thought that David called Jim and Karen for an interview but since they were out of the office he called Jim’s cell. He may have mentioned that he was also looking for Karen, which is why Jim handed her the phone. But I am starting to agree that Jim made the call. I think the most likely candidates would be the four Regional Managers of the Dinder Mifflin branches. Getting the sales numbers from all four branches would make sense. Plus if David was going to call Jim and Karen he would have called at the same time he called Michael. But Beach Day had to be at least the day after David called Michael because everyone was dressed different and it would have taken at least a day to arrange for the bus, sumo suits and the food.

  436. what if there is two openings at NY? like Jan leaves also , and so there are two openings? maybe jim and karen will get it???

  437. I know I wouldn’t make any friends pointing out that Jim and Karen are obviously planning to move to NYC if one of them gets the job, but it’s something you have to realize as you make predictions for The Job.

    But I anticipate something. I mean, they’re building us all up. We’re like sheep. These people are like sheep – there they go, they’re gone. You lost the sheep.

    (AD, anyone?)

  438. In all the excitement over Pam’s speech, let’s not forget to give a shout-out to Meredith for her hilarious TH, complete with pixelated breasts! Tanster, I think you should put “Oops. I must have tucked it in my bag …” onto your list of favorite quotes for this episode. Lots of people have been complaining that we don’t see enough of Meredith anymore … I guess they heard us …

  439. I just want to say that they were all dressed entirely appropriately for a day at the lake in Pennsylvania in May. Sure, it can get beautiful and warm here in May, but it is nowhere near bikini weather.

  440. I really want to get into this episode like most everyone here, but to me, it just didn’t measure up to the Office bar. It seemed like the writers were formulaicly writing jokes for each character, and just expecting them to be funny. Here’s a sumo suit, laugh.

    Creed was fantastic. Toby excellent. Both were examples of what good actors and writing can do with short airtime.

    Oscar wants to try girls? Too out-of-the-blue. He and Gill seemed great together, and very stable. I’ll miss Gill, little that we’ve seen him, if he goes.

    Pam feels ignored by everyone in the office? Since when? Michael and Oscar went to her art show. Michael making sure she was bottom dog was heavy for the speech set-up, but seemed out of the ordinary all along. Pam’s speech is odd. It isn’t triggered by an event, no one notices her coal walk. It seemed unrealistic to me that she’d air inner laundry on Jim in in front of everybody.

    Jim’s lines were weak. After a strong reaction at ALMOST being hit by Roy, his fearful reaction at Stanley’s face sent up a wuss flag. His face during Pam’s speech was perfect,tho.

    Will Karen get the job? Seems to predictable. The Office hasn’t been so. I don’t think any one of the three will end up taking it, tho I don’t say this with conviction.

    I assumed corporate called Jim and/or Karen (who’s phone was it?). They’d have access to the cell #., and the lighting made it look like shortly after 5:00p.m.

  441. I don’t think that Jim would be considered for a corporate position just because he called and asked to be. It just doesn’t work that way. And it seemed to me that David asked to speak to Karen, not the other way around. Ah, well. I guess all will be revealed next week.

  442. There are so many comments I can’t go through them all, but has someone already said that they think Pam was addressing the group so as to not single out Jim? As to say “Jim why didn’t you come to my art show? Jim why are you ignoring me?” She glances at him several times as she is speaking to everyone. Maybe she confronted him there because it was informal and exactly how could she get her nerve up in the office? Didn’t everyone in the office wonder why she called off the wedding? They were invited and had bought her gifts. Maybe she wanted them to hear what she had to say to Jim. I think the best friend reference said a lot. Jim referred to her as his best friend in Pam and Roy’s toast in a deleted scene on Booze Cruise. I doubt Jim and Karen are best friends. In the end she’s Jim’s best friend too, and then they can “be more than that” after they realize it. Maybe this will be the deciding factor next week.

  443. I know some people are saying that Pam’s speech only mentioned that she missed him as a friend. But seriously, she started off with “Jim, I called off my wedding because of you.” Would you really call off a wedding just because of a friend? Followed later by “I shouldn’t have been with Roy, and there were a lot of reasons to call off my wedding. But the truth is, I didn’t care about any of those reasons until I met you.” Clearly Jim HIGHLIGHTED the reasons she shouldn’t be with Roy. Can’t this only mean that Jim was there for her in the ways Roy was not, ie. he would have made a much better boyfriend? Also, her saying “I miss you” and then reiterating it literally a sentence later with “And I really miss you”, I think that sums it up.

    And as for her saying you’re with someone else now and that is “ok”. I think she doesn’t actually think its ok but out of respect for jim and this girl who he (for all pam knows) really likes, she wants to just get her feelings out there without a “PICK ME OVER HER” sort of thing.

    um, i just have to say that it was really a great choice in terms of filming to have the camera directly behind jim as pam starts her little confession. for some reason, that really got me that she turned right to him, and looked him face-to-face. i also loved that she ended with “…a good day”. she finished the way she started out: with confidence.

    PS…strange that fans of Jim/Pam may potentially have Gil to thank for them getting together (hopefully) soon….i don’t know why but that struck me as funny, that a character in only literally 2 episodes could have such an impact…

  444. #520

    I agree. I don’t see how they can send Michael to corporate without screwing up the entire premise of the show. Him getting the job temporarily and then being sent back to Scranton doesn’t work either because they’d, in turn, have to demote his replacement. It would be kind of ridiculous.

    I think the fact that Wallace offered Michael the opportunity to interview was just corporate protocol. Wallace’s big “sigh” was indicitive that he doesn’t really believe Michael is cut out for corporate but he is resigned to make him the offer. Company policy.

    This means Jim is the top candidate. Per Greg Daniels, “someone gets the job,” so we know the storyline won’t be that some unknown is hired.

    I think this means Jim will be offered the position and has to decide if he wants to leave Scranton(Pam) again. Kevin will say something to Jim that’ll make it clear that he should stay and he’ll tell Karen he doesn’t want the job. Karen will be dumbstruck by this and deduce that he really wants to stay for Pam. She’ll end their relationship.

    The spoiler about “seeing more of the corporate office in S4” could be that Jan is pregnant and we’ll see Michael spending more time with her in New York.

  445. I agree with #440 — this site is awesome. Many, many thanks to Tanster for always updating it with the latest and greatest Office info. Tanster, you rock!!

    I also want to say that although I don’t often post, I do really enjoy reading the comments after each episode (my husband teased me last night because he knew I’d be running to my computer as soon as the episode ended). I think The Office has the smartest, most articulate, most insightful and most respectful fans around! All of the intelligent and perceptive things people say about the show here in the comments make it even more fun to watch.

  446. A. Upper management is bringing Michael in for an interview to cover their butts. They can’t just *not* interview him, and promote one of his subordinates instead.

    B. They can’t fire Michael for his numerous faults and transgressions — it would look like spurned lover retribution from Jan. So, the writers found a sneaky way to make sure Michael is with DM for a long time.

    C. No idea where Jan is, but I’m guessing the position “opened up” because she disappeared. (!)

    D. Sorry if some of that’s been said already in the preceding 500+ comments of this frickin’ huge thread! :)

    Also, Mighty Cat, Jim’s lines were weak? You gotta admit, that line he gave about the look in Stanley’s eyes? “And at the beach!” I was laughing pretty hard there. :)

  447. 539- Don’t lie. It was one of the greats. Andy floating down the river, Dwangela, Pam being so brave….It was a quality, perfect episode.

  448. #531 JamCram —

    I think we were supposed to initially believe that she was speaking code for “l love you” when she said “I called the wedding off because of you.” But, actually, a bit a later in the speech she explains that there were a lot of reasons for calling off the wedding…and that Jim’s role in the whole situation was to help her come to the realization that Roy didn’t really respect her in the way she felt she deserved. This is subtle but I would contend it is very, very different from a declaration of love.

  449. Mighty Kat #539

    Re: Pam ignored

    I think you have to see Pam’s speech as directed toward Jim. She stated it as though she was including everyone but it seemed, between the lines, that she was really saying, “Jim, why didn’t you come to my art show?” Just like, towards the end, when she corrected herself in saying, “just you, not everyone in the circle.” Her fumbling of that was appropriate and realistic.

    Jim was the one who encouraged her early on to pursue her art. I think she really only cared that Jim missed her show. THAT’S what hurt her.

    Pam’s speech WAS triggered by several events. Being an outcast on beach day, her season-long personal growth and her coal walk. That culmination took her to a euphoric state where she was free to say what she felt. It’s like the buildup was finally released.

  450. 462 –
    Re: Toby in New York – I think those pictures were Paul Lieberstein not in character as Toby. I think that PL is Greg Daniels’s de facto second in command on the show as writer and producer and was probably in NY in a supervisory role.

  451. 536 Voltaire, I love the AD reference. What a good show.

    And, I’m over Jim and Pam. Or JAM. I just don’t care anymore. Karen better get fleshed out as a more interesting character next season before I turn to Team Karen though.

  452. Everyone keeps saying “Pam didn’t make a confession, she just said she missed his friendship.” HELLO?! The first thing she said was “Jim, I called off my wedding because of you.” I really don’t think anyone would do that because they wanted to be friends again?!

    Oh and about the Karen issue, I think she was furious. If you look, she’s trying to hold it in as to not make an ass of herself in front of everybody but she is obviously upset.

    One more side of an argument, I think Jim reacted perfectly. He was seriously thinking about everything that Pam said. I don’t think he looked at anyone else during that entire scene. He was in shock and knew it was best not to say anything in front of everybody/Karen.

  453. Mighty Kat- Gil and Oscar looked to be on the rocks at Pam’s art show. Though Oscar was agreeing with everything he was saying, he was clearly upset with how critcal Gill was being.

    Anyone else notice Meredith always had her soda(vodka) cup with her the whole time? LOL

  454. #372 – What did anyone else think of Karen’s expression during Pam’s talk.

    To me, that look seemed more of a “Wow, I gotta admire her guts, but, damn, does it have to be about Jim?!” kind of thing. Mixed in with a little bit of fear, because I think Karen knows her relationship with Jim – despite the 6 month mark – isn’t as rock solid as she’d like.

    #399 – “Publicly announcing he’s in the running for the same promotion as Michael?”

    Actually, I thought it was rather honorable of Jim to stand up and say it wouldn’t be fair for him to be considered for Michael’s job since he’s going to NY to interview, too. He didn’t have to do that. He could have played both ends against the middle by secretly interviewing at corporate and getting picked as the replacement Regional Manager as a back up in case he didn’t get the corporate job. But he didn’t.

  455. #531 – You are so right. He reacted appropiately – he was in shock and in front of the entire office. Now, actually, Jim is in the same exact position that Pam was in last season (which I think is awesome – he can feel what she went through) when he told her that he loved her. And in that moment, especially with your girlfriend sitting next to you, would you just say screw you, I love you Pam? Jim is too good of a guy to do that in front of everyone. It is a shock and needs to sink in.

  456. 539 | Mighty Kat

    I think the reason that Pam came out with her confession at that moment was because she felt proud of herself for walking over those coals. I know I would feel proud too.

    Also, everyone ignores Pam constantly, out of all the people she works with only 3 came. Michael, Oscar, and Roy. The only reason Roy even went was because he felt forced because he was with her. Nobody even notices how good of a person Pam is. The only person who really ever talks to her is Michael and that’s to say something about her being hot or about something immature.

    I thought this episode was great and it really showed that Pam cares about someone enough to step outside of her “safe zone” and just spill herself (in a way) in front of everyone.

  457. Ok I might be the only one that thinks this – but hear me out!

    Oscar and Angela –

    Oscar is going to try girls for a while?!(“I think I might try girls for a while. Angela thinks I can cross over. We’ll see.”)

    The line that REALLY sticks out the most for me is that “angela thinks i can”. I just think its funny cause I feel theres a connection with oscar and angela. Does anyone remember that deleted scene from “The Negotiation”? About how fatty the wings were and then they shared a glance? I think that Oscar and Angela talk alot more about personal stuff than what is shown. If they only made the office an hour – i would love to see more interaction from both characters.

    Maybe secretly, Angela kinda digs Oscar. Hahaah – I know its crazy but man – how weird would that be if THEY ended up together?!

  458. Hey, Pamchops #537: I am now considering changing my user name to “Pixilated Breasts.”

  459. Overall, I liked this episode. For me, this episode brought a lot of things into focus. I have never been a fan of Andy but after this episode, I think I really like him. Anger management seems to have done him well.

    In Women’s Appreciation, Karen told Michael that all relationships have rough patches and that he should try to work things out with Jan and Pam jumps in and says, “Or maybe you’re just wrong for each other”. This seemed to strike a chord in Karen–she looked like she felt that the comment was directed at her. I sort of got the feeling that perhaps there were some problems in their relationship that had not been revealed, and Pam’s comment just hit really close to home.

    Did anyone notice that Karen barely reacted to Pam’s speech? I thought that was really odd. I’m thinking that perhaps she’s not as into Jim as she once was.

    On to the Pam/Jim deal–Some people have been really hard on Pam for making the speech in front of Karen because she’s blatantly trying to cause problems in her relationship and others have been tough on Jim for not reacting right away. I think Pam’s choice of venue for her Fancy New Beesley speech was a little strange–I’m glad she told everyone that it hurt her feelings that no one came to her art show, but she didn’t have to spill her guts to Jim in front of everyone. He didn’t tell her he loved her in front of the whole office. Anyhow, I don’t think that Jim’s reaction was cold–his options were kind of limited due to the fact that all of his co-workers and his girlfriend were within a five foot radius. Besides, Jim’s not the type to have a knee-jerk reaction to anything–it’s probably going to take a while for this to sink in. It looked like a lot of things were hitting him all at once. Maybe he was realizing that he put Pam in a really tough position when he confessed his love for her, and now that he’s in a similar situation, he’s realizing his transfer to Stamford was a little hasty.

    All season, there has been a lot of talk about how Pam really messed up and “poor Jim”, but Jim didn’t give Pam any time to think about what he told her before he left. It was like he expected her to walk away from a 10 year relationship after his 10 second confession. That wasn’t fair to Pam, and I think he’s realizing that now. As for the Jim/Pam romance–I just don’t think it’s going to happen, especially after this. There seems to be too much water under the bridge now.

    Also, Andy flailing away behind Michael in his talking head was REALLY funny.

  460. 557 – That would be awesome, except I would still like Dwangela better, but it would still be AWESOME.

    I get the feeling that Angela is WAY too frigid for anyone but Dwight, though. Oscar would never be able to handle that. My guess is, he confessed his issues with Gil for some reason (we have seen hints of a Jim-Dwight friendship/hatred) and she tactfully suggested that maybe it was a SIGN.

  461. Also, I liked how it’s not like the writers just had Pam and Jim strangely find themselves talking like friends again to lead up to a possibly eventful finale. I liked that they had Pam say in her speech that they weren’t even friends any more, so clearly the writers know they need to address that fact. They really are so so talented, and they seem to know what is real (aka they didn’t have them go w/o talking for several episodes and then suddenly have them acting like best buds)

    PS. I think Cocktails holds the record for most posts here on office tally in terms of episodes, but I think since its not even 24 hours later and we are already up to 500 some posts, that this episode will, for the moment, take the cake. Who knows what will happen next week…

  462. # 560

    YES! ahahah i thought every one would i think i was completely crazy for saying that. I totally agree with you tho. But thank you for letting me down gently that it just wont happen. ahahaha

    “My guess is, he confessed his issues with Gil for some reason (we have seen hints of a Jim-Dwight friendship/hatred) and she tactfully suggested that maybe it was a SIGN.”

    now that i think of it – that makes alot of sense – Im with you on that one Yogurt Medals!

  463. my tape ran out right after andy floated away & i got the part of pam’s confession, but WHAT DID JIM DO?!?!?

    i’m dying here!!!
    is there anywhere that i can see it online????????????

  464. We’re missing a good quote! I can’t remember exactly how it went, but it was when Michael asked Pam the score. She said something like, you gave Jim 10 points, Dwight a gold star, and Andy a thumbs up, and Michael said, well, see if there’s a conversion chart. I think that was my favorite exchange in the whole episode.

  465. It is now up on iTunes, kind of. It is not listed under the office season 3 section, but if you type “The Office Beach Games” in the search bar, iTunes will take you to it. I don’t know why it isn’t with the other season 3 episodes yet, but I wish someone could tell them to move it over there.

  466. I LOVED this episode!
    it was so touching and hilarious. the writers did a great job.
    and im so proud of pam. she finally did it!

    about the job in NYC…
    i dont know if anyone said this because i cant read all 500… posts but i think that Jim was already called for an interview and that is why he looked so guilty at the hot dog contest. i also think that Karen told him to call corporate. Pam would NEVER do that.

  467. I just watched it! GOD BLESS DVR!

    OH MY GOD! Amazing choice by the writers, to have her suggest she really missed him as a friend. Gave us some JAM without going overboard.


  468. Just because Greg Daniels said “someone gets the job”, that doesn’t mean it’s Michael, Jim, or Karen. I think he was intentionally being vague and could just mean that some human person gets the job.

    Absolutely, one of the 3 of them could very well be chosen. However, I think Mr. Daniels chose his words very wisely.

  469. Ok, I know this topic has already been talked about but….what was up with Jim AS WELL AS Karen’s LACK of reaction to Pam’s confession!? When the camera panned over to Karen, it was almost as if Rashida Jones, the actress playing her, didn’t realize she was in the scene! Like she was just watching from the sidelines or something! C’mon- your boyfriend’s REAL love is stepping up and taking action! You’d think that with the competitive nature of Karen, she’d react SOMEHOW! Or at least glance at his reaction!! And what of Jim, I mean, yeah he looked stunned and all but where was the guilt in his face? Or the “Is this REALLY happening” face? We all know Pam put him through alot but given our background of Jim’s personality, self-deprecating as it has been and his relationship with Pam leading up to this, you would think he would have shown more emotion! Ahhh, enough already! Let’s shove these two in a closet together and call it a day!

  470. How these writers continue to excel week after week is just amazing to me. To me it’s like a book you stay up all night reading because you just have to turn one more page. In this case you can’t because you don’t have all of the chapters at the same time…but oh how you want to know what happens next. Not just for Jim and Pam but for everyone. More important than the ‘what’ sometimes is the ‘how’. This weeks speech by Pam was so cleverly written I was stunned for a minute. It seemed very real to me because it was somewhat rambly and uneven. Like she didn’t know what she was going to say until she said it. For me, life is like that when I’m nervous and excited. I imagine Pam would have been feeling both of those emotions and her words and delivery were very true to those feelings.

    When I watched Beach Games for the second time I was struck but the first line they sang from the Gambler, “…the night got deathly quiet and his face lost all expression…” – it so mirrored what I saw with Jim when Pam began being honest. I don’t think this was a coincidence so again, cudos to the writers. I also thought the Flintstones theme song was an inspired choice in it’s Planes, Trains and Automobiles reference (thanks to those who pointed that out). Someone on the show must be a Steve Martin fan since he is pictured in the Michael Scott Joint logo and was also referenced by Jim to catch Michael’s attention in the Negotiation (along with sex and Teri Hatcher).

  471. I don’t know, Karen looked a little pissed, but also not surprised. Maybe I’ll have to watch it again. And who chest bumps their girlfriend? Another reason Jim and Karen are terrible together.

    Dwight and Angela, I love them. Right now they’re the one couple in this entire show that deserves any happiness. The coal walk was not funny though.

    Yay Pam! Ok so I watched this at the gym and Pam’s speech totally got me pumped. And a couple of Guster songs. This is so old, but you go girl! But the rest of the episode….

    I’m not on Team Karen, but Jim and her can continue their horrible relationship. Although I imagine Karen will end up dumping Jim. Grow a spine Filipelli, you’re dating a tool.

    Michael or Jim leaving for New York would be LAME and with Jim double lame-o. Why can’t they just stay in Scranton? Stamford sucked. It’s just same old same old. I hope Karen gets it. And speaking of Karen, what was with her calling him “big boy”? What is she, his mom? And he’s three? Gross.

    I loved the look on Pam’s face when Stanley knocked Jim down.

    And What a Girl Wants is a good movie.

  472. #569

    Ok. The exact quote was, “somebody does take the job.” Sure, that’s fairly ambiguous. I guess it depends on how conniving you think Greg Daniels is.

  473. Who gets the job? My speculation:

    Michael-He’s an idiot. And Michael Scott out of Scranton? Seriously? Coca Cola is popular, how about we CHANGE the FORMULA? New Office! It can’t fail.

    Jim-Possibly qualified, but are they that uncreative to do the Jim moves thing again? I’m sorry, but UNCREATIVE. And not cool. Maybe he’s offered it and turns it down. Maybe he blows his interview.

    Karen-She could get it.

    Somebody-It could be someone else. Albany branch, another branch.

  474. The Beach Teams are:

    Team Gryffindor:

    Team Voldemort:

    The Blue Team:

    Team U.S.A.

    I think Creed was too busy fishing to be on a team.

  475. RE: The timing/place of Pam’s speech being unrealistic/inappropriate. I disagree. Think about it, Jim confessed his love to Pam in a PARKING LOT. Roy got drunk and announced he wanted to set a date on a booze cruise. People do spontaneous things in weird places, and after being assigned to menial tasks all day while watching everyone else have fun at the beach, as well as being forced to watch Jim/Karen be couple-y, I don’t think it’s weird at all that Pam would have had a “last straw” moment and spilled her guts a little.

    I think it would’ve been a lot more unrealistic for Pam to make some grand confession of love in a picture-perfect romantic setting.

    And as a few other people have said, remember that almost every attempt for more private conversations between Jim & Pam this season have been thwarted:

    a) When Jim got Pam on the phone in “The Initiation”, they were cut off out of complete insecurity on both their parts — Jim thought Pam was saying bye, then Pam thought Jim was saying bye, conversation kaput.

    b) When Jim approached Pam in the parking lot in “The Merger”, she was too frustrated and discouraged by the day’s events to get into anything serious, and Jim took that as apathy and turned away.

    c) Every time Pam has attempted to really engage Jim as the friend he used to be — the coffee offer in “The Merger”, the awkward conversation about sleep in “Ben Franklin” when Pam couldn’t think of anything substantial to say, the modest apology in “The Negotiation” that Jim brushed off — she’s been rebuffed in some way.

    d) And finally… the one time they really did sit down and talk, it was when Pam was advising Jim about KAREN in “Back from Vacation”. Definitely an unselfish friend move on Pam’s part, but no reciprocation from Jim. Hardly a return to form for JAM.

    These two have had constant miscommunication this season and have not been able to manage the honesty it would take on either side to just talk things out. So it makes complete sense to me that Pam would grab what opportunity she had to get Jim’s attention and put the focus back on them. So it happened in front of the whole company. This is a group of people that all attended Phyllis’s wedding together, all went to the Diwali party together. It’s already kind of a close-knit office. It may not be realistic (I personally think The Office passed out of realism early in season 2), but in the world of the show, the timing and location of Pam’s speech is not so hard to believe.

  476. Someone may have already mentioned this, but did you guys notice the throwback to season one’s Diversity Day?

    DDAy:: Jim (after Pam falls asleep on his shoulder)- Uh … not a bad day.

    Beach Day:: Pam (after her speech)- “Yeah, it’s a good day.”

    So, not exactly the same thing, but that’s the first place my mind went when she said it.

  477. Yeah, I agree with Elisabeth. Karen looked ticked off, as if to say “I asked you about this, Pam. And thank you for doing this in front of everyone”. I think Karen is going to dump Jim and head to New York.

    Hats off to the writers who gave us exactly what we wanted yet still surprised us. Still saying “oh my god!” 24 hours later!

  478. #571

    If you want to get deep about copying the scene from Planes, Trains and Automobiles where they sing the theme from Flintstones you could say that that movie was about a journey that two people take together while becoming friends. Kinda like Pam and Jim.

    In addition to Michael being a Steve Martin fan, the episode was directed by Harold Ramis who starred with John Candy on the first season of Second City Revue (which later came to be called SCTV). It was John Candy who started singing the Flintstones song.

  479. Haha, I like how last week we had like the best episode ever and people hated it.. this week we get an OK episode, nothing *amazing* but theres some serious JAM action in it so everyone loves it.

    Go figure.

    I thought it was pretty good on the whole. Oscars talking head was funny but a little silly, as if that would happen. Michael Scott singing is always funny too ;)

  480. This was the best episode of the season. I loved Pam’s speech and it really pissed me off that Michael put her down so much and so frequently.

    Scarily enough I actually though Jim and Karen were great as a couple in this episode. The two of their blank faces when Pam was doing her monologue – they can have each other.

    I agree with “Mycapawasdetated” in that I think they won’t get together now. Or at least anytime soon. They’d have to become friends again and that seems pretty hard after Jim’s reaction to Pam’s confession.

    I’d love to see Pam take the job in New York (I know, wishful thinking). She deserves to be appreciated for all that she does. It also made me think that for many many years this was (and may still be) the role of the secretary/receptionist – doing the work for the boss and never getting credit for her own accomplishments. You go Pam!

  481. Regardless of whether or not Karen or Jim gets the job, I think everything has been leading up to her dumping him. She’s been nothing but honest and was careful to ask both Pam and Jim of their emotions. Now, she’s been kept in the dark about the depth of their previous relationship, and she must be tired of the baggage and the truth evasion. I think that that was the expression on her face while Pam was speaking. The “mad, but conceding and tired of the same thing” face. I also don’t think, or at least hope, that she doesn’t leave the office. They’ve already eliminated near everyone else from Stamford. Finishing them off will only be a backwards step in the direction they’ve taken in mixing up the office dynamic.

    PS: Wasn’t there a spoiler saying the pretzel cart will be back? I’ve been WAITING for that day!

  482. Ok, people who are getting down on JAM fans… here’s the thing:

    I think what people are getting excited about in this episode is Pam’s sort of coming into herself. She’s doing for herself what Jim did for himself in season 2. She’s finally being honest. And I think people get excited to see characters develop like that.

    And yes, we all want them to get together, though obviously not right away. But I don’t think people are giving the show a free pass as long as it has JAM in it. I think that was a really funny episode with lots of interesting character development outside of the office setting. And I think people like to have their little freak-out sessions about JAM right afterwards, but in the end, we all love the show for its humor, not just the romance.

    So ease up on the JAMmers. We’re just geeking out on their relationship for fun. None of us are picking who gets the next Emmy.

  483. 580/God I hope it’s urine

    Thanks for the extra info. Forgot all about the Harold Ramis – John Candy connection and I was a devoted SCTV watcher. I’m Canadian eh.

    Pam, Pam Thank you Mam – I agree 100% with your observations and insights. As I was reading I kept thinking, ‘wish I would have said that’.

    Did anyone notice how separate Karen and Jim were from everyone else in this episode? The distance and lack of connection btw Jim and Pam has been growing since PW and almost non-existant since Cocktails. They weren’t even in any of the office scenes and didn’t add anything to the bus ride either. Bugged me, not sure why… I think I was missing Office Olympics Jim.

    I hope that the look on Jim’s face after Pam’s speech reflected his feelings of, ‘I wouldn’t have done it if I knew it was hurting you – I really didn’t think you cared.’

    Someone (sorry too much to read so I can’t remember who it was) commented that they thought Jim was already a candidate for the corporate job based on his camera face when Michael made his announcement. That was my thought at the time and even with all of the other points of view expressed here, I still think that’s the case. Some of his behaviours have changed but I don’t think his essential values have changed.

    And that brings me to Karen. Decent person, pretty, smart but not the one to make Jim happy. He hasn’t had ‘a good day’ in season 3 that I can recall. His cutting comment to Michael (you won’t say or you can’t pronounce it) was more something Karen might have said. She really doesn’t know Michael or the other people of the office as well as she thinks she does. Michael says and does some dumb and insensitive things but he is not mean. Just like Michael did things he was not comfortable with to maintain his relationship with Jan so too with Jim and Karen. I think Karen started to see that in the food court scene in WA.

    Sorry for the super long posts tonight. You should hear some of my voicemail messages :)

  484. Has anyone noticed that the 3rd season finale will mark that there have been 53 episodes of The Office made so far (Benihana Christmas and The Job each count as 2 episodes each)? This episode total is the exact number of episodes of Arrested Development that were made in three seasons as well (Eerie coincidence). Thankfully, there will be more episodes of The Office, but it puts me in mourning that we never got to have more episodes of that other great show. COME ON!! (BTW: Has anyone ever noticed that Phyllis and Kevin had guest spots on Arrested Development?)

  485. I kind of feel like we won’t know gets the job until next season. Either that or they offer the job to Jim and he says…”I think Dwight should have it.”

    If nothing else, Dwight at corporate would be hilarious. A long commute to the beet farm though.

  486. Pavlov’s Altoid: Ed Helms was also on AD…the realtor that Lindsay had a “date” with. Just a funfact.

  487. I never thought of the possibility of Karen dumping Jim. But I like it. I’ve been converted to Karen. I hope she calls Jim out on his misleading history that he obviously has not come totally clean about. A half truth is still a lie. She’s taken all the steps to make this work, and she still thinks Roy is cute, and Pam should date him! And that Jim&Pam merely shared a kiss before he transferred and that some feeling were involved. All I’m saying is this:
    I’d be mad if I found out at an office party that my serious boyfriend, of 6 months, more than just ‘kissed’ his co-worker…this is deeper than he ever led on, this is a mutual intense history, more than a crush, and he asked her to NOT to marry her fiance (which I was also kept in the dark about), she later DID break off said wedding, and is now admitting, infront of everyone, that she misses him…my boyfriend.
    I actually paused my DVR as Jim was harrassing Karen about taking a job in a well and said outloud, “Oh, look at them. She’s so good for him.” And I was at peace with the possibilty of them staying together for awhile. But no one is being completely honest except Karen. So, I can’t belive I’m saying this about playful, thoughtful Jim, but Karen, sweetie… you deserve better.

  488. Something I noticed while watching the play-back of last night’s episode after work today, when Jim was talking on his cell phone to Wallace, he didn’t seem so enthusiastic and he looked as though he was already regretting it (and maybe going behind Michael’s back) while Karen proceeded to talk on the phone. He even lightly joked that he wouldn’t take an “in well” job, just because she had mistakenly said that instead of “as well”. I don’t think he really wanted it to begin with, even before Pam’s epiphany and announcement. Maybe that was all Karen’s idea and coaxing?

  489. Gah! Finally got to watch the episode and I LOVVVVEEEEDDDD it :)

    My favorite part – Michael attempting to sing harmony during “The Gambler”. Omg, hilarious!

    I am always amazed to get on the boards and read that people didn’t like an episode or are angry about something that happened. I love this show! I think it rocks (almost) every week :)

    I’m so proud of Pam. I don’t care that she said it in front of Karen. I don’t want Karen to get hurt, but at least someone is finally being honest in this threesome.

    I will throw in my 2 cents on the Jim/interview thing (again, must say I’m surprised that this is a huge debate). My guess is that Jim checked his voicemail sometime after Michael’s little announcement and saw that he had a call from Wallace (and so did Karen). Thus, they sneak off to place their confirmation calls. I REALLY don’t think that Jim and Karen would purposely put themselves up against each other for the job and do it so sneakily. I’m almost angry that people are assuming the worst of Jim. And then I remind myself that it is just a tv show :)

  490. Dear Editor of the season finale and those who also have influence,

    Please put in the ending where Pam and Jim get together. Jam fans have been waiting and waiting and waiting and waiting and imagining what it would be like for Pam and Jim to have a real relationship. Please at least give us one season of a fully developed Jam relationship without a bitter ex-finance’ and a boring, unenthusiastic girlfriend getting in the way. Thank you.


    Jam Fan

  491. Does anyone know exactly what Andy was doing by the lake when he fell in? I could see some yellow thing in his hand, but I couldn’t make out what it was.

  492. This was by far the worst episode. Two reasons: not enough comedy; too much drama. I’m sorry I don’t watch the office because of the drama or because of JAM. I watch it for the comedy. When I want drama I just watch Lost.

  493. This has probably already been discussed, but is it just me or would someone like to see Pam print out a new label for the name plate on her desk? Like, one that says her name, for example.

  494. Re: Pam’s motivation for her speech

    Some folks here have wondered how walking across coals would suddenly make Pam spill her guts. I still say this was a culmination of a lot of things this season and part of her road to assertiveness. Well, here’s another tidbit.

    I just rewatched the episode. There are a couple of lines I haven’t seen discussed so far. When Pam first decides she’s going to walk the coals, Michael tells her no and even says, “pointless.” He then looks at her directly and says, “being Regional Manager takes guts.” They cut to Pam who looks dejected.

    So, after being told you’re basically not worthy of advancement–because you have no courage–and then being the only one to pass the most courageous of tests, wouldn’t you feel powerful? Wouldn’t you feel like you now had the strength to stand up for yourself in front of everyone?

    I think so.

  495. The Office is the only television show I watch, other than the news occasionally.

    I’m a fan of narrative – I love to read, but I am very discriminating: if it’s fiction, I want a happy ending. I don’t think it’s too much to ask. I read 3 or 4 newspapers daily. There is quite enough sadness and tragedy in the world at large and in our own individual lives.

    When I read fiction, or watch a film or a television drama, I want a satisfying resolution — in other words, a “happy ending.” I have no need to torture myself electively in my spare time for fun. Fiction is fiction and the outcome of any contrived narrative is up to the author.

    What I am getting at is my fear that the Jim-Pam story, the very heart of this narrative, will fizzle and die. I know my obsession is a bit pathological, but there you go. I haven’t been following this story faithfully to have my heart broken in the end.

  496. Someone suggested Jim give Dwight the job. While highly unlikely, the post reminded me of “Health Care…”
    “Any time Michael asks me to do anything, I just tell him that Dwight should do it.”

  497. #598 rachel (2) —

    Great post! My life is similar…lots of serious reading with occassional novels (esp. Jane Austen) and fictional TV/film on the side for my “happy ending” fix. But while I’m a serious JAMmer, since Thursday I’ve started imagining myself being satisfied with Pam’s self-awareness as the “happy ending” here instead of an all-out Jim/Pam hook-up.

  498. Hey, don’t know if anyone has mentioned this yet but does anyone know if (CFO) David Wallace is named after the author? Wikipedia says Krasinski’s a fan.

  499. #593 (Tom Meyer):

    —Does anyone know exactly what Andy was doing by the lake when he fell in? I could see some yellow thing in his hand, but I couldn’t make out what it was.—

    I have been wondering about this as well. One thought was maybe Angela asked him to do *whatever* he was doing, hoping he would fall in. I mean, she was there when he fell in. But, I think he said something like, “Thank God, Angela!” like he was surprised (but glad) she was there. I’ll have to rewatch it and see if I can figure out what that yellow thing in is hand is.

  500. Ok i just want to talk about karen’s face at the bonfire when pam is saying her feelings. I thought it looked like she realized that maybe Jim and Pam had more than she and Jim have, or maybe its just a different relationship. I thought she didnt look mad but just interested in what Pam had to say. You also have to realize that she didnt know that Pam broke off a wedding for Jim and that had to be a lot to hear.

  501. I’m not as surprised as others that Jim would be interested in the job (even if Jim called Wallace himself, which I think he did). It’s partly Karen’s slowly creeping influence on him all season – she’s more coldly ambitious, doesn’t take interest in her coworkers, just wants Jim to “sell some paper” – but I think he’s still trying to get away from/get over Pam, too. That was clearly a reason he went to Stamford, and since his return he’s had to ignore her or distance himself from her, or risk the torture of the return of his feelings. He’s worked hard to build a wall, and here comes this perfect opportunity to seal it up by going to NY, he won’t have to see her, maybe can stop thinking about her… well, guess who just kicked down that wall with her hot coal feet…

    I also have decided that Pam does have the right to demand to have their friendship back. True, Jim told her once that he couldn’t just be friends and wanted to be “more than that.” But now Jim is in an apparently healthy, happy relationship. Pam assumes this is true, because that’s what Jim and Karen have put out there. There shouldn’t be any danger in Jim and Pam at least interacting and being friends again. Now, if it’s still simply impossible for him to interact with Pam without falling in love with her, even though he’s in a committed relationship with Karen…well, then he shouldn’t be with Karen, and both Jim and Karen should realize that.

    Don’tcallmepammy: I’ve also liked the idea of Jim becoming a teacher, and it’s something Pam would support and Karen wouldn’t. As Pam loosely said in Office Olympics, he’s a great leader when he’s excited about something, and we’ve seen his skills with kids on Bring Your Daughter to Work Day. Maybe “The Job” could have a double meaning? Probably too much for even a one-hour episode.

  502. I thought Jim’s reaction was perfect. I thought he looked devastated.

    I feel like Jim has had a protective wall around him since he came back to Scranton – certainly he should. He ignored Pam a little then they had a few moments (driving Andy to the brink with their prank in A Benihana Christmas)…Then at Phyllis’ Wedding the bricks that had been taken down were patched back into his wall when he saw Pam leaving with Roy.

    Slowly 1 or 2 bricks have come back down since then – the gambling scenes, saving Michael, helping Phyllis (saying “hi” to Pam at the beginning of that episode).

    During Pam’s speech, it looked like all of the emotional bricks had come crashing down. Again, he looked devastated that he could have caused so much pain to Pam. He also looked like, for the first time in a long time, he actually had some feelings for someone other than himself.

    So yes, in my humble opinion, I believe Jim’s reaction was perfect. Remember, we only saw a few seconds and nothing of note after Pam ran off.

  503. Jake (#597):

    —So, after being told you’re basically not worthy of advancement–because you have no courage–and then being the only one to pass the most courageous of tests, wouldn’t you feel powerful? Wouldn’t you feel like you now had the strength to stand up for yourself in front of everyone?—

    Well said! I too think Pam’s speech was believable. Not only did she have that “rush”, but she was out of her normal environment (the office), and it was dark out. I personally believe, and have learned through experience, that there is something about darkness that gives you a freedom to open up and express your innermost thoughts and feelings. When the sun comes up, however, lots of times you regret what you said! Something about the light of day makes you more cautious.

    Let’s not forget that Jim confessed his love for Pam at night, and when he kissed her, it was in the darkened office. And Pam *almost* said *something* to Jim after the Dundies out in the darkened parking lot (although, she was drunk at the time); only the presence of the cameras stopped her that time.

    Someone (sorry, I just don’t want to scroll through hundreds of posts to find who, but you know who you are!) said earlier that people would be complaining if Pam’s confession to Jim was too perfect, that that would not have been believable, and I agree. This was out of character for Pam, but haven’t we all been rooting for her to change? She has been making lots of little changes ever since she first broke up with Roy. It’s been a long road for her, and I think she finally felt victorious on the beach that night! She did the coal walk for *herself*; no one was watching, no one saw. Pam did if for Pam, and that gave her the courage to do something else for herself that she has been needing to do for a long time.

  504. Hey, just wanted to add some of my thoughts on the reports that there have been multiple endings filmed for Jim/Pam and Jan/Michael, and that the producers are still in two minds about which ending to use. I’m a big fan of “24”, and in each of the first two seasons, two separate endings were filmed for the season finales. The main reason that the producers do this is not that they are undecided about which to use, but that the multiple endings serve to throw off any real spoilers that might leak out as to how exactly the season might end. I don’t imagine that the situation is any different for “The Office” here. The producers have already decided how the season finale is going to end for Jim/Pam and Michael/Jan. The alternate endings are just red herrings.

  505. what was andy doing when he fell into the lake? he looked like he was holding a napkin, but i’m not sure.

  506. Did anyone notice how Dwight was still calling Ryan “temp” even though he’s been a full-time employee for at least six months? That Dwight.

  507. Re 594
    I think the yellow thing in Andy’s hand was the bandana they used for the egg race. I still have no idea what he was doing with it!

  508. This is just my opinion but I rewatched (obsessive I know) Pam’s speech on NBC.com and Karen looks pissed! Jim looks totally shell shocked. Glad Michael’s last comment left it on a funny note.

  509. I know I sound like a dork, but I loved it when Steve Carell sang on the bus. It was so cute. ;)

  510. i have to add to my last post (which was hundreds of posts ago)that i love the smile michael had when pam said maybe she should be his boss. there was something about that smile that touched me.

  511. RE: one of the 500s posts about how this show is supposed to be about the comedy, not Jim and Pam:

    I used to watch it for the comedy, but this season I’ve felt there wasn’t as much as there used to be. I don’t necessarily watch it for Jam, but I think that their relationship added to a lot of the comedy in the first season at least. They were having fun, and brought the whole Office along for the ride. This season there isn’t a Jam at all (as Pam mentioned in her monologue) and I think it has cast a pall over the whole Office. I’d like to see at least them back to their old tricks – how about Karen gets the NY job and Jim stays in Scranton, so they have a flip of what was happening in the beginning – Pam has to pine for Jim while he’s in a dysfunctional relationship?

    In any case, I’d love to see more of the comedy back, and that involves Jim being the instigator more than he has been.

  512. Um, it may be a really really small sort of insignificant thing, but just something I wanted to add that might redeem Jim just a little bit more from this episode. Watch the scene when Dwight is on the hot coals and literally has fallen over from burning. Jim, in the background, is getting ready to try to help/save him from the coals. I just thought that seemed nice.

    But that being said, I think being with Karen this entire season, paired with him putting up a wall against Pam, has made him a little less lovable, more ambitious in a way that seems sort of cold. Karen seems to have him thinking that the job, making money, moving up the corporate ladder, etc. is the most important thing. We know from how many years he spent working at Dunder Mifflin, despite the fact he was annoyed by his fellow employees and bored with his job, was because he knew what was really important (to him at least). He seems to have forgotten that, with some of Karen’s help.

    It also seems, to me at least, that Pam’s speech is sort of a wakeup call. That he really isn’t the same way he used to be and it might be time to assess which version of himself makes him happier.

  513. Also, I just have to say that the writers really do make this show amazing. Yes, that is a really big understatement, but think of it this way. In television shows, a love confession/kiss is not really a big deal. It happens on every show practically at some point. Even though those things would be a big deal in real life (i mean if they happened in our own lives)at this point in television, it is hard to shock people, especially when it comes to TV romances, because people think they have seen it all before. And yet these writers continue to amaze us with rather ordinary people doing sort-of ordinary stuff and somehow manage to make it so compelling.

    I think the best possible evidence I have of this (even more than casino night or booze cruise or christmas party or the secret)is a seemingly rather insignificant episode: the carpet. Honestly, it takes a lot of talent to make pam’s couple of little trivial phone messages at the end of the day into a sort of happy giddy moment for viewers. Those silly phone calls were just little signs that pam cares a lot about jim, and just what a connection they have, enough to make viewers really happy.

  514. About the whole Karen/look thing during Pam’s speech: I don’t think she was impressed by Pam’s ballsy-ness at all. The camera doesn’t show her until Pam says something like “And you’re with someone else and that’s fine…” To me, that look was a response to “That’s fine…” like, ‘Who made Pam the authority on whether or not it’s fine for Jim to date someone?’ I think she looked peeved.

    Just from watching the episode, I think that Jim and Karen called David Wallace, not the other way around. And for some reason I think that Michael is totally gonna land the job. And how much more entertaining would it be if Michael did get it, and suddenly he wasn’t a self-perceived big fish in a little pond anymore, but some kind of guppy in a lake? The Scrantonites endlessly humor him because deep down they care, but in New York his indefinable Michaelness is bound to cause some serious tension. That makes for far better comedy in my opinion.

    It might be true that the show isn’t the way it used to be, but if the show never changed that wouldn’t be good storytelling. Without some kind of change, we wouldn’t have the beautiful coal-walking, speech-making Pam we got on Thursday night. And you can go back and pinpoint every moment this season that moved her along to this point.

    I know a lot of people are and have been disappointed by the whole Jim/Pam thing not panning out from the beginning of the season, but I think the way the show has been written has been perfect. And, you know, the show is only 20-something minutes long each week, and every single second is carefully deliberating over before the episode is sent to the network; for people to criticize and say that something (like Pam’s speech) was out of character seems a little bit presumptuous. I just think that the creators, producers, and writers know what they’re doing. And God bless ‘em.

  515. Did anything happen after Pam’s speech? My tivo cut off as soon as she walked away.

  516. I hate to say it, but I thought this was the WORST episode this season, if not the entire series. I’m hoping for a much stronger finale.

  517. That was a great episode…..but what got me really mad was how my tivo cut off right after Pam’s little speech. I wondering did this happen to anyone else? I saw a couple other people wrote about. I was also wondering if it was nbc or the tivo?

  518. I dont know if people have said this but I am not going to go read 600 comments to find out. Does Pam know that Jim has applied for the same job as Michael??? I dont think so, because when he said it in the circle, Pam was off in the distance walking on fire. I just dont know how that is going to play into the finale. Maybe they’ll just ignore this fact all together.

  519. watching the episode yet again, I think the lighting was terrible. Pam looked so old in her speech with her brow furrowed.

  520. How can any of you expect Jim to be friends with Pam?! He clearly said that being friends is not enough. When a guy puts it on the line, there is no going back to friends. I would never tolerate such a situation, and neither can Jim. The nerve of Pam saying that they were best friends before Stamford!

  521. well they were best friends before Stamford. and he got a new girlfriend. forgive and forget!

  522. I just watched this episode again. Does anyone know who the person in the background making the fire is? It doesn’t look like anyone in the office.

  523. Ed Helms, Steve Carell, Rainn Wilson rocked this episode. Nothing new.

  524. I’m surprised so many people don’t like this episode – it’s my personal favorite episode of The Office out of all 5 seasons. It’s hilarious and Pam’s speech is amazing.

  525. Wondering if anyone else noticed on the commentary for this episode on the DVD that something weird happens, at one point Harold (the director) mentions a deleted scene where Jim tells Karen to walk under a limbo poll during the egg race. Then, later in the commentary when they are talking about the coal walk, the exact same quote from Harold about the limbo poll is said again but doesn’t really make sense. It almost sounds like they cut and pasted the same quote, but it really shouldn’t be there. Anyone? back me up on this?

  526. @ #583 Vol-de-mort
    I quite agree with you totally. Don’t have more to say than this was a great episode. It takes a lot guts to do what Pam to did, wish I could be that courageous.
    I couldn’t help but feel sad for pam when she saw Jim and Karen havin fun(wishing that was her). I loved the end when Michael said WILMAAA. That cracked me up. Total 5 star episode

  527. I was a few years late to watching this episode (actually watched it for the first time about a year ago). Since I had heard about the JAM wedding I knew eventually they were going to get together. I didn’t know when. After I saw this episode I was so proud (if that’s possible – pride for a fictional character?) of Pam. She lost Jim because she couldn’t tell him what was in her heart. I knew that even if it was still another year before they got together that she had done something wonderful. She matched his courage from Casino Night. She finally went for what she wanted. I’ve been in those shoes. For those who ask how he could still love Pam it’s easy. We’ve seen enough movies and shows like this to teach us that if we keep the faith they will come around. It doesn’t always work out. But that’s why we watch something like this. Just to remind ourselves that it could.

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