‘The Office’ on ‘Family Guy’

The Office appeared on this week’s episode of the Family Guy entitled “Excellence in Broadcasting.”

Brian has a book he doesn’t want to read, but he says he’ll read more of it if The Office sucks…

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  1. I was wondering if Rainn actually voiced this part or not until the end credits… turns out, he actually did! Hey, if you’re going to be made fun of I guess it’s better to do it yourself!

  2. Family Guy is widescreen now? About time! I love it when they talk about The Office. This one tops the first time they brought it up.

  3. so funny, michael references brian from family guy in a deleted scene from counseling. coincidence??

  4. So we hardcore Office fans aren’t the only ones who have noticed that the show has fallen off. Even other shows are picking up on it. What’s even worse is that I actually agreed with friggin Family Guy. Ugh…

  5. Kevin references the show when he says that his favorite dog is Brian from Family Guy because he talks funny, when in fact Brian is just the normal talking voice of Seth McFarlane.

  6. All they did was make fun of the fact that Jim looks at the camera. They could’ve made that joke in season 2. Actually, SNL made the same joke a few years ago as well.

    I liked that Rainn did his own voice. That was a pretty good Dwight line.

  7. Nice. Two shows I love coming together, awesome blossom, extra awesome. Also, wouldn’t The Simpsons be a ripoff of The Flintstones, and The Flintstones a ripoff of The Honeymooners? Just saying.

  8. i actually watched all of this episode. The only episode I’ve ever actually watched in its entirety. I totally loved hearing Rainn. :-) “This stapler is a Schrute.” Oh goodness….. :-)

  9. John must be so happy to have his name mentioned on this show! It is one of his favorite shows ever!

    That’s really cool of Rainn to do that as well!

    Thanks as always Tanster! You rock!

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