1. Beautiful little girl! The inset is also one of my favorite Michael/Angela exchanges!

  2. She is so beautiful! She was only 6 lbs when born? I was expecting a big baby based on how big Angela’s waist was in the end. But wow! Lost 27 lbs in 6 weeks. Good for her.

  3. Wow, Angela looks incredible. Good for her! That baby looks so sweet! Thanks for posting this!

  4. They both look so adorable. And way to go Angela for losing all that baby weight!

    That baby is going to be so loved. Can you imagine her on set?

  5. omg…she is beautiful(the baby, i mean…well Angela too! lol)

    and i totally guessed right about the bobblehead, lol

  6. great photo. did they mispell jenna’s last name, the print is too tiny?

    [from tanster: good eye! yes, they did.]

  7. I’m hoping that we’ll have some fun, Isabel + Office cast videos on Adventures with Angela! Imagine Isabel’s joy at meeting “Dwight the Bobblehead” in real life??!?!?!? Great stuff!

  8. She’s so beautiful! And Angela looks great! That’s so cool of Angela to share her with the world :)

  9. Such a great story and a beautiful photo of Angela and Isabel! I love the thought of The Office cast and crew helping out with the baby on set!

  10. So precious! My best friend has a 5-month-old daughter, and one of the many gifts I’ve gotten her is a pink Dunder Mifflin onesie. Isabel needs one too, to go with her Dwight bobblehead! ;)

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