1. Awesome! I love how that office worker near the door was taking pictures/recording with his cellphone.

  2. I can’t believe he got arrested! I guess he deserves it though. Wonder where he’ll be next season…

  3. I actually searched for it on YouTube, but to no avail.
    Going into the world of “The Office”, I wonder who at the corporate office uploaded it.

  4. Ha ha. I really, really want a scene next season with Kelly visiting Ryan in prison… track suit, her hair did, and all.

  5. …It hurts a lot not to be able to see it (I’m not in the States). Can someone please tell me what happens? Ryan’s face in the photo makes it look like it would have been a hilarious video.

  6. NBC and all sorts of unions are involved, so unless they make some 1 time deal (or someone else puts it on youtube) it’s not allowed.

  7. John PM, I wondered the same thing, but it could have been anyone, there were strong hints that Ryan wasn’t too popular at the corporate office

  8. I want to see this actually on YouTube. Not because I see YouTube as the end all and be all of online video as many people do, but because in the episode it is actually on YouTube.

  9. Awww….the look on his face.

    I’m so glad it finally happened. Now Ryan can go back to being the hot temp and forget about his corporate douchebaggery.

  10. I just noticed a guy in the video was filming it with his phone,that adds to the reality of the situation and explains how it could’ve ended up on youtube.

  11. Does anyone know if the first cop out of the door (the second one, taking ryan out of the building) is Michael Schur? It looks so much like him

  12. I so called it. I knew that everyone was looking at something about Ryan. I knew it! I have a gift… well, maybe just a bit of an obsession.

    Fantastic Finale!!!

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