John Krasinski on The Office fitness orb prank

The Office’s John Krasinski talks about his favorite Jim prank on Dwight (the fitness orb from the Season 2 episode Performance Review) and reveals a little behind-the-scenes trivia.

When Rainn’s on the exercise ball bouncing up and down, I come over and I stab it with the scissors. In every other take we did, I stabbed it and it just slowly goes down. And the camera angle was that he just slowly ducked behind the thing and it was incredible. On the last take, they were like “do one more.” And I remember going over and I went boom! And I must have hit the seam or something. And it exploded. He hit the ground as hard as I’ve ever seen a human hit the ground. If you go back and watch that episode, I just dive out because I am crying laughing.

Love it!


  1. That one was funny but my favorite is still Jim being Dwight – ‘Beets, Bears, Battlestar Galactica!”

  2. There are so many good ones! I’ve always liked the one where Dwight comes in and his desk is missing. “Well, you’re the one who lost the desk. Where was the last place you saw it?” LOL.

  3. That was hilarious! Love how they showed it in slow motion and you can see John’s hand going to his mouth before he runs out of shot. Loved that Jenna was talking in this video too, wasn’t expecting that.

  4. I noticed Jim’s laugh before and I was so sure that they didn’t intend to make Dwight fall that way! Happy that Jim verifies this. There must be plenty improvisation scenes that weren’t in the scripts like this.

  5. Those other shots sound hilarious as well. I demand to see the other takes!

    You have one day.

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