Follow up messages to The Office cast and crew

Since I’ve been getting a few requests to pass on messages to The Office cast and crew who were at The Office Wrap Party, I thought I would start a post here so you guys can post comments.

If you were at The Office Wrap Party and met any of The Office cast/crew and would like to leave a follow up message or thank you for any of them, please post them here! I will let them know about this post so they can come and read and maybe even reply if they would like to. :)

A humble request for photos

Hi all,

First of all, it was WONDERFUL meeting so many of you this weekend at The Office Wrap Party! I hope you guys had an uh-MAZE-ing time. I totally did!

Two of the personal highlights for me were:

  • Being presented with a Dundie for Best Office Fan Site by The Office Producer Steve Burgess at the Bloggers Breakfast, and
  • Jenna Fischer introducing me at the end of The Farewell Celebration at PNC Field

Both were complete surprises to me and just blew my mind!

If y’all happened to take any photos or videos of me at either of these events, please send them to officetally @!

Thank you,
A very grateful Jennie (aka tanster)