1. Is it gonna be a feature-length documentary that will be “aired”? Kinda thought that from the “ten years in the making” bit.

    It would be funny that they watch the first six episodes, are so embarrassed by the show etc. and then the last line of the finale is “Oh ****, it’s been picked up for a second season!”

  2. Maybe this will be, like, a two-hour special that airs either directly or a week before the finale. What we’ve seen has been, obviously, a real world TV show, but this could be the in-universe documentary they’ve obviously been filming for 8 years. Either way, I’m intrigued.

  3. This is getting so meta… My brain is exploding! (In a good way!)

    [ from tanster: i know. they broke our brains! ;) ]

  4. I’m beginning to think this explains why the finale is May 16th, although it was originally reported (unofficially) as May 9th. Perhaps NBC needs room for a clip show/TV movie of the finished product?

    I’m more curious as to what the main plot(s) of the documentary will be. Will it be Michael’s search for a wife and kids (among other adventures and misadventures)? The Jim/Pam/Roy love triangle? How significant will Dwight (and Angela and Kevin and Stanley and Oscar and Andy and Erin and everyone else) be? How much can they really fit into a film-length documentary? Basically, what’s the point of the documentary?

  5. How are they going to do the title sequence?? Does this mean we will have “Dwight K. Schrute” “Jim Halpert” instead of “Rainn Wilson” “John Krasinski” on the title sequence?? Ah!! I’ve been looking forward to this since I started watching it! I just hope they spread it over a few episodes so they can get plenty of material in, instead of having to fit all of it in one episode.

  6. My first thought was that we were supposed to assume that Oscar had secretly been working on the series the whole time. Interesting to hear everyone else’s thoughts!

  7. I take it that this means the airing of the documentary and the local minor celebrity arc will begin in May? If so, isn’t that cutting things close, cramming too much into too small a space? Seems like there have been a couple of episodes that could’ve been done differently or even rewritten to get to that point sooner. There are 8 shows left; the finale will be an hour, but I can’t imagine the rest or even a couple will be that length. I’m starting to fear we’re going to have a lot crammed into a few episodes. Which could mean unsatisfying arc endings and a finished product that isn’t all that it could’ve been. Hope I’m wrong. But they sure are cutting it close. Also: the more I think about Pam, the more I believe she’s staying true to herself. Meaning, she doesn’t like change and the few times she tried it she always ran back to what she perceived as safe. Except when she finally left Roy, ostensibly for Jim. And that was the best decision she ever made. Hopefully that’s what’ll happen concerning Philly. After all, she did want to know more about Philly Jim.

  8. Wait a minute, I just noticed that that says “Ten years in the making”… the crew hasn’t even been filming for eight years (if you count from the pilot episode as zero)… so that means they were commissioned or whatever two years before. Why two years between beginning production and beginning filming?

  9. This is confuzzling. So what is this documentary that they’ve been airing for years already? Technically haven’t they been watching it on nbc all this time? :p

  10. I’m hoping they actually include the “documentary” on the DVD release. The last few DVD’s have been so weak with extras that this would totally make up for it!

  11. I took this to mean that the show we’ve been seeing all along is finally airing in “their world”. Meaning that in their world, the footage from 2005 is finally airing in 2013 along with the entire story of these people.

    It will show the Dunder Mifflin staff what we’ve seen all along, including people’s interviews with the camera and especially the things that only certain people were privy to. I can see it rocking their world because all of a sudden, they know what other people have said about them.

    Plus, they’re now “celebrities”.

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