The Office: Moving On, 9.16

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The Office: Moving On Bob Odenkirk

Writer: Graham Wagner, Director: Jon Favreau

Summary (NBC): Andy tries his best to move on — Pam interviews for a job in Philadelphia with a manager who gives her deja-vu. Dwight brings Angela with him on a mission to clean his elderly Aunt Shirley. Andy returns from his long boat voyage. One-hour episode. Guest stars: Bob Odenkirk, Zach Woods.

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  • This is the second time we’ve seen Toby in a neck brace. The first time was in the Season 5 episode, Weight Loss, in which Toby injures himself ziplining in Costa Rica.
  • The phrase “so you had a bad day” that Andy sings to Pete is from the song Bad Day by Daniel Powter.
  • Roger is played by Michael Weston, who I remember as the terrifying hitchhiker that David picks up in the ‘Six Feet Under’ episode, “That’s My Dog” from 2005. He also played Simon, half-brother of Olivia Benson on ‘Law & Order SVU.’
  • Pete’s ex-girlfriend, Alice, is played by Collette Wolfe.
  • Here’s the ad on Oscar’s computer in the final scene.

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In a poll conducted February 14-18, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 7.81/10

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The Office Moving On quotes

Andy: I can’t remember any of the “aha” moments I had on the boat.

Andy: I really miss my beard. It was like a security blanket.

Andy: That’s a poem by J.B. Jovi.

Andy: Vanilla Ice. He was a band.

Andy: Last week, Erin told me that our relationship will be proceeding without me.

Phyllis: I can’t be around sad people. It makes me sad.
Stanley: I’m the same way with horny people.

Erin: I saw Pete’s butt. It’s sick.

Pam: My resume can fit on a post-it note.

Angela: What do you mean by ‘poison’?
Dwight: Probably nothing. Or strychnine. Or lemonade and strychnine.

Dwight: It’s all hanging out. There’s parts of her I don’t even recognize.

Dwight: It’s like a prehensile wing or something.

Andy: Where are you going?
Pam: Not on a three-month boat trip.

Andy: We are in the Brozone Layer. Nard Dog, Plop, and Clarker Posey. Aka Clarkwork Orange.

Andy: Zero Clark Thirty, whaddya got.

Andy: Last night I ordered a pizza by myself and I ate it over the sink like a rat.

Clark: I’ll give you a hundred dollars to wear that sweater to work tomorrow.

Aunt Shirley: She’s so tiny, like a little kitchen witch.

Dwight: Can I get you a nice crisp liter of schnapps?

Pete: Andy has been calling me Plop for so long, he forgot my real name. Which is Pete.

Jim: This is who I am now. I’m a douche. But look at what I can do with my hands!

Isaac: Anything for Team Halpert!

Andy: One of the perks of being boss. I can fire anyone who steals my girlfriend.

Andy: Every phrase is like a dagger in my crotch.

Mark: Please don’t hire Jamie Foxx to kill me. Django!

Mark: Let’s go, Gangnam Style!

Pam: Oh my god. He’s Michael Scott.

Dwight: Here’s a box cutter to get her clothes off.

Nellie: You cannot keep blathering on about the Scranton Strangler.

Mark: When I say chillax, people chillax.

Meredith: Hey boss, I did everything I could. I invited Pete out for drinks, I emailed him shots of my junk, kid doesn’t have a romantic bone in his body.

Andy: I am hurt. Deep hurt inside of me.

Andy: Guess what. Juliet’s boss also had feelings.

Andy: My whole life is a booger bubble!

Mark: What if Bob Dylan was your boss? I’m going to do Dylan!

Andy: Kind of painful to chat with you, Pete. Ever since the one-two punch to my scrotum pole. Translation, penis. Translation, my manhood.

Andy: If life gives you lemons, you just gotta eat them. Rinds and all.

Mark: I like scripted.

Angela: Loose braids reflect a loose character.

Darryl: George Howard Skub? That’s a devil name.

Meredith: Fresh meat!

Creed: Look who’s back! The Bird Man!

Kevin: Didn’t you two used to do it?

Clark: Was he like a sexy librarian?

Pete: This is a really uncomfortable situation that you’ve contrived.

Andy: We all just gotta move on, ain’t that right, Professor Lecture Much?

Andy: How does that medicine taste? Your own-flavored?

Andy: Is it just me, or have these tables turned?

Gabe: Feel how fat my buttocks are. Touch it. It’s like a warm pumpkin.

Nellie: You offered your neck in search of the truth. The proud neck of justice, isn’t that the expression.

Aunt Shirley: I feel like a show pony.

Dwight: Prettiest girl gets the stink sack!

Angela: It was not an unpleasant way to spend an afternoon.

Dwight: Be with me, monkey.

Dwight: The eighty or ninety years I have left in this life, I want to spend with you.

Dwight: Stand by your man. It’s what I would want if you were mine.

Andy: Hey love turds, conference room, now.

Alice: Okay. While we’re rewriting history, you never had a drinking problem.

Erin: Every word out of your mouth is like the squawk of an ugly pelican.

Erin: I didn’t ask you to get that Nike swoosh.

Gabe: Just do it. You were the “it” I was just doing.

Gabe: I don’t have the lung capacity to blow a whistle.

Pete: Chopsticks is not the measure of a man.

Gabe: I’m as smooth as a porpoise for you.

Pam: He did half the interview as Ace Ventura.

Pam: I liked our life in Scranton.

Announcer: Hobbies of the East continues in a moment.

Kevin: Why don’t your famous stomachs help you now?

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  1. I really think it means the documentary crew needs to move on, as suggested by the ending of Customer Loyalty. They’re going to realize that this is their eighth(?) Valentine’s Day in the Office, which is just ridiculous.

  2. Bruce,
    The problem is a lot of the times in the office there is a singular theme that applies to many characters. It could be Erin and Andy…PLUS Jim and Pam related.
    Scary indeed.

  3. Greg Daniels said that somebody gets fired in episode 15, so that’s the previous episode to this. I’m guessing the title refers to whoever that is. It’s too early for any of the cast to leave the show, so unless whoever gets fired gets their job back again, I’m thinking it’s Pam who gets fired because the camera crew would still follow her after she had left Dunder Mifflin. That’s my theory anyway!

  4. Since it would appear that Dwight will be devoting his time on “The Farm” (the episode after this one) and not at Dunder Mifflin, maybe HE gets fired in “Couples Discount”. Supposedly, NBC is not planning to create a spin-off series with Rainn Wilson at Schrute Farms, but that doesn’t mean that Rainn finishes the series at DM either. I haven’t heard or read any rumors of this, but the writers and producers have brought so many unexpected surprises this season, I wouldn’t put it past them.

  5. I don’t think this is the V-Day episode. I think that was meant for Couples Discount before Vandalism moved to the same day as Junior Salesman.

  6. FYI…If you follow John K on twitter, you’ll see a Valentine’s Day picture of Jenna and John that may alleviate some anxiety regarding the JAM storyline.

  7. One more thing… are we 100% certain that the person who gets fired is from DM? Maybe Jim gets asked to leave Athlead by his partners…they don’t seem to be that nice to him.

  8. Guys, I don’t even know what the plot of the episode is. And frankly, who’s moving on, anyway?

  9. It could be a misleading title. Or it could be about Darryl moving on if he gets fired from either athlead or Dunder-Mifflin.

  10. Everyone’s freaking out about Andy/Erin and Jim/Pam…but maybe it’s Angela and the Senator…

  11. I’m sorry, am I reading that right? Dwight and Angela are on a mission to “clean” his aunt? Wtf? LOL! I wonder is Andy moving on from Erin or from getting fired? Or is Pam interviewing for the job because she’s been fired? Questions, questions! The guy who interviews Pam must remind her of Michael. I wonder who’ll be playing him?

  12. Andy could simply be moving on from being from a rich family to having nothing after what his father did.

  13. I don’t know if Andy and Erin are gonna break up, and I don’t think (and believe) he’s the one who’s fired, either. But I do think there could be another reason why Andy is moving on, if not any of those choices. Pam interviewing for a job in Philly, well, I’m curious about who the boss that gives her Deja Vu is (I can think Michael), on the other hand, I would hate to see her leaving Scranton forever, she must think about her co-workers’ problems (including Andy’s) first, and also, about her future. And, the whole thing about Dwight and Angela cleaning aunt Shirley is a weird subplot to tell.

  14. The “deja vu” boss Pam meets is a mystery. Could be Michael (even if I doubt it), or maybe Packer.

  15. If Pam is having an interview in Philly, maybe she’s the one who is fired in episode 15. Perhaps David Wallace finds out that she created the Office Administrator job in Season 7?

    I adore Pam, but I always wondered how she managed to sneak that one past everyone.

  16. @George, you might be right! Packer’s due for a reappearance this season, I feel like this is his time to come back

  17. I had a thought that maybe “everyone” is getting fired. Maybe the company is simply going under and they are forced to “move on” and interview elsewhere. Just a thought …

  18. i really don’t see michael coming back until the last few episodes/finale. i’m kind of disappointed that andy will be breaking up but whatever, i haven’t cared for a new relationship on this show since michael and holly…

  19. When I read the description quickly, I thought it said Dwight and Angela clean his aunt’s house. Ewwie ! How I wish I was right !

  20. I bet the manager she interviews with is just absurdly similar to Michael. The fact that they’re telling us this seems to be a good sign that Michael’s coming back eventually though.

  21. I’m thinking that “old Aunt Shirley” isn’t a human being…I’m thinking that he named something that…maybe an old tractor?? Maybe a horse?? Rainn has posted a couple pics on Twitter dressed as Dwight – one where he’s standing next to a HUGE tractor. The other, holding hands with Angela, in what seems to be the barn, both of them wearing yellow aprons. I’m so curious to see how this plays out.

  22. @ 26
    I so hope you’re wrong, since the bringing of David Brent into this universe makes my head want to explode.

    I really see that as a possibility with a great wink/nod, but no mention of Gervais as a guest this season right?

  23. Why does the plot synopsis say Andy returns from his voyage when he’s back in the previous episode?

  24. @Jennifer

    Dunder Mifflin didn’t exactly go under. Sabre bought the Dunder Mifflin sales branches, not just Scranton, as evidenced by Holly coming in from the Nashua branch, and then David Wallace bought Dunder Mifflin back, which I would presume would include all the remaining branches, unless some branches closed down and we haven’t heard about it.

  25. Something doesn’t make sense. When Dunder Mifflin went under and Wallace was fired, he said that only Scranton was profitable and that’s all Sabre wanted. Remember when everyone was overwhelmed with the new clients from the closed branches? That’s why I was surprised that Holly was still in Nashua.

  26. So apparently Roseann Barr’s guest appearance is related to Andy realizing his show business dreams…I really like how this final season is about all of the characters moving on in some way. As much as Dunder Mifflin has become a family, people like Jim, Pam, Andy, Erin…aren’t going to be happy or fulfilled working there forever. Pam could be getting fired, because I don’t see the crew following anyone else to a new job and I don’t want to lose anyone (especially Creed!). Even though Jim and Pam are struggling, they always work it out and those are the most romantic moments–like when Jim chooses Pam over Karen and New York or when he came back for the Christmas party because he missed his wife. I also hope Erin and Pete get together. I want Andy’s character to improve, but maybe getting him out of the office is the best way. There’s just no chemistry or spark between him and Erin anymore; I haven’t missed him and have become really attached to Pete. Erin and Pete are like the new Jim and Pam. I hope they get together, although not right away since I don’t think Erin could hurt Andy like that right when he gets back.

  27. @42

    Oh yeah, sorry I can see how that read differently.

    I meant that when they brought “David Brent” on (as opposed to having Gervais cameo as someone else) it bothered me. I just have issue with the BBC version and US version of the Office existing in the same universe. It means that in similar paper companies on opposite sides of the pond, Tim/Jim put Garreth’s/Dwight’s stapler in yellow jelly/jell-o. I get it’s a scripted show, but since it’s supposed to be “real” that bothers me. I just don’t like thinking about it so I hope Brent stays in season 7.

  28. Here’s what I think so far.
    *Andy tries his best to move on- He gets fired, bad plot. Leads up to Roseanne portion.
    *Pam and deja vu- I will have high expectations that will be crushed. Ricky Gervais, maybe?
    *Dwight and Angela- I predict a Dwangela marriage, maybe some Mose. Remember what was said about the Farm. “One with a certain cat enthusiast” Plot doesn’t seem very good. Washing? I am creeped out.
    *Andy returns- Already done.

    Sorry if I sound cynical. I believe that this episode will surprise me with its hilarity. Also, on an unrelated note, I’m going to be commenting a lot more. It’s the final season, I might as well share my opinion. But, I will say good things.

  29. Been thinking. I know, I know, a dangerous thing! I think Andy gets fired and goes back into community theater, meets the Rosanne Barr agent character, and dives headlong into the theater arts/acting. As he does this, he rediscovers the likable Nard Dawg, and as he transforms, Erin sees the Andy she fell in love with. This parallels with the JAM arc of rediscovering what it was that brought them together. Only this time, with Erin, we see her choose the original guy (a la Roy) who, while has reverted back to the man she fell in love with, isn’t the right guy for her. Thus we see the arc of Pam choosing Roy over Jim played out, symbolically.

  30. I just had a thought. In the description it says “Andy returns from his voyage” but he already did that yesterday so my idea is that Andy finds himself so that means the REAL Andy returns not the one that came back yesterday. Is anyone following? lol

  31. I think Andy has been fired from Dunder mifflin, this probably would have happened when David Wallace heard that he was gone for three months. And he is moving on from Erin and Dunder mifflin.
    The boss that gives Pam deja-vu is someone that is very similar to Michael
    I think Brian is going to confess his love for Pam and she will either reject him or it will happen at the end of the episode leaving us waiting until the next episode for Pam’s response

  32. Is it confirmed that there will be no Erin in this episode? I do not see Ellie’s name in the credits.

  33. @48 David Wallace said in the last episode that he was meeting with Val to talk about the warehouse guy they had to let go. So somebody complained to Wallace. In the last scene, I think Wallace called Andy to tell him he had to fire Pam – she did deface Frank’s truck when it was on company property.

  34. I’m still excited for SOMETHING major to happen. There’s been a lot of hype around big things that are going to happen this season. I think Andy AND Pam will be fired in the next episode. It will be something to stir up some big changes and something unexpected. It also sets up Pam moving to Philly.

  35. Andy will get fired for being gone for 3 months, and for losing Dwight’s account with the white pages. Pam will get fired for defacing the truck.

  36. A lot of people are suggesting that Pam will get fired for defacing the warehouse guy’s truck. But if she gets fired, then Dwight will have to get fired for being involved.

  37. I think it’s pretty clear Andy is gonna be fired. I just hope the arc around him after he leaves is a decent one. Because why bring him back from 3 months being gone to follow him around looking for another job etc.?

    I have been wondering for a while what exactly Pam’s job is these days. Is she still Office Administrator, or is she full time I-get-paid-a-salary-to-paint-a-mural?

  38. @57Richard
    I hope the same thing for Andy. I’m thinking (and this adds on to my previous post on this topic) that Andy gets fired by the hour’s end, and for the next three episodes we see his send off. His send off being tied up with Roseanne Barr’s guest appearances as a talent agent. My scenario is that Andy’s new agent gets him a plum role in a Broadway production of Sweeney Todd. Bang. Farewell Andy, and in a positive way.

  39. moving on? who knows; it could be anything from andy moving on from his relationship with erin to creed having a bowel movement in the ladies’ restroom.

  40. The more I think about it, the more I’m beginning to sense that the idea is to send off all the characters who are not originals. So, perhaps we’ll see, along with Andy, an Erin and Pete sendoff? Though I’m not so sure that Pete and Erin end up together. It wouldn’t shock me one bit if Erin leaves with Andy for NY, NY. You know, like Jim and Karen almost did. That way you get a realization of what if Jim chose Karen AND what if Pam chose Roy…played out analogously through Andy, Erin, and Pete. Confused? I am!

  41. Guys I don’t think Andy will be fired. I know that will sound weird but they said that the person who gets fired is going to be a surprise and no one will expect. They made Andy pretty obvious so that wouldn’t be a surprise at all. That’s why I think Andy won’t be fired and someone else will.

  42. Unless he does something this episode to warrant it, Pete’s not getting fired. Andy’s an entirely different story and the fact that Rosanne is coming in for a three episode arc makes me think of how they brought Deangelo in when Michael was on his way out.

  43. What the what?? Jon Favreau is directing!? How is it that only 1 other person noticed this? (Besides Tanster, of course.) I can’t even describe how excited I am. How did I miss this? Jon Favreau!!!

  44. I feel like Michael Scott when Toby came back. “No. God no. NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO.” Gabe-wad.

  45. Honestly – I think this was the best episode of the season. The ending with the ad for “The Office-coming in may” that was awesome. One question though, when is this significant firing supposed to happen?

  46. Certainly the best episode in a couple of years, maybe more. The ending was the only thing questionable. I’m happy, I’ll admit it.

  47. That was an awesome little ad at the end of the episode. It looks like there might be some sort of viewing party for the office cast watching themselves as a part of the finale.

  48. IDIOTIC!! Pam is dead to me….NOW she wants to wimp out and stay in Scranton? I hope Jim leaves her and I am a HUGE JAM fan…wanna bet she starts calling Brian to cry on his shoulder? THIS IS GARBAGE!!!!

  49. Was liking the episode until the end. Honestly, if this is how it will end with Jim and Pam after everything, I won’t be happy!!!!

  50. … Also what the hell is up with Pam. I guess we are getting closer and closer to the whole “Jim chose Pam over New York” thing. Can’t wait to see if they are getting a happily ever after ending or a regular real life ending with them being married but apart.

  51. I have been a long time fan of this show, but about a year ago something went missing (not Michael, just plot wise) so I left, disappointed in the direction the show was going. Tonight I randomly decided to forget my bitterness over season 8 for an hour and sit down and watch the hour long after Park’s brilliant episode for tonight. I got to say, it was a treat to see everything going a lot better. It’s not the greatest show anymore, but at least it will go out on a good note. (YAY DWANGELA STILL AFTER ALL THESE YEARS)

  52. Oh my goodness. Oscar’s computer. I literally gasped… does someone have a screenshot of it? I want to read it a thousand times. If they begin showing it in may the last episode might just be everyone watching it like mentioned here before by others. I’m very excited to see where the show is going!
    Toby getting strangled was hilarious, but I was hoping it’d be someone we knew just for fun.

  53. Phenomenal episode! Andy was handled so much better. Michael Scott reincarnated. And that ending!

  54. where this is going is so transparent it is not funny, Jim and Pam will continue to have their horrible-writing-invented issues, then right at the end they will be sitting watching the highlights/showing of some episodes and they will “magically” fall back in love. any bets?

  55. How could the writers ruin that beautiful Pete and Erin moment in the parking lot last week? I loved this episode, but I hated Andy. Please just give me more sweet Erin and Pete moments before this series ends! I loved Saul Goodman as Michael Scott Part 2!

  56. Wow. What an ending! So anxious to see what is up ahead for JAM after that heavy discussion. Loved seeing them laugh and eat together, though! Hoping Pam can learn to like Jim’s new lifestyle so they don’t feel this tension anymore.

  57. I was waiting for the interviewer to yell out PAM PAM PAM PAM! Oh well… it was good though.

  58. Dear OfficeTally,
    Was the Michael Scott Paper Company mentioned on Pam’s resume?
    Zarion Kreena

  59. @dmdcash – Let’s tap the brakes there. I’m glad she has told Jim what we could see all along with her and his venture. She’ll be on board with it, but it’s a big deal to her. He needs to understand that and help her understand why they need to do it together.

    Dwight/Angela was the highlight of this episode. I loved their longer scenes together. And I loved that Dwight cared enough to honestly and respectfully pursue her. That was a Casino Night moment in spades. Nebulous “if you need me call” moments from Brian aren’t a thing compared to that!

  60. Andy is Michael Scott without the Heart. And kind of diabolical.

    I think Pam needs to be a freelance designer/artist.

    I thought Toby was going to die when he went to the prison.

    Welcome Back Gabe!

    Also, could we talk about really, what a terrible executive David Wallace is? If you don’t know your employee is missing for three months, shame on you.

    I really liked this episode.

  61. Loved it! I love how nicely story lines are wrapping up, and loose ends are being tied. The Oscar Awards committee should seriously considered giving an Oscar Award to these writers, and the actors!!

  62. @Robert, it is so clear she is going to now call Brian and cry on his shoulder…gag. more writer induced forced problems….I still call idiotic.

  63. Tonight’s episode was finally great. I thought Andy had a diabolic, but brilliant plan and made Pete and Erin eat their words. But the end with Jim and Pam pretty much brought it back down to a low.

  64. Best episode of the past two seasons!! Great job to the writers! The ending, I didn’t know where they were going with it but then they showed Oscar’s computer and it blew my mind!! Loved the boss acting like Michael, it made me so unbelievably happy, and also to hear Pam mention Michael Scott so many times!! And speaking of Michael, Andy was acting a lot like him, only crazier and evil. I thought we were going to see Angry Andy come out again. I was hoping that Gabe being there meant he was the Scranton Strangler, but I guess not. Loved everything about this episode, except the Jam tension. I don’t know how much more of it I can take, but they have 8 episodes to get it together so I’m still hopeful.

    Oh and “My whole life is a booger bubble!” is my new favorite office quote!

  65. I thought it was a good episode. The scene with Jim and Pam was sneaky- which I liked. They were lulling the viewers into thinking “Oh, OK. Everything is back to normal now” and then they went another way with it.

    I hope the documentary stuff starts being tied into the whole office now, rather than just introducing the sound guy into the Jim/Pam dynamic.

    And I loved having Gabe back. I’ll admit I always liked his character.

  66. At one point tonight, Pete said “you’ve created a very contrived situation.” Was Greg Daniels giving a meta-commentary on his own show? Short of Jim and Pam separating in the final show, nothing would surprise me at this point.

  67. So in the same day … Andy found Gabe and Pete’s ex …. who were both free and unemployed to come in same day and just start working there.


  68. Also, does Greg Daniels have a vendetta against his cast? Ed Helms turns into a deranged jerk because he left to film The Hangover 3 and Paul Lieberstein gets attacked by the Scranton Strangler for creating him in the first place as prior show runner.

  69. Alright, I have to admit, now I’m not sure where this is going. I really thought I had the Pete/Erin/Andy – Jim/Pam/Roy analogy figured out, and that’s where it was all heading. Now I’m not so sure, at all. When Rainn Tweeted that where it’s going will blow your mind, he wasn’t kidding. Loved the pop up on Oscar’s cpu. It was almost ominous. Can DwAngela really be over? I can’t imagine it is. They might end up being the best couple of the lot; the real Romeo and Juliet. I wonder if Andy will have an emotional breakdown/breakthrough? He’s been on an emotional and life rollercoaster since Anger Management, if you really think about it. I think he’s about to crack and come out the better for it. JAM? Tough to say. It warmed my heart to hear the name “Michael Scott” again. Especially the way she said it. And to see those old mannerisms and way of talking was awesome. I miss that Pam. Loved Meredith’s wig that looked like her own hair! No Creed. Toby and Nellie were good. But I’m disappointed that that’s the way the Scranton Strangler arc played out.

  70. It sounds like I’m in the minority, but I was not engaged in this episode until the last few minutes of Jam’s talk. I was preoccupied, so I’ll have to rewatch (especially after all of your positive comments!), but I just wasn’t digging tonight’s episode. I really don’t think/hope we’ll see Brian again – I think he played his part, but I could be wrong. Pam has never been super excited about Philly – remember Darryl’s interview and her feelings about it then? Face it – before Jim’s move, they had a pretty sweet arrangement; getting to work together, side by side. I don’t blame Pam for preferring Scranton life.

  71. That was a really great episode – the best for a good while. :-)

    By the way, “The Office: An American Workplace” is what the US version of The Office is called in the UK. Pretty cool!

  72. I have never, ever said this before….but….I hated this episode. I hate what they have done to Jim. He’s always been so sensitive to Pam’s needs and feelings, but now he just seems clueless when it’s clear she’s unhappy. I mean, come on, he found out she broke down in front of the sound guy and didn’t have a clue that things aren’t working out? I don’t love JAM because they are an average married couple who fight, I love them because they are (or were, rather) a perfect couple. I don’t want to tune into my favorite comedy show and watch heartache…just doesn’t work for me.

  73. I love that they kind of spiritually brought Michael back to the series with this episode. I’m so glad they made references to him, finally!

  74. I liked Andy a lot more in this episode. I feel kinda bad, but it actually made me happy to see the arguments with Pete, his ex-girlfriend, Gabe and Erin. Also, I missed Gabe. He was a hilarious creep. I still wish they didn’t have to make Andy the villain of this season. No one in the office seems like his friend anymore. Paul Lieberstein said in an interview, “The Andy character is very different from Michael, but one of the things they have in common is that they both put people first and relationships first.” Totally not seeing that now.

  75. I thought this was better than the painful to watch episodes of recent (ughhh BRIAN? Why?). I dislike Pete a lot. What a useless, unfunny character.

    And I agree, I like Gabe. So funny.

  76. I am very, very disappointed if that really was the extent of the Scranton Strangler story line. They built it up so much like it was going to be a fun mystery or somebody we know. That was a really lame surprise. I hope that in some way there is more to it later on.

    Besides that, I loved the episode. The Dwight/Angela sexual tension in full swing, references to Michael Scott, and GABE! Hilarious. I wish they were all one hour!

  77. As far as Jim and Pam go I really only see a few avenues.

    1 – Pam gives in and moves the family to Philly.
    2 – Jim ends this “dream” he has of working in Philly for the rest of his life and realizes he just wants to be with his family and just moves back to Scranton.
    3 – They stay married and Jim just moves back and forth between Scranton and Philly and the tension between them remain. (This would be the worst ending for them)
    4 – Athlead expands and opens a branch in New York where Jim manages. Being that Pam loves New York she moves there and they live happily ever after. (I’d prefer to see an ending like this)

    Whatever happens with JAM, it sure looks like Dwangela will end the series on a good note.

    Great episode but now we have to wait 2-3 weeks for the next episode?? :(

  78. I thought Jon Favreau’s direction of Andy, and the Erin/Pete/Gabe storyline was outstanding, and I have never been a fan of their story. Bravo!I loved that Dwight and Angela connected over Aunt Shirley — and I think they are meant for each other. As for Jim and Pam -my favorite couple — it is very painful to watch their disconnect right now. It’s unimaginable that they would end up like this. It makes me sad……:-(

  79. I like getting glimpses of the evil Season 3 Andy! His diabolical plot was pretty great. Oh Pam! Jim gave up a great career opportunity in New York to be with you! Why can’t you… Oh well, anyway. I hope it doesn’t turn into some O. Henry plot twist where they both give into each others wishes, both unbeknownst to it and wind up with no jobs.

  80. Did anyone notice the subliminal messages that the boss at the real estate company had while talking to Pam? Paraphrasing: “You’re a good audience, Pam. I like you because you stick around long. Not like most people. They easily jump ship and don’t care anymore. They worship me, but do they really like me Pam?” Meaning… The Office’s fanbase that has been watching even after Michael left is great. Jumping ship = people not watching because Michael left. They worship me = they worship Michael Scott, but did people really LIKE him? Am I going crazy?

  81. Don’t worry about Pam-Jim! “Moving On” set the tone for the minor characters-Pete, Erin, Darryl-NOT the major ones!
    Greg Daniels, The Office’s creator, will preserve the legacy of 9 seasons of his show. So one thing’s for certain: The original major characters-Jim, Pam, Dwight, Andy-will stay true to form.
    The Office will NEVER end with Pam-Jim “moving on”, despite their final scene in “Moving On”.

    In a few months, the doings in “Moving On” will transform into the series finale, showing Jim-Pam stronger than ever. 9 years ago they formed the heart & soul of The Office. Their relationship IS the legacy of The Office.

    Hint: Remember Jim-Pam in Season One? That’s how Season Nine will end. Full circle. As it was in the beginning…Syndication & legacy. From the first episode to the last, Jim-Pam are endgame!

  82. A few people mentioned Oscar’s computer? I missed something I guess? Does it have to do with ads?

    I didn’t hate this episode, it had great sections (Toby/Strangler, Dwight/Angela), but there was a lot of tasteless drama that I didn’t enjoy. The battle of the Exes thing was weird and I didn’t find it funny. I’m seriously over Andy. I saw the Pam-Meets-Michael’s-Twin-thing from a mile away and I just felt that they were mocking the best seasons of the show’s run. And the whole Pam/Jim drama just makes me sad; it’s so unlike their relationship.

  83. I’m getting a bit tired of the slow progression in the JAM storyline.. BUT it is a realistic progression for a couple, which is probably why it’s so painful to watch. I think they will wrap it up and do the couple justice (or if they don’t it’ll devastate a lot of fans, but I think they’re just dragging it out and there’ll be an amazing resolution at the end.)

  84. For everyone saying that Jim is being insensitive to Pam, what about Pam? Pam knew that Jim hated being a salesman for the longest time and had absolutely no ambition and interest in it. He is finally chasing his dreams, he has his own business, and he is supposed to give that up because his wife is an “office manager”?

    Not one of my favorite episodes, but a solid one.

  85. A good episode, but you could see how it was padded to make it a full hour. Hopefully, this is the last we see of two of the lamest plotlines of the past few years: The Scranton Strangler and Brian Boom Mike.

  86. “81. dmdcash
    where this is going is so transparent it is not funny, Jim and Pam will continue to have their horrible-writing-invented issues, then right at the end they will be sitting watching the highlights/showing of some episodes and they will “magically” fall back in love. any bets?”

    that’s the worst case scenario, but i’m really really afraid that’s the deal.

  87. Loved the whole episode, all the story arcs, believable or not. Toby’s story had me on the floor.

    I remember back in ’04 reading Bob Odenkirk auditioned for the “David Brent” part in the soon-to-be Office US Pilot (with Mr. Show allies I think: Jill Tally, John Ennis, Jerry Minor) and I went through 7 years with a bit of “what could’ve been”, so nice to see it realized!

  88. I loved Andy’s “crystal” comment in the open. Throw back to Jan/Michael from Performance Reviews?

  89. I feel like the Scranton Strangler whenever Andy is on screen anymore. I literally want to reach in, grab him by the neck and make him stop talking! Seriously, they have made him so unlikeable; he makes my skin crawl. I felt like he had way too much screen time – go back to your boat! This was an up and down episode for me. Loved Dwight/Angela scenes and Pam’s interview with Michael 2.0. The whole Jim and Pam dynamic is interesting to me. I have zero doubts they will show them ending up happily together, but where? They have me guessing.
    @ 119Lauren- At the very end, screen shot on Oscar’s computer was an ad for an upcoming special “The Office, an American Workplace”, coming in May. I’m guessing Tanster will have that screen shot up on the website soon, if it isn’t already!

  90. who was that guy that mark told to chillax? i’ve seen that guy on some other shows. i think he’s a fairly famous actor right?

  91. After this episode I miss Michael Scott even more. He must return to close out this series!

  92. Did anyone else notice in the season seven deleted scene in “Sex Ed” Dwight talks about setting Michael up with his cousin, Shirley, who is a newscaster? Sounds like there are a lot of Shirley Schrutes out there!! Haha.

  93. I’m unbelievably confused how this episode is getting slammed by some critics, yet the fans are pretty much universally loving it. Are they missin’ something? -_- One of the best episodes in a long time.

  94. Best episode of the season. Andy is genius, very season 3 like. JAM have to disagree, every couple in the world does especially when it comes to life changing decisions like that. Loved it. Keep giving us these awesome episodes!!!

  95. Disappointed and confused to see Pam express the desire to remain in Scranton. Didn’t she say in the season premiere’s cold opening that their lives were boring and that nothing exciting would happen for a long time?

  96. The difference between Parks & Rec and The Office is that Michael Schur seems to know exactly who his characters are and they don’t deviate from episode to episode based on the needs of the plot. You never know which Andy, Jim, Erin, and previously Ryan will show up every week.

  97. For now I’m thinking the next number of episodes are Pam coming to grips that Scranton is NOT the security blanket she thinks it is….maybe the city mural spurs her on? I understand the fear of moving, but instead of pam 2.0, she appears to be regressing to the Pam that was with Roy and was too scared to do anything….

  98. Can Jon Favreau direct every week please? :-)

    I have to say though that I find myself utterly unmoved by the current JAM arc. Everyone knows that they’re not going to split up – their relationship underpins the whole show.

    I loved Andy this week – he was back to his season 3 self, petty and manipulative but in a relatable way. His little voiceovers and knowing looks to camera were top notch.

    Oh, and I cheered when Dwight kissed Angela. Hooray!

  99. @Jeremy,

    Pam also said she’s happy with her boring life. She liked it as it was and wouldn’t change anything, she said as much in the season premiere. The thing that seems to be bothering her is that Jim seemed to be not happy with how it was.

  100. The guy Mark told to “chillax” was the private investigator / future boyfriend of cuddy on Fox Networks show “House”

  101. @118

    Your post sums up exactly why I’m annoyed by the current JAM plot. I like that there’s more focus on their relationship, but it’s so ridiculously obvious what’s going to happen. As you said, Pam and Jim will end up together. I don’t think many people doubt that, but that’s why this arc is pointless–because everyone knows what’s going to happen.

    Will they end up in Scranton or Philadelphia? I’m not sure yet, but it seems like a minor detail, because if they do move to Philly, it’ll be during the last episode of the show, so it won’t affect much.

  102. This was absolutely, hands-down my favourite episode of the year. So much going on, but lots of laughs. Ed Helms was fantastic and I love Andy being “old Andy.” And Bob Odenkirk was incredible. And the ending… perfect. Honestly, I could just go on and on. I wish it was next Thursday tonight!!

  103. They may as well bring back Robert Califonia as this episode was that bad. The only highlights I saw were the Dwangela kiss and the tag.

    The show is supposed to be a comedy, so why so much drama?

  104. Bob Odenkirk was amazing as Michael Scott 2.0! I love that actor.
    But overall this episode was pretty disappointing. For an hour long episode it just felt a little dry. This PAM drama is killing me, I’m really curious to see how all of that will play out. And who the heck is gonna get fired???

  105. I’m disappointed we didn’t get to see the V-day JAM “fight” from last week. Obviously Pam decided to try out Philly, but interviewing at one random real estate company and then wimping out isn’t much of a try. I’m ready for Jim to pull the “I gave up NY for you” card, because Pam is being pretty annoying right now. In the “Second Life” episode Pam wants to see “Philly Jim” and it’s all just really confusing me. Personally, I think the Office should’ve ended after season 5, and these huge deviations from what we love are casualties of milking something for all it’s worth. 9 years is a long time to keep coming up with new stuff, and after awhile, too many character changes will happen and ruin the show- the only ones unchanged are Kevin, Meredith, Creed, Oscar, and Phyllis.

  106. The casting of Bob Odenkirk for that role was brilliant. His performance and seeing Angela’s maternal side made the whole night worthwhile for me.

    And I’m thoroughly enjoying the more dramatic elements this season. It’s the perfect way to close things out. I kept thinking last night that I’m really grateful for the closure they’re bringing to these stories. I don’t mind being in the minority on that.

  107. About JAM, I love the suggestion of #113: Jim starting an Athlead office in NY, which Pam might like too. Although she did say that she wants her life in Scranton. Why was Darryl back in Scranton ? Isn’t he a new hire with Athlead and sharing an apt with Jim ?
    As much as I despise and have lost all respect for Andy and his behavior, Plop had no place to give him the “move on” speech (and then Erin chiming in too). I know it was necessary in how the story developed that Andy would need a name and workplace reference (Alice/consultant firm) in order to “hire” her and set up the awkwardness, but I could see someone like Darryl taking the initiative to calm Andy down (not that that would’ve worked either). It still would’ve been stressful if Andy just called on Gabe to appear without Alice.
    Poor Toby. This is the second neck brace we’ve seen him in on this series.
    Dwangela moment was my highlight. They are meant for each other.
    Just because the Scranton Strangler wasn’t revealed in this episode, doesn’t mean it won’t be in any of the rest of them.

  108. This episode was awesome! I hated Andy through the entire episode, but, so much more made up for it. Jon Favreau did an amazing job.

    I almost choked when I saw Bob Odenkirk. As a lifelong resident of Albuquerque and a die-hard Breaking Bad fan, seeing “Saul” was fantastic. He did a great job. I loved the reference to Michael Scott. I know we all wanted that. (No one could ever play Michael Scott better than Steve Carell, but, Odenkirk would have been the next best thing. In my opinion.)

    And just when I thought this episode couldn’t get any better I saw Oscar’s computer and choked again.

  109. JUST realized that Alice, Pete’s ex, is Clark’s mom from Hot Tub Time Machine. It was driving me crazy because I couldn’t remember where I’ve seen her. Thank you #150 for posting her name!

    Still in shock over the ad on Oscar’s computer. The ending seemed a little out of place, but ultimately all I could focus on was that ad. Can’t wait to see the return of Dwangela and JAM have to work it out, it just wouldn’t be right to do the fans wrong. This episode gave me a new hope for what a spectacular ending is in store for us!

  110. Kinda super annoyed at some of the press. How can someone dislike this episode? It’s one of the best this season. Are they watching the same show I am? -_- Jesus..Some people are hard to please.

  111. How can they advertise the documentary airing in May and still film? I think that all these moments mentioned will get Jim and Pam to their happy ending. The wanting to see Philly Jim, the giving up NY for Pam, the nothing interesting will happen for a long time, etc. I’m waiting for someone in the office to see a Jim and Pam parallel to Pete and Erin. I’m so tired of Andy, I was never a fan of his.

  112. It would be helpful for the viewers to flesh out the JAM disagreement instead of a few one liners.
    Jim let Pam pursue her dreams at Pratt in NYC and find it strange that Pam would not support Jim.

    First time in this series Pam is coming off looking bad.

    Anyone else agree?

    But a great episode nonetheless.

  113. Can we all stop with the “writers invented” whining? Last I checked, all the characters story lines, for all seasons, are “writers invented”, so take the good with the bad. Besides, John/Jenna had a stake in setting up this arc for their final hurrah, so if you’re going to blame the writers, put it on the actors as well. I like to see the struggle of a couple with different goals and dreams and trying to find that middle ground. Ultimately they’ll choose each other, but I find the journey fascinating.

  114. Good, but maybe not great episode. Some big highs and low lows. Odenkirk was pretty good, but the Dylan thing was too much and went on too long. Otherwise, he was good and the insensitive stuff was funny.
    The Dwight / Angela story was all around great.
    I’m truly confused by the Scranton Strangler thing, and agree with those saying if this is the end of that story it was a huge buildup (via interviews with creative team members) to nothing.
    I never thought I’d say this, because I previously found him pretty annoying, but Gabe killed it with some great, great lines.
    I’m a bit surprised most here seemed to like Andy–he was ridiculous and obnoxious.
    “Fresh meat!!!” — Meredith

  115. The employee who will be fired is Pam. Remember in “The Target” when she pranked the client to “earn” a complaint card? Well, it was heavily emphasized that the caller was Pam Halpert. I will be sorry to see Pam go, but it will help smooth her transition to working in Philly with Jim!

  116. I went away but am now back in the show. I loved the Pam interview with Michael Scott 2.0. It showed one of the things that many of us miss about the show today. I know we aren’t supposed to like Andy, but I’m glad we have Dark Side Andy back. It’s like in Wrestling he went from heel to face back to heel. When Pete and Erin were going on about moving on, you could see the wheels turning. While far fetched, the reuniting scene was hilarious. Good episode, and Jim and Pam won’t get divorced, so lighten up people. It’s called drama.

  117. I agree with a lot of the other commenters here. The Jim and Pam storyline just seems empty because we all know they will end up happy as ever, so the “tension” that’s been such a focus just doesn’t land.

    I still think it’ll be interesting to see how they unveil the documentary, but none of the plotlines carry much weight at this point.

  118. I think Bookman99 is right on target! The writers made a big deal out of Pam making the prank phone call. It makes perfect sense… Pam is forced to make a decision and help Jim realize his dream after he did the same for her. Brilliant deduction!!!

  119. I think people are being too hard on Pam. I don’t think she’s being unfair at all. She is alone a lot now with two young kids. She just seems tired and worn out now and she misses Jim. Maybe because I’m female I’m taking the girl’s side on this, but it does seem that this job is everything to Jim now. I miss him in Scranton too. He’s always in Philly and he always has to run to a meeting when he’s on the phone with Pam. He even had their dinner delivered to his office. Can’t he leave for a few hours? He’s acting like a single guy and he’s a married man with a family. Pam has every right to be frustrated and want her old life back. I don’t blame her one bit.

    Also, I loved Dwangela last night. I’m pretty sure they’ll get back together. And I’m still holding out hope that Phillip is really Dwight’s and not the Senator’s. They really need to still make that happen.

  120. Thanks for the kind words, Short-skirt Jen. The person fired is, according to Kate Flannery, a shocker. This would not only be a realistic scenario, but it would push Jim to help Pam see the light without him continuing to be the “bad guy.” Jim has always wanted out of the paper biz, and the show can’t end with him failing to realize this dream. Also, he and Pam are soup snakes, and they have to go out happily together!

  121. And it gets JAM away from the whole Brian entanglement very nicely! The Halperts are going to Philly!

  122. @Melanie, I’m a girl, too, but I think Pam is being WAY selfish. Jim has given so much for her, and she’s going to try and get him to give up his dreams?

    On the other hand, Dwangela made my night <3

  123. I found this to be a very satisfying ep. Especially the Dwight-Angela scenes. My only criticism is that perhaps this all could have been finished up about 2 seasons ago after Michael left. It would have been better to quit before we all got sort of sick of it.

  124. Loved this ep! Bob Odenkirk as a reincarnated Michael Scott is probably one of the best things I have seen on this show in a long time! Dwangela making an awesome comeback and Andy’s jealousy throughout made this a really fun hour!

    (Also Gabe – The Birdman! lol)

  125. Re: Jim & Pam’s drama: I remember watching this show about 5 years ago and being really into Jim & Pam. In my own life, I was planning to go back to college to create a more satisfying career for myself. This made me think about how unambitious and aimless Jim and Pam both seemed a lot of the time.

    I find it to be a relief to see Jim finally engaged and successful in doing something. Since J & P have kind of been the soul of the show, I think that it has to end with them evolving into having more interesting lives. My favorite suggestion is from the poster who suggested Pam will become a freelance artist. Since Jim’s company appears to be becoming successful, this would be an obvious choice.

  126. I mostly enjoyed this episode. Liked Jim & Pam, Dwight & Angela, and Toby’s subplot, but I’m REALLY disappointed in the direction they have been taking Andy. He was once one of my favorite characters and missed him while he was gone, and now that he’s back I strongly dislike him. It’s almost painful to watch. However I was very happy to see the return of….GABE!!! Seriously, am I the only one who loves Gabe? His character is so consistent and so well done, he is one of the best characters in the whole series! Every line he delivers is always so hilariously creepy…I love it! Seriously am I the only one who loved that Gabe showed up? It almost made up for the fact that Andy nearly made me pull my hair out. Almost.

  127. As much as I enjoyed Bob Odenkirk’s appearance in this episode, I don’t think I could have tolerated a Michael Scott impersonator for 2 seasons. It was a funny guest spot and it was nice to be reminded of Michael, but it would’ve just seemed cheap and lacked creativity to introduce a new character who happens to be a clone of an old one. It just goes to show that what the show is sorely lacking is Michael Scott, but that character can only really be played by Steve Carell. Anyone else and it would be either a parody or an imitation.

  128. Pros: Pam’s Interview was great, and Bob Odenkirk was AWESOME!!! Toby’s subplot was a great concept. It was nice to see Dwangela working together again. Gabe!!

    Cons: I hate Andy. I realize he started out in the series as a jerk but he really grew on me over time and now he’s back to being an insensitive jerk again.

    Overall, solid episode, it was nice that it was an hour. I really hope everything ties together in the end.

  129. Did I recognize Jenna Fischer’s real-life husband as the “temp” in the real estate office that the boss said “don’t worry about him”?

  130. So… who was fired? When Greg Daniels explicitly mentioned that a Dunder Mifflin employee would get canned, was he simply referring to the fact that it *seemed* like Andy would get fired at the end of ep. 15? If so, that’s lame. Weren’t there also comments from cast members saying that it would shock audiences to find out who got fired? I’m confused about this.

  131. I may be the only one but I am not convinced Jim and Pam will survive. Others have done a great job analyzing it but I have to agree that JK and JF have just knocked it out of the park this season. Every gesture, expression, look, word is SPOT ON. It was sweet to see them eating dinner and remembering how good they are together. Even if they stay together, this is a realistic portrayal of married life and a thoughtful examination of if “soul mates” even really exist. Jim joining Athlead was his Casino night experience career wise. And just like Casino night, it has changed everything with the dynamic of his relationship with Pam.

  132. Excellent episode!!!!! It’s incredible to see Andy becoming mean sometimes. I’m pretty sure in the next episodes he’s gonna be a really nice person again. And the potential manager Pam meets really is a new version of Michael Scott.

  133. I’m confused why people keep saying that Jim gave up NY for Pam as though that was some sort of ultimatum she gave him. I remember Pam wishing him luck on his interview and he made the decision that a future with Pam is what he wanted. A future with Pam meant a future in Scranton, so he turned down the job.

    Additionally, Jim “letting” Pam go to art school in NY for a few months is not the same as Jim leaving his wife and two kids in Scranton while starting a new business in another city. Particularly when he did it without figuring the whole thing out with his family first.

    Cut Pam a break.

  134. Classic and cliche formula

    Put another person as temptation or as a realization of worst case scenario. Guy gets a job, gets wrapped up in his career and in the end chooses his family over financial and career success.

    Add to the fact they will get Nellie and Toby together, Pete and Erin and Dwight and Angela (the only one I cared about…3 seasons ago…)

    Such a sad last season for a great show…it’s like watching Muhammed Ali in his last years

  135. #178: Moving on was Ep 16. Ep 15 was couple’s discount and it was the warehouse guy who was fired.

    So Google estimates the commute from Scranton to Philly as 2 hours and 20 minutes. If they got a place half way they would each only have about an hour commute which is another option they can consider.
    Also why didn’t Pam’s resume include the Michael Scott Paper Company?

  136. WIGZ I counter with what about the time Pam wanted Jim to go for another Job because she knew he would be great and knew he wanted more for himself (season 2 maybe)? Jim ended up getting his feelings hurt, but even WAY BACK then she knew he wanted more than just selling paper.

  137. @Wigz what about when Pam quit her job in the middle of the day, on a whim and without discussing it with Jim.

    All the while planning and having to pay for a wedding :P

  138. I am also not convinced that JAM will stay together. For some reason the writers have forgotten that this is a comedy and feel the need to insert this “reality” storyline for them. Umm, if I want this kind of stuff, I’ll tune into some reality show. This has been my funny, humorous show for 9 years and my little “escapism” with Jim and Pam. If I want to see a sad demise of a much loved couple, I’ll tune into something else.

  139. @DunderJAM What exactly did Jim give up for Pam other than not taking the job at corporate? And even then, he didn’t do that just for her. He did it because he wanted to be with her. I don’t think that was his dream job either. Pam on the other hand did give up her dream to be with him. She could have stayed in New York when she was at Art School, but came back because they were engaged. Besides, they have a family now anyway and that should come first. I’m not saying that Jim has to give up on his dreams, but he did start this company without discussing it with Pam. She has the right to be upset.

    I feel like they have kind of changed the character of Jim this season and it bugs me. I’m not siding with either character here. I just think people need to cut Pam some slack. She is basically a single mother right now.

  140. @178 – You’re right, no one’s been fired. What was all that hoo-ha a few weeks ago about? I mean, the anonymous warehouse guy and Brian got canned, but was that it? They are minor footnote characters. I thought one of the big guns would be leaving from what was said.

  141. I’m sure that in the end Jim will get Pam move to Philly and maybe work as office administrator or manager at his company, then they could banter around the office like always. Besides, as Pam said long ago, she wants a house with a terrace, “they don’t even make houses like that in Scranton.”

  142. I loved this episode! That was the most I’ve laughed in a long time. Andy was hilarious in this episode and got some great lines. (Vanilla Ice, he was a band. Clarkwork Orange. Brozone layer). and I loved hearing Angela call Dwight “D”. Also loved Jim’s line “I’m a douche now, but look what I can do with my hands”. GABE’S RETURN, That was awesome! Bob Odenkirk, killed it! This season rules! <3

  143. #183 At first, I wondered the same thing. Also technically, she was a salesman (though apparently not a very good one) for all of season 6.

    But the Michael Scott Paper Company was absorbed by DM, and as for the sales part, she might not wanna have THREE positions on her resume from the same company.

    Andy needs some heavy-duty comeuppances. What a jerk.

    Will Gabe and Alice be around, or was this a one-episode thing?

  144. I think the shocking firing was Warehouse guy and Brian, since Brian is the first crew member they show. As for JAM, Pam so easily gave up her art ambitions and Philly is a great town for artists. They could have her get hired by Mural Arts in Philly. I think all the happenings around Athlead is contrived. Maybe after the documentary airs she’ll get offered a job.

  145. Love this show. Really liked this episode. Very funny, but also has its serious moments too. I have watched this show since 2005, when although I loved it, I didn’t think NBC would give it a chance. I think it’s good that the writers are showing the struggles of a relationship with Jim & Pam, but to be honest, breaking up their marriage just seems very formulaic and lazy for a show that has always been better than the typical laugh track sitcom. Just want to add that this website has been the best!!

    [from tanster: thanks!]

  146. One thing I was confused by – when the Michael-twin was reading Pam’s resume, he said something like, “Been there 7… 8 years,” in reference to DM. This is season 9, and they worked there before the documentary started, so what’s missing?

  147. Just watched this today, and I want to say it was pretty well written. All the romances were written really well and I hope that Dwight and Angela end up together! Also, I loved what Andy did. He plays the mean guy well but when he’s smart and witty, it’s really fun to watch.

  148. Something I TOTALLY forgot in regards to Jim having his fun at Athlead, Pam actually DID get to have her fun, as referenced by the times she drunk dialed Jim while she was out partying with her fellow students at Pratt while Jim totally supported her. I realize Jim is now married with kids, but he isn’t actually partying either.

  149. In a way, I liked that the Scranton Strangler was the suspect. Very true to Toby’s life, we always want him to succeed, but sometimes there’s just nothing there.

  150. I think that the Scranton Strangler should be Devin from season 2. The fact that he got fired because Creed talked Michael out of it pushed him over the edge. I think it would be funny that the Strangler started terrorizing Scranton because of Michael Scott.

  151. I am a serious “office” fan and once I started watching, I was hooked. It helped me through personal battles with serious depression and addiction. I know it sounds cheesy but the show was an actual lifesaver. I’ve never posted any comments so please bear with me.
    First of all, I can say that I am very disappointed with the direction the show is going in regard to the Scranton Strangler. I really was expecting a bigger surprise. It would be great if it was the wrong man in prison. I can’t explain how many conspiracy theories I have had concerning this bit. My money was on Gabe, Devon, The Senator or Robert California. I really hope that they don’t crush our spirits and totally end that storyline. Honestly I think this is the end of the “Scranton Strangler…wrong man” because I was left totally disappointed with that aspect of the episode. Maybe they don’t have enough time to expand on it.

  152. @Bad Idea Jeans #194
    Yeah I was confused by that too, but shortly after I think Pam corrects the amount of years to the camera. I believe she said 10 years.

  153. I know that Toby was strangled but…I don’t think that was the real Scranton Strangler. I think the person that strangled Toby just choked him because he went on for 5 hours boring him to death so the person did it to get him away but is not the real Strangler.

    [ from tanster: lol! ]

  154. God, I hope that is the last we ever hear of the Scranton Strangler. I don’t want to waste another moment of screen time on what was a one note joke from back in S6. The idea that it would be someone linked to the office always struck me as forced and absurd.

  155. It is amazing how much Erin has matured this season.

    After realizing Alice was brought in because of the shared past with Pete, she immediately knew what the new “management consultant” was all about.

  156. I too sort of feel like the Scranton Strangler story is too drawn out, but as someone mentioned it would be funny to find out that it was Devin!

    Otherwise, I thought it was a fantastic episode! Lots of good storylines to follow…it felt like the good ole Office days! They should have been doing these 1 hour episodes long ago!

    Pam and the Michael Scott act-alike had to be my favorite part…really reached back to the goofy Michael Scott days.

    Looking forward to the next episode!

  157. @PMVfan #186 Exactly! The Office has been about laughs and “escapism” for me too. I’ve been watching since day one. (Been following this site since day one too!)
    I don’t mind a little drama here and there, and I understand a relationship isn’t perfect. But what they’ve turned the Jim and Pam characters into at this point makes them feel unrecognizable. I love that they were “perfect” together. They were the ONE couple on this show that didn’t have the fighting/cheating/lying and other crap that you always see. What’s so wrong with that? I know some say it’s boring, but I just adore them as a couple and it’s breaking my heart the direction the show’s been going with this. It needs to stop NOW.

  158. Am I the only one who doesn’t like Pete? Also I think Jim needs to get his priorities in order – I always thought he was a ‘works to live’ kinda guy…..I must say, not loving Philly Jim!

  159. To “Jennifer in Georgia”… I know what you mean. Watching The Office has also gotten me through some tough times. Some of the characters are so flawed and dysfunctional, yet they still bring smiles to our faces every week. It’s nice to know that we can find humor and fun in this kind of environment with these kinds of people. All men and women lead lives of quiet desperation, and I think we can see this in our beloved characters. Just look at Michael Scott and Toby. Both have spent years just trying desperately to be liked. And millions love them for it (well, maybe not Toby). Here’s to The Office!

  160. BTW, I almost forgot: Pam is going to be fired for her prank call in “The Target.” Just wait and see!

  161. I too think it’s out of character for Pam not to support Jim. He has supported her in EVERY single thing she’s wanted. Including when she was nuts and left her job to work for The Michael Scott Paper Company (though my favorite Office miniseries). He didn’t take a great promotion at the NY office because of her. The Pam from the previous seasons wouldn’t have been this selfish. Does she really expect Jim to be a paper salesman in Scranton for the rest of his life??? Come on Pam…

  162. Long-time lurker, first-time commenter here. I’ve loved Jam forever, and I agree with those on here saying that Jim’s had some sort of personality transplant. Who is this guy, suddenly oblivious to the feelings of the wife he loves so much? And I don’t agree with those saying this is just normal married couple stuff. My husband and I have had a lot of crazy stuff happen in our lives, including spending 3 years living 500 miles apart, and it doesn’t give you license to be insensitive. Even when we were dealing with a cancer diagnosis and treatment we were still basically ourselves. For essentially kind people like Jim, it doesn’t make sense that he would randomly become selfish. I’m not saying Pam shouldn’t move for him, just that he should care about her feelings regarding it. I’ll always be a fan of the Office, but this is hard to watch!

  163. @lisa are you referring to Jim in this episode? From what I saw jim was much more Jim-like this episode, in fact I thought Jim and Pam seemed back to normal this episode even with the ending. It’s not like Jim was pissed off at Pam’s confession, and it’s not like Pam is giving him an ultimatum. He just seemed sad to me, as if he thought she would be more supportive.

  164. @Joel, you’re right, Jim was better in this episode. I’m kind of mashing the last few eps together in my mind. But I still think it out of character, and a little ridiculous, that he was shocked at Pam’s “I liked our life in Scranton” comment. Had he really never asked her what she thought about uprooting their entire lives? He’s always been SO in tune with her, even more so than she sometimes was with herself (promoting her art, etc.) that I just find it hard to buy. Also, does he not care about all this time away from his kids? Suggesting leaving early on V-Day was totally absurd for that reason also — even if he and Pam were fighting, most parents wouldn’t give up their already limited time with their kids.

  165. Was the temp in the real estate office played by the same actor who played the temp on the original UK version of The Office? He sure looked like it to me!

  166. @Lisa Jim hasn’t changed, but he’s definitely not acting like himself. Pam is afraid of change, but I don’t think that’s the only reason she says no to Philly. Pam gets that Athlead is a bad false start for Jim.

    Athlead has always been ill-defined (it even has a crappy name). A bunch of college friends get together 10 years later to act on Jim’s old sports marketing idea. How many of them have the business experience to make this thing take off? A newspaper writer, a science teacher. Isaac and the other guys aren’t people that make big deals. Jim puts in 12 hour days to try to make something work that may never work. He doesn’t see it yet, but the big investor sure did.

    Hopefully, speaking like the new Jim, he can come up with a new game plan. But, the poor guy feels locked in (again). I’m hoping he gets a solid career opportunity soon, even if it means the Halperts lose some serious cash to make a fresh start. If that happened, then we’d see Pam stand by her man.

  167. I agree in part that Jim’s personality is changing, but in truth, he has been growing for sometime. He really started becoming a douche when he started taking his career seriously, and did some really questionable things (going for the New York job, going for Michael’s job, etc). And then there was the way he acted when he was co-manager. He has had this side to him for some time, it is just now beginning to affect his relationship with Pam. But, I think that ultimately, he will give up Athlead and become regional manager in Scranton.

  168. I was thinking of a twist to the DWangela plot. Dwight did take a diaper from the bathroom and get it tested but what if that was JAM’s baby’s diaper. The writers could spring on us a reveal from Angela that Dwight had taken the wrong diaper. Then they can be together.

  169. Just a thought…. JAM’s relationship dynamic depends on the writers and director of the episode that week. The writers and directors tend to be wildly inconsistent with characters. Look at how Ryan’s personality and level of competence changed so wildly over the seasons. The same argument could be made for Kevin, Meredith, Darryl, not to mention Michael. Also, Pam is the lone survivor from Michael Scott Paper Co. David Wallace will have no problem firing her for making that prank call in “The Target,” not to mention the fact that paying an office administrator is a huge waste of money for an office that size that never needed an administrator until recently. This is the plot device that frees up Pam to go to Philly (fate intervenes to set Pam on the correct course). Also, Pam really has no reason to stay any longer: Jim is gone (Wallace refuses to pay him now for not being there), AND Brian is gone, possibly her biggest emotional connection to the office outside Jim.

  170. I’d be very sad for Jim if he ended up as regional manager in Scranton. I gotta hope for something much better for him!

  171. @Lisa – I agree with what you are saying. JIm isn’t being like the Jim we’ve come to know. They’ve contrived this situation for the last season so people like us can debate whether they will make it in the end and be held in suspense until the last episode. And to do so, they’ve sacrificed the consistency of Jim’s character. The real Jim would know Pam’s feelings about Athlead, uprooting the family to Philly, and how she is coping without him because he loves her.

  172. I know this might sound weird but I think Andy and Alice would be a good couple. They seem like they could fit well together (twss) but still…

  173. There has been a change in Jim’s character but let’s not forget all the things he has done for Pam. He urged her to go pursue her dreams in NYC when she went to Pratt and he gave up a job in NYC for her. Remember when she was with Roy and she wanted to do the art program and she didn’t and he asked her if she really wanted to be a receptionist her whole life-from early on we saw that Jim had bigger and better plans than staying at Dunder Mifflin. This is the first time Jim is really doing something for himself in this show. Somehow it will all work in the end because they can’t build this great relationship for 8 years and then tear it down in the last season.

  174. I think Athlead is going to be successful but Jim is going to sell his portion and stay in Scranton to make Pam happy. The house he bought for her means something to both of them. His past, present and future are all in Scranton as are the memories of the woman he was meant to be with. Call me a romantic but this is what I see!!

  175. I have faith in Dwight and Angela for the main reason that I can’t imagine the Senator liking the attention of his wife on a reality show where she has done some bad things before…

  176. I find the idea of Jim giving up a successful job at Athlead because Pam demands to stay in Scranton to be too depressing for words.

  177. @Roy’s Mugshot. I agree but does he have a successful job at Athlead? The company is shaky.

    In Season 1, didn’t Jim ask Pam if she really wanted to be a receptionist the rest of her life? After she turned down an art program because of Roy? Kind of ironic that Jim’s basically asking Pam to do the same thing to support his dreams. Painting the mural for the city of Scranton means a lot to her, even if it’s small potatoes.

    If either one has to be miserable just to make the other person happy, then they are in trouble. Hopefully, they find another way.

  178. @lynn Pam having to give up a one time mural painting job versus Jim giving up an entirely new career aren’t comparable in my book. Now maybe Athlead won’t be successful, but in the grand scheme of things, Pam asking him to abandon it so that she doesn’t have to step out of her comfort zone isn’t a particularly fair trade.

  179. If Athlead is becoming a profitable career, why not just hire Pam as a graphic designer? Then they can work together again

  180. I don’t understand how Jim is acting out of character. He’s always talked about not wanting to work at Dunder Mifflin forever. He’s supported Pam with art school and with Michael Scott Paper Company. He finally has this great opportunity and she initially said that she was okay with it. I don’t think either of them are acting out of character really. I mean they’re human characters. Nice people argue and fight sometimes. Even soupsnakes. Consider the amount of stress they are both under. Jim’s launching a new company and Pam is taking care of the kids by herself. They probably should have talked more about this idea before committing, but they’ve already invested so much money. It’d be crazy to back out now. They need to bring in someone to negotiate a Win/Win/Win scenario.

  181. @CKG True the Michael Scott act-alike did kind of remind me of Mel Brooks, but how awesome would it have been if Mel Brooks replaced Steve Carell? Well, if he was younger, anyway. It would have been amazing! I still think it should have been Ricky Gervais taking over but whatevs.

    This episode was great, between the return of GABE, Toby getting strangled, Andy vs Pete storyline, Dwight and Angela moments, and Pam’s interview. There is not much I didn’t like in this episode! Did I mention GABE!!

  182. I don’t think anyone has mentioned the lack of continuity from the end of the last episode, when Jim and Pam went home to fight, to the events of this episode. It was as if the things they should have ironed out were never discussed between them at all. It’s not like Pam to hold her unhappiness back from Jim, and it’s not like Jim to fail to see that another man made a play for his wife. There should have been some kind of progress made in their relationship between the episodes. A lot of couples might let this drag on, but these two usually deal with their business. The writers seem to be holding back the progress of this arc.

  183. @Gabriel Susan Lewis Fan TM: You are absolutely 100% correct – Ricky Gervais would have been the PERFECT replacement for Michael Scott. No-one else could have (or has) pulled off replacing Michael Scott. Gervais created the role, and pulled it off in a much more difficult setting (he was loathed in the British office, after all). When I first saw his interview in Season 7, I thought it was a slam dunk. I didn’t think there was even the remotest chance that the producers could even consider anyone besides Gervais. Maybe this was a signal that the producers of the show really are completely out of touch with the fan base and what made both the American and British shows so darn good. Sorry for the rant. Oh, BTW, Pam gets fired for making that horrendously insensitive prank call in “The Target.” I can’t believe there isn’t more discussion about this.

  184. Ricky Gervais has repeatedly said he had no interest in replacing Steve Carell. He makes enough money just being the originator and producer of The Office.

  185. I loved all the Michael references but the person impersonating him just felt too forced and it wasn’t smooth. I don’t know if it was just me.

  186. Thanks for taking time to read my little post. It means a lot because I usually never write. But my favorite thing is also reading everyone’s ideas and thoughts. They are very entertaining and help the time pass until the next episodes.
    I am gonna be seriously bored when the show wraps up!!!

  187. Like many others, I really hope that Pam gets the dream house she mentioned in season 2 or 3 in Philly with Jim. How many people are with me?

  188. @238 Last thought.

    I sincerely hope that they don’t go this dark with The Office, even if it would distinguish the show. The Office has always had a lot of heart. It would be a horrible departure to end the show by permanently separating Jim and Pam.

    The best outcome would be if the writers showed Jim & Pam go through real life tests, the marriage survives with them wiser, more careful of each other’s feelings, and working things out together. I think they can still have a realistic and happy ending. I’m just not sure how they will do this all in the few remaining episodes left to air.

  189. One other thought, I honestly wonder if Toby will be revealed as the Scranton Strangler. Think about it, he had a run it with the guy who was convicted, but what if his injuries were fake. That would be one hell of a swerve and he was pushed to it by Michael and Dwight and the rest of the office. That would be a surprise ending.

  190. have been reading everyone’s comments and i agree with your confusion on some of the storylines and disbelief regarding beloved characters’ development/changes. along with everyone, “my heart” is rooting for jim and pam, but the real tearjerker is going to be the final jim/dwight scene.

  191. Since we are going to have two weeks of Moving On … here’s a thought. In Season 2, when Jim courted Pam on Dunder Mifflin’s rooftop, they sat side by side eating Jim’s cheese sandwiches. In Season 5, they sat side by side eating pizza on that same roof. But, in Season 9, Moving On, they are at Athlead sitting way across from each other. The setting looks intimate. But, I think that the table represents the distance that has really grown between Jim and Pam.

  192. From Part 1, the Toby and Nellie discussing the Scranton Strangler scene was missing, as was the scene where Dwight and Angela take Aunt Shirley to the shower area. The ending was slightly extended from the original version, with Mark (the real estate boss) asking Pam about Bruce Springsteen when he was finished singing her resume.

    [from tanster: thanks for reporting that, good to know!]

  193. Remember where we’ve heard “moving on” before? For fun, check out Jim’s talking head in “Business School,” Season 3.

  194. The scene where Toby and Nellie discussed the Scranton Strangler and the scene where Dwight and Angela take Aunt Shirley to the shower area were both in Part 2. The only addition I saw was the Previously On segment at the beginning.

  195. This is going to sound weird, but I just realized how much Bob Odenkirk’s character sounds like Steve Carell.

  196. Andy gave a sex education seminar in Season 7 but doesn’t know how to pronounce chlamydia now?

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