The Office: Turf War deleted scenes

Here are deleted scenes from The Office episode, Turf War.

Dwight and Jim pursue a new client while Pam and Angela try to extract a secret from Nellie.
[Video no longer available]

Toby’s got an alter ego, while Darryl and Erin have a secret life.
[Video no longer available]

Harry explains that his branch is filled with just as many characters as Scranton’s.
[Video no longer available]

“Everyone’s rooting for ‘won’t they’.”


  1. Love this deleted scene! It reminds me of seasons 1 and 2! All the characters looked “real” and Harry is great!

  2. “If they ever got together it would destroy your project.” That is some meta commentary right there. I would have enjoyed seeing this in the episode.

  3. An Office parody within an Office episode – awesome. Classic Office.

  4. This GREAT scene reminds me of the old Seinfeld episode where there was a “Bizarro World” of Jerry, George, Elaine and Kramer at a different diner.

  5. This actor is great! Wish they’d left this scene in – I loved the characters in his office and his aside reactions!

  6. There’s a couple of other deleted scenes for this episode. More on Toby’s new persona and some Jim/Dwight. Both have a storyline about Darryl’s “pet.”

  7. I don’t know about anyone else, but I really miss the days of “super-sized” (40-minute) episodes – 40 minutes actually feels like just the right amount of time to tell the story the way it needs to be told. I know it was hell on DVRs, but so much seems to get left out in a 30-minute episode.

  8. Not that I don’t love Jim and Dwight, but shouldn’t that baby car seat have been seat-belted into the car? Or am I just over thinking it?

  9. Danielle, I had the exact same thought. It used to take me five minutes to unbuckle our car seat.

  10. The mouse part would have been the highlight of the episode. Too bad they deleted it.

  11. @Danielle, I thought exactly the same thing! Then I thought maybe the car seat had been moved into, say, Pam’s mother’s car or something, and Jim had just got it back and hadn’t had time to strap it in yet. Also, I think Jim should have been a lot more enraged than he was – it would have more realistic and also funnier.

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