The Office Christmas photos

The Office Christmas photos throughout the years. Ah memories.

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  1. This old file’s missing from the NBC site. Any chance they can find it in the dusty archives somewhere? :)

  2. It bugs me that they changed the photos. I guess they make more sense and look more professional, but Michael’s were so ridiculous and funny.

  3. does anyone know where I can find the original pictures? I’m sure a fan must’ve saved them somewhere else. Thanks

  4. Ah, ‘Christmas Party’ – one of my all-time favorite eps. I hadn’t seen those pictures in forever! So freaking hilarious. Thanks for the trip down memory lane! Can’t wait to see what Christmas memories this season will provide. :)

  5. That looks like Karen at Angela’s desk. There’s no Oscar, Andy, or Karen in the photo.

  6. to #6 – i think karen’s sitting at angela’s desk. since i believe that’s season 3. but where’s andy???

  7. Aw, those season 2 photos make me nostalgic! Young Jim! Tanster, how did you get those Michael photos?

    [from tanster: have had them for awhile, just a little late in getting them posted! :) ]

  8. I’m here thanks to the Office Ladies podcast for mentioning that these photos were here! Such a joy to see <3

  9. Here from the podcast! These photos are awesome. They’re so bad exactly what you’d expect Michael to do haha I love it! 😂

  10. @Karen Beymer

    Pictures on pages 23-24 were from season 3, so that’s why Karen is seen in the background.

  11. Here because of the Office Ladies Podcast! Thank you for sharing. its awesome to know that the pictures Michael took was published with everyone. So rad!

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