1. I don’t think they are doing the JAM story justice.
    What made the original stories with them great is that their main story lingered on. It seems like the fights dissipate within the episode then a new one comes up. It would be more effective if you see Jim and Pam slowly get more unhappy around each other as it builds.

  2. I could just be misinterpreting that. That may just be a moment of levity for Jim and Pam during a time of tension. It was somewhat surprising, though, that given they didn’t resolve the conflict in the previous episode they seemed to be looking okay.

  3. @Daniel G, What made Jim and Pam great was their bond and the chemistry between them. Yes, the tension kept us watching, but it was the friendship moments which made the tension so powerful. We saw them fighting last week – this week we need to see them reconnecting so we are reminded why we love their relationship and need it to work out. Nobody wants to see them arguing week in, week out, that would get old fast.

  4. @ Daniel G
    Why exactly would you want them to be unhappy? Just curious, since a lot of your comments revolve around that.

  5. I don’t want to see JAM fight all season, but I don’t want a quick resolution to this story. It’s natural for couples to not get along all the time. I for one am loving the realistic way Jim and Pam are being written.

  6. You know what, I think this might be the episode John Krasinski directed. The week they were shooting his episode, the cast tweeted a lot of behind-the-scenes pics and I just realised that John and Jenna are wearing the same clothes in this promo as they were in a picture Angela tweeted.

  7. I don’t like the JAM drama. It’s not that tension between couples can’t exist, but unless the showrunners have something completely insane planned for the finale, we all know they’re going to be two peas in a pod again by the end of the season. Drama for the sake of drama — especially when they will likely restore the status quo quite soon — is boring. It’s like Glee or something. I want to actually fear for the state of the characters’ lives (not life/death, obviously, but marriages, children, emotional well-being, relationships, etc).

    I will take all of this back, however, if something happens out of the blue.

  8. @Lin Beifunk, I really don’t think it is drama for drama’s sake, I think it’s a very realistic portrayal of a happy couple suddenly going through a big life change, which shakes them to their foundations. We don’t actually know where the story’s going yet, but we know that Jenna and John and the writers have a plan. It was reported last year that John was looking for time off in January to do a movie when he was negotiating his contract for this season, so if that’s true, maybe Jim will be written out for a while – perhaps going to Philadelphia on his own? Jenna also said that we’re going to see more of their home life and their family this season, so for some reason it seems the camera crew will be in their home. Who knows? I for one am very interested to see where this story is going, and I’m actually feeling anxious when they fight, and relieved when they’re getting along.

  9. Tonight’s episode was directed by John Krasinski. I have every reason to believe this will be a good Jim-Dwight episode.

  10. Okay can anyone please tell me what song Andy’s brother is playing on the guitar at the end of the episode ??!?! It’s killing me

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