Vote for ‘The Office’ in Hulu’s Best In Show poll

Hulu Best in ShowHulu’s 2011 Best In Show poll is now in its second round, and The Office is up against Vampire Diaries.

Vote for The Office to move to the next round!

Tipster: Megan


  1. Wow! The Office is kicking vampire butt! As of now, The World’s Best show(aka The Office) has 55% of the vote and the Vampire thing has 44%. I honestly have to say, how many vampire shows do we need?

  2. Done. We’re winning! 56-43% (anything with vampires gets a thumbs down imo anyways)

  3. “How many freakin’ vampires am I supposed to care about these days?”

    Also, I put in my vote.

  4. Voted. Glad The Office is still in it. Annoys me that two of the other best shows on tv (30 Rock and Parks & Rec.) were out in the first round.

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