The Office Webisodes: Blackmail

Episode 3

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Episode 2

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Episode 1

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Interview with writers Jonathan Hughes and Nate Federman

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April 28, 2009

Here’s a preview:

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Here is a pretty funny behind-the-scenes clip:

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  1. I’ve always thought, on the show, that a little of Creed goes a very long way. The webisode format might be just the place to showcase him a little more. Can’t wait!

  2. Ohh Creed, so creepy, yet so funny! And yay for B.J. making his directorial debut! “Stop, we’re done…Cut! That’s the word” haha hopefully he’ll direct some episodes next season too!!

  3. Haha, I think B.J. Novak is hinting at future career possibilities in his list of genres he can direct thanks to Creed.

    I’m glad there is going to be a Creed based webisode series finally!

  4. I’m glad to see that BJ has dyed his hair back to brown! He looks so much better that way, even it Ryan was hilarious as a blonde. Or wait, maybe this was filmed before Ryan did that…?

  5. A third webisode series! Cannot wait!

    But I would like to know which of the three series so far will appear on the fifth season dvd set?

    This set is gonna be jam-packed!! Yay!

  6. Creed is freakin rockin’ it! I always thought he should be recognized more in the show. Totally watching these webisodes.

  7. “This is the profile picture on my MySpace page.” I did not see that one coming. And I just about broke my collarbone from laughing!

  8. This is perfect! We usually have to just settle for a tidbit or two of Creed in regular episodes. These webisodes will be his chance to SHINE!

    First webisode was good. Creed is one crazy guy!

  9. “What? Let’s switch back to English for a moment.” That is hilarious!

  10. A+ for this one, something is so up with A/O!

    The writers love teasing us.

  11. Am I crazy to want Kelly & Andy to hook up? That would be a fun ride.

  12. Another (subtle) hint at Kelly and Andy hooking up! I have to admit I’m warming up to the idea!

  13. Am I crazy, or did Kelly’s expression look less like crushing and more like the expression she had when Michael kissed Oscar? Sort of like a “Gayness is so *kewt*!” expression.

  14. Regarding the second episode…
    Andy’s tattoo seems to be the following: n 狗. The first is not a character, but rather the letter n. The second is the chinese character for dog, pronounced ‘gou’ (3rd tone). Put them together, you get, loosely translated, Nard Dog!

  15. Andy and Kelly would be a very interesting match.
    As for episode 3, who’s pastor davis????
    Can’t wait to learn some dirt about Angela!

  16. I’ve been saying ever since the end of Season 3 that Kelly and Andy should be together! They are perfect together. They’re both dumb, fashion-conscious, shallow, and just want to be loved!

    I mean it all in the best way possible.

  17. This last webisode is so funny! I love Creed & Kelly! I actually have a cousin whose last name is Jonas, with the silent “J.”

  18. “you went to a Honas Brothers concert…”
    “omigod…do you mean the Jonas Brothers?”

    “…four leaf clovers, bones, information, uranium…”

    this is so great!

  19. Does anyone know if these webisodes will be on the Season 5 DVD? If NBC is listening – please add them!!

  20. ohmygosh, Creed putting the money into the computer had me falling out of my chair! Bravo!! Awesome webisodes. I, too, hope they will be on the DVD.

  21. I. LOVE. CREED! He was hilarious stuffing the dollar bill into his zip drive. But I really lost it when he said how he was going to “head down the Amazon. Apparently there’s the world’s largest book store there.”

    Best laugh I had all day!

  22. awesome ending! paraphrasing: “I’m going to fly it down to Brazil, I hear the Amazon has a great bookstore.” SOOOOOOOO funny!

  23. These webisodes with Bad-ass Creed are bust-a-gut funny! Got to love Andy catching Toby mumbling the word “mumble.”

  24. Really good webisodes. They should make them a little bit longer though, and have more than four. Very funny. The ending was cleverly written.

  25. I finally got a chance to watch these and they were great!! Of course Creed would do something like that. Of course

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