Angela Kinsey is Clairol’s Guardian Girlfriend

Monday, April 12th, 2010 | 21 comments


Here is Angela’s latest Clairol commercial, ‘Fitting Room':

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  1. 21. billy mercer  

    That’s my cousin and she is adorable.We are all proud of her

  2. 20. mel  

    They’ve started showing Angela’s Clairol ads in Australia too.

    [from tanster: very cool!]

  3. 19. FlonkertonChamp  

    man, she is making me want to dye my hair… but my hair is so dark, you can barely tell a difference. i once wanted to go red, so i dyed my hair… you couldn’t tell the difference at all, unless i was outside. then i had kind of reddish/dark brown hair.

  4. 18. VéroniQC  

    She’s the cutest!
    My husband saw her in a magazine ad recently and was super excited to show me… :)

  5. 17. Ryans' Hobbit  

    Very clever Clairol.

    I don’t use Nice’n Easy but I checked out their website because of Angela. She’s convinced me – I am going to try 102 or 106… gah, I can’t decide!

  6. 16. TobyFan  

    Hah! I went to the “choose your shade” section and this little mini-Angela popped up to explain it to me – it was so cute!

  7. 15. FlonkertonChamp  

    “OH MAH GOD AND THEN HE WAS LIKE and action!” *deadpan*


  8. 14. Web  

    Even though I’m a guy, I took a peek at the Clariol site, and watched the little video of “Angela Kinsey playing Gigi”. That girl is a hoot!

  9. 13. Matt Bennett  

    As great of a job that Angela Kinsey did in this commercial, I do not think that Angela Martin would approve. Women coming out of mirrors? Obviously a satanic reference.

    You’re awesome, Angela!

  10. 12. laura  

    Yay for adorable and sassy Angela!

    A few minutes ago, I saw another commercial she was in, for Root Touch-Up.

  11. 11. FlonkertonChamp  

    dear lord angela is adorable!

  12. 10. Ginger  

    Angela was cute and sassy! Good for her :)

  13. 9. Grace  

    I thought Angela had said these commercials weren’t shooting until June?! :)

  14. 8. Brigette  

    Yay Angela! That was cute.

  15. 7. Stapler  

    So used to seeing Angela all stern and serious as “Angela,” so to see her fun and smiley like this is a treat! She’s beautiful!

  16. 6. Shrutastic  

    Must be a pretty short mirror for Angela to bump her head. :-)

  17. 5. jeltie  

    Nice seeing adorable Angela in a commercial!

  18. 4. Robaroo  

    How cute is she?!

  19. 3. Gregster  

    Loved the head bump on top of mirror

  20. 2. Laura  

    Angela, you are too stinkin’ adorable!

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