The Office: Crime Aid, 5.05

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The Office Crime Aid

Writer: Charlie Grandy, Director: Jennifer Celotta

Summary (NBC): After the office gets robbed, Michael decides to hold an auction to raise money for all the items lost. Michael helps Pam get a part time job at corporate so she can afford to go to art school.

The Office Crime Aid extras

Writer Charlie Grandy answers fan questions in the Crime Aid Q&A.

The Office Crime Aid rating

In a poll conducted Oct. 23-27, Tallyheads rated this episode: 8.35/10

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The Office Crime Aid quotes

Michael: Pam-oh-laaaaaa!

Holly: I’m free tonight. Is that too eager? I don’t care. I’m free tonight.

Michael: Tonight’s no good. Because I am busy taking you out.

Michael: If she starts having sex with me, I’ll know for sure.

Andy: I am right in assuming that Dwight is short for D-Money.

Dwight: You set a date?

Phyllis: You’re making a knife with a knife?

Dwight: I know none of that. And if I did, you’d be the last to know.

Holly: Hell, yeah.

Michael: Probably get soup. Or something light.

Dwight: She introduced me to so many things. Pasteurized milk. Sheets. Monotheism. Presents on your birthday. Preventative medicine.

Dwight: Why is she marrying Andy?

Phyllis: Angela’s not really a risk taker. And Andy’s not really a risk.

Dwight: That’s really fattening.

Holly: Oh, after vous.
Michael: Thank vous.

Michael: Now they can’t hear us at all.

Angela: I need to cancel checks from 10,001 to 90,000.

Kevin: Yeah, well, they stole my surge protector. I’m now going to be prone to surges.

Dwight: Bravo, Watson.

Dwight: Looks like a classic seven-man job.

Dwight: Motives — financial, or possibly vintage HP computer collectors.

Michael: So much for sex without consequences.

Jim: The future mother of my children.

Andy: You’re always safe with me. I’m a very good screamer.

Creed: The last person to do this disappeared. His name? Creed Bratton.

Michael: It’s like Farm Aid. But instead of farms fighting against AIDS, it is us fighting against our own poverty.

Jim: Do you need us for any of this?

Holly: The boss scored The Boss.

Holly: He knows how to get things. He got me.

Dwight: Or you can say goodbye to this.

Dwight: You have until 6:14 pm.

Michael: Crime Reduces Innocence. Makes Everybody Angry. I Declare.

Michael: There is no Wikipedia entry for office robbery statistics.

Michael: Lights, camera, auction!

Darryl: And my personal favorite, Short People.

Michael: It squeaks when you bang it. That’s what she said.

Michael: It just says Creed.
Creed: Yeah, that’s all-inclusive.

Kevin: Federal and state.

Michael: I would appreciate it if people would stop storming off the stage.

Dwight: Okay, fine, I’ve moved on. Now how do I get her back?

Dwight: And you slap like a girl.

Jim: She’s engaged, um … to me.

Roy: I thought you were a friend.

Dwight: Three hundred … and one penny.

Jim: I’m not that guy. And we are not that couple.

Holly: A lot of Michael seems too good to be true. So far, it’s all true.

David: No. I did not know Michael was dating Holly.

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  1. I think this was the best episode of the season so far. Michael and Holly were hilarious and cute, Dwight and Phyllis was so sweet, and Jim was as usual adorable. Everything about it was great :)

  2. Yes, I loved the Dwight-Phyllis and Michael-Holly dynamic. These were both brilliantly written! (Especially Dwight bidding on a hug at the end and letting Bob Vance pay 1000 for it). I just hope Dwight comes up with a successful master plan! We finally saw his sweet side tonight (or at least for the last couple minutes).

  3. This episode was brilliant!
    I’m Happy for Dwight. He doesn’t need Angela, he can find better. And I love his “alliance” with Phyllis! This episode really made me love Phyllis more! She deserves more hugs. Her and Dwight need to interact more. They’re great together.
    But on a darker note, we only have one more episode left with Holly. ='(
    Oh I hope they bring Holly back!!

  4. I loved all the little things with Phyllis and Dwight, but by far my favorite part of this episode was Creed’s talking head – “Only one person has done this before, and he disappeared. His name? Creed Bratton.” XD So creepy and hilarious.

  5. The most satisfying episode of the season so far. Who knew Jen Celotta was such a good director? The Phyllis/Dwight stuff was inspired and the Michael thing in the conference room where he kept going on had me laughing out loud. Poignant end with Jim too.

  6. 1-5, I agree! Loved it! It was the best, sweetest, funniest episode this season by far. Huzzah!

  7. It was a pretty good episode!! I ADORED the Michael and Holly stuff, but I felt SO bad for Dwight and I HATE what they’re doing with JAM!! I don’t like that they’re changing Pam like that!! It makes me sad!! I’m glad that Jim has enough confidence in their relationship, because right now, I’m not sure if I do!! They better not screw up my favorite couple!! I just want there to be ONE happy couple in the history of television!! Is that too much to ask?!

  8. I really liked this episode. It was great to see Roy again. Also i love the fact that Michael and Holly are together, plus the whole Phyllis Dwight thing was really cute. But i Wonder what is going to happen with David Wallace seeing Michael and Holly Kiss? Hmmm. All in all this was a really great episode!!

  9. I was SO happy with this episode! I loved that David made an appearance, and it’s great that he didn’t know about Holly and Michael- I was really curious to see where the writers were going to take it…
    I was a little disappointed that the Roy, Jim and Pam storyline wasn’t fleshed out…but that just gives me something to look forward to!

  10. Absolutely one of the best of the season so far!!! The vibe of the Holly/Michael relationship is fantastic. Jim turning around during his trip to NYC was just great. Dwight was awesome this episode and the whole Crime Aid auction was SO classic Office. BRAVO and BRAVA to all involved!

  11. PERFECT episode! Dwight is being so amazing this season, and I’m going to be CRUSHED when Holly has to leave. CRUSHED. Michael is so happy with her. And also, I’m happy Roy’s part wasn’t dramatic, and that Jim turned around.

  12. Fantastic episode! I loved everything about it. I really felt bad for Dwight and Phyllis was just so cute in everything she did.

    Best line of the night: “It squeaks when you bang it–that’s what she said.” I’m still laughing about that! :)

  13. Amy Ryan, I miss you already! And $1k for a hug from Phyllis is a steal. Well, not really.

  14. Pam’s drunken phone call was hilarious! “I am not drunk…I don’t sound like that!” I loved Michael and Holly’s talking head when she said he got her–twice!! Oh my!! Andy’s dancing. Michael suggesting selling people and Stanley’s reaction! David Wallace being there–yay! The things Dwight learned from Angela. “I am not that guy, and we are not that couple.”

    …these are a few of my favorite things…!

  15. Amazing episode!!! So many laugh out loud moments and the plot was also amazing. I must say that it was one of the best episodes of The Office ever!!

    P.S. David Wallace is the cutest CEO ever, to go to Scranton for some lame auction and sincerely want to help out like that…SO CUTE!

    [from tanster: andy buckley will be happy to read that. :) ]

  16. Loved Michael and Holly!!! i’m a little worried now that David saw the two of them kissing. The Dwight/Phyllis scenes were awesome!!!! At this point i really don’t care what they do with the JAM situation. If they are going to be together then they need to quit letting stupid stuff happen. They’ve dragged it on for over 4 seasons and it’s time to stop. I’m a Molly and Dwangela fan anyway. I love JAM don’t get me wrong, but i don’t like their story line at all!!

  17. Everything about this episode was awesome. I haven’t LOL-ed through an episode like this in a while.

    I’d love to say more but I’m too busy commenting on OfficeTally.

  18. I missed the episode.. what is everyone talking about with Jim turning around?? Someone just fill me in on the JAM stuff really quick??

  19. #17 – My thoughts exactly! To the powers that be…Please bring Amy Ryan back for more episodes!

  20. I love how Michael and Holly are together. I liked this episode a lot but I kept hoping for Jim to pull some kind of prank or joke with Michael regarding his Crime Aid, and it just amounted to a bunch of facial reactions and then him leaving with the warehouse guys. Also, do the people on the show in charge of continuity purposely try to annoy people, such as myself, with the lack of continuity regarding the characters’ vehicles? This is getting ridiculous with Jim now on his fourth different car, and Phyllis on to another one as well now. Dwight is the only one with the same vehicle throughout the show.

  21. What does Roy say to Jim that got him all worried? I couldn’t figure it out, then i gave up after rewinding 10 times.

  22. #10, I agree completly. I feel like they are changing Pam into a new person. It doesn’t feel like the same Pam and it’s almost as if she is evolving into another character. I just hope that they bring the old Pam back into the office (literally).

    I loved that they brough David Wallace back! Did anyone notice that Ryan disapeared after David Wallace appeared? I’m wondering if there is going to be a deleted scene on that.

  23. I didn’t catch what Roy said to Jim at the bar about Pam and her being out to 8 am–can anyone fill me in?

  24. This episode will have very high marks when we all vote on the season as a whole. Great episode.

  25. I’m really glad that Jim realized he wasn’t “that type of guy” but I’m not really sure how I feel about Pam. I don’t want her to get so wild that she comes back a different person. I wonder if they see each other during the weekends. Also I saw that Pam doesn’t come back until at least after the November 13th episode. :( I need some JAM interaction badly! I did love Jim’s comment about Pam being the mother of his future children. :)

  26. Jim said she was out til 8am with her friends and Roy said something like “you guys were friends”…

  27. Aww and Michael & Holly’s “ooh I can’t make it tonight because I’m going out with you” thing. GAHH, too cute!!!

  28. I think after Jim said she was “out with her friends”, Roy said “I thought YOU were her friend” (or something along those lines)

    Excellent episode. Holly needs to stay forever. Wonderful to see more Phyllis.

  29. Jim said “she was out with her friends till 8 am”
    Roy said “I thought YOU were her friend” (to make him jealous)
    So he started to drive down, but that’s why he did the u-turn and said “I’m not that guy”

  30. Is it just me…I REALLY want some Jim and Pam interaction!! I feel like the writers are doing this on purpose??? It was a good episode and I’m glad Jim turned around but I REALLY want to see them together…I feel like I’m waiting for it EVERY episode!!??

  31. I couldn’t quite make out the Roy quote either…. but I think it was just to insinuate that Jim should be worried, because Roy thought Pam and Jim were just “friends” too and look what happened.

    Did anyone else have trouble understanding what MIchael mumbled to Holly while they were playing cards? He said something about not leaving for an hour and 45 minutes, but I couldn’t hear what he said before that.

  32. Jim told Roy that Pam was out with her friends until 8 AM. Roy then said to Jim that he was once a friend and now they are engaged.

  33. I knew Michael and Holly would end up separated for that reason.

    The TWSS was a good line (it’s good to hear one again), so was the sex and consequences line.

  34. I took Roy’s comment as (paraphrase): when I was with Pam, I thought you two were friends…turned out it was more than that…so what do you think is happening with her “friends” now in New York?

  35. Fantastic episode. I LOVED it. What’s up with you guys saying Pam is turning into a totally new person? She’s out with some friends from college? Come on! That’s totally innocent! I liked that Jim pointed out “we’re not that couple”. Thank god. If you want that couple, go watch Gossip Girl.

  36. I too had a tiny “squee!” moment when Jim made the “mother of my children” comment. And I’m not that much of a squee-er!

  37. I don’t mind Pam changing a little bit. My understanding is that she’s basically never been outside of the Scranton area? So she’s getting her live it up, drink all night, go wacky college experience out of her system with a few months in the big city. The little things like the simultaneous voice mail messages last week show that JAM will be just fine as long as Jim keeps remembering that he’s not that guy.

  38. Personally I don’t think that Pam is changing. She is living in NYC and I don’t think she’s going to want to stay in her apartment always. She is bound to go out sometime. Besides, I don’t think the writers would make such a drastic change to a character. I trust that they know what they’re doing.

  39. Every interaction with the camera-crew, no matter how small, is always a bonus. It frustrates me sometimes how the show can stray from the documentary aspect, minus the talking heads.

    This episode, not only did we get one, we got two: Phyllis acknowledging the camera-crew, and Michael & Holly locking them out and attempting to turn off their microphones (only the second microphone reference in the entire series I believe). The more believable the documentary aspect of the show, the better. Great job by the writers tonight.

  40. Although I feel that the Jim/Pam relationship will be fine in the long run, I don’t like how it’s getting there this season. They’ve had relationship issues before, but they were always “does she like him?” and “does he like her?” Now it’s just depressing because Pam’s personality is changing, Jim (and the viewers) hardly get to see her, and we’re left wondering if she is serious about their relationship. I feel like she’s becoming less and less of the girl that Jim fell in love with, and I don’t like it.

  41. That episode was awesome!!! So many moments… Dwight and Phyllis, Michael and Holly, and, oh yeah, JIM AND ROY!!! Loved, loved, loved it!

  42. I loved this episode! The whole Dwight/Phyllis thing was fantastic, especially with the whole hug thing! Oh, and I love that Jim didn’t go to New York! Oh oh, and I love David Wallace… I have no idea why. I hope we see him more!

  43. I think the Jim and Pam issues are more about Jim than they are Pam. She’s more outgoing than he is, and he’s really having to learn to share her for the first time.

  44. I don’t know about this episode. I felt depressed about the Jam situation, the Dwangela situation, and the Michael/Holly (Molly?) situation. Is this how Holly goes? I know Amy isn’t signed on as a regular cast member yet, and the next episode is Employee Transfer, I hope it doesn’t mean what I think it means. Good Grief.

  45. Quite possibly one of the best episodes of the entire series, rivaling some of our Season 2 favorites. Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic times infinity squared plus one.

  46. Best of the season so far. Most laugh out loud moments maybe since season three. I LOVED this episode!

  47. I LOVED this episode!! It was so good. The Michael/Holly stuff was more than amazing. They are the best couple on the show right now. I adore them. I’m dreading the day when Holly must leave. Poor Michael. She is his soulmate. Out of all the couples on the show, I want to see them married the most.
    The Dwight/Phyllis stuff was so awesome too – so unexpected!! It was brilliant.
    I do wish there had been a little more with Roy. I miss what David adds to the show, and a little more Roy/Jim tension would have been good. But it was still very great. This season has been excellent so far, and this episode was one of my favorites.

  48. If Pam is becoming a different person, it’s a natural change resulting from all that stuff in season 3 about how she needs to be more courageous. It’s cool that she has friends now, and getting drunk is nothing new for her. Remember “Dundies”? I don’t personally like that aspect of her, but nobody’s perfect. If you’re under the impression that Pam is a squeaky-clean, mousey, innocent person, maybe that’s a problem resulting from one or two seasons of subtle writing inconsistencies (which I admittedly didn’t notice until now). Pam is not Wholesome Sitcom Love Interest.

    As for the episode I thought it was the best of the season so far, with almost no real missteps.

  49. It kinda frustrates me when people say Pam is changing. Well…yeah. She is changing. People change, you change…over the course of a few years. How is that unrealistic? And how is that a bad thing? She’s living her life! And Jim can (and is) just as much a part of it now as he was then. (The only difference now being the temporary distance).

  50. Michael and Holly were awesome in this episode but now that David Wallace knows about them, things are going to change for the worst.

    I was glad to see Jim reassure himself about his relationship with Pam. I’m glad that he remembered that he is not that guy and that they are not that couple.

    I’m glad Pam was back in this episode but I miss her interacting with Jim. Earlier in the week I was watching “The Fire” and it made me miss her even more.

    The interaction between Dwight and Phyllis was awesome. Even though things seem to be over now between Dwight and Angela, I’m hoping later on they’ll be together.

  51. I’m not concerned about Pam and Jim, but what’s happened to the Philly Jim storyline? A flicker last season and now nothing. Not that I want them to break up so they can “grow” cause I think that’s lame, but Jim should do something besides wait for Pam to get back.

    Funniest episode of the season. Love David Wallace!

  52. Good episode!

    I know alot of people want to see JAM all the time, but I like that other Office people are getting to shine…like Phyllis – who was hilarious this episode
    with Dwight!

    But this episode made an important point with JAM, which is do not take the other for granted. Roy planted a seed of doubt in Jim mentioning the “friends” line. But it would be silly for the writers to have Pam screw around right after she became engaged. Not that realistic. However, I liked that Jim turned back home at the end of the episode. Let Roy’s remark be a warning to you Halpert!

    Loved seeing David Wallace – I wish he were on the show more. But his seeing Michael/Holly dating does not look good (especially how Jan ended at Dunder Mifflin). That said, Michael and Holly are dorkily cute together. Amy Ryan must stay!!!

    I know tanster mentioned this in her Paley review but:

    Is it just me, but is anyone else surprised that we have not seen interaction between Holly and Kevin, after Holly knows that Kevin is not “slow”?

  53. Liked the episode except for the David Wallace appearance. It’s not because I don’t like Andy Buckley (it’s actually the opposite), but it was obvious that his only purpose for being there was to see Michael and Holly together which will result in Holly being transferred back to New York (or somewhere else). Bad writing. Why? Because it makes no sense for the CFO to randomly show up to one of Michael’s ridiculous events. Isn’t this guy suppose to be busy or something?
    As for those complaining about Pam’s personality changing, the writers have already said that they’re writing Jam realistically. They aren’t trying to please the fans.

  54. AMAZING! I LOVED how they brought in David Wallace–and now we can clearly see how they “get rid of” Holly… :( I’m really hoping they find some way to bring her back–because she and Michael are a perfect match! All in all, a great episode, with many cliffhangers left for us to enjoy!

  55. This was probably the funniest episode from the past two seasons! I loved a lot of moments from it, too many to name.

  56. #67

    The plot device of having David Wallace there was, yes, there to create a way to separate Michael and Holly. But, from a character perspective, Wallace doesn’t think too negatively of Michael, was completely aware of the office being robbed, and realized Michael was trying to raise money, so he figured he might as well help out. I mean, when an office gets robbed of virtually everything, that’s kind of a big deal to everyone in the company, seeing as how the employees of that office can’t do their work without certain things.

  57. And briefly I wanted to add:

    For those of you who think Pam is changing too much and the time in NYC is bad for JAM, I wholeheartedly disagree. I think this is the first time Pam’s ever had the opportunity to be on her own and free and have that “university experience”… more power to her for living it up. JAM will be just fine long term. She’s allowed to have fun, and Jim knows it!

  58. Very pleased with this episode. Loved the Dwangela scene and Dwight saying “or you say goodbye to THIS.” LMAO.

    I don’t think they are changing Pam at all. She’s in a new place, experiencing new things, and is finally able to come alive with the Jam engagement and college. Everything is in order for her, and honestly, I think she’s just taking it all in and just having a good time. There is nothing wrong with that.

  59. really glad that relationships other than JAM got the spotlight this time around. Kind of sick of hearing about them, especially when we’ve got an epic pairing like Holly/Michael around! So depressed that that one might not be sticking around much longer :(

  60. I’m still thinking about this one. I’ll have to watch it again. For now I give it a 7.

  61. Okay, I’m totally in love with Holly! Tanster, if you ever get to meet Amy Ryan, tell her that I said to meet me in the warehouse in 15 minutes. Hey, it worked for Dwight, right? Anyway, great episode–I think I enjoyed this one most so far this season! :)

    [from tanster: i actually did walk by Amy during my last set visit, but was too shy to say anything to her … darn!]

  62. Best season 5 episode so far! I found myself asking what took the writers so long to realize that Michael would be the funniest auctioneer ever. The Office writers are geniuses at sneaking in jokes at any point (Dwight’s save the date envelope saying D-money or Darryl’s talking head.) Michael’s crime-aid acronym made the show for me.

  63. Really just a brilliant episode. In my top 5 of all time.

    Tons of funny moments already mentioned here, great character development and foreshadowing.

    I think next week’s episode is going to be horribly sad by the last scene in this episode.

  64. Andy Buckley….. Office heartthrob?

    I think I should re-think my membership in the “I’m a Little Bit in Love with Jim Halpert” group on Facebook and start a club for ladies who love David Wallace.

    [from tanster: he is pretty awesome, isn’t he?]

  65. #67…

    I give this epi 11 and 1 cent. ;)

    So many great parts. Love the TWSS (the best I’ve heard in a long time); the look on Stanley’s face at auctions in the olden days; poor, poor Dwight. Will he fight for his lady? We’ll see…

    but I certainly WON’T miss…that…(what he pointed to). I’m sure Angela will but not me.

    AWESOME epi!!

  66. Before Ryan disappeared, he shielded his face as David Wallace was walking down the aisle so David wouldn’t see him. Such a small thing, but so powerful and funny! That’s what I love about The Office — all the nuances. It takes me at least three viewings of an episode to feel like I saw everything!

    I, too, loved this episode. Well done!

  67. I was waiting for an awkward face-to-face moment between David and Ryan…does David even know that Ryan is working there as a temp?

  68. I loved this one! I can’t wait to watch it again tomorrow to see all the little things I missed. I felt practically everything a person can feel during this episode (happiness for Michael and Holly, sadness for Dwight, awkwardness during the auction, etc.) which was great. The writers are brilliant! And I agree with all the David Wallace love!

  69. I love that Jim is bigger than Roy’s pettiness…He doesn’t want to be “that guy”

  70. Laughed the whole time-
    Some favorite lines:

    Dwight: “It was a classic seven-man job…motive: financial, or an interest in classic HP computers”

    Andy (to Angela): “you are safe with me. I’m a good screamer”

    Michael: “I’ll probably get soup; something light”

  71. I just got home from a meeting to discover that my VCR DID NOT RECORD THE EPISODE! I’m so beyond mad, and sad, and freaking depressed.

    Anyone in the Phoenix area who TiVo’ed it want to invite me over…like right now?!??!

  72. 84 Sherry:

    I would have to assume that David Wallace knows Ryan is working there because of the deleted scene that was mentioned at Paley where DW calls and cusses out Ryan when he answers. Plus, Greg Daniels said that the deleted scenes are to be treated like they actually happened, even if they ended up on the “documentarians” cutting room floor.

  73. Fantastic episode!
    But some of the Dwight scenes really broke my heart
    :( “I just don’t get it… Why is she with Andy?” I am asking myself the same question…

  74. Fantastic episode!! I love that Dwight let the air out of Phyllis’s tires to have her go outside with him haha – classic. And Michael’s talking about sex with Holly was amazing… “I’ll just have soup… something light” hahaha

    And Jim “not being that guy” just made me love that character even more. ::swoon::

  75. In response to John in #89 who wrote:

    Dwight: “It was a classic seven-man job…motive: financial, or an interest in classic HP computers”

    Missed opportunity for “that’s what she said”

  76. I LOVE Michael and Holly. Loved it. Other than that I thought it was a bit fast paced. What was stolen? More than just a laptop.
    Poor Kevin, nobody wanted him to do their taxes.
    And although I love Melora Hardin, a Jan free episode = awesomeness!
    Today was my birthday. Best birthday present ever = great episode of The Office.

  77. Is Holly getting transferred in the next episode since David Wallace saw them? oh no…….

  78. To respond to post #77: *because* she is out of money and engaged to Jim. If ever there were reasons to be out having fun and being ridiculous with new friends in NYC, they are poverty and lonesomeness (is that even a word?). As a wise man named Homer Simpson once said: Here’s to alcohol, the cause of — and solution to — all life’s problems.

    Party on Pam! It’s want Jim would want ;)

  79. Another solid episode.

    I’m glad Jan was not in this one. Too much of her last week.

    I like the way they wrapped up Roy’s story. Being happy for Pam, but still giving Jim a dig. They did a much better job than when they brought back Karen.

    I’m curious as to why they brought back Ryan and haven’t used him except in the background since.

  80. Does anyone else love how the Dwight/Angela/Andy triangle is playing out? I think Phyllis must have had more lines tonight than in any other epsiode.

    Not to be “that” nitpicker but Jim’s u-turn most likely would have been impossible. Most highways leading in or out of Scranton have a median or barrier between lanes running in opposite directions such as 80 east and 80 west.

  81. Where is the petition to keep Holly on the show…I am in the process of coming up with aliases so I can sign it several times

  82. This episode is another example of how they should not have brought Ryan back so early. He’s had no dialogue, even when face to face with Jan. And tonight with David Wallace, only a camera glimpse; not even an awkward conversation. They should have handled Ryan like Toby. Small clues here and there to what he’s up to; or at least have him recovering off camera. Since the 2nd half of episode 1 there’s been no need for him at all. Feels way forced.

    The show’s jokes are still A+ material but with so many relationships swirling around, they waste too much time on weak plot. There are two love triangles and Jim/Pam which used to be a love triangle. What’s next? Kevin/Meredith? Oscar/Creed? I love this show, but enough!

  83. I think we just saw how Holly will be removed from the show (for now). David didn’t seem too happy about her and Michael dating.

    I really didn’t like the drunk dial part. WHY? because Pam was being flirty with another guy.

    Overall, 9/10. Great episode.

  84. very strong episode…season 5 has been so great! i just hope ms. amy ryan won’t be leaving us. for good anyway…

  85. I’m just a little embarassed that it took me about 15 minutes after the show ended to understand what Jim meant by “I’m not gonna be that guy.” I thought, “Why wouldn’t you want to drive up to see your long-distance girlfriend for no particular reason?” *blushes*
    While it wasn’t my favorite episode ever, I love Holly. Can we please keep her? I promise I’ll feed her, walk her, take care of her and everything.. pretty please?

    And Dwight’s “say goodbye to THIS” was priceless. A little squicky, but priceless nonetheless.

  86. Silver, I completely agree with you about the ADA triangle. I didn’t think I would like it, but it’s nice seeing how Andy and Angela actually do kind of fit and to see another side of Dwight.

    As for the u turn, I think he was on a street road that both highways came off of and he took a u turn before taking ramp for 80 E

    And what did Michael say about reservations and 1 hour 45 min after Holly said it’s time when they were playing cards?

  87. That was such an amazing episode. So much was going on — Michael/Holly, Phyllis being awesome, Dwight’s ultimatum, the awkward auction, a Jim/Roy “confrontation”, David Wallace — and I could not stop laughing through the entire episode. I loved Michael on the phone with Pam at the beginning — poor Pam!

    Quite possibly one of my favorite episodes ever.

  88. Best of the season. By far! I can’t even pick a favorite moment; there were too many.

    I like how they handled Pam/Jim this week. After the cheesy tag last week, I am just glad they kept it very real this episode. Jenna isn’t getting much screen time all, but I’m sure it’s a nice break for her!

  89. I thought this episode was spectacular. I really like how they are giving more focus to other relationships while still giving us a taste of JAM.

    I wish they’d just keep Amy Ryan- she is amazing. I think it’s darling how she thinks Michael is so awesome. Haven’t we all felt that way about a new goober boyfriend?

  90. #19

    I completely agree with you! I’ve always had a huge crush on David Wallace. Andy Buckley is the sexiest actor on the office.

  91. I understand why Pam is partying it up in NYC. Jim probably had a chance to have fun on his own, to live life and to party. Pam never got that chance. She’s been with Roy all her life and gettting drunk at Chilis was probably her wildest party moment in life up until now.

  92. I wanted this show to continue…lots of teases. What will David Wallace do with Michael and Holly? Is Pam involved with someone else? Will Roy look for Pam in New York? Does Roy know where New York is located? What is Angela really thinking? What happened to Dwights stick-knife?

    I loved the Michael and Holly dialogue…”I can’t go out with you tonight…” Very funny.

    I missed Kelly in this episode.

  93. I thought this episode was good, not great. I thought it was a little too busy. And I really wish they’d give Pam some more air time – we’re hardly seeing her this season! What’s up with that?

  94. I love drunk Pam! Since The Dundies, I’ve been wondering when they’d bring that back. Also, very proud of Jim for turning back. Holly and Michael were crazy cute, but she is soooo fired or getting transferred. David Wallace had to deal with Jan, then Ryan. He’s not going to want more drama here. Loved Dwight…”You slap like a girl.” lol

  95. Nooooo! If David Wallace breaks up Michael and Holly I will kill myself. Like Romeo & Juliet. The Claire Danes one. Also I’m not Romeo or Juliet.

  96. 53 | dusty

    YES!!! That one thing–that Roy now works at the Vitamin Shoppe–had me laughing almost harder than anything else tonight! :-D

    Poor Jim! I think his sudden panic about Pam shows the stress he’s been under lately, without her. And Bravo, Dwight, bidding for the hug! And poor Andy. “I really need a hug…” And yes, David Wallace is all kinds of awesome.

    Man–this was a really great episode! *happy sigh* I love this show. :-D

  97. I loved what Phyllis told Dwight when he asked why Angela is with Andy!! “Angela isn’t a risk taker… and Andy isn’t a risk.” SUCH a perfect sum-up of what’s going on… not really a healthy reason to get married, but spot-on. Phyllis was really amazing tonight.

    And I, too, loved Michael as an auctioneer, especially— “Ssswwiiiiing, batter-batter-batter-batter!” LOLOL, I tell you!

  98. David Wallace is always a nice treat. He’s so great.

    I loved the pairs in action tonight (twss): Dwight and Phyllis, Michael and Holly.

    Dwight’s reticent confiding in Phyllis reminded me of when he asked for valentine’s day help from pam in season 2. “Like a ham? No, not like a ham…Ok, thanks, shut up.” He reels them in to get what he needs (as if he had volunteer deputy sheriff’s training, or something) and then takes back the ‘secret’ by denying it happened. It’s funny and mean. But it’s not as cruel as “slapping someone with silence.”

    And Holly. Wow. Amy Ryan Forever. She is too ligit to quit. Please don’t ever take Holly away, powers that be.

  99. Absolutely LURRVED this episode!!!!

    1) All the Michael-Holly cuteness… Rainn Wilson needs to hold Amy Ryan hostage, just like he did with Jenna Fischer.
    2) Holly: “A lot of Michael seems too good to be true. So far, it’s all true.” awwww, cuteness overload! :)
    3) TWSS!
    4) Crime.Reduces.Innocence.Makes.Everybody. Angry.I.Declare.
    5) Michael on the phone with Pam
    6) Creed’s talking head
    7) Dwight raising every bid by 1 penny HA!
    8) Ryan slouching down in his chair & hiding his face when David Wallace walks in

    This episode was nothing but WIN. Wish it was an hour-long…

  100. Why couldn’t the transfer be Jim’s from Scranton to NY?
    It keeps Holly/Michael thing going, fixes the Jim/Pam distance thing, and allows for a new branch rivalry storyline.

  101. #79, I want to be in that club.

    I made sure to get a picture with him at the convention…I absolutely love everyone but he was my goal! And I did it! *dances dorky-like* =p

  102. Great episode! Loved Dwight and Phyllis interacting. Michael and Holly are so wonderful together. I didn’t like the Jim/Pam angst — but thought it was probably pretty realistic as they try to manage their LDR. Pam needs to come back to Scranton now and change her partying ways!! (sort of just kidding)

  103. Rok, it states clearly in an episode description AFTER next week that Jim is still in Scranton, so it can’t be him.

  104. I can’t believe how angry some people are with the JAM situation. I think the writers are doing exactly what they said they would do…make JAM’s relationship realistic.

  105. i really enjoyed this episode. business ethics and baby shower left me feeling like something was missing from the office i knew and loved, and tonight’s episode brought it all back for me. i loved the interaction between michael and holly, david wallace showing up for the auction, and dwight raising his bid for phyllis’s hug by a penny was priceless!

  106. I love creed, everything about creed or whoever the hell he really is….

    and oh no i will bleed from my heart if anything bad happens to Jim and Pam :/

  107. That was more like it! Awesome episode, even with the looming departure of Holly Flax we’re treated to a reminder why we got into this show in the first place. I love every season, but this was the most “S2” feeling we’ve had in a loooooooong time! Celebration Village, baby~!

  108. I thought this ep really brought the level back up.. funny! plus ships! Great pacing, good fish-out-of-water pairing (Dwight/Phyllis), good advancement on storylines.. TO is back. :)

    I want Pam back though! I miss her dynamic.

    LOVED Dwight in this ep.. I have a huge crush on Dwight, I would take “all of this” over Andy any day, “no risk” or not.

    I wish they would do more with Ryan.. actually, I wish the show were an hour every week so they could fit in more. :) Best ep of the season!

  109. I LOVED it!!! One of my favourite eps ever.

    As far as Pam living it up in NYC, I agree with all of the comments about her getting to experience being a student. Jim is missing her but genuinely happy that she’s doing so well (ahhhhh). And she can afford to have a night out, because she’s working part time.

    Michael and Holly are beyond adorable. And I cheered when Phyllis slapped Dwight, and when he started upping the bid on her hugs.

  110. Great great episode! I give it season 3, bordering on season 2 in its greatness. Loved Jim’s relationship with the camera and that there was nothing big, broad, and obnoxious in this episode! I would be proud to show this episode to recruit new Office converts. Also loved the lack of focus on Jim and Pam. And I agree with #115, Pam absolutely should be living it up in New York- it’s not like she’s not going to school and just screwing around. It would be really pathetic if she felt like she couldn’t have fun just because Jim wasn’t there.

  111. I agree with what seems to be the general consensus here: this was a FANTASTIC episode, already an all-time favorite! I haven’t laughed this hard in weeks!
    And that awkward handshake/high-five between Roy and Jim – priceless!

  112. I love David Wallace! He brings such a wonderful personality to the show. This had to be one of the best episodes ever! You know, I just never saw Pam as one to go out and get drunk with friends. That sounds like Roy when they were together. We shall see.

    I am going to miss Amy Ryan so much! She is just plain adorable. I also loved the Dwight/Phyllis interaction. My heart broke when he asked, “Then why is she marrying Andy?” Loved it!

  113. I thought this was an excellent episode! 9/10

    I love that Jim turned around, but I hope he talks to her about it. They seem to have difficulties talking about the important things.

    Michael/Holly…I so wish she was staying on the show. She’s perfect.

    The TWSS was the best one ever. I died laughing.

    And, if anyone does start a David Wallace/Andy Buckley fan club, I’m in!

  114. 125-

    i was talking to my sister not too long ago, and i told her how much i wanted holly to stay. she told me to write the cast a letter, and then all of a sudden, she’s like, “no, say, ‘Dear Dwight, keep holly hostage.”

    i just thought it was funny you said that

  115. I honestly don’t think Pam would get involved with anyone else. She loves Jim and I’m so glad he turned around. When he said that he wasn’t that guy and they weren’t that couple a huge smile came on my face.

    I love Michael and Holly. Of course David Wallace is going to break them up. :(

    Dwight can have his nice moments and his bidding on that hug was so sweet.

  116. I was so happy to see David Wallace, we need to see him more! It was nice to see Roy too…The vitamin t-shirt was awesome!
    The episode was perfect!:)
    I’m going to watch it again right now!

  117. Phyllis shined in this episode. She did a great job counseling Dwight. This is the first time I started to think that Angela might actually marry Andy.

  118. Just wanted to add my congratulations to Phyllis (the Phyllis who plays Phyllis, that is) – you stole the show, lady! (And it was a truly great episode, probably one of my favourites, so that’s saying something!)

  119. Last night’s TWSS was the best EVER. I had to pause for like 5 minutes so the laughter in the room could stop!! That was classic.

    I was worried that Jim was going to overhear something on the voicemail message that would make him upset or worried. Roy was actually more decent than I would have expected. Loved Jim’s nerves around him….he’s adorable. Can’t wait to see him and Pam together again, I feel like the show is really missing it.

    Poor Dwight. And yay for Holly and Michael!

    p.s. big love for David Wallace too. He’s HOT!!

  120. 118 – I agree. Too much crammed into one half-hour episode. Pam’s new job; Michael/Holly; Jim/Roy/Pam; Robbery/Crime Aid; Angela/Andy and Phyllis/Dwight. Too busy. Could easily have been 2 episodes spending a little more time with each storyline.

  121. How great is Phyllis this season?? She’s really coming into her own as a character. It’s awesome.

  122. GREAT episode!
    The interaction between various characters was just so realistic and spot-on.
    I like how we are getting to learn more about characters such as Phyillis, Stanley, Creed, Meredith, etc…
    And can I just give a shout out to David Wallace? WAY TO GO! How great of him to drive to Scranton to help his lowly branch:)

  123. I have started an online petition to keep Amy Ryan on The Office. Let’s show them how much we need her! You don’t need to register to vote.

  124. I loved the squeaky gavel! I was laughing so hard i didn’t hear the twss, then i had to watch it again and i laughed even more. It’s the little things in the show that make it so awesome!

  125. elephant in the room, you guys. Amy Ryan was only signed up for 5 episodes last I checked. Hmmm. She’s out pretty soon. Sad.

  126. I absolutely LOVED this episode.
    From Michael and Holly, to Dwight and Phyllis, to Jim and Pam, everything was just SO good!

  127. This episode was amazing! I love Phyllis anyway and last night, I think she shined. More of the characters should get some facetime like that in the future. My heart went out to Dwight (weird, I know). And I will officially join the petition to keep Amy Ryan. She is awesome and if she leaves next Thursday, I will be so depressed.

    I loved Jim/Roy. I was so glad when Jim turned the car around. Even though Pam was drunk dialing his voicemail amd Roy tried to freak him out, his trust in her and confidence in their relationship won out. Beautiful.

    I give this episode a 10. It was classic Office and I absolutely loved it.

  128. my guess is holly gets transfered because of the conflict of interest. am i the only one who can’t stand holly and michael? they enable each other in the dumb awkwardness which is awkward for the sake of awkwardness. and really? best episode of the season? this one didn’t do it for me, there are less and less funny jokes. don’t get me wrong i love the office since it started, but lately it’s changed so much

  129. ……..
    this episode had me SO concerned about JAM….
    Jim is not that kind of guy, but it wouldn’t hurt just to go see his gf…

    poor Dwight…i think there’s a part of Angela that loves Andy, but she’s not in love with Andy though.

    And DAVID WALLACE…oh my god… what is he gonna do????

  130. Dear Phyllis Smith, Andy Buckley, David Denman, Amy Ryan, and Creed Bratton~

    I am in love with you.


    P.S. OK, John, I still love you too…

  131. 141 | Ted Lehman: I’m obsessed. Most tv relationships have overly contrived drama, JAM is great when they’re realistic, it’s been nice seeing a happy dedicated couple on tv for a change.

  132. Another fantastic episode. I’m really falling in love with Season Five.

    However, I do mainly wanna use this post to bring up Pam’s absence. Her last day, according to Weight Loss, was Monday, July 7th. Let’s even give her a full week to pack, travel, register, get situated, etc. Okay, so classes start on 7.14. Three months would be 10.14, though, more realistically, 12 weeks would put the end at 10.3 (and even with two very generous week-long breaks, we’re at 10.17). And, according to the synopsis for next week, she’s still at corporate.


    (Oh, and don’t even get me started on Toby leaving in May and, when interviewed on August 18th, claiming to only have been in Costa Rica for five and a half weeks.)

  133. This was a GREAT episode! What a nice surprise for David Wallace to show up.

    The funniest part to me was Hank the Security Guard playing the blues and he had his CD’s set up in front of him.

    A well written episode! Good job Charlie!

  134. I don’t know why everyone is getting so bent out of shape over this Pam-Art School business. She left in the summer for a summer thing, obviously liked it and enrolled for more classes in the fall semester. It’s not that big of a deal.

    I’m glad we’re not seeing as much of her- don’t get me wrong, I love Jenna/Pam, but it’s unrealistic to think the documentary crew could have one team of camera/crew to follow one employee when they’re off at college- it’s just unrealistic. The writers have stayed true to the “mockumentary” style by not including her that much, and I appreciate that a lot. Sometimes this style might seem constraining, but “the Office” wouldn’t be the same without it.

  135. Wow, based on all the love for this episode, I guess I’ll have to watch it again. My initial reaction was “Meh.” Decent plot development, but zero laughs for me. The whole Phyllis/Dwight thing: totally forced & unlikely. The auction scenario: lame. I dunno. So far, watching Season 5 episodes has been like watching Star Trek movies: every OTHER one is great.

  136. This episode had many obvious high points already mentioned… Dwight/Phyllis (her speech to dwight in the parking lot was actually exactly what I needed to hear at that very moment…), the amazing TWSS, Holly and Michael, etc. After going back and watching the episode again (and again), I found some of the best minor moments I’ve ever witnessed on the show.

    1. “She thought I was McNabb”
    2. The look on Stanley’s face after Michael says “We’ll auction off people like in the olden days!”
    3. Michael truly believing Farm Aid fights… AIDS.
    4. Andy and Angela’s plans to move to Celebration, Florida.
    5. Ryan’s reaction when David Wallace shows (p.s. yes, totally agree with everyone who finds him incredible)

    loved every moment! It’s been a really rough couple of days, and this helped a little.

  137. #152 – TWSS stands for “That’s What She Said”.

    Also, does anybody else feel like David Wallace being at the auction was totally random?? Why would he be there? What am I missing? Makes no sense at all!

    Overall, I just didn’t care for this episode. I feel like there was too much crammed into it; however with that being said I did enjoy seeing Michael & Holly finally get together.

  138. wow..what a fantastic ep! At first, I thought it would be either an A or A+, but I forgot there’s A++.. which is what this ep was! Totally awesome, although you could predict they had to find a way to transfer out Holly, which is sad; but nevertheless, the best of Season 5! Darryl and The Boys in da Hood haha!! Love Jim’s trust.. Love Dwight’s commitment.. Love Michael in love!! Every single character had outstanding moments! Bob and Phyllis’ hug, Kevin the Tax Man, Classic Creed.. will definitely watch it 10 more times by Thursday!

  139. So Holly has definitely had her moments, but she needs to leave so Michael can start wooing the one person he really has feelings for: Ryan.

    Temp, Temp, Temp, Temp… Ryan, Ryan, Ryan

  140. Loved the episode! Hilarious and super happy for Michael & Holly…or should I say… “Molly”?? haha!

    Can’t wait to see what develops…

  141. Great episode! Poor Dwight! A lovesick Schrute is a dangerous animal. Phyllis knows how to handle him, though. And she has a handle on the Andy/Angela relationship — “Angela’s not really a risk taker and Andy’s not really a risk.” LOL!

    Glad Jim came to his senses, turned around and decided not to be “that guy.”

  142. So since Pam drunk dialed Jim’s work phone at 3am, do you think she called when the robbers broke in? They were probably listening to her voicemail! lol

  143. Very funny episode overall–it’s been a great season so far. Michael and Holly together is heaven. And Phyllis was on fire!

    My one hang-up was the purpose of the auction. I kept asking my poor husband why Dunder Mifflin’s insurance wouldn’t cover the cost of the stolen goods? I actually thought that was the reason David Wallace showed up and was shocked when he joined in. I realize that’s what makes it funny–there’s absolutely no reason to hold an auction–but somehow, it didn’t work for me. My willing suspension of disbelief wasn’t so willing, I guess!

  144. I am super disturbed by Pam’s drunk dial. She seems to have gotten too wild, like a different character rather than an evolved version of herself. She’s spending to the point of being out of money at a time when Jim is talking about doing well at work to help their future. She’s drunk at 3 a.m., flirting with another guy, and staying up until 8 a.m. If she does want to cut loose and drink, which is loads of fun, she should wait for Jim. They should be able to spend every weekend together, she can still have the fun college experiences, and she won’t put Jim through anymore agony… he’s already had that for years.

  145. This was a good episode, but I’m getting tired of Pam being away. Her absence shows how important she is to the dynamic of DM Scranton.

    I’m also a bit disappointed overall. My hope was that the writers would have created scenarios allowing Jim to define himself professionally and personally without Pam being in Scranton – allow him to spread his wings. His attempts to manage the office failed a few times last year. How can he improve? What does he want out of life besides Pam? But this isn’t happening. Jim is still only defined by being in love with Pam and getting married. These are wonderful things. But what does Jim want that doesn’t involve Pam? This hasn’t been developed. We are on episode four, and there were so many wasted opportunities.

    I know some won’t agree, but that’s how I feel. I’m Team Halpert. I’m rooting for Jim.

  146. I’ve been kind of disappointed with the plot lately..
    The episodes don’t seem to be nearly as great as previous ones. However, last night’s episode, I thought, was amazing. I was kind of surprised to see Roy come back, and I really thought for a second that Jim was going to get hurt :D (glad he didn’t though…)
    And I’m just finding out that Amy Ryan is leaving soon??!! She has to stay! I really didn’t think there could ever be a “she-Michael”, but she is amazing!
    And one of my favorite quotes last night was from Kevin, about his surge protector :)
    I can’t wait until next week!!!

  147. I absolutely love Holly and Michael! I seriously can’t get enough. Some truly achingly sweet moments between them. Their talking heads scenes were hysterical too. Steve Carell and Amy Ryan rock!
    This was a really fun episode. There was some great Phyllis and Dwight interaction too. I laughed hysterically at Stanley’s reaction to Michael’s auction idea as well.

  148. Like most episodes you notice a lot of funny stuff in the second watch. For example, the cover of Hank’s blues CDs shows Hank in his Security guard uniform. Also, did anyone else catch that Andy called Ryan “Receptionist Money?” Pure gold.

  149. Yes, if there is a petition to keep Amy Ryan on this show, I will sign. “Abso-fruitly! Grapes, fruit. Nailed the joke. Only a matter of time.”

  150. I was re-watching the episode and just now caught the part where Dwight was talking about security tapes and Michael and Holly exchanged this hilarious “Oh, no” look! Amy Ryan needs to stay!

  151. To all the folks who missed the Roy line about Jim being Pam’s friend, I think it was also suggesting that “well, you were her friend when she and I (Roy) were together, and she ended up with you (Jim).” Sort of like you’d better watch her or some other guy friend will snatch her up. That’s just what I got out of it.

    Fantastic episode! I love the Dwight/Phyllis secret conversations, because that sort of thing happens in every office. And David Wallace rules! Andy Buckley should get an Emmy nomination, seriously.

  152. Great episode. Not LMAO great, like some in the past, but good.

    I wish they’d tell us the date of Andy and Angela’s wedding. All the Office characters know, why shouldn’t we?

  153. Pretty good episode. But this show needs to focus more on the BETTER characters that get shoved to the background: Oscar, Stanley, Creed, Meredith, Kevin, Ryan. All the ones that AREN’T in relationships.

    I’m just sick and tired of all these ridiculous relationships being the focal point of the show. It’s called “The Office,” not “The Love Connection.”

    Get back on track: office humor.

  154. I am always reluctant to say anything negative about The Office but I feel that lately it has lost some of the awkwardness that has always made it so hilarious. I really like Holly as a character but she definitely makes Michael feel less like Michael, less ridiculous and less funny because of it. And I agree with a previous comment: there are just too many love plots. I am a sucker for love stories but I feel that it sometimes takes away from the show somehow. Still an avid fan though…can’t wait for next Thursday.

  155. @163

    He might have taken a couple weeks to get ready, say his goodbyes, pack, find a place to live, etc. I mean, I’m with ya, but I suppose the Toby time difference can be justified.

    Or time just moves slower in Costa Rica.

  156. I thought this was an excellent episode. It was even better the second time I watched it. Although I agree with a lot of people that I don’t like when “secondary” characters are pushed into the background .. Ryan & Kelly didn’t have any lines and Kevin/Oscar/Stanley had minimal lines as well. Also I wish Pam would come back.

    As far as Pam “changing” – think about it – if you went from doing a boring job you didn’t really want to getting to live your dream and finally be independent – would you really be exactly the same? Now Pam has the opposite of what she had with Roy (who she had been with since high school and who didn’t even want her to do that three week seminar). She never really experienced this part of life and it’s part of her overall character arc of gaining more confidence and courage. Good for Jim for turning around and not wanting to be “that guy.”

    I agree with #177 though – I wish Jim would become more dimensional. We know what Pam’s dreams are .. what about his?

  157. I fail to understand how these episodes continue to receive the praise they have. Two episodes in a row where the entire story from each centers around relationships. The name of this show is The OFFICE, not Office Relationships. Enough with this ridiculous angle…you’ve turned Jim into a shadow of his former self. Andy was one of the best characters on this show, and I cannot stand what they’ve done with him. I absolutely loved this show, but it has taken a terrible turn south the past two seasons.

  158. Isn’t Pam a little old to be partying into the wee hours of the night? I realize that she’s kind of had a restricted life, but come on!

    Other than that, I liked this episode a lot. It’s nice to see Michael finally in a relationship where someone actually respects him. And I was thrilled to see Dwight give Angela an ultimatum. Can’t wait to see what happens next in Scranton.

  159. I really liked the episode. There were so many hidden gem one-liners that make “The Office” special: the amazing “That’s what she said,” Andy’s “I’m a very good screamer,” and Michael turning “down” the microphones. Classic.

    I’m also happy Holly is set to exit. NOT ’cause I don’t think she’s GREAT on the show, but *that* many people happily dating in *one* small office just isn’t realistic to me. “The Office” with a cute, happy, quasi-normal Michael wouldn’t be the show I fell in lurve with.

  160. First off, I really liked the episode and thought the Dwight and Phyllis storyline was great. However, #169, I agree with you. I thought there were too many stories crammed into one episode. It felt a little disconnected. I liked when there was one main plot and the characters’ story lines revolved around that – like the episodes in Season 2. ‘The Injury’ makes me laugh to this day.

  161. 177 | Debi: It’s like you read my mind. But even after getting Pam, I sort of feel like Jim has been a victim throughout seasons 4 & 5.

  162. Oh and black cat (#175) I think the auction was to make up for personal items that were stolen like Oscar’s laptop that wouldn’t be covered under a Dunder Mifflin insurance policy. Hence the line that Oscar said “So, in order to recoup the value of items we liked, we have to spend more money on things we don’t want. Who would ever come to this?”

  163. #192 – i can’t speak for anyone else, but personally, i just like a funny, smart, well written show. even if an episode focuses on relationships it approaches them with fresh intelligent humor and in a way that sitcoms have never done before. i am a fan of wit and satire and well written television and the office season 2 AND the office season 5 fall under that category. hope my perspective helps.

  164. Sorry but since the season premiere, this season is just terrible, and getting worse every episode. I was obsessed with the Office before now, but I may stop watching altogether after this episode.

  165. #185 – You didn’t see the “Save the Date” invitation posted on Angela & Andy’s Wedding site? It has the date there…it’s Nov. 26, 2009 :)

  166. Go back to the first and second season…the show has become watered down, which I think means the writing comes across one dimensional and the humor is on the level of a McDonald’s commercial. I do watch because I want to see what happens though, but it is not challenging or creative in the way it used to be.

  167. Anyone else see David Wallace not knowing about Michael and Holly as a form of development for Michael? Just the fact that he hasn’t told David Wallace yet is a testament to the new post-Jan Michael.

  168. Loved this episode. Laugh-out-loud funny as ever. I don’t understand the “it’s all about relationships” complaint. As long as the show stays funny, who cares if it focuses more on relationships? I don’t.

    I have no problem with Pam’s “partying” but she really needs to come back to the office. It just feels weird without her.

  169. Great episode!! However, Pam has been away from The Office long enough — she needs to give up her “partying ways” :-) and come home. Separating Jim & Pam is too much like S3 – I’m not liking it.

  170. This season is not good enough for you? Are you kidding. If the show was the same as S1 and S2, people would be complaining it hadn’t changed. There are still funny and awkward moments and now that we know the ins and outs of the characters, we can take sidetracks on relationships and other things. Crime Aid was just as good as any S2 though S4 episode.

  171. While I enjoy the Dwight/Angela drama, but I am in the “why can’t the show be more realistic?” camp. In the case of Michael’s auction, I can’t imagine that happening in the real world.

    (For the record, I found “The Injury” to be ridiculous, similarly.)

    The crazy stuff is worthwhile when it actually shows a new side to a character — Dwight and Michael in “Money” — but the wackiness for the sake of wackiness (or worse, for the sake of a lack of creativity) is just bad. “Weight Loss” was great, but the season is falling. Quick.

  172. I actually thought this was the 2nd best episode this season next to weight loss. But I agree that the relationships are taking away from what we use to love about the office: the random story lines (like michael burning his foot, or dwight competing with the computer), pranks, and jokes. For example, Andy calling everyone d-money, or j-money, or k-money? Haha. That’s the kind of stuff that makes the office hilarious and unique. All the lovey dovey, drama, “awwww” moments need to be minimized.

  173. The episode was surprisingly, pretty good and funny. So far, IMO, Season 5 is miles better than Season 4.

    However, I agree. They do need to tone down the relationship part of the show. I mean, it’s always been there, just not this much. At most, there should be two relationships happening in the background like before.

    With that said, it does sort of look like they’re going back to the basics. I can see the flashes of greatness and I think they should keep doing that.

  174. I loved this episode! It is definitely my favorite so far this season.
    I do not think that it is a bad thing that these episodes have been focusing on relationships. If every episode since Season One focused on things primarily occurring in the office, people would complain that the show is stale and repetitive. I think that the show is maturing along with the characters, and that one of the primary reasons that people have become so involved with these characters is because of how relatable all of these relationships are.
    By the way, did anyone else notice that the banner behind Michael while the auction was going on said “C.R.I.M.E. – A.I.D.” on it, as though it was an acronym? I figure that Michael probably saw this written on a banner for some cause that actually was an acronym and then just transferred it to “Crime Aid,” assuming that all charity names are just written this way. I love all of the little jokes in this show!


    Last night’s episode had some great laugh out loud moments (all-inclusive Creed!), and I agree it was the second best of the season. But why aren’t they utilizing one of their best cast members? At least when Jim was in Stamford, we got to see what he was doing.

  176. Roy drops a line about Jim being Pam’s “friend”….and later… Pam , who’s out drunk with her “friends”, leaves a voicemail message and you can hear a male voice in the background.

    Hmmmmm…….is there a new love triangle forming?

  177. You know…I was also kind of wondering if anyone really cares WHO robbed DM…is Ryan under suspicion? After all, he has a record now, even if the first crime was white collar. Anyone? Anyone?

  178. Does anyone here not LOVE phyllis? These past few seasons her character had gotten more and more funny. I hope the writers keep it up, especially with the lesser known actors.

  179. I loved this episode. I couldn’t stop laughing.

    I do see what people are saying about focusing too much on the relationships. Before we got to see glimpses of the relationships through what was happening in the office and i loved that. Now they are like the main story and you see glimpses of office life through them.

    Still, as long as it’s funny, i’m down with it.And this was a pretty awesome episode.

  180. #218

    Pam leaves the drunken message on Jim’s phone, and Jim tells Roy about that, which makes him make that friend comment. The friend comment doesn’t occur before the drunken message.

    And can I just say Michael and Holly’s hand-holding was adorable? Reminiscent of Season 4 Jim and Pam.

  181. What a great episode. Charlie Grandy must have a head jam packed with funny lines, because they were unstoppable!

    I loved Michael’s completely inappropriate question to Holly about 3rd date sex and her total acceptance of this question and ‘hell yeah’ response.

    Even though we only saw snips of the auction, it was great when Michael announced that he wanted people to stop storming off the stage so we could get an idea of what had transpired thus far–ha ha! Huey Lewis and the News is quite possibly my least favorite bands (wince–no offense meant!), so I found it awesome that this, in my opinion, kinda dorky music was what Michael had mistaken for Bruce Springsteen.

    Roy’s subtle jab at Jim, and Jim’s realization and U-turn before he got on I-80 were such poignant, true to life moments. This scenario could have been handled so melodramatically but instead had such great impact with this very real approach.

  182. When Jim tells Roy about Pam partying Roy says: “wow, i thought you were a friend”, as saying “i thought she was partying with YOU until 8am” (like having sex or something) That got Jim worried as to what she might be doing in NY.
    Ok so someone fill me in: Is Amy Ryan leaving the Office? Is it Holly that’s leaving or Amy Ryan the actress who won’t be in The Office anymore?

  183. can i point out that in season two:
    ryan and kelly started dating
    pam was engaged to roy (and flirting with jim)
    dwight and angela started secretly dating
    michael and jan started their relationship

    the show has always had a bunch of relationships going on; i think maybe we all view it with a more critical eye now that we are more involved as fans.

  184. I’d like to stand up for Pam. She’s never lived anywhere but Scranton. She dated one guy since high school and never mentioned any personal friends (other than Jim) before. Now she’s in New York. She’s in school doing what she has always wanted to do and surrounded by people who share this interest. This is a likely scenario: they go to class and then someone says “let’s go get a beer” and one beer leads to many and the next thing you know it is 8am and you’re all in someone’s dorm room watching the Big Lebowski or something! We can’t honestly expect her to shortchange her experience out of some misplaced loyalty to Jim. Her boyfriend isn’t around so as further punishment she has to sit home every night and just miss him? That wouldn’t be realistic.

  185. The harsh criticism surprises me. I think people that have watched the show from the beginning have become very used to The Office unique humor and are now way more critical. I know that if this episode aired a few years ago and they were just starting to watch the show, they would find it surprising and hilarious. But of course, now they are so used to the characters that a lot of things no longer surprise them. Quit comparing, and start enjoying the episodes for what they are, people! Excellent television!

  186. Oh relax people. Stop being melodramatic. College is about random drunk escapades with your buddies. It doesn’t suddenly mean pam is going to sleep with some guy just because she’s up at 5 am.

  187. So is the 6:14 time any coincidence with the 6:14 AM wake-up time from Evan Almighty and the Genesis 6:14 references?

  188. If not the least funny, definitely one of the least funny episodes I’ve ever seen of the office, and what was the point of the ending with David Wallace.

  189. I see some of you are tying Wallace being there as some kind of foreshadowing to Michael and Holly being split up. I’ll admit it makes sense but I really hope that is not the case. Michael and Holly are perfect for each other. Seriously.

  190. This was such a classic episode. I am loving this season possibly as much as season 2. I lol’ed a billion times and Michael and Holly totally stole the show. Amy Ryan, if I could, I would personally compensate you for all the big screen money/opportunities you’d be losing so you could stay on the show forever.

  191. Kudos to Charlie Grandy. One of the best Office episodes ever, and sorely needed especially after last week’s dreadful episode.

  192. One of my favourite episodes since.. well the premiere of this season. =D I’m loving this season, and I’ve been watching since 1×01.

    I LOVE Holly!?!? And the ROY CAMEO!!! I’ve been waiting for that for so long, that was soooo good. Ugh, was brilliant. I hope he pops up in later episodes.. I love the friction he caused between Jim and Pam. And it’s true, what if some drunk college guy makes a move on Pam just because he can?

    Loved this episode and love this show.

  193. There was not a single thing I didn’t like about this episode. Excellent writing, excellent acting and what can I say; “hell, yeah!”

  194. What a great episode. Just awesome. I am absolutely positive surprised of this season up to now.
    Most of the times I really start liking the episodes when I watch them the second time, this one I loved from the beginning on.
    A lot of great lines, great character development, and a very happy atmosphere which I really liked. Michael and Holly were awesome together, and Michael was in top form at the auction. I also loved Phyllis this episode and the development the auction took. Although we are going to see some love trouble (especially with Michael and Holly)we got this episode. Absolutely great.

  195. Didn’t think this was a strong episode but loved the Michael-Holly action. Dwight was great – breaks your heart! David Wallace will split up Michael and Jan next week. I think he understands that Holly must be a lot like Michael and there’s no way he’s going to want to the ’em in one branch!!!

  196. I thought this was a great episode. The Dwight and Phyliss interaction was hysterical, yet very touching. On the rewatch, I found so many things I missed on my first viewing. I’m sure I’ll find more on my third viewing, because you know there will be another one! I loved the Andy comment to Angela about the hug, “I need a hug, unless you are going to give me one.” I only wish there was some Kelly Kapoor action. I did miss that. Can’t wait until next week!

  197. I lurved it.

    I don’t want Holly to leave… EVER. She’s perfect for Michael, and I love seeing him happy.

  198. In my opinion, this was one of the best episodes in a while! I can’t wait to see more. The Office is AMAZING!!!!

  199. The Michael/Holly stuff totally made me fall in love with this episode. Everything else was just ok. But that made the show for me.

  200. Poor Dwight! Poor Michael for about-to-get his heart broken when Holly leaves… Poor Jim for missing his honeybunch, Pam. Lucky Phyllis for having a husband whose willing to pay $1000 for a hug!

  201. Okay, I love Pam. Seriously, you would not believe the similarities between me and my boyfriend and Pam and Jim. So I know what would be going through her head, and I think she has every right to go out and party with her friends.

    I understand that there might be a little reason for concern knowing what happened with Roy. But as Jim said, they aren’t that couple. Jim and Pam are perfect for each other. And I’m assuming this male voice that we heard in the voicemail is the same guy from the first episode. We don’t even know his name. I don’t think they would build up a love triangle with someone we don’t even know. Jim wasn’t worried when he listened to the message, it was Roy that put the thought in his head. And Roy is a jerk that doesn’t know anything.

  202. GREAT point, #226! Never really tought of that, but it’s absolutely true.

    People who fuss about Season 5 being so “relationship-oriented” seem to have forgotten that.

  203. The kisses between Holly and Michael at the end of this episode were too good just to see once. So my VHS tape got a little workout right after the show was over! She definitely brings out the best in him.

  204. I really loved this episode! No wasting time at all!
    I will say I didn’t really care about the Jim/Pam stuff that much, though. I just didn’t really want to see Roy again (even though D. Denham is a great actor), and I don’t like the idea of Pam turning into a total party girl when she goes to art school. It’s like she doesn’t even care about Jim. Not cool.

  205. I was actually looking forward to seeing what would have happened if Jim had gone to NY. I wouldn’t mind some Jim and Pam drama. They are only human. As long as they stay together, some drama would be exciting. I have always loved the moments of tension between them: The Fight comes to mind where Jim looked like a wounded puppy when Pam demanded that he put her down. Or when Pam suggested the job in Maryland and Jim blew her off the rest of the day. Those were the days… Bring on the drama! (but nothing too crazy, it must be Office-style!)

  206. Michael honestly thought “Short People” by Randy Newman was Bruce…is he really that dumb? I wonder sometimes…

  207. Hi folks,
    I have a question for you. We are making czech subtitles for The Office. I am having problem with this episode. When Michael says again and again BATTER and then SWING. What does it mean? Is it some kind of pop culture reference? Something from baseball slang? Please email [email protected] Thank you very much for your help.

  208. i am married. sometimes my husband will be tired or not feel like going or staying out. i will go out without him and have stayed up until 4am. no big deal. it’s because we trust each other completely. when you don’t have a drama filled relationship you don’t have to walk on eggshells or be careful about what you do, with whom and when. pam knows that and jim, despite a moment of weakness, knows it too.

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