Charlie Grandy answers ‘Crime Aid’ questions

I’m very excited to present a Crime Aid Q&A by Charlie Grandy, one of this season’s new writers to ‘The Office’!

Charlie talks about Jim’s drive to New York, what it was like to work with Jen Celotta as a first-time Office director, and a Kelly scene that I hope makes it into the Season 5 DVD. Good stuff!

Q. How do you feel being a new writer of this five season old show? Is the challenge bigger (that’s what she said) when you write for a new series or an older one? | Fire-ed Guy

Charlie: I’ve never been on a new show, so I’m used to coming in with a bunch of pitches and having the old guard say, “yeah, we all thought of that ages ago.” It’s a bit humbling, but forces you work harder. I’m not sure I’d be any good with a seemingly infinite number of story ideas.

Q. Is there a full list of what everyone auctioned off (like Secret Santa in ‘Christmas Party’)? | astird

Charlie: In addition to what was in the episode, the following items were shot :

  • Meredith auctions something, but no one knows what it is because of her drunken slurring. Oscar buys it for a dollar. Turns out it’s a brand new iPhone. Oscar’s excited.
  • Kelly auctions off dance lessons for Soulja Boy Tell ‘Em’s “Crank That” dance. (This also explains her outfit during the auction.) Ryan bought it for $40. Kelly TH: she plans to drive him wild with lust but not sleep with him.

I think that was it. We intentionally didn’t want to focus too much on the items in an effort to keep the stories moving.

An early pitch was Michael auctions a magic lesson for $800, but it felt similar to Holly’s yoga lesson so we dropped it.

Q. Was it written or improvised how Michael lost himself (8 mile reference) in the flow of auctioneering? | jan of a preacher man

Charlie: I wrote the “hey batta batta” and “one million dollars!” stuff, which Steve then took to a whole new level. He is a master of comic jibberish.

Q. I love the things like “Stuff Angela introduced to Dwight” and “Music Michael mistakes for Bruce Springsteen.” Did you have any other ideas for these things up your sleeve which didn’t make it to the episode? | ian

Charlie: Nope, that was pretty much it. There was a scene of Dwight explaining his first date with Angela to Phyllis. They went to the Anthracite Coal Museum and corrected the tour guide when he got stuff wrong. He then offers Phyllis a fox meat sandwich.

Q. What’s better for creativity: random 3am outbursts, or systematic work while the sun is out? | carl

Charlie: Systematic work with the occasional late night is best for me. Ideally, I like to roll out of bed and immediately start working before the pressure of trying to make people laugh sets in.