1. Cool! Pics for the second episode before the premiere even aired. Maybe Michael’s parting words this season could be “You know, Toby, you’re not that bad after all” :) Well, either that or “This was my office, and I sold paper”.

  2. Thanks for posting these.

    Bales I like “This was my office, and I sold paper” what a great ending line for Michael.

  3. @Brigette-
    I think Michael drew the people he doesn’t care about who are or have been in the office. You can see one of those guys in the picture is the IT guy–the one whose name no one ever knew– and then the other guy looks like toby!
    Just a guess lol

  4. The picture has to be Michael drawing Toby’s wife leaving him after the divorce. He always loves bringing that up!

  5. Wait a minute, the more I look at the picture Michael drew, doesn’t that look like Dwight and Angela?

  6. This is really weird to see Michael and Toby playing with each other! OOPS I meant playing a game together! You know it’s near the end for Michael. Maybe he’ll throw one of the game pieces at Toby, now that would be normal!

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