The Office: Finale, 9.24-25

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The Office: Finale

Writer: Greg Daniels, Director: Ken Kwapis

Summary (NBC): Months after the airing of the documentary, the workers of Dunder Mifflin, past and present, gather for a wedding and a final round of interviews. Mysteries are solved, hatchets are buried, pranks are prunked. Guest stars: Mindy Kaling, B.J. Novak, Rachael Harris, Dakota Johnson, Joan Cusack, Ed Begley, Jr., Malcolm Barrett, Matt Jones, Andy Buckley, Michael Schur, Bobby Ray Shafer. One hour and 15 minutes long, starting 9/8c.

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In a poll conducted May 16-20, 2013, Tallyheads rated this episode: 9.58/10

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The Office Finale quotes

Manually transcribed by tanster, 1:24am Friday May 17 :)

Dwight: Nobody buys DVDs anymore.

Dwight: PBS. The propoganda wing of Bill and Melinda Gates. And viewers like you.

Stanley: I’ve been looking forward to this day since I was 18 years old.

Kevin: At least I got chocolate.

Jim: I bike to work now. Saves on gas. Cheaper than a vasectomy. Good for the environment, too.

Angela: Those feet. They’re like the paws of an orangutan.

Pam: Now that she’s wearing sports bras, we don’t see her boobs as much.

Pam: There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?

Dwight: I always liked Devon.

Dwight: Turns out Creed was in the band, The Grass Roots, in the 1960s. During that time, the police say, he sold drugs, and trafficked in endangered species meat, and stole weapons-grade LSD from the military.

Jim: Dwight has made me his bestisch mensch. Which is Schrute for ‘best man.’

Jim: Tonight, only good surprises. Guten Pranken.

Clark: Great, now we have three hours to fill!

Jim: Mose has been weird? That’s so unlike him.

Andy: Oh I can so just sit here and cry!

Seth Meyers: Oh c’mon Baby Wawa.

Oscar: “A mistake plus Keleven gets you home by seven.”

Nellie: I live in Poland now. The Scranton of the EU.

Nellie: I thought I unfriended you.
Toby: Anyone can follow a Twitter feed.

Toby: I have six roommates. Which are better than friends, ’cause they have to give you one month’s notice before they leave.

Andy: A bear hug from my favorite mama grizzly.

Jim: You remember my two lap band surgeries, right? Neither do I. Guten Prank Number One.

Darryl: And it’s Athleap now.

Oscar: I’m a man. So I’m going to the bachelor party with the boys. I just have to remember how I acted before I came out.

Oscar: Whazzzzzzup?

Dwight: What, are you going to whack me, Jim?
Jim: No Dwight, you’ll be doing the whacking.

Dwight: A bazooka. You remembered.
Jim: Of course I did.

Jim: Guten Prank Number Two.

Dwight: We’ll have an onion loaf for the table, please.

Meredith: Shut up. Jakey?
Jake: Mom?

Meredith: Give them a good show, my little entrepreneur.

Pam: Woo hoo! Go Meredith’s stripper son!

Clark: Dwight, for the last time, she’s not a waitress!

Dwight: I think I ate too much bone marrow.

Jim: I think it’s time for you to bury the hatchet.
Dwight: Waste of a good hatchet.

Dwight: You can’t be anything but happy on your wedding day.

Dwight: Your Internet searches were so filthy, we had to throw out your computer.

Jim: Guten Prank Number Three.

Stanley: I guess this was worth being filmed nonstop for nine years.

Pete: No one recognizes me, but now all my friends call me Plop. So… thanks, PBS.

Jim: She pays me back every day, just by being my wife.

Dan: Pam, what was in that teapot letter?

Steve: Do you find that your life feels pointless now that nobody’s actually filming you anymore?
Toby: Yes.

Meredith: Yes, I was getting hammered. But hey, it was college.

Pam: It’s like a long book that you never want to end. And you’re fine with that, because you just never ever want to leave it.
tanster: Like Harry Potter?

Moderator: Next week at the Scranton Cultural Center, don’t forget, Irish step dancing semi-finals, winning team to mid-Atlantic!

Creed: Jeff Bomondo. I sell ceramic tile out of Newark. My wife’s name is Kathryn. I could show you my social security number if it helps.

Kelly: Are you like a manny now?

Ryan: So I was dating this girl. And one day, she went out to get a new charger for her e-cigarette. Never came back. Oldest story in the book.

Ryan: No, Kelly, he’s not named after a hip hop artist from 2011. It’s Drake, like a mix of Drew and Blake.

Dwight: Michael. I can’t believe you came.
Michael: That’s what she said.

Jim: Best prank ever.

Minister: As is traditional to the Schrutes, the lovers are standing in their own graves, as a reminder that this is the only escape from what they are about to do.

Nellie: Why are the graves so shallow?

Dwight: Complimentary hay hooks are placed along the aisles.

Jim: See, now you don’t owe me anything.

Pam: He’s just so happy to have a family plan.

Phyllis: Would a grump make this? It’s me! It’s me.

Ryan: I finally mastered commitment.

Michael: I feel like all my kids grew up. And then they married each other. It’s every parent’s dream!

Pam: Dunder Miffln, this is Pam. Oh I’m sorry, Jim Halpert doesn’t work here anymore.

Pam: Jim was five feet from my desk, and it took me four years to get to him. It’d be great if people saw this documentary and learned from my mistakes.

Pam: It would just make my heart soar if someone out there saw this, and she said to herself, be strong, trust yourself, love yourself, conquer your fears, just go after what you want. And act fast, because life just isn’t that long.

Kevin: If you film anybody long enough, they’re going to do something stupid. It’s only human natural.

Dwight: Do I get along with my co-workers? First of all, I don’t have co-workers anymore. I have subordinates. So, have I gotten along with my subordinates. Let’s see. My supplier relations rep, Meredith Palmer, is the only person I know who knows how to properly headbang to Motorhead. Oscar Martinez, my accountant, is now godfather to my son. Angela Schrute, my former accountant, is now my wife. My top salesman, Jim Halpert, was best man at my wedding. And office administrator, Pamela Beesly Halpert, is my best friend. So yes, I’d say I have gotten along with my subordinates.

Andy: I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them. Someone should write a song about that.

Oscar: Seriously, you made a nine-year documentary and you couldn’t once show me doing my origami.

Creed: I still have my medal from that.

Erin: How do cameras work?

Jim: I sold paper at this company for twelve years. My job was to speak to clients, on the phone, about quantities and types of copier paper. Even if I didn’t love every minute of it, everything I have, I owe to this job. This stupid, wonderful, boring, amazing, job.

Pam: There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things. Isn’t that kind of the point?

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  1. This absolutely killed me!! I can already feel the lump in my throat and the wretched tears behind my eyelids!

  2. I can’t believe this. Although I think it’s time to end the show, I did not think that would be THIS hard to see the show ending. It’s the end of an era. My life will change from now on. Love so much everything about this show.

  3. To Everyone at “The Office” – thank you for the laughs and the tears. You all will be missed. But looking forward to seeing you in your new ventures.

    Special thank you to Jenna and John for being the best TV couple ever.

    Thank god for syndication and DVDs.

  4. It was a great run. I’ve been a regular commenter on this site for the last 4 years. I’ve watched the show since the start. I would love to tell how I didn’t like something about it or how they ruined it after Michael left, but I can’t. It was just so good. Every episode was terrific and unique, and I couldn’t ask for a better show. I love and will miss all of you and your insight.

  5. Jenna Fischer tweeted a link to an article about Jim & Pam. I especially liked the author’s insight at the end. Wouldn’t Pam make a great art teacher?

    Pam went to college for a few years. She could complete an art education degree in Philadelphia. The City of Philadelphia even has a MuralArts Program that she could become part of one day. The author hit on the truth: “She could probably use a new challenge as much as Jim could.”

  6. To the person who runs this site: I saw that you wanted to have a TWO hour long finale. That sounds awesome and I think it’s possible. 1600 Penn’s season ends on March 28, Parks and Rec ends on May 2 and Community on May 9. May 16 would be an hour of repeats and then an hour of The Office. If not a two-hour long finale, maybe a pre-show, hour-long retrospective like LOST had? Just saying…

  7. All we ever want is Michael Scott to visit Dunder Mifflin, just ONE LAST TIME! Maybe with Pete wearing a bandana round his neck, and Kevin saying, “That looks real good on you!” And then you hear Michael saying, “That’s what she said!” Everyone turns to Michael, surprised and excited to see him, Holly and their newborn baby!

  8. It should say “One hour long……… for now” lol

    [from tanster: lol. i like your thinking!]

  9. I will miss this show so much. I do wish they would just keep it the same, though. For me, the perfect ending would be for Michael and Holly to come back, Jim to stay in PA, and for the show to just end – with everybody still working at Dunder Mifflin.

  10. Since the Office began, I too have met my soulmate, gotten married and started having children. Jim and Pam, it was great to share this time of life with you. I will miss our time together.

  11. Thursday nights will never be the same. I don’t do Goodbyes well so I’ll just say….see you in syndication. This show put Scranton, PA on the map and to the world! Thanks for the memories, the laughs and the way we take a poke at all of ourselves. In a sense we we all know people like these characters. It will be very hard not seeing you anymore and finally, THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID!

  12. It’s coming…I’m getting sad. A month and five days…Wait, is that right?

  13. I love this show and I’ll be VERY sad to see it end. I just wish we could see Michael Scott one last time.

    I will cherish these final episodes.

  14. I’ve been re-watching all my favorite episodes and seasons of The Office to harken back to the good old days of the show. Just to prepare myself for the end, to remind myself of why I fell in love with the people of Dunder Mifflin before things changed.

  15. @tanster
    Thank you. For everything. This show has been my life for past couple of years. And it will be. Because of all the fans and all the good people I have gotten to see over all these years in this website. I don’t wish MScott to come back. You know why ? Because we love this show for all the characters and the writers who have done a great job over the years. My life, My love, My everything – The Office.
    Thanks you guys
    From India

  16. So whose wedding??? Will be glad to see Bob Vance, Vance Refrigeration again!

    [ from tanster: i know who. :) ]

  17. Matt Jones played one of Dwight’s cousins earlier in the season, so I think it is pretty safe to say that with Mose and him involved, it is Dwight’s wedding. The question is… to whom?

  18. I can’t wait for the wedding of:
    A) Dwight and the lovely Esther
    B) Erin and Andy
    C) Dwight and Angela
    D) Ryan and Kelly (G-d no!).

  19. I literally got chills. I’m beyond excited to see what this episode holds. I’m already tearing up, so no doubt I’ll be sobbing on May 16th!

  20. I’m going to guess a Dwight/Angela wedding, I’d hope Michael and Holly are married by now.

  21. There was a photo of Mindy Kaling in a black dress for her role in the Finale at one point, even though she supposedly prefers to wear white to a wedding… so maybe it’s her wedding to Ryan. This explains the “will he or won’t he” secrecy of Michael’s possible return. If Ryan and Kelly were getting married, Ryan would insist on not inviting Michael, but Kelly would make such a big deal about her wedding on social media that Michael, presumably following Kelly on Twitter or something, finds out about the wedding. This leaves all the characters wondering: will Michael be at the wedding, or won’t he?

    I’m also wondering why this footage, if taken after the documentary airs, is so important to the camera crew. A Dwight/Esther wedding wouldn’t be, but a Ryan/Kelly wedding or a Dwight/Angela wedding or even, by some miracle, a Michael/Holly wedding would be that important.


  22. I had 2 thoughts on this.
    1)Dwight/?-From what Mindy tweeted, it looked like they were in a graveyard. Dwight once said that they marry in their own graves. So, it actually could be with Esther because she would be interested in their traditions.
    2)Toby/Nellie-It could be a twist from what people expect. People expect Dwangela, or Michael/Holly, etc. They’re known to throw a twist in there.

  23. I want to thank the entire cast of The Office from the very bottom of my heart, this show was the first thing that made me laugh after my dad died, and I will miss it with every ounce of my being. I’m glad to have it all on DVD, Thursdays will never be the same without The Office.

    And Tanster, thank you so much for all that you’ve done, you are amazing!


    [from tanster: thank YOU!]

  24. As much as I would love it to be Dwight and Angela’s wedding, the fact is that Angela is still married to the Senator. Surely it isn’t possible to get a divorce that quickly?

    Obviously we all want it to be Michael and Holly’s wedding, but failing that it could also be Kelly and Ravi/Ryan or possibly Dwight and Esther.

  25. @17
    I’m all for anything with Mose in it. Maybe my #1 favorite character on the office ever. I know that’s kind of weird, but whenever he’s on the show, it gets better.

  26. A wedding? Months after the airing? Definitely Michael & Holly wedding! Watch this space. I’m so optimistic about this :)

  27. @36:
    I think that Angela and the Senator probably had their marriage annuled by that point. We won’t know unless they say it in the finale.

  28. Definitely not Michael and Holly’s wedding. Tanster says she knows whose wedding it is (since she was on the set while they were shooting the finale) and she has also said that she never saw Steve Carell on set. Pretty sure it’s Ryan and Kelly’s wedding.

    [ from tanster: i did say both those things. :) but to clarify, i did not see any wedding filming while i was there. ]

  29. i predict it’s a dwight/angela wedding. not enough time for mindy and b.j. to shoot a full wedding episode (i’m guessing with both on other projects). jim as best man (through comical process of elimination) and pam as matron of honor (since she’s the only one angela’s ever had a partially civil conversation with). i look forward to some good ol’ jim and dwight pranks. if andy buckley is guest starring, i’ll predict he somehow plays a part in jim’s employment OUTSIDE of dunder mifflin. am i still the only one thinking jim will NOT end up at dunder mifflin or that dunder mifflin will FINALLY close?

  30. Tanster didn’t see Steve Carell ON SET and she didn’t see any wedding filming (although that’s kind of unfortunate, I thought you might make a cameo like in Company Picnic)?? I’m calling it. I really think we’ll see Michael Scott one last time. Though I probably shouldn’t get my hopes up…

    [ from tanster: well a cameo is a whole other question… ;) ]

  31. I think Ryan and Kelly marry. Most likely it will be Dwight and Angela. A surprise would be Toby and Nellie.

  32. Tanster, you were in Company Picnic?!?!? Which part?!?!?

    [from tanster: yes! i was one of the unfortunate buffalo branch employees who got eliminated. more info here]

  33. It’s Jim and Pam renewing their wedding vows. Michael and Holly getting married would be great. I hope they go the entire episode without mentioning who is getting married, just that they’re all attending a wedding, and then we find out who at the end. It has to end at a party anyway, right?

  34. Mere words cannot even begin to convey how disappointed I am that Zach Woods’ name isn’t listed up there.

  35. I think there are many theories to who this wedding is for:
    1. Jim and Pam getting together after divorce or renewing vows sweet
    2. Nellly and Toby somebody finally likes Toby
    3. Pete and Erin Jim and Pan 2.0
    4. Andy and Erin would be a miracle
    5. Val and Darryl are they still dating!
    6. Michael and Holly 99 percent not happening
    7. Dwight and Angela finally!
    8. Dwight and Esther nobody wants this
    9. Oscar and the Senator Gay Love
    10. Ryan and Kelly surprise!!!

  36. I want it to be Dwight and Angela’s wedding so bad. I love them with all my heart. Renewing wedding vows for Jim and Pam would be disappointing. I mean; their wedding was already perfect. Let Dwangela have that kind of a moment too. They’ve waited 6 years for it.

  37. I’m thinking Pete and Erin or Toby and Nellie. Dwight and Angela are too obvious. Also, two major stars are coming in for the finale for the first time – Ed Begley Jr and Joan Cusack. They are probably related to the bride or groom – maybe Pete’s parents? It’s strange to be introducing two characters played by big celebrities in the very last episode of the show.

  38. So sad, yet excited, to be reading about the finale. This is making me so nostalgic for the original Tallyheads from the early seasons! Hope you all are doing well!

    [from tanster: i believe the ol’ chat room gang will be logging in for the remaining episodes. please join us!]

  39. Has nobody else noticed that in the episode summary for A.A.R.M. that it says Dwight plans on proposing to Esther? Obviously that doesn’t necessarily mean it is the 2 of them, but it is worth noting. I think taking all things into account it is safe to say Dwight is getting married though.

  40. UUUUGH, the finale is getting closer and closer. :'( It will be so weird the following Thursday after it airs… This show has been a huge part of my life since the beginning. I’ve grown along with the characters, and looked forward to every episode. I never gave up on this show!

    To semi-quote Michael Scott:
    “And that [show] was better than all the other [shows] in the world. And then suddenly…it’s not yo’ [show] no mo’.”

  41. I just researched the guest stars, and I have a theory. Erin likes Pixar. Joan Cusack voiced Jessie in Toy Story 2 and Toy Story 3. They are Pixar films. Could Erin be doing something with Pixar???

  42. @LowToleranceStupidity Oscar and the Senator- never happening. Oscar was a close second for “most publicly humiliated by the Senator” just a couple of episodes ago.

    I actually would have liked to see Dwight and Esther. A lot of his history with Angela is painful. But since he lied about who she was, I don’t see that happening when the truth comes out. But I would have been happy either way.

    Best surprise would be Toby and Nellie.

  43. Even if they don’t somehow get Steve Carell into the finale, I’m going to make a prediction now that there will be a “That’s What She Said” moment to take his place.

  44. Any chance Ed B and Joan G are leads in something Andy is doing, and he *does* succeed?

  45. @Zarion Kreena – actually now that you mention it, Joan Cusack looks something like Erin…do you think she could be her biological mother? That seems like something that could happen because of the documentary. Her mother watches it and looks her up after that.

    I think Rachael Harris might play Angela’s sister. I’m not sure if anyone remembers, but a long time ago, Angela said she had a sister who she didn’t speak to anymore.

  46. I think it could be Dwight/Esther wedding and nearing the end, Angela will stop it!

  47. @59 aka Callabound: That idea is even better! Maybe they can be combined into the ultimate fanfiction! Personally, my ending for Creed would involve the police and a spin-off.

  48. wasn’t erin looking for her birth mother at some point? maybe joan cusack is her birth mother and they finally connect? serendipity?
    i also picture a wedding set up for dwight and esther, HOWEVER, since pam and jim have known about dwight and angela for so long, i can also foresee a prank of MAJOR proportions to have dwight and angela end up together in a happy ever after on shrute farms with a bazillion cats roaming around.
    as far as jim and pam renewing their vows…i can’t see it. their wedding was too great to repeat.

  49. If it was Dwight and Angela, would they really invite Ryan and Kelly? I don’t think so.

  50. Just a thought, even though this probably won’t happen.

    What if it is Dwight’s wedding, and Jim puts his ring in jello, flashing back to the pilot? That would be so nostalgic!

  51. Didn’t Greg Daniels say they recreated Jim and Pam’s wedding scene for the conclusion of “Paper Planes?” If so, couldn’t that be an indication that Steve was back on set filming, since he appeared in that scene as well. Could be a sign for a finale cameo appearance…?

  52. I’m calling it now… Michael/Holly wedding, though we won’t necessarily see either character in the episode. It gives the series one last chance to pay homage to Michael Scott and tells us all that he did indeed end up OK. It would make sense for Ryan and Kelly to be invited to this.

    If that happens, I think we also have the possibility for Dwight and Angela to realize their love for each other in the context of preparing for the wedding – which could ultimately create one last nugget of hope. The series ends with the start of the wedding ceremony, and camera focusing on Dwight and Angela exchanging loving glances, leaving the audience to conclude that they ultimately find happiness in the coming months as well.

  53. @ #66- yes they said they had to recreate the wedding scene, but if you watch closely, the one shot that pans the crowd (and includes Michael) I’m pretty sure they just re-used the same shot from the wedding episode rather than trying to get Carell back, as well as Kaling and Novak, not to mention all the rest of the faces in the crowd.

  54. Per TVLine, the finale will be supersized to an hour and fifteen minutes!

  55. Just read they’re supersizing this by an extra 15 mins!!!!! I’ll take it!

  56. @65…. yes!!! there HAS to be something in jello during the finale.
    i’m still hung up on jim owning the bike shop (s8) and pam’s house with a terrace (s2)…..even if it just means that jim puts a few flower pots on the patio of the house they have now. he’s always coming up with memorable gifts. i wonder if either of them ever framed the yogurt lids (olympics episode) as a gift..or if pam still has her green teapot (“the right choice”). or what about that fantastic comic book pam made for jim one christmas!
    sorry…just travelling down memory lane. :)

  57. Michael Scott’s going to appear in the series finale! Make sure you look out for him!

  58. So the wedding is for Dwight/Angela.

    This has probably been mentioned further back in the comments, but it seems logical that Rachael Harris is Angela’s sister that she hasn’t spoke to in a while because of a single dispute.

  59. This is going to be bad for me, in more ways than just the episode. I can’t start watching at 9:00, because Shavuot ends at 9:2?. Still, I will stay up! First: A.A.R.M. rewatch Second: Retrospective (Tanster, maybe you’ll make an appearance in the retrospective! Calling it! :) ) 3. Finale *sniff* So, to avoid spoilers, I’m not going here on Thursday until the episode ends.

  60. Hey! Did you guys notice that in Jim’s talking head from the finale ad that Stanley isn’t in his seat? Does Stanley retire? Or does he run away from his wife whom he cheated on?

  61. @ASFan
    You’re absolutely right. Harris and Kinsey are old friends and they even put together a pilot for Fox last year. And Rachael Harris would make a great sister for Angela.

  62. So, I’m sure someone already spotted this but, in the preview to the finale episode where Jim says, “Only good surprises…” I saw a skinny, black man working where Stanley’s desk is?? Any thoughts?

  63. I have only ONE “regret” over the last 2 seasons. And that is I wish the what if Pam had chosen Roy and/or Jim chosen Karen / they didn’t get together…but played out through Erin, Andy, and Pete would have been explored. I would’ve loved to have seen Erin and Andy get together much sooner, Pete and Clark come in last season (I wish Clark was an original character–he was amazing), and we could’ve had one heckuva an arc to go along with the JAM fraying and coming back together. Other than that and IMHO a few wasted, precious episodes this season, I love the way this is all coming together. We all KNEW Dwangela was a matter of time, but they did it in such a sweet and such a perfectly Dwight way. Bravo, cast, crew, and writers. Bravo.

  64. @80 I saw that too. My guesses are 1. The character from “The Convict.” 2. Charles , Michael’s replacement (a David Wallace hire). 3. Stanley’s stand in that Michael hired in “The Banker.” Okay a 4th one where what we’re seeing is either DM “now” or whatever company took its space in its former office. I’m just busting about Thursday. I’m a mess over it. Excited, nervous, happy, and very sad. I imagine a lot of us are.

  65. I’m planning to have a few friends over for the finale. Does anyone have any suggestions on decor/food to “Office”ize it? I know there’s been posts before on this, but I’m having trouble finding them. Tanster et all, can you help? Thanks in advance. :o)

    [ from tanster: post coming soon. :) ]

  66. If Steve Carell is absolutely guaranteed to return, then he has many opportunities to show up, the preferred one seems to be Dwight and Angela’s wedding, but a lot of stuff would work. That’s all well and good, but all I hope for is a mix of humor, emotion and Jell-O.

  67. isn’t it ironic that one of the most notably, romantic TV couples in history didn’t take their clothes off once? that’s certainly one for the record books with the shows on now! in my opinion, that speaks volumes for the actors and writers.

  68. @83: My aunt and I were going to have a get together to watch the finale (but decided not to put our kids together as they would distract us from the show!). We were going to get take-out Chili’s (in honor of the many times it was featured on the show) and give each other a Dundie, which you can purchase online!

    Side note, my aunt and I started a weight loss journey a few months ago and I set up a mock ‘Weight Loss’ episode set up. I had the ‘fat’ pictures posted on the wall and Office themed food. Amazing!

  69. Dwangela’s wedding..Michael and Holly with adorable baby Molly (adopted from Korea)…Toby arrested as the real Scranton Strangler. And of course …everyone else with incredible happy endings. A funny thought, what if now that Dwight is finally Branch Manager..Jim is Regional Manager above him! But..I heard him and Pam have moved on with Athlead. Oh…and happiness for Andy and Erin, please! Of course something in a Jello Mold!

  70. Just a guess. Wouldn’t it be fun if Dwight had Jim’s car covered in Jell-0?

  71. The week leading up to the Finale has been unusually quiet…no new clips or promos or anything?

  72. @85 – oh it’s totally a testament to the writers. I don’t think Jim and Pam gettin’ naked would really have been Office style. Their whole relationship was so subtle. A look here, a pause there, a little gesture.

  73. Kate Flannery just came and spoke at my school. It was amazing and she signed my Dundie and I got a picture with her. It was the perfect way to spend the day before the finale.

  74. @90 — mint chocolate chip… that’s what i meant. they ALL were a class act.
    God, I’m going to miss this show.

  75. This is a very bittersweet day. I know the show ultimately had to end, and we are well on our way to a great finale. Last week, everything started to turn for the best for all the characters. I hope they all go out happy, and that we get a glimpse of Michael. I know ultimately it’s JUST a show, it has been a part of all of our lives for 9 years. Michael had it right… goodbyes stink.

  76. I’m so looking forward to see this episode tonight. I can’t hardly wait. I hope that Jim and Pam have their relationship well improved, and that Dwight is extremely happy with Angela, and that Andy never, ever becomes miserable again, and forever. And, let’s see if Michael really comes back or not, which, I don’t think he does. Good luck, folks.

  77. Michael is supposed to make a cameo appearance. I’m also hoping that Andy never has to be miserable again. I cried when he broke down at the audition. Really hoping for lots of beautiful moments and happily ever afters. :)

  78. I really don’t think I have fully grasp the fact that the Office is ending today. So with that in mind, I think I will take Jim’s approach when he said, “You know what I think we should do? I think we should just save the goodbyes for tomorrow. At lunch.”

  79. 99Josh, you can’t put it any better than that. I’m 2-1/2 hours away from the retrospective. I’m an emotional mess. I can’t believe this is really happening. But it is. And it is time for it to happen. I’m a relatively recent contributor to the comments sections, but I’ve been coming to Office Tally at least once per day for many years now. I can’t thank all of you commenters enough for the insight and perspectives. To know that there are others out there who find this show as meaningful to their lives as I. And a huge thank you goes out to Tanster. Awesome job!

    I’ll be reading the comments after the finale tonight and tomorrow. After that, it will be time to leave The Office and everything that goes along with it, including Office Tally, behind. What a great ride! What memories!

    So long and thanks for 9 amazing years. . . .

  80. I remember getting hooked on The Office after buying those awesome Best Buy dvd sets with all the goodies and seasons one and two… I found OT quickly after and lived on this site throughout high school. College naturally killed a lot of my free time, but having graduated in December (waiting for grad school to start), I found myself watching my favorite episodes these past few months. Last night, I watched the Benihana Christmas episode and I feel like Michael after Carol broke up with him… if iTunes and I were as good as friends now as we were at the time that episode aired, I’d be listening to the preview of James Blunt’s song, too! Too bad spotify doesn’t do previews! I hope you’re on this episode tonight, Tanster!! You so deserve it! You remind me so much of what drew me to this show in the first place, so being back here after such a long time brings back great memories of being SO IN LOVE with this show!! Good luck with whatever blog you do in the future…hopefully, I’m in love with that show, too! ;)

    [ from tanster: awww, thank you! :) ]

  81. Y’all ready for this?? The end is upon us folks. It’s been a great run. Hey, at least there’ll be deleted scenes to enjoy in the fall. ;(

  82. Thanks to everyone on the forum who made my The Office viewing way more pleasurable…I love you all! Let’s make May 16th, the best night ever, full of reminicing and remembering the good times we all shared while watching The Office :-)

  83. 85/Grace: Ahh, but Dwangela did, several times over. ;) And the writers’ faith that the audience is mature enough to not be bothered by adults acting like adults on television also speaks volumes.

  84. More importantly: MOSE MOSE MOSE

    I can’t wait to find out why Phyllis is carrying Angela down the aisle. Grilling accident, perhaps?

  85. Just refreshed the OT main page and this post was at the top.

    My heart hurts.

  86. @106
    Maybe it has something to do with Dwight massaging Phyllis like a horse in Cafe Disco.

  87. This website has been like having a million friends who all love The Office as much as me. You all are great and a big round of applause to TANSTER! She deserves all the credit in the world for creating this platform that has produced this global network of Office fanatics to become involved with the show, gain inside perspectives on how the show was made, and more importantly feel united together as fans. Thank you so much.

    I emotionally can’t figure out how to feel. Today my favorite show in the world is ending… but tomorrow is my birthday…

  88. Billy Bush just said “Steve Carell WILL be back tonight for the finale”! OMG I HOPE THIS IS TRUE!!!!

  89. @alittlestitious I heard it too! I was like, “omgosh was he supposed to say that?!”. He just slipped it in right at the end! (that’s what she said)

  90. OMG! Tanster’s name in the opening credits! God is good!

    [from tanster: omg. wow!]

  91. When I was going through a seperation from my wife, I found The Office.
    It may sound crazy, but this show made me feel like I had a family through hard times.
    Godspeed cast and crew, thanks for the good times!!! That’s What She Said!!!

  92. Jennie, your shots were aired! I just saw you AND heard your voice! Wow, amazing…congrats!

  93. Tanster, congrats on your role! And thank you for making OfficeTally such a wonderful online hangout!

  94. Woo-hoooo, Jennie! You’ll live on forever on DVD! So happy for you! You earned your star turn after all your dedication to The Office!

  95. Ahhh! Michael Scott!! Instant tears….that was amazing. Steve’s looking so distinguished with that hair. I love this show. Awww, he has a family plan! His dream has come true.

  96. Tanster, you were fantastic!! Thanks for the commitment throughout the years!
    Thank you Steve Carell for coming back; you will never ever know how much it means to the fans :) We love you! Thank you to the entire cast & crew – you are truly one-of-a-kind and your work will forever be remembered! Much love from your biggest fan in Montreal!

  97. Complete emotional roller coaster. It was amazing. Don’t even know how else to put it in words. The Office Forever <3

  98. I laughed, I cried, I was left satisfied and smiling. Good job, Office cast and crew.

  99. Bravo Office! Bravo! Loved the last episode! A satisfying ending to a wonderful show!

  100. Wow. A finale that didn’t disappoint. Thank you Office…thank you.

  101. Couldn’t have asked for a better finale. Laughed and cried numerous times.

    Always will be the most amazing show in the world. Always will be in that special place in all our hearts! <3

  102. The most amazing ending to any series!!! Extremely well written and completed the story that started 9 seasons ago. Thanks

  103. The ONLY negative…and I truly mean ONLY negative…I can find with this episode was Kelly and Ryan’s cameo. It was fitting for them, but just felt like a sore thumb. Otherwise, JFC, that was brutally beautiful.

  104. So happy and sad all at once. Great finale. A timeless episode we won’t soon forget (West Coast- you’re in for a treat!) I consider myself a man of “great machismo;” I’ve never cried during a movie or T.V. show. Tonight, I cried. And, it just really worked. I’m so happy that my favorite show ever took my out on the happiest tear. (Love seeing Devon!)

  105. Tanster, i have “silently” followed OT since season 3, sorry it took so long to comment. Thank you for giving us a place. You looked great tonight ;)

  106. Congrats Tanster! You were great! Thank you so much for all the time and effort you put into making such an amazing and fun site. Man I’m gonna miss this show. Can’t believe the end is here. What a ride!

  107. Tanster is gonna get an emmy! seriously though, what an excellent episode. Steve Carell’s appearance was great, in it enough, but still let the ensemble shine. Now I just have to wait a few decades for the reunion episode

  108. Of all the moments that got to me tonight, as I’m sure they did everyone here, it was this line from Andy that touched me deepest:

    “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ol’ days…before you’ve actually left them.”


  109. The most wonderful ending to the most wonderful show. “Don’t cry because it’s over, smile because it happened.” -Dr. Seuss.

  110. This was probably the best episode they could have done for the finale. It had humor, it had emotional moments, it wrapped the story up for everybody. It was AMAZING!!!

  111. Oh my gosh — this completely blew away my expectations. Could not have been more perfect. I love this show.

  112. That was the best series finale ever… and best episode of The Office. Perfect way to end it! Couldn’t believe it actually made my eyes well up at moments… just wonderful. And I KNEW Steve Carell would be back.

  113. It’s so sad it’s over. But you cannot think of it that way. You have to be grateful it happened. It’s the end of an era. A beautiful era. The Office is and was the ONLY show I would watch every week and the ONLY tv show I spent money on to own every season. The ups and downs, ins and outs.

    Such a beautiful moment captured on camera. This show, 10 years from now will have an impact on future generations and still be just as entertaining.

    After everything that has happened. All I can we can say is “thank you! thank so so much”.

    The Office raised the bar completely.

  114. Great way to end the show! Love that everyone finally had a happy ending! Best comedy I’ve ever seen!! Thank you to all the cast and crew of the show foraging me laugh every Thursday night!

  115. It was superb. There are few series finales that can be called the best episode of the entire series. This was!

  116. I was left speechless (That’s what she said). So happy and emotional. So happy to know how Michael Scott’s life turned out, and so happy to see how every other characters’ lives have become. Through all the good and bad, they are a family that loves each other. Thank you Office, thank you!

  117. Finished all my work early so I could stream from my office. Incredible end to a classic show. Michael Gary Scott, you’re the best.

  118. Went crazy when I saw you, Jennie (and that dialogue was awesome)! Went crazy when I saw Steve. Loved the moment when Pam and Michael were looking at pictures of his kids and all the stuff with Kelly and Ryan. Pam’s talking head where she was telling other women what they could get out of her story absolutely destroyed me. I want to give this show a big HUG.

  119. Tears…happy, satisfied, joyous (and a little bit sad) tears. Perfection. Thank you to the cast, writers and crew for 9 amazing seasons and Jennie, thank you for all the hard work you’ve put into this site and giving all of us a place to go :-)

  120. I’ve watched The Office since the airing of the first episode. I’ve followed this website for as long as I can remember. A lot has changed in my life since 2005, expect for the show and this site. I’ve never once commented on anything, so I think I’m due. Your cameo tonight was wonderful. THANK YOU Tanster for everything.

  121. I am definitely happy with the ending. I feel like that was a perfect ending for the best show on television. :)

  122. That couldn’t have been ANY better. I don’t know if I can take going into the office tomorrow knowing it’s the last time I’ll talk about the new episode. :’)

  123. WHAT A GREAT ENDING TO A GREAT SHOW! I WAS EMOTIONALLY MOVED by a TV SHOW as I have never been before…I have a lot of wonderful memories of that show…ALL of us are/were BLESSED for the last NINE ( 9 ) YEARS…(Jennie Tan, I LOVED your spots in the FINALE’!) And now for the next chapter…Here’s to the future……

  124. I’m sad that in all of the years I’ve been watching the Office, I never thought to participate in commenting on this site until recently, but I totally need to commiserate after that finale.
    I kept it together for most of it, but when Michael was showing Pam pictures of his kids, I totally lost it. Like a giant baby.

  125. O MY GOD! A-MAZING!

    Thank you, The Office writers, cast, crew, and Tanster and congratulations on nine beautiful and successful years. All the best in your future projects!

  126. I really can’t believe that it’s over. This entire year I’ve been so excited for the Finale, so that I could see how everything turned out. Now that it’s over though, I really wish I could rewind time.

    Knowing that there won’t be any more new episodes is an incredibly sad feeling. The episode was incredible and Steve Carell’s return, although it was small, was amazing! I still have the vivid memory of watching the final scene of the Season 3 Finale when Pam and Jim finally get together. The feeling of elation that The Office has given me throughout the years has been amazing and I’ll never forget it.

    Through good times and bad, The Office has always been there for me. I know that even though The Office is over, it will still live on in the hearts of everyone who has seen it, especially in the hearts of all of the Tallyheads.

  127. I wanted it to go on for the rest of the night. I wasn’t ready to let go. I’m still not. It didn’t hit me until the very, very end. We’ll never see these characters again. No matter how low this show has gotten in the past couple of years at times, I’m not ready to say goodbye. Not one bit.

  128. It’s only TV but then again, maybe sometimes it’s more. Office, thank you for making a finale that was as good as it could possibly be.

  129. That was amazing and beautiful! Thank you to the whole cast, crew, writers, everyone who has made this show possible for the past 9 years. But a VERY special thank you to 2… Steve Carell for giving us EXACTLY what we needed at this very hard moment, himself. And Tanster…thank you for this site and all the “hot off the press” news regarding the show. Congrats on your appearance, you earned it! This show has meant more to me than words can express. So when nothing else can be said, I will just say THANK YOU!

    Your #1 fan in Philadelphia, PA

  130. Perfection.

    “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ol’ days before you’ve actually left them.”

    Every character got the ending they so deserved. It really was the most beautiful thing.

    Thank you, Dunder Mifflin.

  131. I cried a little at the end of the Retrospective, I cried a lot when Michael appeared, and finally, I cried when Andy started talking about the good ‘ole days… and I’ve been crying ever since.

    Tanster, I have to apologize, because when you started saying your line I shrieked and I don’t think my dad or sister got to hear what you said. I was so, so excited for you!! :D

  132. The finale was perfect, I’m still going to miss my “friends” though! This is the only show I’ve ever cared to see week to week or know what day and what time it is on. Bravo!

  133. Thank you all so much! The last 6 episodes have been pure bliss, I was so glad to see how strong the show finished! I think I still am in shock, what a wonderful ending. I don’t wanna post any spoilers…but what more could you ask for? My favorite show of all time ended with it’s best episode…after so many amazing episodes it seemed unlikely at best, but they did it!

  134. Wonderful episode and terrific surprise when Michael came (that’s what she said!). i LOVED how everyone’s current story was told after Dwight fired them. Oh but Ryan’s son abandoned – he is still a worm. LOL He & Kelly definitely deserve each shallow other! LOL But Dunder Mifflin didn’t go out of business and will still be there with Dwight in charge and everyone was acting like the company was ending too, when Pam took the photo and the way the characters were talking. Really enjoyed this – if there had to be an ending, this was th great one. And I have only been viewing this site for the past week (I know! I didn’t know it existed til now!) but I recognized Jennie during the Q&A. How sweet and wonderful of The Office cast to acknowledge and appreciate all that she had done with this site for them since 2006.

  135. Tanster, awesome job! What a great ending for an amazing show. My father would show me episodes of The Honeymooners and The Odd Couple and he would recite all the lines and I could just see the smile on his face which made me want to watch them more and more. This show will be that bonding moment for me and my future kids (whenever that may be). Thank you to the cast and crew for this amazing show.

  136. I simply can not imagine a better or more perfect finale than what the cast and crew just put out there. Bravo.

  137. Puddles. All down my face, puddles. Beautiful ending, a love letter to these characters we’ve stuck by with after all these years. Thinking about the show makes me think back to how I was when I first started watching, and how much I’ve changed.

    Who would have thought that this Americanized version of a BBC show would really take off on its own and give us characters we’d cheer and cry for? Kudos to everyone involved with this series, the writers, the crew, the actors, everyone. What an amazing series. So many unforgettable moments.

  138. Greatest Episode ever. Amazing. Television will NEVER be the same. It slipped the last couple of seasons, but redeemed itself in this final show. Take a bow Office Crew, It’s been an HONOR, to watch, all these years.

  139. I’m so happy and so sad at the same time. It was perfect, so perfect I just didn’t want it to end:( Happy Steve came back, happy everyone got a great ending. A lot more thoughts to write but I have to take a little time to compose the rest of my thoughts. Thank you Office cast and crew for the joy you brought into my life. I don’t think I’ll ever identify with another show as closely as I did with yours.

  140. After sitting here… shell-shocked… for ten minutes… All I can say is:
    (a) Perfect. In every way. From Michael Scott saying “I feel like all my children grew up and married each other” to Pam pulling the grand Jim-gesture…
    (b) The dictionary defines superlative as: of the highest kind, quality, or order, surpassing all else, or others. Supreme. I define it as The Office. As a TV show, as a comedy, as a drama, and as a friend, it is of the highest kind, quality, and order. Supreme.
    And Tanster… I literally screamed and ran around my living room when I saw you (and thus missed a lot of what you said). You deserve that so much… I think I’ll stop before my computer stops working from all the tears…
    Thank you. Thank you, thank you, thank you.

  141. Perfect ending for the perfect show. A show that touched so many. Told my self I wasn’t gonna cry but that ending just got to me. Thank you to the cast, crew and everyone involved. A void will be left on my Thursday nights now.

  142. Couldn’t have asked for better, that was the way to end it. Thursday nights won’t ever be the same. *sniff*

  143. Everything that was promised was delivered and then some. I don’t think any other finale in my television watching history has left such an impact on me.

    Not a single detail or character was overlooked. Just absolutely 110% perfect.

  144. Still crying a bit. A wonderful night. Even though I knew Steve C would be back, I still ended up sobbing (literally, it was sad). And I cheered for Tanster (so loud it scared my dog!). Other favourites: Stanley’s carving of Phyllis, the group photo and everything Creed did.

    It’s very hard to say goodbye and to realize that I won’t have this “mini-celebration” to look forward to every Thursday night. So often when I was having a bad week, it was the bright spot that helped me through.

    I can honestly say I’m really proud to be a fan of this show and really proud to be a Tallyhead!

  145. Really upset Toby didn’t turn out to be successful. I have rooted for him throughout the whole show, but he just can’t win.

  146. Who knew that Andy would deliver the line that stuck with me the most.

    Amazing finale. Thank you for 9 great seasons.

    See you on the flippidy flip

  147. Only way they could’ve done it and had an ending on par with the all-time greats.

  148. Best episode ever. Great way to end the series, but sad to lose my Thursday night’s. Well done.

  149. ahhh way to go tanster! you did great

    I’m so heartbroken the show is over but what a great send off!!!!
    thanks cast an crew for 9 amazing seasons!!!!

    there is no words to explain how much this show means to me

  150. P.S.: Tanster… thank you for keeping this site up through all the years. The Office was the first series I obsessed about enough to hop on the Internet and devour all I could about the previous episodes because I was sad they were over. And your site scratched my Office itch! It’s not going to be the same without logging on Friday mornings to see if the funny quotes were posted yet.

    You gave us a comprehensive, fun website that enhanced our enjoyment of this show. Thank you, thank you.

  151. That was truly one of the greatest episodes of television I have ever seen and everything I ever would have wanted in a finale. Every character from Michael Scott on down was given a perfect sendoff. Thank you all for nine wonderful years and an amazing conclusion.

  152. Perfect. In every way, perfect. It managed to capture everything that was great about the show in an hour. When you rank the best series finales of all time, I don’t think anything even comes remotely close.

  153. Perfection. Thank you, The Office. And Tanster, you were great! So incredible that you made the guest star list. Thank you for everything. Been lurking on this site for years and didn’t comment until Michael’s last episode – well, what I thought was his last!

  154. This was a great final episode. Each character got to shine and I’m so happy Michael showed up again. Watching tonight, I have to say Jenna was amazing. She really is the heart of the show to me and it’s obvious that it means the world to her. I’m so thankful to have had a series like The Office to make me smile when I needed it. I’m so sad that it’s over but I’m also happy to know that it will always be there to put that smile back on my face.

  155. It was perfect. Hit the right notes, wrapped things up in the right way. When I think about this series, this finale assures that I’ll remember it fondly.

  156. I started sobbing when I saw that Jen Celotta finally got to be a Schrute! That was the moment I realized that everyone who was a part of this show would get the ending they desire/deserve. Also, Rachael Harris was always the person I pictured as Angela’s sister. Didn’t feel like a guest star at all, just seamless.


  157. “I wish you could know you’re in the good times before you have to leave them.”

    spot on nard dog….spot on

  158. One afternoon I decided to watch the Office on Netflix. And I was immediately hooked. I watched every episode (about 5 seasons worth) that week until I finally caught up. Then I bought my first house…I DVR’d every Office episode that came on. I literally have watched an episode every single day since then. When I clean the house or do laundry I have an episode playing in the background. I am an Office fanatic. It was definitely hard to say goodbye tonight. But, the Office finale was absolutely…perfect.

  159. Everyone had their moment. So satisfying. I can’t really talk about it right now because I’m so emotional. Group hug, Office fandom.

  160. I really wish I could have voted this episode an 11/10. Funny up until the end, and heartbreakingly emotional during the last 15 minutes. Much like the 2 previous episodes, this was one of the best episodes of TO in a long time.

  161. I am so sad to be commenting on a new episode for the last time, but so excited by how awesome it was. Every bit of that was perfect. Funny, heartfelt, a real tribute to all the amazing characters, the office itself, and to the fans. Michael’s return was exactly what it should have been, and if I ever met Steve, the first thing I’d say to him is thank you. Loved seeing Erin’s parents. Congrats, Tanster, on a brilliant appearance. I could go on, but there’s a word limit, and my heart is just too full and too broken at the same time. I love you, The Office. Always.

  162. It feels like somebody took my heart and dropped it into a bucket of boiling tears.

    Sobbing like a baby.

    This was King of callbacks. Tons of unexpected surprises were brilliantly choreographed and woven together to produce such a beautiful result. So many weak sitcoms that die away usually have a weak series finale, but fortunately our show remained strong all the way through and ended with a satisfying bang (TWSS).

    Bravo to all cast, Greg and Ken and crew. You definitely delivered a personal gift to all of us. Thank you so much.

    Tanster – so glad you were part of this. How could you not be ?

  163. This was the perfect ‘Good Bye’ for a show I’ve connected with unlike any other, very personal. Congrats to all involved on a job well done this past decade. Thank You.

  164. Now I’m depressed…. :(

    I hope there’s an extended version and that the complete series will hit blu-ray now.

  165. Wow, Steve DID come back? Was he credited? But curiously enough, he is now eligible again to try to win an emmy – this time for guest appearance. Someone start the petition!

  166. What can I say? I started crying 30 seconds into the retrospective, and 15 minutes after the episode ended I was still sobbing uncontrollably in my husband’s arms. Absolute perfection. Michael … oh, Michael. Just fantastic. And tanster, you were GREAT!! I screamed and jumped off the couch when I saw your name in the opening credits! What a truly well-deserved honor.

    There are no words for how much I will miss these characters. I’m just … I’m utterly overcome. What a beautiful, beautiful farewell.

  167. Thank you to the creators, writers, crew, and cast for giving this lady years of laughter! The talent that was poured into this show was amazing. I am grateful for the time you gave us, for the continued enjoyment, and a stress reliever from life. That’s what she said!

  168. Michael Scott. That’s all I can say. What would the finale been without him? It was perfect.

    Oh, and Erin’s dad dancing the same as her. And Andy’s “Ridit-Dit-Didoo” chant? I was bawling.

  169. Other than Michael showing up, the other moment that made me bawl was when Phyllis showed us the carving Stanley made for her.

  170. I can’t be the only one who wonders if that baby was even Ryan’s.

  171. There’s nothing I can say that hasn’t been said here already, but I owe this show too much to not comment on the last episode ever.

    Was it the perfect ending? It was as damn close as any show that’s ever aired on TV.
    Although I did wish that we saw some more of Pete and Erin’s relationship…
    Also the cold open with Kevin being fired was HUGE shocker of a way to start the episode :O

    But overall, just…amazing. To those who say the show should have ended after Goodbye, Michael, I say watch this episode. If you can still say that Goodbye, Michael was the perfect goodbye, well then you, sir, are an ignorant slut.

  172. I cannot stop crying. It is like my puppy got run over with a steamroller. Perfect in every way. I have the ugly cries going on. Can’t wait to rewatch when I compose myself. Screamed when I saw Tanster!

  173. The Office finale was so very sad but such a great episode! I’m seriously a mess after just finishing watching it and in need of a support group. I’m not joking about the need for a support group. I can’t thank everyone enough for all the: passion, work and heart/soul that they put into absolutely every aspect of this show ~ for it is the best show with the best cast/crew/fans ever! I feel like I lost a family member and I will miss it dearly with ever fiber of my being.

  174. Still processing my feelings about the finale – it was perfect but I can’t believe it’s done. So happy that Michael was back for Dwangela’s wedding! And of course it was so cool that Tanster was in the credits and had a great cameo! Overall, as wonderful as I could have hoped the finale would be!

  175. Just to say that 200 characters can not express what this show has meant to me. Thank everybody involved, not only on the show, but on this site and in the chatroom. It’s been fun, and heck, let’s keep the party going. Just cause the Office is over, doesn’t mean the fun has to stop right?

  176. Our family will miss Thursdays together watching the office. Tonight I hugged my 14 yr old son who loved this show tremendously as he cried at the end…everyone will be missed

  177. I love this show. It’s not the best or even the funniest show, but I love it. The finale was a perfect ending for every character/storyline. Truly remarkable.

  178. First, I yelled “Tanster!” when I saw you at the reception in the warehouse – congrats! Now, I absolutely sobbed my eyes out when this episode ended. Completely surprised my hubby. Everyone was PERFECT. THANK YOU, ALL.

  179. Thank you for being a part of my life. This show has saved me so many times and I will always re-watch it. I am still crying. I loved to see the whole crew of “the office” take a picture in front of the mural. Greg Daniels, you did an amazing job. I will miss it, I’ve learned a lot from it. I’m a fan for life.

  180. I can’t say enough good stuff about the finale. Think what you want about the past few seasons, but the finale was perfect. I cried, I laughed. I got to see old friends. I’ve never connected with a tv show before. But I can truly say, I feel like I have lost a dear friend. Thank you Office cast and crew. Jenna, I WILL still be watching this in 10 years

  181. Say it isn’t so! What a great show. I really hate to see it end. I could have watched The Office for another 30 years and still never grow tired of it.

  182. How many of you were thinking Ben Franklin before Meredith’s son walked in? I was! Could not have been a more incredible surprise!

  183. Wow, just finished watching the episode. It’s hard to believe that it’s really over. I’m very happy to see that every character got a proper send-off. Happy to see Steve Carell in the finale, but would have liked to see him with a little more screen time…but it’s ok. He was in the finale which is what mattered. I’m gonna miss this show.

  184. Very satisfying and fitting end for The Office. The first ten minutes may have had a few too many huge moments for us to keep up with, but can’t complain.

    Michael’s appearance was perfect. It gave us final closure on his character (kids!) but didn’t overshadow the farewells that the other characters deserved.

    Loved Stanley’s Phyllis carving, Andy’s Rididitditdoo, the return of Michael’s realtor/gf Carol, and all the other callbacks. Thank you, The Office!

  185. Everything about the retrospective & finale was amazing. I loved it so much. Glad everyone got their well-suited endings. Oscar’s wasuuup, Pam at reception, Michael Scott, the final scene. Great callbacks. It was all great. I just wish there was some Jell-O, but I cannot at all complain about Finale whatsoever. Did I 110% enjoy every second of not just the episode, but the series? Absolutely I did. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to everyone involved.

  186. I don’t even know what to say. That was absolute perfection. I couldn’t ask for a better ending to this wonderful show. I laughed, I cried, and I cried some more. My only problem was that now I have to go back and watch the last five minutes again because I couldn’t hear it over my bawling. Also, when Steve’s face showed up on my screen, I completely lost it. I was so certain that he wasn’t going to show up. But now that I think about it, Michael Scott wouldn’t miss Dwight’s wedding. I love how they tied up everyone’s stories, I’m so glad everyone got their happy endings, especially Jim and Pam. And Erin finally meeting her parents was beautiful. And Tanster! So excited when you popped up! The Harry Potter line was hilarious! I don’t know what else to say right now about this beautiful episode and show. Can’t believe it’s over. Can’t say thank-you enough to everyone involved.

  187. Amazing Finale! Greg is a brilliant writer, and this episode showed how much the show has grown over the last 9 years.

  188. The teacher is going to come out of me now. Tanster – I was so proud of you tonight when I saw you and heard you speak. You did a great job and well deserved.

  189. Such a beautiful and perfect way to end this show. I was in tears for most of it.

  190. Ha! I got my wish that I made back in 7th grade,that The Office would stay on the air and stay with me throughout high school. WOOH! Thanks for brightening up my Thursday evenings all these years, ‘The Office’. You were the first show I ever followed, you shaped my sense of humor, and you will always, always have a place in my heart as one of my all-time favorite shows.

  191. :::::still crying::::: Can we plan the 10 year reunion now? ::::sniff sniff::::

  192. Best episode. Right up there with “Threat Level Midnight” and “Beach Games”. I loved the amount of lines that Creed had and am dying to know what song he sang. Anybody know?

  193. Pretty perfect. It really hurt and yet felt really good (…that’s what she said.) ;) Bad joke, I know. Spent the last 45 minutes of the show sobbing, and then cried after that. But mostly happy tears. It was such a genuine and loving goodbye. Great ending.

  194. I screeched with delight to see Michael at the wedding! The whole thing was perfect, such a great way to say good-bye to our friends.

    Left me smiling and satisfied…TWSS!

  195. I love…so much…about the things they chose to be. Goodbye Office, thanks for 9 unforgettable years.

  196. I’m still at “WOW”….Thank you, NBC-TV’s “THE OFFICE”!! I’m so overwhelmed with emotion…I love “THE OFFICE”…Thursdays won’t be the same without this show!! I’m going to have this feeling for a few days before I come back down…

  197. I may have forgotten the most important person of all, Greg Daniels. Thank you so much for coming back this season to helm this show to its rightful, heart felt conclusion. You understood this show just as much as the cast and fans. Look forward to your next project.

  198. That was a perfect finale. I was laughing from the start but as soon as Michael appeared, I bursted out into tears. It was such a great moment. By the end I was sobbing mess. This is such a bittersweet experience. The Office has meant so much to me and I will miss it more than words can say. But I’m glad to have be able to call myself a fan and will continue to watch the series over and over again :)

    I’m glad Pam got the last line, she’s grown and evolved so much since season 1 and the last line “There’s a lot of beauty in ordinary things” was flawless.

    I’m so thankful for everything The Office taught and inspired me to do. I will always be grateful :)

  199. 224 Mitchell: There was an announcement during the show that there is an extended version on NBC website.

  200. The Office is one of the few shows that I can say that I’ve followed since the beginning. It’s been a long and sometimes bumpy road, and an incredibly sweet ending.

    There were several moments in which I was tearing up. It would not have been a true send-off without Michael, and of course the cast and crew delivered! This and other moments (particularly Erin’s parents) did sort of feel like things were wrapping up a little too conveniently, but I still enjoyed it nonetheless.

    The final statements from the characters could have been from the cast members themselves; I wonder how many of them had that reflection as they were filming those final talking-heads. It was such a wonderful way to wrap up a show that will forever have a special place in my heart.

  201. I started watching at episode 1 when we ordered Netflix 2 years ago last February. I was off work sick and watched around 13 episodes in that first day. No one else in my family watches it, and I don’t have any friends who watch it either, but somehow I feel so close to the characters in The Office.

    For me great books, movies and especially TV series are about characters, and that’s what makes The Office so perfect. Every single character is interesting. You hurt when they hurt and laugh when they laugh. It truly did feel like a documentary of ordinary people.

    I’m not going to lie, I think the show went way down hill after Michael moved away, but these final few episodes have brought it all back and even made season 8 and the lower spots of season 9 worthwhile. Michael coming back was the moment for me, but there were so many great moments tonight.

    Most final episodes are underwhelming, but not this one. It underscored everything that was so right (and so deliciously wrong) about The Office. Thanks and see you on Netflix, again and again. 10/10!

  202. Tanster, remember to invite us to the after party when you win the Emmy for Best Actress in a Guest Starring role.

  203. I was so excited to see Jen Celotta and your name, Tanster, in the beginning credits! This finale was all about giving the fans what they wanted. I love that Greg Daniels even snuck his way into a shot! I hate to say goodbye, but this was the best, only way to do it!

    Thanks, Tanster, for running this most amazing site, and thank you to everyone involved in The Office for giving us such a wonderful, beautiful show!

  204. Can not even begin to describe how much I have enjoyed this episode, every moment was great and fantastic. I loved it when the crowd chanted for Andy. A perfect finale!

  205. Such a great series finale. I wish they would’ve done a 10th season to get to double digits, but these last few episodes were so perfect. I love how they all left the dunder mifflin office together one last time. So many tears, I cried like a baby. Gave it a perfect 10!

  206. Thank you Greg and the office crew for such a perfect ending!!! My wife thought I was nuts when I screamed ….. Tanster!!!!! That is how you honor your biggest fan. I’m so sad to see this show go. I too have gotten married, had kids and have grown up with this show. I don’t think i’ll ever connect to another show like this one. I hope this site continues on in some form I love you all. Thx Tanster

  207. Goodbye my lover, goodbye my friend. You have been the one. You have been the one for me…

    Thank you for 9 great seasons, and thanks for what was a clear nod to the fanbase at the end. You will live on forever in my DVD player – and whatever technology will follow.

  208. One of the greatest things about “The Office” is its mixture of pathos and poignant, emotional moments with brilliant humor — that’s something that this episode did very well.

    Almost every moment was memorable as if I just saw it five minutes ago, something that I haven’t gotten from an episode of this show in a while. There were so many great callbacks. Oscar’s awkwardly madcap “Wazzzuuuppp,” the bachelor party (reminded me of the season three episode with Ben Franklin), Andy’s “roo-doo-doo-doo-doo” chant, Erin meeting her biological parents, and of course Michael’s return was perfect. In fact, I’m wondering if they waited all this time to bring Michael back, so it would be that much more emotional.

    Overall, a truly perfectenschlag finale to my all-time favorite show.

  209. Michael scott is getting old! If you compare how he looked (and acted) season 1, to the season 9 finale, you can find perspective on what this show meant for the cast, for the staff, and for all of us.

    9 seasons, and 9 years, that’s nothing to sneeze at. It’s more than most of us will ever spend at a school, a workplace, or an organization. It was a great ride and Michael Scott’s return made my heart soar like an eagle’s nest!

  210. My husband and I got season 1 from the library. Laughed painfully through the whole thing in 2 nights. Then caught up with season 2 as it was running. I remember the longest summer was between season 2 and season 3 with the anxiousness over Jim and Pam. My 5 year old son used to cry when he walked in and saw the office on…AGAIN!!! Now he’s almost 13 and picks up on jokes in old episodes that I never even saw. My 11 year old daughter stayed up to watch the finale, because she became so invested in Jim and Pam and was worried when they had troubles this season. She and I have whole conversations where we spit office dialogue back and forth to each other. (Hope this doesn’t make me a bad mom! ;-) )
    Tanster, you were fantastic tonight! Thank you for giving us this amazing place to obsess with people of like minds! I have enjoyed your site for years…and years…and years. ;-)

  211. Tanster, please oh please oh please let us keep the chat around! We’d owe you forever!

  212. Emotionally magnificent. A perfect ending to a wonderful show. Greg Daniels is a genius. I hope they do a DVD commentary for this episode, and for every other episode this season.

  213. ABSOLUTELY perfect. LOVED it from the start to the finish- despite the sadness in my heart that the best show ever was coming to an end, I still managed to have many, many laughs throughout the episode. The last 15 minutes were a perfect wrap up to the series. I will seriously miss this show SO much. Thanks for everything Tanster :)

  214. Sooooooo great. Like, seriously? they just get it :’) oh and did anyone else’s heart absolutely drop with Andy’s really deep quote? The one about the ‘old times’ ! Daaaaaaaaamn, that was gold.

  215. Well done…but Andy & Erin fans sure don’t get any love. I hoped they would at least get a cute scene together like old times. I guess it’s implied that Erin is still with Pete and they’re all friends now since they often stood near each other. Erin’s love life has often been a focus, so I expected more of an acknowledgement.

    I didn’t even catch any Andy/Erin references in the retrospective, even though they covered Andy’s relationship with Angela.

  216. The Office started to go downhill, for me, after season 3, but I stuck with it till the end and this website is one of the big reasons why. Thank you Tanster for giving Office fans a place to go. I will miss the show greatly and the site just as much. If Michael Scott is not the greatest of all time, nobody is!

  217. Hey, Phyllis*Farm, YES! Andy’s line was the one that put the first tear into my eye in those final moments, and then the show cinched my first tele-cry afterward.

  218. They played Bruce!!!!!! (Rosalita)
    Maybe it was a callback to crime aid – maybe not – but being an avid fan of both the show and Springsteen – I loved the two worlds meeting – I felt the same when Andy while skating asked the rink DJ to play only deep cuts by DMB and he played Ants Marching –
    I read this week that We should not strive for happiness, but look for relationships and projects that produce happiness as by-products. Then we will be happy.
    I think this correlates to Pam’s line that beauty is found in ordinary things.
    To Tanster: look at what you created for yourself ( cameo on one of the best TV shows of all time) and for everyone – a subculture and community of enthusiasts. Happiness was created as a by-product out of your project. You should be so proud.
    Thanks Office!!!

  219. Fantastic! I don’t think I will ever accurately be able to describe my love for the office, yet this episode included everything I could have asked for. First off, I am glad that they did not bring back too many people, as the episode was able to focus on the main cast. In saying that, the Michael Scott appearance was perfect, and I will be forever thankful that Steve returned. I really loved how everyone addressed the camera one final time, as I think Darryl said it best in that he always wanted to get out of work but now he doesn’t want to leave. The quote pertains to life in general and how sometimes the things that seem the most dull and boring, yet occur in our everyday lives, are the things that mean the most to us and have the most profound impact upon us. Thank you office, thank you cast, thank you writers, thank you tanster, for an unforgettable journey thank I personally will perpetually look back upon with all the love, adoration, and of course humor.

  220. Since we know Greg Daniels reads these comments.
    Know that you have crafted the perfect ending for all these characters and even though we had an idea Carell would return it was still a very nice surprise. The cast and crew did a wonderful wonderful job. Thank you!

  221. I’ve read this web site for awhile and never commented but wanted to chime in and say outstanding episode. What a wonderful way to end this show. I will miss the show but I will continue to love the reruns.

    Did I miss something though? Did anyone ever reveal the Scranton Strangler?

  222. What a fantastic series finale! I held it together until I saw Michael Scott. Then I just lost it. Gutenpranken! They pranked us good. So happy to see him again.

    And I live in Austin! So it was great that my two favorite characters of all time are moving to my wonderful city! Now I know they’ll truly be happy.

    Loved this episode with all of my heart. I will miss this show so much. Words cannot express. Thanks, Office, for nine years of laughs and love.

  223. I was enjoying the end of the Office free of any tears…until tonight. That ending just shook me. Wow. Wow.

  224. I’ve watched this show a lot and have all the DVD sets. I remember watching the Pilot thinking “This has the potential to be the next Seinfeld or Cheers.” Now, I feel like I didn’t know how right I was. It was poignant. And as for the retrospective, I’ve seen actors reflect on their shows towards the end of the run, but man, I could see the sentimentality a lot more with John, Jenna and Rainn as well as Greg than I had ever seen. And I mean EVER. The emotion was out there. So glad I have my DVD sets. (Will get Season 9 when it comes out).

  225. Thank you, thank you, thank you! An amazing wrap up! I loved every minute of it, it was brilliant! I don’t quite know what I will do without this show to brighten my week, and Office Tally to visit every Thursday (thank you Tanster! please find another show to blog and don’t be a stranger!)-I have a feeling no show will ever replace it in my heart. Thank you for nine seasons of happiness!

  226. So glad Jim was Dwight’s best man. Did I miss something, though? How did Dwight finally fire Toby when Michael never could!? Lol. OMG, Meredith’s son! A lot of it was “cliché” or expected, but honestly, it was still perfect and did every storyline justice. Loved Kelly & Ryan – that was the most fitting ending of all. Such a touching episode. It still hasn’t hit me yet. And how great that Angela/Dwight & Jim/Pam are all BFFs now!?

  227. I never post comments online, but as The Office has been my favorite show through so many of life’s ups and downs, I feel compelled to at least put my two cents in. This was one of the greatest series finales I have ever seen. I couldn’t have hoped for a more perfect way to say goodbye to all of these characters that I feel like are good friends of mine. I don’t think I will ever find another show to fill the gap created by The Office ending. Thank you to the cast and crew for making me believe in tv again after I had given up watching it. Thank you, Tanster, for this site. I have checked this website every day for seven years now and I think I probably still will until the day finally comes when I accept that there’s no more Office to check up on. I will miss The Office and But it was one hell of a ride. That’s what she said.

  228. Literally could not have imagined a better way of putting together a series finale. This show deserves the most perfect of send offs and that’s exactly what it got.
    These people are not just characters on a television show. They’re real. They will always live in our hearts. Bravo to EVERYONE responsible for this show. It would take so long to describe how much I loved the episode. Steve, John and Jenna, guest stars, the wedding…and everything in between. Thank you, The Office. The only thing that can always make me laugh.

  229. I like to imagine that Pam gets her house with a terrace in Austin.

  230. Best Finale since MASH.

    In tears, I never thought they could do it that good.

    So so many highlights.

    Michael and holly having kids.

    Dwight’s calling pam his best friend in the talking head segment.

    Jim’s best prank ever on Dwight.

    Dwight huge severance pay for Jim and Pam.

    Toby finally feeling like hes one of the office by going back for drinks.

    Wonderful, truly wonderful.

  231. For 9 years I have grown up with this show, and it and the characters have become really dear to my heart. It was a a fantastic finale to my favorite show. And Michael showing up with HIS catchphrase “that’s what she said” brought tears to my eyes. And thank you Greg Daniels! And all the cast for making me laugh all these years.

  232. My husband and I have followed The Office for five or six years. When Michael appeared on screen, I jumped out of my chair and hugged him as hard as I could. I’ve never cried so hard, or been so happy, over a TV show before. Dwangela was perfect. “The weddings are a bleak affair.” I loved that they stood in their graves. Michael being back was perfection. Thank you for the years of my favorite show. Will watch all the seasons in sequence now.

  233. Like others on here, I’ve never posted before, but I wanted to say good bye to my friend “the office”. You really will be missed. Thanks for so many great memories, and pranks.

  234. I have already watched the retrospective and the finale twice, and I have a headache from crying so much. We moved to another state around the time The Office started, and the characters in this show became a substitute family for me. Like many others have said, I screamed twice…when Michael Scott showed up to be Dwight’s best man and when tanster compared Jim and Pam’s love story to Harry Potter!I really started to cry when Dwight talked about his relationships with his “subordinates.” Long live The Office!

  235. My favorite line in the series ever was when Dwight referred to Pam as his best friend. So simple and yet brought me to tears after all these years.

  236. Rewatching right now…some thoughts:

    -When you compare Michael at Dwight’s Wedding to his appearances at Phyllis’ wedding/JAM’s wedding, there’s a noticeable difference. He grew up a little during his final season on the show, and his willingness to let Dwight and Angela be the center of attention on their big day is a nice way to cap off his arc.

    -Speaking of Angela, while she’s gradually become less insufferable over the years, her personality definitely changed over the course of the year between the documentary and the follow up. Nice to see her happy.

    -Am I the only one a little confused/bummed about Pam taking the painting of the office off the wall?

    – Carol was the one selling Jim & Pam’s house!

  237. What a masterpiece! Long time fan but first time posting here..this was perfection…Goodbye

  238. Never posted here before but I’ve been a big fan of this site since the old days and it was great seeing Tanster in the finale! Been one hell of a ride and an incredible sendoff to one of the most iconic and poignant comedy series of our time. Thanks for the memories, everybody.

  239. That was the best hour and fifteen minutes I’ve spent watching TV… It weny by so fast. Thank you to everyone at The Office. The ending was perfect. I don’t think I’ll ever be able to follow another show.

  240. Like a few other people here, I’ve never posted on here but felt the need to comment.

    This show has been there for me for a lot of hard moments and good moments in my life. My first real job, my first real long term relationship, my first time I moved away. Then the bad times when my relationship ended and moved back home. Left my job and afterwards suffered severe depression for the next 2-3 years. The one thing that got me through those years was The Office. If I was down and just felt like giving up, I would watch a few episodes and it would brighten my day. I’ve watched every season at least 20 times over and thank God I had this show to guide me to happiness.

    So I want to thank The Office. You mean more to me – to US then you’ll ever know. The Finale was spot on. I’m almost 27, male and I balled my eyes out. I have no complaints and no regrets.

    Happy to say that now it is quite a few years later. I am very happy in my life. And most importantly, I have found my Pam…

  241. I’ve been watching The Office since the beginning and reading OfficeTally almost as long…the finale was perfection…such a great end to a great series…and thank you so much Jennie for all of the work you’ve done for all these years to make our Office experience the best it could possibly be!!!

  242. Awesome ending! Thank God Michael appeared with pictures of his children. Bravo, Office! I’ll miss you!

  243. It could not have ended better…I have never cried at a television show before, but this did it. Thank you writers, cast, and crew for that beautiful finale and the amazing nine years of comedy you have given us.

  244. Dwight describing Pam as his best friend. Andy’s quote about the good old days. And, of course, Michael … it just wouldn’t have been right without him. What a finale! Huge thank yous to Greg Daniels for creating the most endearing TV characters of all time and to Tanster for giving the fans a place to gather and commiserate.

  245. I feel like a chapter of my life has ended…like Harry Potter. ;)

    Thank you for all your hard work over all these years, Tanster!

  246. In a series finale, there is SO MUCH to live up to, and SO MUCH to cover. A lot of finales? Don’t get it right.

    This one? Did.

    Goodbye, Dunder Mifflin. It’s been an amazing nine years.

  247. Amazing ending. I have been watching this show since i was 13 years old, and now that it is over it has defined major components, none more so than finding a girl that loved sitting here with me on thursday nights and staying up late talking about it the next day, and now that this chapter is over, it’s time to start a new one – starting with a proposal :) Thank you Jim and Pam and the rest of the Office for letting their lives become so much a part of ours!

  248. The finale was perfect!!! I loved it! Thank you for everything, tanster!!! You’ve been as much a part of this crazy ride for us as the show itself. I’ll miss reading office tally!!!

  249. I cried. I really did cry. I don’t know if I could ever watch that beautiful episode ever again. It would be too hard for me. I love this show too much and I really don’t want to say goodbye. So many heartfelt moments that really got to me. The Office will always be my favorite show of all time. Yeah some episodes were “meh” but that wouldn’t keep me away from my favorite show. I’m too loyal. The Office changed my life in so many ways that I couldn’t explain it. Thanks for everything! Thanks Officetally!

  250. Alright, now that I’ve wiped the tears off my face, wow. I am in a state of disbelief, sadness, and joyfulness all at once, what a weird feeling! I am so so so happy with the finale. Everything was absolutely perfect. The Office truly changed my life. Man.. I’ll miss these characters so much. I loved all the old characters, but the icing on the cake would have to be Michael Gary Scott. Kelly and Ryan were like bonus icing. Well, adios Office! I’ll miss ya.

  251. This is my first time posting on here just like so many others tonight. The finale was absolutely perfect. Thank you to the cast and crew of The Office for this wonderful finale. Thank for being there to make me laugh during some very tough times in my life. You always left me satisfied and smiling. ; )

  252. Greg, You are the best television writer EVER! You nailed this episode making me laugh and cry throughout . On the retrospective when you were looking over the empty office it made me cry seeing your reaction. It really touched me seeing how much you loved your job and the people in it. I hope I will be lucky enough to have a job even close to yours someday

  253. That was perfection. Absolute perfection. See you at the Emmys, Greg Daniels. You earned it.

    I could not have imagined a better ending to this show. I am in awe.

    So long, Dunder Mifflin. Thanks for the laughs.

  254. Now that’s how to end a series – What a thing of beauty! Absolute perfection. I will miss this show so much! Oh my heart.

  255. I’ve rarely commented on this site, but I wanted to say thanks to the writers, cast, and crew for a wonderfully weird and beautiful show. The finale was an amazing capper to an amazing show!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

  256. In its wonderful and weird way, The Office taught me about kindness. It taught me that big gestures are nice, but those little moments meant for no one to see – when you quietly give someone a part of your day, look out for them from afar, or say that one tiny thing that saves their life – are the moments that make me believe in people.

    And this show has given us kindness in spades. Through the years, I kept coming back to it because funny shows may come and go, but a series that can make you laugh and still save you from cynicism is truly the hallmark of good deeds and great television.

    This finale honored nine seasons and eight years of good deeds and great television. I couldn’t have grown up with a better parent, friend and conscience.


  257. Perfect. Superb. Hilarious. Heartbreaking.

    John, Jenna, Rainn, Steve, Greg. Thank you all so much.

    Wonderful finale. So many memories, so many quotes. I laughed in between the tears. I was overjoyed by Steve’s appearance. Jim and Pam were so touching, so sincere, what an amazing end to their story. Dwight was amazing. All of their final talking heads brought the tears in full. Their emotion, you could feel it, now that is a series finale.

    The Office is something special indeed. Thank you for the unforgettable ride.

  258. I cannot begin or try to state what this show means to me. I cried the entire time and broke down when there was no more. I screamed at harry potter and Michael. I cannot believe how dedicated I have become to this show. Tonight a part of me died. Long live a legacy, the good ole’ days, and remember find something special in the ordinary things. Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica….

  259. Thank you for an incredible show. So much laughter and heart!

    THANK YOU OFFICE TALLY! I appreciate all of the time and dedication to keeping all of us in the loop!

  260. An amazing finale to an amazing show; such a class act and perfectly crafted! For sure theOffice will be long remembered and enjoyed. I loved the retrospective too. Great to relive some key moments and hear the backstories. Perfect, simply perfect!

  261. I haven’t posted here since season 2 or 3, but check it almost daily. This show has been there through so many up’s and down’s. I wish I could explain concretely how I’m feeling – the best I can say is it truly makes me look at all my relationships in life through a different lens. Thank you to everyone involved.

  262. Great final episode. So sad it’s over! It was great seeing footage from the Office Wrap party. I could see my wife & I in the crowd at PNC field when Steve came out. Almost like we were on the show. Haha. There will never be another show like this. At least I can enjoy 9 seasons on DVD. Congrats on being a part of the finale, Tanster!

  263. I don’t even know what to say. This has to be one of the most beautiful episodes/shows of television I have ever seen. I teared up sporadically throughout, but when the final 15 minutes hit, and I realized this was it, I lost it… The Office helped me through so many ebbs and flows of my life, I am forever grateful. To the cast, crew, to everyone, thank you for such a hilarious, real, amazing show!

  264. Wow. What a finale. They pulled out a lot for this episode. I definitely teared up. The writing for this episode was top notch. I’ll miss you The Office.

    Thanks Tanster for a great time. I’ve visited this site almost every other day. I haven’t commented since around season 3, but I still came to this site to check up on my office news. Thank you for running this site. It’s been an amazing journey and I can’t thank you enough for letting us all see The Office through your eyes and insight. Your cameo in the Finale was great! Thanks again.

  265. Wow, what an amazing ending to an amazing show!! So wonderful and so happy to hear that Michael finally got the family he hoped for all those years :) Really loved Dwight’s comment about Pam being his best friend, so sweet. So happy for everyone’s endings :)

  266. Perfect in every way. I love how everyone is moving on to new chapters in their lives. They are all very fitting steps for these characters too. And true to real life offices, where you often see people begin to depart one after the other like a domino effect. I love how they all recognized this “end of an era” and celebrated it with heartfelt good-byes. It was perfect. Absolutely perfect.

  267. I could not have asked for a more perfect ending. So many incredible moments, including –

    “My job is to speak to clients on the phone about quantities and type of copier paper. You know, whether we can supply it to them, whether they can pay for it and ummm…I’m sorry I’m boring myself.” Jim’s first talking head in the pilot episode

    “I sold paper at this company for 12 years. My job was to speak to clients on the phone about quantities and types of copier paper.” Jim’s final talking head

    The callback to those exact words, with John’s near identical delivery of the pause between the words “copier” and “paper” was brilliant. And knowing the bored, unfulfilled, pining-for-Pam Jim of then became the happy, sure to be successful, married-to-Pam Jim of now…just no words.

    The final shot – the last character we see is Michael, the last voice we hear is Pam, the last image we’re left with is that simple office building…just perfect.

    Kudos Tanster on your cameo – fantastic job!

    Thank you The Office cast and crew for the years of laughter and love!

  268. I haven’t commented here in ages.

    Damn. That’s all I have to say about this. It aired when I was at work and got to view about 20% of it. All the comments said it made people cry, but surely I wouldn’t cry, right?

    Good Lord, I cried like a baby. The last twenty minutes began the feels, and I was mixed with laughing and crying at the same time. That Creed moment, oh God. That’s totally Creed. I wish I had just waited until after work to watch it, because some of the things were spoiled.

    But I don’t even care. That was a beautiful finale for a beautiful show. I love you, The Office. I’ll always love you.

  269. Absolutely perfect! I loved everything about it. My favorite scene, oddly, was the scene outside Jim and Pam’s house.
    Jim: “Sorry, how long have you been showing the house?”
    Pam: “About 2 months.”
    Jim: “That’s why it’s so clean!”
    I laughed so hard at that. It’s so banal but so typical of The Office. Such a callback to those two being slobs! I loved it! Every line in the show was perfect. Best Finale Ever! Thank you to all the cast and crew of The Office. You have brought such joy to my life. Thank you. Thank You! THANK YOU!

  270. Does anyone know if the actor playing Meredith’s son is the same actor from season two (take your daughter to work day)?

  271. First-time commenter. I wanted to comment just to get my feelings out. I don’t really have anything to add, though. It was just so perfect, which is why I’m going to miss it so, so, so much.

  272. STEVE!!!! Such a short cameo, but I’m just extremely happy he came back one last time. Loved hearing TWSS one final time, Michael showing Pam pics of his kids (!), his dancing with Dwight…it was just perfect. (Get it right this time, Emmy folks!!)

    Mose! One of my all-time favorite characters, just because :)

    Devon! LOL never thought I’d see him again, so that was a nice surprise!

    Erin reuniting with her parents. Loved that she & her dad have the same dance moves, so cute. And Joan Cusack? That’s great casting; how did I never see that haha.

    Dwight’s line about getting along with his subordinates, esp about Pam being his best friend. Awwww!!!

    And last but not least…tanster! THANK YOU.
    And thank you to The Office, for 9 amazing seasons; you’ll never be forgotten.

  273. I have never reacted so emotionally to a television show like I have with The Office. It had poignant moments, so many hilarious moments, throwback moments which all had me sobbing and laughing.

    When Michael showed up, I lost it and cried so hard. He didn’t say much, but he was funny and I finally felt closure. The fact that he had a family and had to buy two phones to fit all of the pictures. It’s what he always wanted.

    Never in my dreams could I have thought this finale the way it was filmed. Thank you for all of the years and to Tanster for this wonderful place of discussion. Nothing but the purest 10 for this episode.

  274. The producers of The Office are smart people and understood how The Office affected its fans. The retrospective followed by an original episode that itself was similar in theme might have been “too much” for the cynics, but for the fans the tone was honestly perfect. Sure, there was some stunt casting with Erin’s parents, or the “we never saw it coming” Ryan/Kelly plotline. But there were a number of new threads that I really liked and which honestly surprised me. A final “comment on culture” with Andy’s viral fame, finally some personnel changes at Dunder Mifflin, and resolution for JAM. And a short but oh so sweet appearance by Steve Carell as Michael Scott for one more time (that’s what she said).

    As TV series finales go, this one won’t be remember for the big reveals or the seminal scene or a bizarre plotline. Instead, the show gave us what the series has always given us, a sequence of funny and touching moments with characters we care about. And, yes, plenty of callbacks for loyal fans of the show. But mostly, a mix of hilarious, outrageous, sentimental, and emotionally satisfying moments. Classic Office.

  275. I was so emotional throughout the finale.
    sad to see my best american tv show come to an end,
    but couldn’t be happier with how it ended.
    It was just perfect, I can’t even imagine a better ending.

    Thank you Steve
    I doubt the possibility of him reappearing on the show
    so he took me by surprise in an emotional way.

    Thank you everyone who worked for the show that became one of my favorite tv shows of all time.

  276. I’ve been coming to this site for years but never commented and I just wanna say that was the most amazing finale I have ever seen. This show has meant so much to me over the years and I just cannot express how much I love it. Thank you so much to all involved with this show.

  277. Just fantastic … All the callbacks, Michael showing up and scoring the great “parent’s greatest dream” quote, Pam’s last TH, Phyllis & Stanley, the stripper son, Andy’s “good old days” TH, so many things … I will truly miss the most layered, deep, funny/sad/cringey show ever. Thank you.

  278. “I feel like all my kids grew up and then they married each other. It’s every parent’s dream!”

    Perfect Michael line.

    Also, I LOLed at the Harry Potter line and I didn’t even know who it was when I saw it. Haha!

  279. That was just perfect. I was holding it together pretty well until I saw Michael… then I let out a loud, ugly sob and started crying. It made my family worry. I love the little things in this episode and how things worked out for everyone (except Creed, but I’m sure he’ll be fine). TV won’t be the same without The Office, but I’m so happy that we have 9 seasons to laugh with over and over.

  280. Wow. Was the auditorium scene ad-libbed? It was really natural. And I was a little sad Andy wasn’t more successful. But the Jim, Pam, Dwight, Angela, Oscar, Kevin, Stanley, and Creed endings were perfect.

    I believe you can’t see this ep without the last one. Together, they make the ending. This was a perfect ending.

    So long, guys. TV is cruel, and there’s an end to everything.

    Unless you’re watching on Netflix. In which case it’s a favorite 100-hour movie.

  281. Well, they nailed it. Just an outstanding finale all around. They finished up everyone’s story perfectly.

  282. i’m not gonna lie, a lot of the jim/pam stuff lately has been a bit too cheesy for my tastes but when i saw dwight reunite with michael my heart melted… such a good moment

  283. I broke down when Erin reunited with her parents.
    Then again when I saw Michael Scott (caught me by surprise!).
    After that I had tears down my cheeks until the very end.

    A big kudos for the panel scene – I was worried about how that would go and it was SO well done. Really natural.

    I feel empty, yet fulfilled at the same time.

  284. An excellent ending, heartfelt and emotional, yet always sincere and never maudlin.

    What does it say about this show– and me– that even though I felt that every character had a great, pitch-perfect send-off, I really didn’t want all the characters going their separate ways? I wanted to think that the entire gang would continue to work together at Dunder Mifflin.

    I shall miss this show.

  285. I was going into this episode thinking I’d be so sad afterward, but surprisingly I finished the episode feeling very satisfied and smiling (TWSS). No regrets with this episode! What a perfect way to end the show right there…Worthy of a 10/10

    On top of that, to my surprise, I found out that I won one of the signed Kevin bobbleheads from Brian B. in The Office Finale Trivia Contest! That was the cherry on top of my perfect day! : )

  286. Someone rescue me from Poland. ( Michael Scott voice ” I want milk, that comes from breasts ” )

  287. Well that, my friends, was perfect. I could write so much more about everything, and how my face hurt from smiling, and all the little touches that were like little checks off my list.

    All I can say is that it felt like opening a gift.

    I loved every single little thing.

    It was perfect.

    Thank you!!!!!!!

  288. That finale was perfect. Thank you, The Office, for 9 amazing seasons. From your biggest fan in Australia.

  289. Just about as perfect a series finale as I could have hoped for, full of big laughs and some truly beautiful moments. I cheered when Michael turned up, and I’m so happy we got one more episode with this guy.

    There were literally so many great moments I can’t list them all. I laughed, I teared up, I remembered. I’m going to miss these characters so much, and they summed that feeling up so well. What makes me very happy is knowing I can go back and watch it all again, because it has been a heck of a ride.

  290. The finale was everything I expected and wanted it to be (with the exception of not enough Michael, and no Holly). I teared up some when seeing Michael again for one last perfect TWSS. I told my hubby that I was proud of myself for not bawling; but when Creed started singing and everyone did their last talking heads, I was crying so hard I had a difficult time hearing what everyone said. The finale was the best I’ve ever seen. Tanster, you did great during the panel!

  291. What a great ending to my favorite show. There are very few times when I have cried harder and louder than when I saw Michael appear on my screen. I cant even remember parts of the episode because I was crying so hard. The Office has carried me through tough times and was always there to cheer me up. I am sad it is over, but it ended in the right way. I will always remember it :)

  292. It was perfect. I’m so happy Michael came back, and I’m so happy with how Jim and Pam’s story wrapped up. I loved every minute of the finale, the retrospective and the past nine years- the good, the few bad and the best episodes of any television show ever made. For me there won’t be another show that I will love as much as The Office. I loved it. And I’ll miss it so so much.

  293. I’ve never commented on this before, but I just watched the ending episode. I have to say this is exactly what I was looking for. I stopped watching the office after Andy took over when Michael left, it just didn’t do it for me. But coming back one last time to see everyone together touched my heart. I laughed, I cried, I loved it. Many thanks to the office cast and crew for many enjoyable years. Love you all.

  294. I have bittersweet feelings about this final. I am overwhelmed and a bit stunned. I love the Office so much! It’s the only show I ever watch every episode of. When the show started I was suffering from severe depression, and social anxiety. The show really is one of the reasons I am still alive today. Somewhere during season 6 I think around the time Pam delivered the baby, I made a huge progress in my psychotherapy. And now in 2013 I am depression free and my social anxiety is down to a minimum. I especially would like to thank Jenna, Steve and Rainn for being the light in my darkness.

  295. Well, well, well, well, well, well, great ending.

    Dwight calling Pam his best friend is great.
    Michael’s return was very nicely done. I am glad they were able to come together.
    I’m also glad the ending went to Jim and Pam next to Michael they were the show.
    Stanley and Phyllis had a very cute relationship.

    TOO MUCH TO SAY. Love and will miss this show. I’ll be waiting for it on TVLAND too :)

  296. I’m one of those fans who started watching with the very first episode of season one. This finale was an amazing culmination to me. The writing was brilliant. Loved how they wrapped up Erin, Nellie, Oscar, Kevin, Stanley, Phyllis, Darryl and Creed. JAM and Dwangela were perfection. When Michael showed up, I had a conniption fit of shouting and bursting into tears all at the same time. Thank you so much actors, writers, directors, producers, crew and all associated with this stellar show.

  297. First time commenter, long time reader.

    Perfect finale. Greg Daniels nailed it again. The mix of funny, sweet and profound was just right. Each and every character got their moment. The last voice we hear is Pam’s and the last image we see is Michael. Loved it.

    No other show captured the hilarious with the poignant the way TO did. It was the entire gang from Greg Daniels, the writers and that perfect cast down to the last crew member. This really was a family. It showed in every way. And the way they included you, Jennie was the ultimate gesture to the fans. YOU were our surrogate.

    Thank you, Jennie for sharing it all and doing such tireless work. TV will never be the same. It really was the good old days but we knew it.

  298. I’m not a big tv watcher but I have followed The Office from the start. I’ve never cried and laughed at TV so much. I cried when Jim told Pam he loved her, when they were married, when the baby was born, Michael and Holly, and tonight. Best show ever, I can watch episodes from seasons past over and over and laugh like crazy. Thank you office. Nine year have changed so much for me, but you haven’t! Dundee winner for best show ever!

  299. Best finale ever. Seriously, if someone thinks another show wrapped up better please point me to it so I can experience again this level of joy – this was just absolute perfection. No singular things to comment on – it was all exactly right. It felt so good at every step. So much love for this show.

  300. Great ending! Loved the scene with Erin’s parents. I had totally forgotten about that storyline. I was hoping to see Michael and Toby have a little interaction, but overall it wrapped up very nicely. Hard to believe it’s over. Sad face.

  301. Loved every minute! Perfectenschlaag. Question….did Toby and Meredith end up together? I thought I saw them kiss during Andy’s talking head.

  302. So many people have said it already, but really, it was just perfect. Spot on. I loved this episode, and I am so happy about the way things were all tied together. Also, congratulations, tanster, on your scene!

    Thanks to The Office for a wonderful send-off and for so many years of laughter.

  303. 1. Did anyone else see a real commercial from the Scranton Tourism Board encouraging folks to visit? I live about two hours away so it could have been local. Nonetheless it was completely Meta.

    2. I’d love to see the theoretical PBS documentary they created. How to condense 9 seasons into 5 DVD’s? I’d pay money for that!

    3. Loved the return of that woman from “Company Picnic” at the panel discussion ;) She’s the best

  304. Wow. This was nearly perfect. There were so many little details and callbacks. LOVED the shock of seeing Meredith’s son show up, seeing Stanley sleeping on stage during the panel, and Dwight and Angela standing in their graves.

    The only thing that confused me was how Dwight fired Toby. I though the regional manager couldn’t fire the HR person? Hence why Michael never fired Toby?

  305. I jumped off the couch and screamed TANSTER! when I saw you! My boyfriend was happy for you too even though he’s never been to this site before but he knows what an avid visitor I am. :) You did a great job! A natural!

    Michael’s TWSS was THE BEST ONE EVER and the tears immediately started streaming down my face. This was the perfect way to end the series and I’m so happy for all of these characters who’ve become like family to us over the years.

    I’ll love this show forever.

    And where can I get a copy of Pam’s mural? That would make a cool poster. Oh and I’ll never be able to watch “Take Your Daughter to Work Day” the same ever again. lol

  306. Step 1: Listen to “Open Your Eyes”. Step 2: Read through these quotes. Step 3: Cry.

  307. Just watched this morning on Hulu ( and no, the retrospective is not there!). I cheated and read some of the comments last night and even though I knew Michael Scott was returning and everyone saying it was perfect it still exceeded my expectations! My only teeny little complaint is that there was no Clark TH or moments since he was such a hilarious breath of fresh air this season. Dwight calling Pam his best friend, and Pam talking about what people can learn from her life were just perfect…I don’t know how else to say it. I don’t think ever before has a show been ended in such a perfect and satisfying way. Thank you!

    And special thanks to Tanster for maintaining this site! It’s like having two full time jobs and you and the fan base have made a difference in the show’s success. So happy they recognized that by putting you in the finale. I hope someone somewhere has the good sense to hire you for this line of work!!

  308. This is my first comment, but just want to say how much finding this website added to my enjoyment of the show. It was lovely to know that other people were crying when Michael turned up as much as I was!

  309. The only episode I ever gave a 10 to. As soon as Jim started with the “I’m younger than you” bit, I thought *gasp* Michael??? First time I ever cried over a “that’s what she said” schtick. Farewell The Office. It was love at first sight. I will miss you.

  310. There is no way that I could say how much I enjoyed this episode and stay within my 200 word limit, so I will just say it was perfection. I loved everything about it. All of the characters got the closure that they deserved, even Michael with his “family plan” that made me laugh and cry so hard.

    As much as I love Jim and Pam,and am so happy for how my favorite tv couple turned out, I really think that the best line, the one that sums up everything, belonged to Andy Bernard: “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ol’ days before you’ve actually left them.” When I heard that, I went from tears to messy sobs. Perfection!

    Thank you to all of the writers, the actors, the creators and Tanster for all of the joy that you’ve given all of us. This show definitely left me satisfied and smiling…TWSS!!!

  311. confused about one thing, why were phyllis and stanley upset after the mural was unveiled?

  312. Loved it! Every single minute of it. Still thinking of it this morning and plan on watching it again today.

    I never would have thought that a GNR song could be used in a wedding, but it actually sounded…dare I say, beautiful. And it was perfect for Dwight.

    Perfect finale for a fantastic show. Thank goodness for my dvd’s and the reruns on tv.

  313. That was the most perfect send-off. Thank you for everything my Office family, I’ll miss you guys :’)

  314. My wife and I watched the first episode on dvd, then tuned in for the retrospective and finale. They did it up right. It was a great celebration for cast and fans! See you in the reruns!

  315. Wow, there are no words. It was the best finale we could have hoped for. Perfect endings for all (though I am sad Toby is still suffering).

    Seeing Michael again just about rocked my world. I was half expecting him to show up, but when he actually did I just about bowled over. Cue waterworks.

    Thank you, Tanster. For this blog, for all your hard work and for your dedication. Bravo on your performance too. So great.

  316. very nicely done. Not overly cheesy, but it gave viewers like me some closure. It was great to see Steve back, he didn’t overshadow and let the others have their moment to shine. two phones is so so him!

    Thank you!!!

  317. I thought it was a very good and satisfying ending to the Office. The highlight was the Bachleror Party scenes and I loved how the Creed portion ended. He remained the mystery character. I love how Dwight hired Devon back, as a tribute to one of the earlier episodes. Finally, it was great to see Steve Carell return as Michael Scott to be Best Man. When I heard it was Dwight’s wedding, there was only one man who could fill that role. I wonder how much Jim and Pam played a role in getting Michael to come back.

    My only criticism is the last 15 minutes did seem to drag out. Dwight’s “firing” of Jim and Pam to get them severence pay was very touching. That The show ended on a high note, and didn’t continue into mediocrity is a very good thing.

  318. Became a fan between the writers strike during season 4 by catching a repeat on TNT, the episode when Michael takes Jim to Hooters and accidentally tells everyone about Jim’s feelings for Pam. Been hooked since and bought the DVD’s to catch up just in time for season 4 to begin again. Great finale, perfect mix of emotion and humor 10/10 and bittersweet to see it go. Thank you for the memories Dunder Mifflin.

  319. The finale was beautiful. I was a hot mess from the time Michael appeared to the end of the episode. Thank you The Office for so many years of such poignant, funny and relatable entertainment, and thank you Jennie for covering it all so well. I’ve been a frequent visitor to this website since the beginning and will continue to visit this site to learn all the latest news on The Office cast and crew in the future. :)

  320. “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good ‘ol days, before you’ve actually left ’em……someone should write a song about that.”

  321. I was really hoping Toby’s happy ending would have been Dwight having the office tested for radon. Also, I loved the cats for wedding gifts!

  322. What a perfect ending to an extraordinary show. Like many others, I was a mess as soon as Michael showed up! I thought they did that so well. I’m glad he didn’t have a ton of lines, and didn’t go overboard with his goofiness. But at the same time, we got to see a glimpse of the old Michael Scott: “I feel like all my kids grew up and then they married each other…every father’s dream.”

    Thank you, Jennie, for keeping us up to date on our favorite show. Congratulations on your cameo- you definitely deserved to be there!

  323. Ok so ‘Dunder Mifflin this is Pam’ had me in tears, adored that moment, probably my favourite. Michael’s appearance made me burst into tears- I’m so happy he appeared even just for a moment. I thought the ending part was truly wonderful, Jim and Dwight’s speeches in particular. 
    And I’m actually really happy that Jim and Pam stayed at DM for a year before moving on. While the ending was fitting for Jim, it was nice to see them genuinely happy at DM, particularly after last episode where Jim told Pam she was everything. I like that they followed that through but now they’re reaching for a little more. I’m so glad that JAM got their happy ending. 
    I was really unsure about the final, but a lovely close.

  324. I think the ending should have been a talking head with Michael and he says, “You see, I was right. An office is a place where dreams come true.”

  325. one thing nobody is really talking about, but how about the return of Devon!! absolutely loved seeing all the classic guest stars!

  326. I’ve visited this site since season 2, not sure if I’ve ever commented though. Thank you for the work you put into it. Was one of my favorite places to visit.

    To the office, thank you for creating my favorite show ever, and for an amazing finale. Allowing the characters to reflect over what we watched, was brilliant. Impossible to top.

  327. A beautiful ending to my favorite show. The tears trickled down my face during the entire airing, some happy, some sad. We have all loved these characters & actors as if we knew them personally and this is what I will miss the most about the office and this amazing website you have given us!

  328. Does anybody think Kelly arriving with an Indian doctor was a reference to the Dwali episode? Very subtle.

  329. Wow, what a great finish to an amazing series. Thanks for the laughs and great moments over the years. This show will always hold a special place in my heart!

  330. Am I crazy, or doesn’t Michael say something about having a family plan or something like that involving cell phones? Maybe it was something about not being able to fill up his top 5 or something?

  331. I watched it last night and I was crying my eyes out the entire episode. I have watched this show every Thursday for years and have watched all of the episodes dozens of times… So sad to see it gone now, it was such an important part of my life, but happy we have closure for all of the characters.
    I found this show very relatable in so many ways. These characters were so relatable and it just seemed so realistic. I have never watched a show before where characters were relatable like this.
    It was Andy’s comment that really left me thinking “I wish there was a way to know you’re in the good old days before you’ve actually left them” It really made me cry after that because I think that is what everyone is thinking right now. We have all thought that at some point.
    What really made me cry was the end shot of the empty Dunder Mifflin parking lot…. A parking lot that will remain empty.. Thanks to everyone involved in this show! You have been a big part of our lives for years and I will continue to watch reruns for years to come.

  332. Everything about the episode was perfect, but as a dad to a five month old baby boy, I found the part of Ryan abandoning his son to be really not funny, if outright distasteful. Child abuse or abandonment is on my very short list of things that you should never joke about. And no I’m hardly uptight or a prude. Still, such a wonderul, emotional episode, a fitting end to one of the best shows ever.

  333. What especially got me with this episode was the words of wisdom from the cast. At certain points, it seemed like these words were coming directly from the cast member themselves, instead of through character. A lot of what they said was beneficial like Andy’s comment about the good old days or when Pam was saying that she hoped someone would learn from her mistakes and not sit back for 4 years..

    All of these could be situations in real life and I thought what they said really put it in perspective for me. It has got to be the best TV Show Finale I have ever seen.

  334. For those asking about the Toby firing, Michael could not fire him because he worked for Corporate. But, there is no Corporate anymore, just David Wallace as owner. And we know how David feels about HR people! :)

  335. That was awesome…the scene where Pam kissed Jim while they were dancing at Dwight’s reception seemed like it was half Pam and Jim, half John and Jenna. It was great to see Michael again, and even though he only had a few lines, it’s good to see he hasn’t changed that much :-) What a way to end the series! Everyone ends on a positive note (well, except for Creed perhaps). And how long until the NBC store sells Stanley’s wooden carvings of Phyllis and the other members of the Office? :-)

  336. While 9 years meant that there was an inevitable decline in the show’s quality (let’s be honest–no season ever came close to matching season 2), it made tonight’s finale more powerful. I was in college when I started watching, and as Jim remarked on how the cameras captured him falling in love, getting married and becoming a dad, I reflected on how I (how we all) have grown and changed since we started watching this show. It was a beautiful note to end the series on, and my memory of The Office will be how well it started and how well it ended, rather than the missed notes that happened along the way.

  337. Just watched, can’t believe it’s over. It really was a great finale, and not all shows usually end well. Congrats to the cast and crew on 9 seasons.

    Tanster, congrats on your part in the show, and bringing so much great coverage to the Tally Heads all of these years, you deserve nothing but success going forward.

  338. That. episode. was. perfect. 

    Some of the little things I loved: Dwight’s (slightly) nicer car now that he’s manager; Stanley sleeping during the panel; All the cats as wedding gifts; Loved the explanation for why the bride and groom are standing in their graves; Ryan finally mastered commitment; “That’s why it’s so clean”; “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam”; Pam sitting on Jim’s lap while Creed sang. 

    And during the panel when the viewer asked what was in the Christmas note, the look between Jim & Pam was more of a look between John & Jenna. And I would never have noticed (or understood) that if it weren’t for the “Extra Awesome” provided by our beloved Tanster.  There are not enough words to thank her. 

  339. @418: Thanks for explaining! That makes sense.

    On another note, did anybody else notice that Kevin only said “Well” 5 times? It’s subtle the things like that that made this show great.

  340. I’ve never commented on anything, but thank you so much for what you put into this website. I have been a huge fan of the show for all nine years and have been checking this website almost daily for the past few years. I appreciate all the effort you have put into it, and MY GOD what an amazing finale it was.

  341. This was perfection. Finally, a finale that is done right, i.e. Seinfeld finale was awful. I gasped when Steve showed up. I was completely surprised. I also loved where Jenna was talking about not to waste your life and do what you want before more time goes by. I teared up hearing her say that. It seemed more like Jenna talking to us. Such beautiful words. Such a bittersweet ending, but we’ll always have the DVDs! I know I will.

  342. Regarding Ryan’s baby: Did anyone think the second time we saw the baby, it was a different, older baby? I’m thinking that the baby thing was a ploy to get Kelly — that “Drake” wasn’t Ryan’s at all, that he “borrowed” a friend’s baby. (And poor Nellie will probably end up in jail for trying to take the baby to Poland!)

    And — as the mother of an Irish dancer — I laughed out loud at the two references to Irish dancing in the show! (Pam’s mural and the next event at the Scranton Center) So randomly hilarious!

  343. PS — How are you doing today, Tanster? Which stage of grief are you at? I’m at depression. Michael did his job!

    [ from tanster: still in denial. today is like any other post-office friday, with stuff to post and tweets to tweet. :) ]

  344. @416 I agree that abandoning a baby isn’t tasteful, but Nelly has always wanted a kid and was a way to wrap up that end. Besides, the kid is probably in better hands now :)

  345. It really was the perfect way to say goodbye, so sweet, so right. I am crying, and will probably cry for the next week. I can’t believe it’s over. I’m heartbroken.

  346. Great, great last episode. Being a huge cat lover myself, I loved all of the cats being given as wedding gifts!! Too funny. Robin and I loved watching, and sharing, the memories of this great show, together!!! So glad things tied up so nicely. Nothing, except Creed being taken away, will be wondered about in the future!

  347. I only recently got back into the office after I stopped watching early in season 8. It just hasn’t been the same since Michael left. But I wanted to see how the show ended. Although most of the episodes in the last two years have been poor, at least by Office standards, the last few were solid, and last night’s was, well amazing. It really was incredible. Perfection. It left me feeling happy more than anything. They’ve left this great show on a high. They made the last two years worth watching. And also, thank you tanster for your work on this site, it’s very impressive

  348. This is how a finale should be written. I was very skeptical coming mid-April that they would wrap up the story but this episode was on the scale of a Season 2 episode. Very funny, lots of subtle call backs to earlier seasons for the die-hard fans! A nice ending to a show that will only get better with time in syndication.

    “Ah yeah, can you see them out on the porch? Yeah, but they don’t wave.
    But I see them round the front way. Yeah.
    And I know, and I know. I don’t wanna stay at all.
    I don’t wanna stay. Yeah.
    I don’t wanna stay.
    I don’t… Don’t wanna, oh… Yeah. Ooh… Ohh…”

  349. Guys I think they gave Jenna the last lines because she was most committed to the show of the main cast, she never missed any episode for career reasons, put everything into her character like John and Rainn did and those 3 cared so much about making the show great and stuck with it the whole time! That’s why I’m glad they got the last 3 talking heads/scenes. ( did anyone notice Oscar said “whatsuuuup!”) That was a great callback to the pilot!

  350. Like everyone else, I give this episode solid 10/10. Perfect. Just perfect. My heart melts when Erin realizes the women is her mother. The writers made a fantastic job wrapping up the series. And also for bringing Michael back for the finale. Thank you The Office for one heck of a show. I’m gonna miss the The Office dearly.

  351. I’ll admit. I had doubts. I had worries about how this show was going to end – I spent the whole day worrying about “it’s not going to live up to my expectations, I’m going to be so unhappy that it’s over.”

    And then, I watched it.

    Everything was tied up. Everything I wanted to be resolved was resolved. And best of all – Michael arrived.

    Thank you, The Office, for nine amazing years. You’ll forever be with me.

  352. These dang allergies are going to be the death of me… RUDE! Thank you, Office! Thank you, Jim and Pam! Thank you, Michael Scott! Thank you to everyone who laid a finger on this episode… it was a satisfying ending to a long run… TWSS!

  353. I’ll say it before but I kinda love how Greg wrote this. Jenna’s last line almost makes it seem like Pam was the main character not Jim. The beginning of the series it had a Jim’s perspective focus, but it kinda ends on Pam’s. Her description on how the ordinary is a beautiful and interesting thing is the perfect line to end the series.

  354. What a great finale to the only TV show that has ever meant anything to me. Thanks Tanster for making this website I’ve been checking for 8 years!

  355. I just wanted to take the time to say thanks to a website like Officetally for being there through it all. I’ve been a part of other The Office fansites and magically this one managed to stay the course. I haven’t even really been involved in the internet Office community for a bit and got back on recently and glad to see there was still a place for people to come and share their feelings for the show.

  356. Best series finale ever! Whooooo! (Said in my best Drunk Pam imitation) Too many great moments to share about, but Jim and Pam sharing about what the documentary gave them was just beautiful.

    Does anyone know who performs that version of Sweet Child O’ Mine? Thought it was the Vitamin String Quartet, but I’m not sure…

  357. I can’t explain how much the show and this site means to me. I found it years ago and I’ve been reading it after each episode has aired.

    This was a perfect finale and I was so happy to see Michael at the end, I teared up. All of their ending quotes were great.

    I grew up watching some of this with my family and it was a great bonding moment. The Office has always made me laugh when I’m feeling down. Thanks for all the laughs, the writers and actors are great.

  358. Well… that was just magnificent. Better than I expected, and it made the series justice. The Office was a journey we all were a part of for a long time. I finished highschool and it was there, I started and ended college… THANK YOU ALL

  359. Spectacular!!!!! Excellent!!!!! I really loved the final episode. The best series finale I’ve ever seen since the ones of House and E.R., and it worked perfectly. I’m glad everyone is reunited to celebrate Dwight’s wedding, and of course, that Michael had appeared finally on the show, after two years. Jim and Pam have been always happy together from the beginning, and now, they’re even happier. Andy came from being humiliated to cheered by his fans, and now he pursuited his dream even better by working at Cornell. Everybody believed and doubted that Steve Carell wouldn’t be back as Michael, and he also denied he’d return, but he finally did. I’m really gonna miss The Office. And all the characters. It’s the best comedy series I’ve ever seen. Sometimes I still watch it on TV here in Chile. Goodbye, office dudes, and thank you. That’s what she said. That’s what we all said.

  360. Dwight acknowledging Pam as his best friend. All the callbacks to past guests and jokes. The casual, classy way of addressing us fans through the panel. “Only people from the office.” Michael — used appropriately, and not overwhelming the big day. Only good surprises. The beauty in ordinary things. The entire final act.

    Thank you, thank you, thank you, Greg.

    And thank you, Jennie — for all the years past, and the many more to come for OfficeTally.

  361. What a beautiful finale. Oddly enough, my first favorite moment was when Andy saw the crowd waiting to see them. It felt indicative of us hardcore fans who stayed with the show all these years, even through the rough patches. So many great moments sprinkled throughout, and Michael’s surprise apperance was the cherry on top. I’m going to miss seeing the DM gang on my tv every week. Finally, thank you Tanster for running such a great site and sticking with the show. Much luck to you in life!

  362. What a perfect finale! My husband and I loved it. There was nothing that felt out of place or gimmicky (although I thought Angela was a *little* too nice to everyone…but I can ascribe that to her being excited to get married). And I just **knew** Steve was going to be in it, despite his previous denials. It just made so much sense. Beautiful, wonderful, bittersweet and beloved…

  363. Like several others, I have not posted before. Thanks Tanster – it has been GREAT to be able to come to this site. You were amazing on the show – congrats!
    Loved the comment about the show and ‘kindness’ – so true. Loved the comment describing the finale as ’emotionally magnificent.’ Screamed when Steve showed up – so satisfying. They really felt like people in our lives – glad it ended so warmly.

  364. Hey, I almost achieved my goal… my wife didn’t catch me crying until the Q&A. You know the part of which I speak? Yeah, that got me. I couldn’t hold that one back. And I don’t think she saw me lose it during the wedding scene because she was having her own moment.

    What a great finale. It was better than I’d hoped. Thanks again to everyone involved.

  365. So much love, so many moments. Still full of emotions, and at a loss for words. Thank you, the Office! This show is a big part of what brought my wife and I together, and we will continue to cherish it, and enjoy it with our future children. Dunder Mifflin forever!

  366. Some random thoughts:

    –Loved Greg Daniels getting in the group photo in the warehouse! Reality blending with fiction!

    –How funny was it with the wedding guests all bringing CATS as gifts and putting them in the basket!?

    –Steve’s appearance was sublime! He didn’t overshadow the show, and it wasn’t all about “the return of Michael Scott.” I get goosebumps just thinking about seeing him in the doorway to be Dwight’s best man!

  367. I see an Emmy nomination in tanster’s future!!!

    Thank you for the site. Thank you for caring about this show even more than I do. Thanks to every last person, cast and crew, who contributed to this show.

    Thank you for keeping Steve’s walk-on a secret. I’m sure you knew.

    Thanks to NBC for immediately making “Finale” available full and free.

    And I’m so so so happy tanster got the lines and the credit she deserves.

    God bless Dunder Mifflin.

  368. Wonderful!!! That’s all I can say. I’m too filled with emotions to say anything else. This is the 1st TV series that I has me totally hooked….

  369. I wasn’t able to watch from the beginning due to a standing Thursday night engagement. Things changed when I married my “Pam”, already a fan, March of 2008. We watched the end of S4 together and I was hooked. She bought me seasons 1 through 4 for our first anniversary, and we went through them in a few days. Then I found this awesome site and have checked it regularly ever since. My wife has been saying for weeks that she would cry during the finale. I’m not sure if she did because I was trying to hide my own misty eyes. I was really hoping for a glimpse of Michael Scott. I let out a hearty “Hey-O!” when he appeared on our screen. This is my favorite show of all time, the only thing I’ve ever been a true fan of. It has rarely disappointed me, even at its lowest moments. Tanster, the “good ol’ days” don’t have to end! Nothing will ever replace The Office, but Parks & Recreation is an offshoot of sorts. We need a fan site of this caliber for Leslie and the gang!

  370. Loved the episode! I can’t believe they missed the opportunity for Erin and Andy to reuinite though. With Andy rediscovering his calm, caring side and Erin finding her parents. Plus all the romance and the documentary showing their history together. Missed opportunity. :'(

  371. Tanster…I can’t heap enough praise on YOU, dear girl, for all your hard work and effort over the years.

    What really stands out about your site, and my fellow beloved Tallyheads, is what a beautiful community you’ve built. People who post here always contribute thoughtful and insightful comments, with proper grammar & punctuation, and heartfelt opinions. Unlike other TV show message boards, people on OfficeTally aren’t rude or mean to each other, and they don’t sound ignorant or illiterate. Tallyheads are genuinely interested in sharing the love, and I’m impressed! We’re a quality group!

    [from tanster: thank you for being a long-time tallyhead! xo]

  372. Great episode easily one of my favorite tv show finales, right up there with the “Cheers” finale! Thanks for all your hard work Tanster!

  373. I’ve already said how perfect it was.

    Just watched it again. So many little throw backs. Jim riding his bike to work…. Wazzzup … I just knew that Ben Franklin was going to walk through that door… But jake was perfect office uncomfortableness. Michael getting his childhood wish of having a lot of kids….

    Had a thought that it would have been awesome to have seen Jan and Packer on a date at that bar. …. They deserved each other. I know you can’t have everyone back.

  374. am i the only one who really really wanted something with jello? does anyone know if there was jello but it just went unnoticed like it was a little easter egg or maybe there is a deleted scene with jello??

  375. The finale did not disappoint for one minute. It was true to the characters, and to the fans. Thank you to everyone who worked on it and special thanks to Jennie this amazing site. I’m so glad you got to be in the finale, it made it so much better than I could have imagined!

  376. 232. threatlevelmiddwight:

    LOL! I agreed with your comments, but when I read that last sentence I nearly sharted. I, for one, thought that this was the best finale. Ryan and Kelly HAD to end that way. That was perfect. And I pride myself on being a strong man, but how can you not get emotional after the final Dwight, Andy, and Pam talking heads. Well done, sirs

  377. My favorite Office episode ever is still probably “Niagara,” but I remember feeling there were two flaws with that episode: the vomit, and the lack of a closing scene back at the office.

    The Finale had no vomit (although the scene with Meredith’s son brought me close), and a closing scene back at the office. Instead, I only find one flaw: how did the doc crew get the footage of Dwight’s “three big occasions” conference room meeting? Did that happen the morning after the events of “A.A.R.M.” or something?

    Anyway, kudos to the writers for resolving almost every character’s storylines whilst also chronicling what amounted to one day in the characters’ lives AND keeping so many guest stars (Bill Hader, Seth Meyers, Malcolm Barrett, and the one and only Tanster) and plot points (Andy going viral, Pam’s big surprise for Jim, Dwight’s changes to the office as manager) hidden from public knowledge.

  378. Like many others, I stumbled upon The Office at a time in my life when I desperately needed to laugh. Foe me, it was during my husband’s deployment to Afghanistan for 15 months. I never thought I’d want or need to say thank you to a television show. Boy was I wrong. Thank you, The Office. Thank you.

  379. I really loved the fact that we got one more “Dunder Mifflin, this is Pam” from the same angle at Jim’s desk that we had for so long. What a nice, simple touch. This really was a beautiful episode.

  380. For Your Consideration:

    Steve Carell should get a make-good win in the Outstanding Guest Actor in a Comedy Series category this year. Sure, people are already saying they should give it to Justin Timberlake for “SNL,” but…COME ON, EMMY VOTERS.

    I’m normally opposed to sympathy votes, but Jesus, right the wrong already.

    [from tanster: seriously!]

  381. Darn them, they had to make that finale so perfect and leave a lump in my throat. And they were awesome enough to give Tanster a part again. Nice seeing different faces from throughout the nine years.

  382. Anyone else notice that baby Philip didn’t age in the year since the finale? How is Jim saving gas if Pam drove the car to work? Still the perfect episode. One final TWSS which was where the waterworks started for me.

  383. Thursday night will never be the same. Thank you cast, writers and The British Office. Without you there would have been no US show. Steve Carell’s character, Michael Scott will be a beloved comedy icon.
    He will be remembered in my heart right there with the likes of
    Jackie Gleason’s Ralph Kramden and Carrol O’Connor’s Archie Bunker.
    This was a one of the greatest ensemble casts in sit- com history.
    You could feel these people actually cared for one another and that’s why
    I truly loved this show. Everyone had purpose and made you laugh and sometimes
    brush a tear. That’s powerful. Thanks to all for the years of laughter, cast, crew and
    the writers. You have brought some joy to all our lives with your body of work.

  384. My wife, son, daughter and I started watching my sons senior year in high school. We have had some traumatic experiences during that time, and for all of us either with Thur. nights, reruns or dvd’s, The Office has given us laughs during some tough times. Thanks for helping getting us through! This show means a lot to us.

  385. I will never forget this amazing show! The Office has always been my “comfort” show. You know when you just have one of those days and need to see some familiar faces that can make you laugh? Steve Carell will forever be one of my favorite television characters of all time. The show will live on in my house through Netflix. Life without Thursday Office episodes will be hard. That’s what she said.

  386. The last time I cried like this during a series finale was during FRIENDS. When Rachel walked into Ross’ apartment and said “I got off the plane” I lost it. Still do when I catch a rerun… I’m sure Michael Scott’s appearance at Dwight’s wedding will have the same effect on me years from now.

    Still reading through everyone’s touching comments…up to #400!

  387. I have been reading this website for years. I have rarely posted to it, but I wanted to take a moment to thank Tanster for all of her hard work over the years to keep us Office fans entertained and aware of the latest news. Office Tally is the best! I also want to thank the cast and crew of the show. I have watched the The Office since the pilot aired and it has truly given me so many fond memories. The Office was truly magical and in my opinion, it is easily the best comedy in TV history. It’s one of those special things where all of the elements come together perfectly. Lastly, the finale was great. It was sad to watch, because it marked the end, but on the other hand, it just had an amazingly special feel to it. I loved it.

  388. Jennie, is there any chance of doing one final Q&A with Greg Daniels and/or Ken Kwapis? I bet OfficeTally readers would have a ton of amazing questions for them. Also, congratulations on your cameo in the finale! You killed that Harry Potter line! So funny. :)

  389. I haven’t read through many of the comments (yet), but did anyone else notice that Kevin said, “Well, well, well, well, well. That’s six wells. Did I get that number right, Dwight?” That’s five wells. :o)

  390. Did anyone else see Michael’s nephew at the after party? I think it was him. I wish they brought back Karen, Kathy, or the guy Michael fired in The Merger. Overall, the perfect ending.

  391. I feel like I’m missing something with the doves at the end of the ceremony… Was there a reason (other than the fact that they didn’t initially fly away) why everyone reacted so poorly? Because the reaction didn’t change after Nate shooed them. What did the initials on the basket mean?

  392. It was so perfect. Thanks to Tanster for such a wonderful website and to the entire cast, crew and writers of The Office. Way to go out with a bang!

  393. Perfectenschlag, indeed! It was funny, moving, extremely well done. All the plots, lines and scenes were just beyond. 
    I knew it was going to be an emotional day, but what I felt – especially as I watched and right after it ended – was just overwhelming.
    Still can’t believe it’s over. Nothing will ever compare to The Office.

  394. loved every part of it. the retrospective drained the most of my tears so in the finale episode there were no more tears. loved that they referenced Philippines with the viral video for Andy since i’m a Filipino. I was just wondering why Philippines? anyways #thisisthebestfinalepisodeever

  395. We didn’t cry, but when Michael came on, we squealed and leaned forward and clutched each other with glee.
    Oh and Tanster, when you were on, I said to Chris, “Oh! That’s the girl who does the website!”
    Dude, you’re part of it now! Forever! <3

  396. I just want to thank Greg Daniels for writing such a perfect finale. I can’t believed he resolved all plot lines in such a short amount of time without rushing anything. Also, he did the unbelievable…writing a comeback worthy for Michael G. Scott! I also loved Andy’s redemption when the crowd Rit-dit-dit-di-dooed, Kevin as a Bartender, all the Creed moments, and the Ryan and Kelly exit just to name a few. It was really sad to see Dunder Mifflin as the last shot..I really wish it had just been a zoom out of the cast. But overall, a fantastic finale.

  397. What can I say? This episode was just perfect. I didn’t cry the first time I watched it, but I re-watched both the finale and the retrospective last night and was bawling after it was over. Thanks so much to every single person that has contributed to this wonderful show. And thanks to you Jennie, you did a fantastic job running this amazing website that I’ve loved for a long long time.


  398. The Pam/Jim at the house and Pam unveiling her mural scenes with a “this is for you Jim” scenes got me the most. It showed again how great of chemistry the two had and why we kept tuning in for them. It reminded me of past “next chapter in their life” moments for them like Company Picnic, the date at the end of the Job, etc. So heartfelt.

  399. Does anyone else, in about 5 years, want to see a big screen movie called Jim and Pam? For some reason I could picture it, a comedy of life as parents, in Austin, working, etc. Just catching us up on their lives. I know this is the perfect way to end the series but 5 years would be enough of a break and I just can’t imagine not getting a JAM fix anymore.

    Also loved the mural unveiling scene, Jenna nailed it out of the park with her sincere, genuine manner.

  400. Whew! Finally got through all the comments! I see we’re all in agreement! ;-) I love that there are so many guys who aren’t afraid to admit that they shed a tear or two during the finale. That’s the power & beauty of The Office!

  401. Long time reader, first time poster. Just wanted to thank tanster and all of the wonderful fans who have made this web site and show successful.

    Happiest part of the finale was seeing Michael (I’m also a big Bob Vance fan.) Toughest part was the very end with everyone in the office one last time. Pam, Creed, and Andy’s final quotes were all amazing. Perfect way to end the best show on TV.

  402. This show has to get an Emmy nomination at LEAST. Whether it is John, Jenna & Rainn for Lead actress/actor Or the wonderful Angela Kinsey for best supporting actress. Don’t be silly, Emmy.

  403. I thought Spencer Daniels was Greg’s son. Did he say otherwise recently?

  404. I saw this comment from Alan and think it’s a great idea—a Q&A with Greg Daniels and Ken Kwapis about the finale! Pretty please!! :)

  405. My favorite moment of the finale was the short sequence of adoring looks between couples that ended with Mose gazing at the female scarecow.

  406. Wow, so many precious moments, I said before watching that there has to be a final ‘That’s what she said’ and boy was it epic, perfect, and touching.

    Out of all of the tear-worthy moments, I think that one that got me was when Phyllis said, “I’ve worked at a paper company for 16 years, and never thought to write anything down.”

  407. In one of the beginning scenes did anyone else think the guy sitting across from Phyllis’ desk where Stanley used to sit looked like Dave Chappelle?

  408. @481 Whatdiditellyouaboutyeppers I didn’t get that either! Even after several viewings.

    Also, nearly 500 comments! I can’t remember the last time that happened (did it happen? I’m not sure!) But it’s awesome to see all these “silent” Tallyheads commenting — I know I was one for a long time, too.

  409. Gutter- NEVER GONNA HAPPEN. Nice thought, but the show ended on a perfect note (why risk it?). Also, the characters’ arcs were brought to completion AND the actors and actresses are surely ready to carry on with their post-Office existences. :-)

  410. This has probably been said many times in these 500 (wow!) comments, but The Finale was pure perfection on every level. Absolutely loved it! And just want to add that every girl should be so lucky in life to find her own Jim.

  411. Wendy–I agree! I wish Pam had added that, while she hopes every girl learns from her, every guy should learn from Jim!

  412. I still can’t believe how amazing the episode was — it was as close to perfect as an ending for a tv series could ever be

  413. If this was a real documentary people would be calling it out as fake that Pam happened to wait a year until cameras were there and then they happen to accidentally run into the real estate agent so she can have her big moment with Jim. :)

  414. Toby97 #493

    I agree, it deserves an emmy nomination for one of the greatest final shows ever.

    It could be an actor, the director or the writers. It deserves one.

  415. The Finale was great but I think this would have been the perfect ending to the series: Everything exactly the same except as they all leave in the last 5 seconds Jim puts Dwight’s bobble head in jello on his desk.

  416. I’m not completely positive, but Pam’s realtor was Michael’s realtor/girlfriend from season 2/3 right? (And Steve’s real life wife too)

  417. Loved the finale, but as someone asked above, how did the cameras capture Kevin and Toby’s firing? It must have occurred after the doc aired so why were they there?

  418. Hey tanster do you know if Steve Carell would be eligible for an emmy as Michael scott in the best guest appearance category (I think that exists?)

  419. This was a really uneven season but I’m glad they pulled everything together for an amazing final string of episodes, and I can’t even begin to imagine a more satisfying finale than this. It made me SO HAPPY to see Michael all grown up and fulfilled and able to interact with his friends without being too desperate to be liked. Good for him!

    Also, I found Jim and Pam’s ending kind of eerie because my girlfriend and I already had plans to move to Austin together before the end of the year, and in a weird way this just makes me MORE EXCITED!

  420. Tanster, two things:

    1. Isn’t Spencer Daniels Greg’s son? Along with Owen and the girl who played Kevin’s girlfriends daughter in Take Your Daughter to Work Day?

    2. What are the odds of Greg giving us one of your fanstastic Q&A’s. So many questions.

  421. I haven’t been on this site for a while, but after seeing Jennie on the finale I felt compelled to leave a comment for the first time in a long time, and probably for the last time.

    To be honest, I haven’t watched the show for two seasons prior to the finale. But now I’m going back to see what I’ve missed. I feel bad for taking the show for granted because it once helped me get through a dark period in my life just by being such a heartwarming distraction. I’m going through another rut years later and I know it will get me through it again. This is what a bad friend sounds like, lol.

    The last ten minutes of the finale was a great example of why the show was so great.

  422. So … three days later, and I still bawl every time I truly let myself think about the fact that this is the end. Anyone else? I am a little embarrassed because I have never been so emotionally invested in a TV show, but I know The Office was something special. Tanster, I heard you are planning to keep the site alive for news about the cast, etc. That would be amazing and beyond appreciated! Thank you for your dedication to this amazing cast and its fans.

  423. We just watched the last two episodes yesterday, and what an amazing way to end the series. Seeing Jim and Pam together again in a much stronger way than before, Angela and Dwight finally getting together, that was awesome. Seeing Michael again? That was amazing. They did an excellent job. So happy to be an Office fan!!

  424. Will there be another office episode with a reunion like the British. Please say you know something about this Tanster

  425. #518 joey

    This episode was already like a reunion. So that makes it a little harder for them do another one. Although I think it would be awesome to do a Christmas special, like 5 years from now. Maybe tanster has some sort of opinion / information about it.

  426. Just Beautiful, what a way to end everything, words don’t do it justice how amazing it was.

    I’ll miss the show so much it hurts already. I’m so thankful to all the crew and cast for everything they’ve done for the fans.


  427. 518-Joey: This was the reunion, bro. :-) Honestly, I don’t know why anyone would want another after this. It (the show) went out PERFECTLY. Be happy.

  428. I loved Wallace’s answer on the panel — “It was like watching a documentary about how your food is made. It’s kinda disgusting. You learn a lot, but I didn’t want to know any of it.”

    It was a solid sendoff for a solid show. I think for a lot of us who work in an office and hate our jobs, it was nice to spend a half hour every week in a fun office filled with funny, interesting people.

    May The Office live long and prosper in syndication.

  429. To everyone asking about Steve’s Emmy eligibility: the Emmy’s state “guest stars” as those who are contracted as/billed as, regardless of the number of episodes. So it’s possible he is eligible, but he wasn’t listened in the guest stars for the finale press release, and I didn’t watch the credits, so I’m not sure. anyone else know how Steve was billed?

    Judging by how Steve has been in the past, he is so humble, he probably wouldn’t want to be nominated anyway. But I think it would be a great way for him/The Office to be honored.

  430. I was disappointed that Karen didn’t make an appearance. Otherwise no complaints.

  431. I didn’t cry when I saw this episode like I did when I watched Goodbye Michael, but that makes it so much better because it wasn’t a sad goodbye. Great ending to the series.

  432. Jenna Fischer deserves an Emmy for her subtle, heartfelt, amazing performance this season – so going to miss The Office – such a terrific show

  433. Are there any good photos of Pam’s mural from the end of the episode? I’d love to make that my Facebook cover photo. :)

  434. Thanks The Office – i didn’t follow you every season, but you were part of my life the last 9 seasons…and made my office job a lot more fun.

  435. I live in China, was in the Philippines for the last 2 weeks on vacay and just caught up the last 2 episodes. Ironic that they chose the Phil to reference, I’m not sure anyone in that country knows the Office. The finale was good, not great per se. I think there were too many characters throughout the show to really “bring” them back for a finale. That being said, I’m glad Michael was included, I literally gave a Dwight yell and gesture when Jim looked into the camera.
    Lastly-notable exceptions from the finale? I think Jane has to be the most glaring, no?

  436. Also without a doubt the best scene from the finale was Michael’s cameo. He was the reason this show made it beyond the first year, into one of the most popular shows on TV, and the reason it lasted so long. Without him there would be no JAM. And to be honest it was best when the show centered around him, it became too mushy and all about JAM after the 4th-5th season. It became less funny and I think it turned away some male viewers while attracting more females as a result. There’s a reason he’s the last person seen in the show.

  437. All- i am getting nuts in trying to understand why dwight says to jim “you remembered” about the bazooka. can anyone help me? :)

  438. did anyone notice pam’s bracelet (at the wedding) was the one jim gave her in the classy christmas episode? her gift to him was the comic book.

  439. 1-hour finale rerun coming up. Sure hope what’s cut is that terrible Ryan-Kelly child abuse/abandonment sequence. What were they thinking? What lack of judgment. Otherwise PERFECT episode. Still in denial.

  440. Things I noticed that were cut:

    – Jim riding to work on his bike, Pam’s Irish mural unveiling, Dwight’s outdoor Japanese exercises

    – Phyllis’ talking head about fattening up the new Stanley

    – Tobey and Nellie’s arrivals at the airport and talking head moments

    – Oscar’s “Wazzup!!!” in the limo

    – At the bar, Kevin’s five “wells” and his line to Dwight about getting that number right

    – Darryl’s final talking head

  441. Correct me if I am wrong..
    Erin’s parents approached her using the name Erin, though Erin’s first name is Kelly. Just a minor thing. Bugged me though.

  442. @537 They found her from the documentary, and saw that she went by Erin in the office.

  443. Simona: In the episode where Dwight plays second life, Jim does the good ol jello prank on Dwight’s rocket launcher.

  444. @matt: they probably did not name her, since they gave her up when she was a baby. They probably only knew her through the tv-show, where she had been called Erin because of Kelly Kapoor. That’s why it would be natural for them to call her Erin, not Kelly.

  445. This was a great ending to one of the best comedies in television history! I liked almost everybody’s ending. I loved that Dwight and Angela got married because they belonged together. I was so happy Pam made the big decision to move with Jim. I thought that was a great way to show Jim how much she loved him. I loved that Erin found her parents and thought Ellie was fantastic in that scene. The highlight for me was the return of Michael Scott! I thought it was strange that he wasn’t at the panel, but his appearance at the wedding was excellent. I wish he would’ve stuck around at the end with everyone. Does anyone know if they tried to get Amy Ryan back for the finale? I was looking forward to seeing Michael with his kids, but I would’ve been satisfied seeing him with Holly again. I thought the Andy auto tune song was hilarious, but I didn’t like that everyone was making fun of him. I really loved everyone’s talking heads at the end especially Pam’s. It was sad seeing the show end but I’m so glad I at least have the dvd’s to relive the memories.

  446. i love you the office. I am so sad that there is no more seasons.. but in my heart, it will be forever . thanks Steve and everyone who made the show. :)

  447. Thanks to The Office for being my TV home for 9 seasons, and the Office experience simply won’t be the same without OfficeTally complementing the show as being the go-to website for all things Office! Gonna miss the folks at Dunder-Mifflin…you made me want to be a fictional paper salesman, and that says it all really.

  448. Just finished Finale after 2 months binge watching all 9 seasons. It was great being able to read all the comments here before and after every show.

    A fantastic ending, a fantastic last 3-4 episodes, to a great series (but you can fast-forward through most of Season 8) It’s amazing how popular the show is 9 years later.

    But I don’t think a reboot is a good idea

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