1. So I guess it seems Pam gets over the fact that Jim didn’t tell her immediately. But then the next episode will bring a new conflict.

  2. Will the writers explain how Andy is able to play baseball after he seemingly knew nothing about it in a season 6 episode called ‘The Chump’? Or will they pretend that didn’t that happen.

  3. Pictures 10 and 12 are cute! I may be the only one but I want to see Pete and Erin get together. They are a more believable couple in my mind than Andy and Erin.

  4. I guarantee at least one ‘walking dead’ reference from Dwight while on top of that bus.

  5. I’m with you Tanster, that’s one of the cutest pictures ever.:) Jam forever indeed!

  6. Cute pics, interesting out-of-the-office story idea, Bryan Cranston directing after he did an outstanding job last year on an episode of “Modern Family”–seeing this will lessen my annoyance with NBC over the fact that the 10/19 S4 premiere of Community has been delayed.

  7. @6 Dean, LOL nice catch. Season 3 premiers on Sunday!! Now I have something to look forward to on Thursday’s and Sundays’s. =)

  8. #4,You could be right, maybe they’ve completely forgotten about that, but how do you know that there won’t be continuity and he’ll be really, really bad at it? In ‘The Chump’, he was clueless about baseball, but embarrassingly enthusiastic about it whilst watching the game – it makes sense to me that the next step would be him wanting to play it.

  9. Kathy, i 100% agree with you. I think Pete and Erin would make an adorable couple – so much better than Andy/Erin anyway.

  10. Pictures 2 & 3: Wouldn’t it be awesome if someone pours Gatorade on Andy for doing something good in the game and then he doesn’t get it and gets mad?

  11. Ugh, no offence to those who support them but I can’t stand Pete/Erin. I mean, it took the writers THREE SEASONS (and a bit if you count the last few eps of the fifth season) to build up the Erin/Andy relationship and get them together, and they’re just going to throw that all away to have her end up with another character we’ve barely even gotten to know?

  12. @19, perhaps the writers spent the last 3 seasons to show that Erin does not know what she wants? Maybe she is growing up this season. Her look this seasons has matured quite a bit already.

    Someone here pointed out that Pete could be the person Michael “predicted” during her chat with Erin before he left. I think he was not barking up the wrong tree.

  13. I’d rather watch this than the V.P event, why did they have to have it when Office and Parks were on causing them not to air this week :(

  14. I can’t stand Pete (Jim light) & Erin. We already saw the Jim/Pam story & this is just a weak repeat & for it to happen at the end of the series is a shame & needless. Zero chemistry, pointless SL

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