Seasons of Michael

The Dunder Mifflin gang sings “Seasons of Michael” in The Office episode, Michael’s Last Dundies.

It is a takeoff on the song “Seasons of Love” from the Broadway musical, Rent.


Nine million nine hundred eighty six thousand minutes
We actually sat down and did the math
Nine million nine hundred eighty six thousand minutes
That’s how many minutes that you’ve worked here
In costumes
And impressions
In meetings
In cups of coffee
For birthdays
More meetings and
Email forwards you made us read
Nine million nine hundred eighty six thousand minutes
That’s like watching “Die Hard” eighty thousand times
You hit me with your car
You helped me get off drugs
I watch you when you sleep
I forgive you for kissing me
Remember to, call (you got to remember to call)
Remember to, call (love is a gift from up above)
Remember to, call (text or call or email or call)
Measure your life in love
Remember to call
Remember to call (you got to remember to call)
Remember to call


  1. That last scene gave me so much goosebumps… i loved it.. and will miss michael so much! Can’t believe there’s only one episode left

  2. I think for EVERYONE it’s going to “hurt like a mother f’er.” :) Steve Carell has brought so much greatness to this show. He will be greatly missed.

    I hope he comes back to guest star a few times. That would be awesome.

  3. I love how Angela is just beaming, and even smiling brightly at Phyllis. Also love Jim’s big smile at Deangelo doing those high notes, that part was hilarious. Great group moment.

  4. I loved it! This was neck to neck with his proposal! I will always love and miss you Michael Gary Scott! <3

  5. I had to do the math and it looks like it is actually pretty close to how long that he’s worked there!
    9,986,000 minutes = 166,433.33 hours = 6934.72 days = 18.999 years

  6. Wow. That made me cry. I haven’t watched the episode yet (can’t wait!), but I couldn’t wait to hear this song. And now I’m crying! That’s so sweet!

  7. Tanster,
    Do you know, or can you find out, if the song was a surprise to Steve during filming. His emotion seems pretty “in the moment”. It was a real gift to fans of the show. Thanks…

  8. I liked the song itself, but it is so unlikely that it would have occurred.

    I know the entire office had a moment to talk inside the restaurant… But it’s just so implausible. They didn’t know Andy was going to win a Dundie, they didn’t know Dwight and Gabe weren’t going to be there, even if they rehearsed, they couldn’t have known Michael would have been kicked out of the restaurant.

    Some of the lyrics like Ryan’s and Creed’s seemed to be almost too self-aware.

    I really liked it as a character moment, but I’m always a nitpicker for the realistic foundation the show was built on. Maybe a talking head from Andy or Jim about rehearsing would have made it better.

    A really heartwarming moment though.

  9. I must be the only one that wasn’t a fan of this. Save the outburst of song for Glee.

  10. So is it me or was this, Jenna, Angela, John, Mindy etc. instead of Jim, Pam, Kelly. It felt like it was very personal and from the heart and not in character at all! And I mean that in a good way.

  11. I was crying my eyes out!! This is like saying good bye to family. I honestly have no idea how I’m going to get through..

  12. @Tyler – not so implausible, actually. They planned it before the Dundies happened and Gabe and Dwight probably learned the song. Everyone gets a Dundie so they knew Andy would be called up. It’s implausible that everyone would want to go back to the office to continue the awards, actually, until you realize it’s because they had this planned out beforehand. Talking head would have ruined the surprise.

    @Danny Boy – I think the song was beautiful in that it worked on two levels. It was both in character AND from the heart of the actors.

    @christy – looking into the surprise factor on set. That would’ve been hard to pull off, but Steve did seem very genuinely touched. (That’s what she said)

  13. I thought it was absolutely appropriate and they did an awesome job! And, Mindy has said before that she always tries to write in a song for her episodes as well as a scene where Dwight plays the recorder.

  14. i cried the first time watching this. I just watched the song a second time. And I cried again. It was so beautiful. The perfect way to say goodbye.

  15. @Actually Great – When I said I wanted a talking head about rehearsing the song, I meant to say that there should have been a talking head AFTER the performance, like when Jim mentioned the Niagara boat tickets in the wedding episode.

  16. FYI – 9,986,000 minutes from 4/28/11 (which is presumably the date from which they’re calculating) would be 5/3/92.

  17. That was all kinds of awesome. The whole thing mde me laugh and cry… Creed… I watch you when you sleep LOL

  18. To Tyler: they had this planned to happen at the RESTAURANT! That’s why they wanted to keep it going. It didn’t matter WHO was the next Dundie recipient…they were going to cue the song to start. There was a keyboard at the restaurant too. Come on, man…

    To Chevy: Michael has supposedly worked at Dunder Mifflin for 18 years. So since that’s awfully close to your date, I’ll trust the math…

  19. Really, REALLY wonderful moment. I cried when they sang this. And I LOVED Creed’s line! Just made the whole thing hilarious!

    -This is going to hurt like a mother f***ker-

  20. I cried on this episode and bawled on the last one. Steve, you will sincerely be missed!

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