1. I have been watching this show for 5 years and I have never known that Paul played drums!

  2. There was this group of (pretty cute!) twentysomething girls standing near me during the concert. Andy Buckley mentioned Owen Daniels being the original drummer for “Suck It,” and they thought that he said Owen was there. They started, like, CRYING over the idea of Teddy being on stage and talking about how cute he is, and basically just losing their minds over him. You would have thought he was a Beatle from the way they flipped out. So Greg or Paul should definitely pass the word along to him that he’s already a chick magnet, and he needs to milk the hell out of that when he gets to college. ;)

    [from tanster: this is the funniest comment I’ve read today! I’m sending it to greg.]

  3. It was hot as heck that day, and they were all wearing long-sleeved shirts or layers – have none of them been to the northeast before that they thought it was going to be that cold?? Lol :)

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