The Office theme song by The Scrantones

The ScrantonesWell, shoot.

All this time, I thought The Scrantones, who perform The Office theme song, were a real band from Scranton.

I mean, they played at The Office Convention in Scranton.

They even have a MySpace band page at! (no longer available)

So you can imagine my surprise when I got to chat with Bob Thiele (“Joey Scrantone”), who provided this never before heard story about how The Scrantones were born.

They even recorded an awesome long version of the theme song. Crank up the volume and rock out!

Bob Thiele composes, supervises, and produces the music for FX’s Sons of Anarchy. He was nominated this year for an Emmy in the “Outstanding Original Main Title Theme Music” category for SOA. From The Office to Sons of Anarchy — pretty cool, right?

A little postscript — besides The Office theme song, The Scrantones also recorded:

  • “I’m In You” with Craig Robinson
  • Pussycat Dolls’ “Buttons” with Melora Hardin (Melora performed the heck out of this song at The Office Convention)
  • White Stripes’ “I Smell A Rat” with Rainn Wilson
  • “Werewolves of Scranton” with Ed Helms, including special lyrics, of course
  • Five other songs featuring Kate Flannery, Creed Bratton, and even Scrantonicity!

I’ve listened to some of the recordings, and they are precious. They aren’t available to the public, but if you guys request it loud enough, perhaps something can be worked out …

The Scrantones story | The Office theme song (short) | The Office theme song (long)


  1. Oh!! Please please please release them, exclusively to OT followers! ;D I wasn’t able to be at the convention so I didn’t get to hear Melora’s singing and the rest of this just sounds mind-blowing. Please, Mr Thiele, let us listen!

  2. Holy friggin’ amazing. This long version just blew my mind. This will soon exceed the play count on anything in my iTunes.

  3. Woohoo! This is so fun! Thanks, Tanster.

    And how loud do you want us be with our requests? IS THIS LOUD ENOUGH? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE — we need these songs!

  4. The long version. I feel like it should be used in the series finale

    [from tanster: that is an awesome idea!]

  5. Wow! I like the long version. (That’s what she said!) It’s got a little more zing and a little more pep.

    [from tanster: lol!]

  6. THIS IS MY REQUEST PRETTY PLEASE release those songs! :D

    I really love the long version. I’m gonna be listening to it for a while!

  7. Don’t suppose anyone found a way to download the long version? It needs to be on an iPod. Mainly mine. A nice end of jog 2.5 minutes to finish the elliptical routine.

  8. Josh – on a PC, right click on the link and select “Save Link As” If you save it to the “Automatically Add to iTunes” folder in your iTunes Music folder (iTunes 9 only), it’ll load up to your iTunes … well, automatically.

  9. i hereby LOUDLY request that these above-mentioned recordings become available to the public. LOUD-LY!!!!

  10. I had no idea these existed, just heard from a friend of mine. Now that it’s semi-out in the open, why not just go for it? Let us hear the scrantones!!

  11. I love the little counter-melody in the electric guitar around 1:50. Yup, it was like there was a party in my ears and everyone was invited!


  12. WOW – I’m loving the long version of the theme! I can’t believe they were in the studio recording it only one week before the pilot aired. And of course we need to hear all of the above recordings!! Some of those bring back lovely convention memories … sigh. :)

    By the way – I’ve always thought The Scrantones were a real band from Scranton, too. Interesting stuff!

  13. Ok the way Melora performed at the office convention was amazing!! I wish there was something to download for my ipod. I know there is a video on you tube but she did such a good version of it. ugh.

  14. I love the longer version of the theme!! It’s incredible. :)
    The info about the Scrantones was so amazing to read, I thought they were a real band too, lol.
    Unfortunately I didn’t have the privilege to watch Melora perform, but thank you Kat (13) for providing the link. I’ll check it out. :)
    This is me LOUDLY requesting they make the rest available. PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE! (and thank you)
    Thanks for sharing, Tanster! :D

  15. I have to agree it’s time for an Office soundtrack featuring The Scrantones (hey, Will & Grace had one!)

  16. What I really want for my ipod was the performance of I’m a Creep they and Craig Robinson performed at the convention. I was in the front row of fans, right in front of Craig and it was an amazing experience.

  17. I thought for sure the theme was an instrumental version of ‘Sugar High’ by Coyote Shivers. But I guess I’m the only one who sees the similarity!

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