1. Are you kidding me?! [/Andy] This is awwwesome [/Kevin] I can’t wait! I’m at work, btw and I am just giddy…thanks for the excitement!

  2. OMG. I am so bad at crosswords and probably won’t win this contest, but I am so excited to give it a go!! Very cool.

  3. Sweet. I’m not great at crosswords, but I know an ungodly amount of information about The Office. Should be fun.

  4. Tanster, what a great idea!! I’m not very good at puzzles but will do my best. PS I hope that you give the answers too

  5. Oh and kudos on the nicely done TWSS. haha made me smile at the end of a snowboot/pant/suit filled school day.

  6. Sweet! I’m more of a sudoku person but I am so excited about an Office themed crossword! Thank you Tanster!

  7. You are too good to us…giving us entertaining distractions while we’re suffering through strike-induced Office deprivation.

    Go, WGA!

  8. phyllis*farm, I thought the same thing; readers here don’t miss much, do they? Also liked the TWSS right after the puzzle.

  9. A strike.
    Large quantities of Office fans.
    Even larger quantities of trivial knowledge about our favorite show, The Office.
    A contest that involves both?

    This is gonna be fun.

  10. Thanks to #24, veryangrymidget, I now know a new word. And with this puzzle, I can get in touch with MY inner-Office cruciverbalist!

  11. Can we please get some awesome Stanley-themed graphic to accompany this contest?? That’d be the icing on the cake.

  12. Is it soon yet???

    I keep refreshing every time I walk past my computer.

    Thanks for the frenzy, Tanster! I haven’t been this excited since before the WGA strike.

  13. This is going to ruin my College career….But hell if I care! I will do an Office crossword over a 10 page paper any day.

  14. You have no idea how excited I am…I recently started getting really good at the daily crossword in the newspaper, so I plan to dominate this puzzle!!

  15. Words can’t describe how excited I am for this! I am looking forward to channeling my inner Stanley the Manly. This will also be the perfect break from studying for finals! You win, Tanster!

  16. 15 letters for ‘perfect hiatus amusement’?

    Office Crossword!

    Tanster, you never stop being a wonder.

  17. 26 | LoveJim
    “There‚Äôs a little Stanley in all of us!”


    Can’t wait for the puzzle…love it Tanster!

  18. I’m excited to do this crossword instead of studying during exam week. Enjoyed the twss as well tanster, ha

  19. I’m really impressed you made it symmetrical, like true crossword puzzles. You must be an enthusiast.

  20. Great ‘that’s what she said’. Hurry with the hints! I can’t wait to ignore my inbox and waste some valuable company time doing something completely fun and self-satisfying for the Office fanatic in me.

  21. I’m looking forward to this. I’m stuck in a hospital bed for a few days, and this would make my week go faster! :)

  22. Hey Kelly C — I hope you feel better. I was stuck in the hospital not too long ago, it’s not much fun! I hope you get better soon!

  23. The contest is now over, and the winners have been selected and will be notified shortly via email. Answers will be posted in a bit. Comments are now allowed, but comments that include answers will be deleted. Thanks for playing, hope you found it fun!

  24. Wow.. That was really short. =( I can’t believe how quickly that closed. *sniffle*

  25. Wow I just checked the site from this morning and saw this up just now, but the contest is over! Good luck everyone who got their answers in!

  26. That was very fun.
    I did it (after the contest part was way over) and I am proud to say that while I did google a couple of the random clues (“dog company” and “hormone”, for example) I knew all of the Office clues all by myself!!

    Thanks tanster and Nate!

  27. I’m so sad this passed! I check the site on my blackberry before class and saw this up and I just got home and it’s over.
    Congratulations to the winners! :)

  28. Oh, shoot. I was taking an exam during the contest. Curse you, college! But I’m excited about doing this anyway! I will never turn down a good crossword puzzle, especially not one that involves my favorite show.

  29. The clues were great! I had a lot of “Oh yea…” moments. Great time at work I tells ya!

  30. It really is a lot of fun!

    I went into it super confident and came out of it extremely humbled.

    Nate did a magnificent job putting this together!

  31. Thanks so much for the entertainment this morning! You did a great job putting it together.

  32. That was a LOT of fun. I’m at work, but it kept me nice and occupied. I’ve made crossword puzzles before and I can tell that it was a lot of work. Excellent job Nate. And thanks tanster for the allowing this fun. :)

  33. I saw a post that said I had won after I submitted my entry…but I haven’t gotten an email yet…don’t know what to think?

    [from tanster: sorry, you didn’t win …]

  34. This is over? I didn’t even know it started. Last I saw it said “coming soon”, how long did this last? I guess I’ll still do it for fun. I love this site but I don’t come here hourly…

  35. Is there anyway we could get a PDF file uploaded that doesn’t say Office Tally so I can print it off and do the puzzle ?

  36. Wait a second…it’s over??? Hey tanster, could we do the next one when most people aren’t at work?

  37. It’s a good idea tanster but I suggest a change.

    I think instead of having a contest to solve a crossword, you should have a contest to create them.

    People will probably surprise you with their cleverness at making them up and everyone wins from having more of them. And you can then post one a week of the winning entries for people to solve whenever they want.

  38. i second #81
    i wanted to print it out and do it, but i cant select/copy the clues to print them.

    [from tanster: can’t you just print the entire page?]

  39. When I printed the crossword, “brought to you by officetally.com” didn’t print with it. Also, I was able to select and copy the clues from going to the entry form page and selected them there. Hope that helps some of you!

  40. Darnit! The ONE day I can’t get online all day. I was really looking forward to this. I hope there’s another one.

  41. I agree with DrunkBiking (#84). It would be fun to have a create-a-crossword contest. I have winter break coming up, so maybe I’ll make one and send it in anyway…

  42. WHOO I just finished it!!

    it ended like 30 hours ago?

    Wow, I kneel before the crossword geniuses of the Office fandom.

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