New characters for The Office Season 8

February 15, 2011

The Office Cody HornTVLine reports that Rescue Me’s Cody Horn has been cast as a character in The Office:

‘… model-turned-actress Cody Horn (Rescue Me) has been tapped to fill one of the three new roles being added to the NBC comedy in the post-Steve Carell era.

Not much is known about Horn’s character, except that she’ll be a pleasant and smart addition to Dunder Mifflin’s Scranton branch. She’ll also be involved in a hot-and-heavy romance with a longtime staffer — that is if this next quote from executive producer and costar Paul Lieberstein (Toby) is to be believed.

“We’re very excited to have found Cody,” Lieberstein tells TVLine. ”We’ve been searching for a love interest for Creed for a long time. So just sit back and get ready to be disgusted.”’

February 1, 2011

Entertainment Weekly reports The Office is casting for two new Season 8 characters:

One role is for a woman described as “Scranton hot.” She’s hired as an assistant to the office manager. Her former job was at an old folks’ home and she seems “pleasant and smart.”

The second role is for a man who’s fresh on the job market who joins Dunder Mifflin’s accounting department. The guy used to work at a golf course, probably went a community college, and is just happy to have a real job in this tough market. He’s “good-looking, but not WB looking.”

The parts are in addition to the role of Stanley’s older daughter — a part that’s now being cast that may also become a series regular.


  1. This is starting to feel like a whole new show. Will it be good or bad, only time will tell. I do know one thing, however, I have been watching since “Halloween”, have watched this show religiously, and will continue to watch until the end.

  2. Wow, it’s getting really crowded in the office. I don’t see the point of an assistant for Pam, especially with Erin there. Pam barely has anything to do as it is.

  3. Yeah, I don’t like how many more people we’re getting in the Office. Not to mention the addition of Stanley’s daughter? I have a feeling that’s going to change his character a lot…for the worse…

  4. They really shouldn’t be adding any new characters. Further develop the ones we already have; especially the most recent (Gabe and Erin).

    These are really dull character descriptions btw.

  5. I agree @Jimothy. A whole new show indeed. But well, like you said, I’ll continue to watch this show religiously, till the end!!! :)

    Let’s hope there are some superb Jim & Pam scenes coming up.

  6. The only negative thing I’ve ever felt towards The Office is the addition of more and more characters each season. I don’t see how Darryl can manage the warehouse from an upstairs office. Erin and Gabe were obviously brought in because of Pam switching to sales and Sabre taking over. Then of course guest stars like Dwight’s assistant, Kathy Bates, and Timothy Olyphant. I’m not against change but with the addition of all these new characters, each actor is only given what seems like a few lines each episode. And most of these actors have been here since the beginning of the show and deserve to be more involved. Bringing in 2 more characters for next season? This is getting ridiculous. But whatever happens, I’ll never stop watching this show. Just too addicted.

  7. @ #2 “I don’t see the point of an assistant for Pam, especially with Erin there.”

    Pam is the office administrator. I’m guessing the office manager is whoever replaces Michael?

  8. @ Tom Strong, the assistant is for the office manager. Pam is the office administrator so it will be an assistant for whoever takes Michael’s place. Though the point is the same, why would there need to be an assistant when the receptionist has traditionally helped out. I miss the days of assistant to the regional manager.

  9. I will give it a chance but honestly I’m not looking forward to all these changes. I agree that they could have just done a lot more with the people they have.
    It feels like the premise of the show has been lost somewhere.

  10. Okay, so Michael’s gone – Jim and Pam have hardly any air time these days and when it happens, it isn’t the greatest and they are adding more characters? I’m not looking foward to this. Don’t add more, develop what you’ve got and those we’ve come to love.

  11. I agree with a lot of you guys– why bring in MORE new characters when the ones that are already here are so rich? There’s so much to do with them. Like, what is this show, Grey’s Anatomy?!

    However, I remember hating the addition of Andy, who is now one of my favorites, hating the addition of Erin, who is now one of my favorites…so maybe it will be alright, that is, as long as the regulars who we all know and love don’t get pushed into a corner and forgotten.

  12. They have really only added 2 permanent new characters (Gabe, Erin) and 1 some-what permanent new character (Holly) over the years. That really isn’t that much….

    The rest has just been some guest appearances here and there (Jo, Charles Miner, etc.)

  13. They’re casting for season 8. It’s officially happening. I’ve been kind of subconsciously operating on the idea that this is the last season, so… hmm.

    I’ve never been as leery of new character additions before. (“Pleasant” doesn’t sound like the kind of character I want to watch. Too ordinary.) Why are more needed? They’re usually introduced during a cast overhaul, I understand that, but a new accountant? Don’t they have too many accountants already? And how can Stanley’s daughter become a regular (unless she comes to work for DM)?

    Maybe I’m just so desperate for it not to lose steam. I’ll keep watching because on Thursdays I always say “I have to get home to watch my show.” But I agree with several other commenters – I want to see more of the characters we know and love who haven’t had as many chances to shine, rather than stuffing the cast.

  14. oh god why

    I’m only just beginning to warm up to Gabe and Erin, why do we need 3 other sub-par characters that no one will care about to clog up screentime?

  15. This doesn’t look good. This next season may possibly get the show cancelled.
    Why would Stanley’s daughter become a regular? And why are they casting these “hot” and “good looking” characters? This isn’t what The Office is supposed to be about. And Where are all these people going to sit? Maybe more characters than just Michael are leaving…this doesn’t look good.

  16. Erin? Ok good addition. Gabe? Not so much. I want to skip forward through his scenes as they’re kinda hard to watch. Expand on Meredith, Creed etc!!

  17. Don’t you see? They’re casting a new Jim & Pam!

    Not literally of course, but they are adding 2 new normal, audience surrogate type people.

  18. @ Buster Bluth:

    Didn’t Mindy say she was leaving at the end of this season in August or sometime around there?

  19. What does WB looking mean? (I’m probably behind the times and everyone knows what this means but me.) I never worry about these casting things – they may be short-term or they may not work out – it’s Hollywood and nothing is ever written in stone. Besides, I think the show’s track record when it comes to casting has been pretty great. And I love Gabe/Zach – I think he’s been an awesome addition to the show and still hold out hope that he will be made manager.

  20. Why are they casting new characters? Don’t we have enough already? Talk about overkill…..

  21. I feel silly for asking, but what does “not WB looking” mean? It’ll probably come to me as soon as I hit send…

  22. As long as part of this involves Gabe leaving the show after this season, I’m OK with the casting ideas. I like the idea of Pam having to actually be a boss, and for Angela to find someone new to hate.

  23. I think that “not WB looking” means that the actor won’t be super hot like many of the actors who appear in WB network shows. This is just my interpretation.

  24. I kind of understand this.
    With Michael gone, so are all his past storylines and potential guest stars, such as his love interests.
    Plus there’s all that talk about “the show won’t focus on the new boss as much as it was Michael-centered”.

    Maybe they’re afraid that the existing characters wouldn’t be enough to hold up in this new scenario.

  25. “They have really only added 2 permanent new characters (Gabe, Erin) and 1 some-what permanent new character (Holly) over the years.”

    They added Andy in Season 3, and Darryl has been featured a lot more since they moved him upstairs. Hard to justify more cast members when there are episodes like last week, with no Angela or Meredith at all.

  26. So Pam is getting an assistant? That doesn’t make sense to me. And expanding accounting? Now Kevin is going to have even less to do. I can’t even think beyond this season to next season. I want to enjoy Michael Scott, the Farewell Season.

  27. I don’t mind them adding new characters. We got Andy and Erin which are great additions.

    On a side note: It is one of wildest dreams to be cast on The Office. How awesome would that be?!

  28. When The Office debuted, I was fascinated by a show populated by the likes of Phyllis and Kevin and Stanley; they resembled REAL people that you’d actually find in a REAL office. Even Pam had a refreshing dowdiness about her.

    Cody Horn is a super-hot actress who will play a super-hot single gal who of course will be a love interest for every single guy. Not that there’s anything wrong with that, I suppose…

  29. This is pretty much confirmation that the show we know is in its final season. With the departure of Steve Carell and the hiring of what can only be called a conventional “sitcom” actress, we are going to see a fairly radical change in the show. I wonder if any of the other regulars will be gone before the start of Season 8?

  30. We still have Greg Daniels and Paul Leiberstein at the helm. This show will always be the greatest comedy in tv history in my opinion. There are countless storylines for upcoming seasons. I am one of the biggest JAM fans in the world, but a hot assistant to Pam to stir up the perfect couple??? Could be for some great TV! And ya know Kevin will be absolutely hilarious when he lays eyes on Cody Horn for the first time!

  31. I don’t really know Cody. But I have a feeling I will get to know her very well over the next few years, and eventually declare my love for her.

  32. Roy’s M, #34, I hope these new cast members don’t signal the end of “The Office”.
    Basically, the producers are bringing in a hot new girl, and a young guy, plus Stanley’s daughter,to literally youth-up The Office and attract a younger demographic to improve ratings.
    Nothing wrong with that & hopefully these younger people will revitalize storylines and make us forget Michael’s absence.
    As to your concern about other cast members leaving, none are announced. So the core cast will remain, and Season 8 of The Office will have a new manager, new employees, new romances, new conflicts.

    Cody as Pam’s assistant, and X-young guy as Angela’s assistant in accounting, will bring new life to the Pam & Angela characters. Plus, just imagine the new Office personnel hijinks with Andy, Dwight, Kelley, Erin, Ryan, with Stanley watching over his daughter.

    However many people it takes to fill Michael’s shoes,and keep “The Office” going, the more the merrier!

  33. @Roy’s Mugshot: I completely agree. I’m sorry, but as far as I can tell, she has no background in improv and looks out of place. It’s true that most of the cast are more attractive when they’re gussied up for photo shoots, but still… I don’t see why anyone new is needed at this stage.

  34. Oh, also, since when does Pam need an assistant? The job of Office Manager didn’t technically exist until a few episodes ago, and it doesn’t seem like there’s enough work there to warrant an assistant position. It’s unnecessary stretching IMO, just like the addition of another accountant.

  35. Great. They’re casting a former model/CW eye-candy actress to attract more of the dumb mainstream audience. Way to go Office staff for taking the show’s realism away even MORE.

  36. And it’s not even like this new girl Cody has any experience in……..anything. Seriously. Not even improv (which would at least show a sign that she’s somewhat funny on her own). Like another guy below me pointed out, means that they must’ve just randomly picked her out simply because she’s hot and thus will attract more male viewers.

  37. I’m not very excited about new characters. Especially two of them. Their positions are not even credible. There are so many characters that are already on the show that don’t get enough face-time as it is!! Erin’s been on the show for several seasons and we really haven’t even gotten to know her that well. AND there’s going to be a new boss. I almost don’t want to imagine that much change!

  38. I don’t think the assistant is for Pam. She is the Office Administrator. I’m assuming the Office Manager is just the Regional Manager. Although I don’t really think the manager would need an assistant either.

  39. Oh come on guys, how can you not see this? Think about it…new accountant? Hot girl as the manager’s new assistant? This can mean only one thing…KEVIN is taking over as regional manager! He would obviously want a hot female assistant, and his ascension to the big chair leaves Scranton with an opening for an accountant. It all makes sense!

    Okay, so that’s probably not the case at all. In any event, I can understand feeling a little wary about these new additions. Losing Michael is a big enough change on its own, adding three new characters into the fold feels like too much change all at once. But, let’s see how it goes.

  40. I’m not thrilled with the “new characters” idea either. Maybe only one addition to take Michael’s place, if they decide to hire outside. Otherwise, the feel of the original staff is slip sliding away. : (

  41. Wait, Assistant to the Regional Manager? Isn’t that the job of a salesperson?

    Ugh, either way it’s such a step down.

  42. Not happy about this. Why are 3 new people needed? There is hardly enough screen time to go around as it is. She’s “typical beautiful” and The office has never done that, not for a series regular. The new boss/bosses and one other person is all i think is needed. Come on producers, where’s the faith in the original staff? They can hold it on their own.

  43. Oh, and is Jim still the number 2 or did that change? Regardless, there is Dwight and Andy. Self proclaimed assistants. And the receptionist who has always done assistant work. How can you possibly justify a new assistant?

  44. TopDoginaLargePond couldn’t be any more right. Showcase the original supporting cast now (Angela and Oscar are two I’d like to see much more of). Give them more to do. After all, it’s the perfect opportunity.

    Besides, and as many people have said, the office is crowded enough as it is. We DON’T need any more characters, and on that same note, we don’t need any fictional job positions like ‘assistant to the office administrator’ (it was a non-existent job before, and it still pretty much is, because Pam does absolutely nothing with it; and think about it: if she doesn’t do a thing with that job, what would the purpose of an assistant even be?)

  45. I am excited about the news.
    I always love to see new characters
    hopefully they keep the office afloat for season 8

  46. Come on folks, lighten up a bit. Steve’s leaving, and Mindy’s character Kelly is departing as well, so three new additions to the office might be what’s needed. Since the new manager(s) won’t be playing as large a role as Michael did, some new faces might be nice. Either way, I’ll withhold judgment until I see these new guys in action. If they drag The Office down, some “downsizing” might be called for. Either way, I’ll keep watching until the day the show ends – for better or for worse.

  47. The fictional Dunder-Mifflin fights to survive against competitors.
    The real life NBC show “The Office” fights to survive against competitors, ratings, and Steve’s departure.

    Sure, bringing in a couple of new, young cast members isn’t “realistic”, or in keeping with the spirit of The Office.
    But I’d rather have The Office around on Thursday nights for the next 5 years.

    So if that means Creed bringing in his pet monkeys, or dancing Hula girls, or Will Arnett as mgr, or more shows with the Office staff bursting out in song a la Glee, or Dwight finding religion and Kelley a brain, or young new cast members doing “unrealistic” jobs, or plots right out of the Theater of the Absurd, or even MORE hot girls with even less to do…then bring them on!

    Evolve or die…nature’s motto, and well worth considering when critiquing The Office’s fight for survival.

  48. A few days ago, it was revealed that Zooey Deschanel was in negotiation for a part (maybe the one Cody Horn got) but that she’s decided to sign instead for the lead in a Fox sitcom pilot. Getting an established (and rising) actress such as Deschanel would have changed many things in the show, so it’s a sign that the producers and writers are ready to make big changes for the next season.

  49. Assistant (to) the office manager? That should be interesting for Pam. Glad they’re not just giving Andy yet another chance at the next female character. It’s about time they gave some of the other characters a chance at romance. Is there an article about Mindy leaving that I missed?

    [from tanster: mindy’s contract expires at the end of this season. she hasn’t stated yet whether she’ll return for season 8.]

  50. I had always hoped that with Michael’s departure (sad as that may seem) The Office may return a bit to the originality of Season 1/2. Have you ever noticed how fast paced and noisy the show seems now? I miss the long pauses, satire of the boring office day, and overall lovability of how typical each Office member is. (Every Office has a Creed and a Dwight, and an Angela and Oscar.) I miss their minor quarrels amongst themselves. (Baby poster, new IDs, updated emergency contacts, healthcare, group weight loss, etc.) Those things actually happen in an office, and Michael’s shenanigans added a twist to them.

    I think it’d be quite hilarious to have The Office be in a bit of a lull for three or more episodes where everyone misses Michael and things get strangely quiet. (Like with Charles ruining Michael’s fun, but with less emphasis on Michael and the new guy and more emphasis on how the staff is affected.)

  51. Less is more right? Just add what’s necessary. A new accountant and Stanley’s daughter just seems like excess. I have great faith in the writers and will never stop watching. But they can only fit in so much in 22 minutes.

  52. This is a terrible idea. I’d much rather see the existing characters expanded upon. As it stands we barely get more than a line from Angela, Meredith or Creed.
    I’ll never understand why sitcoms resort to the tactic of bringing in a younger and cuter character in their final seasons. It never works.
    What made TO special was how ordinary the characters looked and acted, endearing in their dowdiness. So now we’re expected to believe that a modelesque girl has been hired to essentially do what Erin does?
    Just say no to Cody “cousin Oliver” Hom!

  53. We want more Creed!!! Creed is hilarious and ridiculous. There should be more of him in season 8.

  54. Sure, this may be a way of broadening the viewing demographic but I’m not sure how front and centre the new characters would be, I see them more as giving existing cast members the opportunity to shine.

    For instance Gabe’s pettiness is subtly different to Toby’s usually reasonable HR, not to mention acting as an obstacle between Andy & Erin.

  55. Also, congratulations to Jenna Fischer. Wonderful news.

    I wonder if this will affect the arc of Series 8.

    Before the show ends forever I would really like for Pam to continue with her art in some way.

  56. I can’t say yes, and I can’t say no mainly because I haven’t seen it yet and am not one to judge things that I haven’t seen.

    Next season will be different and there is no denying that. What a lot people(and sometimes myself) seem to keep forgetting is that the show is called “The Office” and not called “The Steve Carrell/Michael Scott Show.”

    Let’s just wait and see how the season unfolds.

  57. What is Tom Green doing these days?

    I think he would be a good replacement as Michael Scott replacement on The Office as the next manager? What yall think?

  58. @Nathan (OP msg Feb 16, 2011): I absolutely agree! I noticed over time things DID get louder and more fast paced. Sometimes I go back to watch the 1st season just for that nostalgia. I remember the very first time I watched the Office, I was actually REALLY uncomfortable with all those awkward pauses, and it became something I grew to love about it. The first season had the awkward spirit like the UK Office. They also used to just do brief shots of just the office working and not focusing on anything in particular, which played into the monotony of their days. I was a little disappointed on the David Brent video performance for the job interview. I was expecting the character to be more like the UK and maybe a few references–didn’t get any of it…

  59. I think Nick Swardson is perfect for the Office! This guy has to be considered for the office, he can play a perfect role as an office friend of Ed Helms (Andy) in the upcoming season(s)!

  60. Does anyone else see a parrallel to That 70’s show?
    One of the main characters left and in his place was a few smaller parts
    I loved that 70s show up until season 8 when topher grace left
    Hopefully the office will not fall into the same low as that 70s show

  61. Hate Robert California character & cannot stand Nelly. If you can’t get better characters than that, the show is doomed. Sure do miss Michael! Love Jim & Pam.

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