1. ANGELA: It was rude, and condescending, and a little snotty…I wish I’d written it.

    HILARIOUS! Great delivery. Wish it had found a way in.

  2. I so wish that they left Angela’s talking head in this! It was okay that the rest was deleted, though. lol

  3. Ahh! That was so confrontational and awkward. I loved it!! Angela and the “what about the penises?” line–hahahaha!! I wonder how many takes that took. =D

  4. Wow! That was intense… It was a little awkward, but I’ve seen people get that heated over equally petty stuff, so it was pretty realistic. However I don’t know if I want my favorite show to be THAT true to life. And WOW to Pam snapping at Jim! Also, I think I like Drunk Oscar way better than Sober Oscar. Lastly, Angela killed in this deleted scene. That is all.

  5. This totally should have been left in; it brought out a different side of the characters, and without it, Ryan stands out like an ass instead of the whole office.

  6. 3 things

    1. could the drawing have made it on tv? i’m not sure.

    2. when pam said she learned more in 3 months in new york than all her time in scranton jim had the guilty worried look going. obviously the jam plotline has to go somewhere so maybe that stuff isn’t over.

    3. weird scene but also awesome. i love the senseless bickering. much more real.

  7. I love, love, LOVE this scene! This kind of crap happens in real life all the time… and that’s why it’s so great!

  8. Would they have been able to show the penis drawing had it been left in? Or would it have been pixelated? Don’t know why I’m dwelling on that…sorry.

  9. So glad they left this one out. It just doesn’t fit with the vibe of The Office. It was too awkward, but, not in a funny way.

  10. This was good to leave out, for various reasons. One of them is that Angela’s basically parodying herself. Who would actually say that?

  11. Well, if I was an office worker I would think the note is annoying, too, lol. I’m a maintenance guy, and so my job is to clean up other peoples messes.

    I’m with the rest of the office staff on this one!

    And Angela is HILARIOUS!

  12. Ah the Joys of a small office. Totally spot on for the shenanigans in my past 3 jobs. I’m with Pam- just next time sign it, “Management” and see what type of ruckus that causes. =)

  13. I am glad that it got left out because it sounds like Pam doesn’t want to be in Scranton, she would rather be in New York… I did like how Kevin and Andy called her “New York” and “Manhattan”. Her comment sounded like something that Ryan either said or would’ve said.

  14. Angela’s talking head was fantastic. I can see why it was cut, but I loved Fancy New Beesly calling out the poor behavior of everyone else in the office. So much before, people have ignored the things that go on there and, kind of like Jim challenging the birthday norm last season, Pam is (correctly) challenging their normal behavior. I think it’s cool.

  15. #1, I agree with you. I would have thought that maybe a few more people would have been on Pam’s side. But that many people are ok with the mess? And I was surprised by Oscar, since he’s usually a “play-by-the-rules” kind of guy. I thought that he out of all people would have agreed with Pam.

    But this scene did a really good job of creating awkward tension. I felt uneasy even as a viewer.

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