1. I always did like that commercial. I can’t believe I never realized he did that! Hey…did you know that John is the voice of several of the ask.com commercials?

  2. Actually Justin Timberlake is Prince Charming’s voice in the new Shrek movie. (Although in reality JK is the one and only prince charming.)

  3. spalm: you’re right that JK is NOT Prince Charming, but neither is JT. Rupert Everett is the voice of Prince Charming.

    Timberlake is voicing “Artie” (you know, not-quite-yet-king Arthur).

    Never saw this commercial when it was on TV. Thanks, tanster!

  4. I remember that commercial, and I always thought the reverse mowhawk was hilarious. Even funnier now that I realize it’s John… and he is always the one playing pranks in the show too!

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