The New Office: Emmy spoof

Dunder Mifflin employees explain why they hate their jobs — including newbies Olivia Benson, Leslie Knope, Tom Haverford, Tracy Jordan, Sheldon Cooper, Roger Sterling, Jesse Pinkman, Khal Drogo, Cee Lo Green, and … Kim Kardashian?

This aired September 18, during the 2011 Primetime Emmy Awards.

Here’s another post of the video, in case the first one is taken down…


  1. This was fantastic! I loved the part with Aaron Paul, especially since Mindy tweets about her love for Breaking Bad and happened to be right there for his part :)

  2. The Emmys subconsciously admit their admiration for TO by including this parody (and others in the past, e.g., when Conan “dropped in”). Cold comfort, to be sure, but still the best part of the show.

  3. This was the best part of the Emmys for me. All my shows got snubbed, and I was super bummed about Steve’s lack of an Emmy. But this was awesome! My favorite parts: Nathan Fillion/Castle… and Jim and Dwight in the beginning. :)

  4. Loved this. Every part with Jim in it was my favorite. Especially liked where Dwight was complaining about everyone and Jim had something nice to say about everyone but Toby, poor guy can’t win even with Michael gone.

    Creed was fantastic!

  5. I squeaked when I saw roger sterling in the dunder-mifflin offices, my favorite drama and my favorite comedy together!

  6. Sheldon and Olivia talking heads? Dwight and Jim banter? Ryan has his beard again?! This clip was better than the entire seventh season!

  7. This was definitely the best part of the WHOLE Emmys! Breaking Bad/Creed was HILARIOUS! And Kim Kardashian’s “Work?” was great! Kevin “I LIKE A BIG FRIDGE!”
    Were some of these filmed on a green screen? Because if you look at Ryan during his talking head, he casts a shadow. When you see Leslie Knope or Kim, they don’t have any shadow on the wall.

  8. Only good part of the show right here. Love “White Castle”, Creed and Jim and Dwight. Then Jim Parsons shows up and i feel that surge of anger. Safe to say to say i can’t look at him the same way.

  9. When I saw this last night, it was a lot shorter (seemed like 30 seconds), I have now sufficiently laughed my rear end off now that I have seen more office cast members, and not just random b list celebrities. Perfect joke for creed right there, and I loved seeing Nathan Fillion on there. Seeing Parsons on there had me seething instantly, thank god for ed Helms to keep me grounded.

  10. 2 of my fav things come together,the office and the big bang theory

  11. That was awesome, best part of the emmys.

    Sheldon Cooper replacing Michael Scott as Manager would be hilarious.

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