1. ANGELA: It was rude, and condescending, and a little snotty…I wish I’d written it.

    HILARIOUS! Great delivery. Wish it had found a way in.

  2. I so wish that they left Angela’s talking head in this! It was okay that the rest was deleted, though. lol

  3. Ahh! That was so confrontational and awkward. I loved it!! Angela and the “what about the penises?” line–hahahaha!! I wonder how many takes that took. =D

  4. Wow! That was intense… It was a little awkward, but I’ve seen people get that heated over equally petty stuff, so it was pretty realistic. However I don’t know if I want my favorite show to be THAT true to life. And WOW to Pam snapping at Jim! Also, I think I like Drunk Oscar way better than Sober Oscar. Lastly, Angela killed in this deleted scene. That is all.

  5. This totally should have been left in; it brought out a different side of the characters, and without it, Ryan stands out like an ass instead of the whole office.

  6. 3 things

    1. could the drawing have made it on tv? i’m not sure.

    2. when pam said she learned more in 3 months in new york than all her time in scranton jim had the guilty worried look going. obviously the jam plotline has to go somewhere so maybe that stuff isn’t over.

    3. weird scene but also awesome. i love the senseless bickering. much more real.

  7. I love, love, LOVE this scene! This kind of crap happens in real life all the time… and that’s why it’s so great!

  8. Would they have been able to show the penis drawing had it been left in? Or would it have been pixelated? Don’t know why I’m dwelling on that…sorry.

  9. So glad they left this one out. It just doesn’t fit with the vibe of The Office. It was too awkward, but, not in a funny way.

  10. This was good to leave out, for various reasons. One of them is that Angela’s basically parodying herself. Who would actually say that?

  11. Well, if I was an office worker I would think the note is annoying, too, lol. I’m a maintenance guy, and so my job is to clean up other peoples messes.

    I’m with the rest of the office staff on this one!

    And Angela is HILARIOUS!

  12. Ah the Joys of a small office. Totally spot on for the shenanigans in my past 3 jobs. I’m with Pam- just next time sign it, “Management” and see what type of ruckus that causes. =)

  13. I am glad that it got left out because it sounds like Pam doesn’t want to be in Scranton, she would rather be in New York… I did like how Kevin and Andy called her “New York” and “Manhattan”. Her comment sounded like something that Ryan either said or would’ve said.

  14. Angela’s talking head was fantastic. I can see why it was cut, but I loved Fancy New Beesly calling out the poor behavior of everyone else in the office. So much before, people have ignored the things that go on there and, kind of like Jim challenging the birthday norm last season, Pam is (correctly) challenging their normal behavior. I think it’s cool.

  15. #1, I agree with you. I would have thought that maybe a few more people would have been on Pam’s side. But that many people are ok with the mess? And I was surprised by Oscar, since he’s usually a “play-by-the-rules” kind of guy. I thought that he out of all people would have agreed with Pam.

    But this scene did a really good job of creating awkward tension. I felt uneasy even as a viewer.

  16. I don’t think I’ve ever seen everyone gang up on Pam like this before. I don’t think there was anything Jim could have said or done to help her. However, I did enjoy Andy’s comment about Pam’s sweater and Meredith’s comment about being a part time maid.

  17. Methinks she’ll be marrying the mess-maker. Wonder what kind of crazy tension that will create.

  18. This is incredibly awkward but also very realistic. I could totally see this happening in my own life!

  19. Best part of it was Angela’s talking head – which should have been in the episode.

    What is with Pam shushing Jim? It reminds me of Pam in ‘The Deposition’ deleted scene where she gets Jim to stop working (he’s discussing something with Oscar) and go play ping pong – anyone else remember that scene? What was all the gushing about NY?! She hated it there if I remember correctly – very un-Pam like behavior.

  20. I kind of wonder if Pam was overstating her enjoyment of NY because she was feeling defensive about it, and also to make her point that she “especially loved how people there cleaned up after themselves.” Plus, she was feeling ganged up on, so I can see how she might have used putting down Scranton as a blanket put down to them all.

  21. Should have been left in! And Ann, Jim didn’t defend Pam because he didn’t agree with her – easy enough.

  22. This seriously reminds me of things that go on here in my own office. People don’t like to clean up after themselves here. An example: once someone put up a sign that stated that we have ONE fridge for 150 people, so be courteous and only bring your daily food and keep it clean. Someone went through and corrected grammatical errors on the sign.

    Just goes to show you how real-to-life this show can be sometimes. :)

  23. I loved seeing more of the microwave mess storyline.

    Also- I know what it’s like to live with someone who constantly leaves notes about messes and to be angry about the kind of tone they suggest. I learned from those notes that if you’re going to leave one about something that’s bothering you, you have to do it right.

    I personally think it would have helped her a lot and gone over better with everyone if she had left the anger out of her note. Just my opinion. :)

  24. This clip was hilariously awkward- one of the most realistic things they’ve shown this season. We have snips like this ALL the time about our micro and fridge in the staff room.

  25. They should have keep this scene! I hope it’s in next week’s extended version. It was so relatable.

  26. Me thinks Pam is getting a little too annoyed with her coworkers…I sense she’s on the outs soon…

  27. Am I the only one who thought Pam’s request wasn’t too extreme? It was just basically, clean up after yourselves.

  28. So glad this wasn’t kept in, Pam is just annoying in this! Get over yourself and clean the mess!

  29. Wow, I thought everyone but Pam was being pretty unreasonable. I am a firm believer in people cleaning up after themselves and not expecting others to do it for them. It’s a respect issue. Oscar’s response seemed really out of character for him.

    Hated that look on Jim’s face when Pam made her New York comment. No wonder they seemed so awkward in the parking lot when they were leaving work.

  30. I think it is great that Pam has more confidence now and is more proactive, but I really don’t like the development of this part of her personality. She can be confident without being aggressive. It seems forced. I know that someone mentioned her behavior in the Deposition… I don’t like Bossy Pam or Defiant Pam very much

  31. I don’t think Fancy new Beasley and her hubby-to-be will be able to take too much more of Dunder Mifflin….they are too normal and healthy for this dysfunctional environment!

  32. While I do agree with Pam that people should clean up after themselves, I think she went a little overboard in this scene.

    The scene with Pam and Dwight in Michael’s office was great. China Sydrome lol, (that is such a “Jim” thing to say).

  33. It’s not Pam’s job to clean the mess, and I don’t even like Pam too. It’s simple. Make a mess, clean it up.

  34. I want Toby’s punching practice in the producer’s cut. So pathetic and humorous at the same time.

  35. Toby is depressing me.
    I can totally understand why Michael hates him so much, i’m starting to hate him too.

    I don’t know why people are so bothered about Pam’s “snap” at Jim. It was something that happened in the situation. She was upset. That doesn’t make her aggressive. Everybody is a little mean at some point.

    Angela’s talking head was awesome!

  36. No wonder they are having a director’s cut… man a lot was left out, this is going to be great to see!

  37. These have actually been pretty good deleted scenes… I’m curious to know if they make the producer’s cut.
    Oh, and Jim so made that mess! In “Chair Model” when they talk about moving in together, Jim says something like she’s messy and spills things. And, she says that she should just move in with her boyfriend because he’s kind of a slob, too. I think Pam’s changed a little too much… I’m still rooting for JAM, though!

  38. that entire second scene was really funny. i cannot wait for the producer’s cut. and for the record tanster, it’s totally cool about the ads. i was just wondering earlier how you manage to pay for providing us with this amazing resource. thanks for everything you do, it’s pretty cool.

    [from tanster: thanks ttt! :) ]

  39. The world falls into two categories: people who show common courtesy for others by cleaning up after themselves and people who leave their messes for others to clean up because they couldn’t give a crap about anyone else but themselves.

    Old Pam was a doormat. New Pam doesn’t clean up the messes others make, literally or metaphorically.

  40. I’m wondering if Oscar’s reaction in the first deleted scene has anything to do with the tension with his outburst in the webisodes.

  41. I love Toby pretending to punch Michael at his desk. Hey, you do whatever helps you make it through, right?

    P.S. – Tanster, totally seconding tunatunatuna’s thoughts on the ads. Whatever makes it easier for you to provide this great site for us crazy Office fans is A-ok!

  42. The second scene was glorious. It totally should have been left in. I think it had that awkward inappropriate feel of classic season 2 Office. I mean, really? Michael comparing himself to a molestation victim? Thant’s so so wrong, and TSS? I think Michael was a bit cartoony in the actual episode, but these scenes show the Michael we all know in real life, the one who says extremely over the top and inappropriate things. I loved these scenes! Hopefully the producers cut will have all this cringey brilliance in it.

  43. What did Jim say that made Pam shush him? She seems bossy and authoritarian with him at times-the ping pong episode comes to mind. More a stern monitor than a playful girlfriend even though she was a light-hearted compatriot in early seasons. It’s hard to see Finer Things Pam getting drunk at Chilis or playing with store pa systems. Interesting that people sometimes meet at the “right” time; wonder if they would fall in love if they were meeting in this season for the first time.

  44. Am I missing something, or did Michael hook up with Meredith? She got a *new* blanket, somehow implying that he knew about her *old* blanket? And why was he sweating?

  45. I think Pam’s issue with the microwave was that before she gained her self confidence she was required to clean the microwave and perform a myriad of other disgusting tasks people dumped on her. Her reequest isn’t that extreme, it’s basic courtesy.

  46. Elle, Jim said “amen”
    I’m totally with Pam, why does everyone not think people should clean up after themselves? That microwave was filthy and gross.

    Also, more importantly, on the second deleted scene what was with Dwight and Andy’s phone? Did I miss something? -because I totally did not get that.

  47. #27 Jill-“And Ann, Jim didn’t defend Pam because he didn’t agree with her – easy enough.”

    Pam was trying to defend herself by telling her coworkers that she is not going to resume her role as an office doormat who cleans up others’ messes. Are you telling me that Jim didn’t agree with her defense?

  48. #62-Also, more importantly, on the second deleted scene what was with Dwight and Andy’s phone? Did I miss something? -because I totally did not get that.

    I think Dwight used his phone to talk to the police because he said something like, “My name is Andrew Bernard”.
    Then he returned Andy’s phone to him by dropping it to look like it dropped.

  49. Am I the only one who thought the Pam/Jim exchange in the first deleted scene was cute?

  50. I loved the deleted scene, but my comment is for Tanster. I got to say to you that it’s really REALLY fine that you post ads in the website! In fact, I’m glad that you keep taking amazing care of that wonderful website (first on my favorites by the way!)
    continue your great work!

    [from tanster: thanks! :) ]

  51. I’m with the people that are glad that Pam stands up for herself now, especially about cleaning up other people’s messes.

    But it’s like she has an evil twin that has surfaced during the Ping-pong, a bit in the FTC, and now the “Jim-this is for real” comment.

    What is it with domineering women in this show? Jan, Angela, Pam’s evil twin.

  52. #65 pamalamadingdong- Nope! You are not the only one. I thought it was kind of cute and funny as well. I didn’t take it as Pam being a mega*itch all of a sudden.

  53. Wow – so much happening in these scenes! I am completely on Pam’s side, although I think I would have put it in an email and revealed who I was. Like Pam said, it shows disrespect for your co-workers. We have a note-leaver at my office, but sometimes her notes are ridiculous (when they infringe on our use of a common area) and we always know it’s her. I just want to know who left the mess, although I think it might be a few different people because they all got mad.

    Also, what is up with Michael and Meredith? That is crazy if they’re hooking up. Didn’t see that coming AT ALL.

    PS – Tanster – ads on the site are totally fine. The one on this screen is not intrusive so do whatever you gotta do to keep the Office love flowin’! Thanks for the awesome site!

    [from tanster: thanks, abbey! :) ]

  54. Toby’s air-punching invisible Michael?! High-lairs.
    And I’m totally ok with Pam 3.0; she’s awesome and I don’t think she’s some kind of pod person here to replace the original. Now S3 Jim….he was definitely a pod person.

  55. Just found this on hulu. I was looking for some office stuff to watch, and this is the description of the clip from Frame Toby where Jim shows Pam the house:
    The Office
    Excerpt (s.5 : ep.8) |02:22 |
    Jesus has a surprise for Pam.

    Jesus?! Did I miss his cameo? Do you think they did that on purpose, tanster?

  56. 68. luvrgrrl
    #65 pamalamadingdong- Nope! You are not the only one. I thought it was kind of cute and funny as well. I didn’t take it as Pam being a mega*itch all of a sudden.

    I also thought it was pretty funny.

  57. Okay, along with a few others, I LOVED Pam’s snap at Jim. It was perfect. I don’t understand the problem, everyone acts like she’s the devil because of one comment. Couples do that. And all this stuff about the old Pam wouldn’t say this, well, the old Pam wasn’t dating Jim. Pam has gained so much confidence since she’s been dating Jim. She’s gone to new places, experienced new things, she’s changed, people change, they can’t stay the same forever. I like Pam, I liked the old Pam and I like how Pam is now.

    That’s my opinion. :D

    Tanster – Ads are great, they’re necessary. Don’t feel bad about. You should put up more. Anything to keep the site going because this site is the best Office fan site out there. You have to admit, it’s the best. :D If there is anyway I can help out just ask. (That’s a weird thing to ask, yes, but I just love helping people. :) )

    [from tanster: thanks lauren! :) ]

  58. I thought the second deleted scene was far better than the 1st one. I didn’t really care for the office workers reacting negatively to Pam’s assertion that everyone clean up after themselves.

    About the ads, Tanster, check out James Berardinelli’s site http://www.reelviews.net . His site used to be ad free, but he was forced to put in ads due to higher costs, but he did an excellent job placing the ads on his site. He overhauled the site too, but since you already did that, half the work is done.

    I’m fine with ads. In fact, it’s weird not to see ads on websites. :)

    [from tanster: thanks, zac! i’ll check it out. :) ]

  59. In a few episodes, Jim had a red checkered coffee cup. In some scenes there were words on it, in others no words. Are there two red checked coffee cups, or just one that has a heat sensitive message? If so, what the heck does it say? It’s bugging the crap out of me!

  60. Wow, that first little scene in the second deleted scene totally should have stayed in. Priceless!

  61. Have to side with the few on this one and say I thought that Pam’s “don’t, this is for real” was hilarious. All couples have those moments; it actually made me laugh because they seem like an old married couple already. And for all the ladies; I have to ask did any of you pick up the fact that the syndrome Michael said was Toxic Shock Syndrome!?!?! I couldn’t believe Pam/Jenna kept a straight face for that. I would have been falling out of my chair laughing.

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