The Office Christmas photos

The Office Christmas photos throughout the years. Ah memories.

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  1. This old file’s missing from the NBC site. Any chance they can find it in the dusty archives somewhere? :)

  2. It bugs me that they changed the photos. I guess they make more sense and look more professional, but Michael’s were so ridiculous and funny.

  3. does anyone know where I can find the original pictures? I’m sure a fan must’ve saved them somewhere else. Thanks

  4. Ah, ‘Christmas Party’ – one of my all-time favorite eps. I hadn’t seen those pictures in forever! So freaking hilarious. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Can’t wait to see what Christmas memories this season will provide. :)

  5. to #6 – i think karen’s sitting at angela’s desk. since i believe that’s season 3. but where’s andy???

  6. Aw, those season 2 photos make me nostalgic! Young Jim! Tanster, how did you get those Michael photos?

    [from tanster: have had them for awhile, just a little late in getting them posted! :) ]

  7. I’m here thanks to the Office Ladies podcast for mentioning that these photos were here! Such a joy to see <3

  8. Here from the podcast! These photos are awesome. They’re so bad exactly what you’d expect Michael to do haha I love it! 😂

  9. @Karen Beymer

    Pictures on pages 23-24 were from season 3, so that’s why Karen is seen in the background.

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