Got a ‘Chair Model’ question for B.J.?

Last week’s Q&A with Gene and Lee worked out so well, I’ve asked B.J. to do the same!

Do you have a question for B.J. Novak about last night’s episode, ‘Chair Model’?

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This post will close at 10pm Pacific Time tonight, so get your questions in today!

Remember, non-spoilerish questions about ‘Chair Model’ only. Thanks!


  1. Was it interesting writing an episode your character didn’t appear in? I think this may be the first time you have penned an episode where you didn’t show up, now that Ryan is no longer in Scranton regularly.

  2. This season, the two episodes you’ve written feature very little Ryan (Local Ad) or not at all (Chair Model), compared with Initiation and The Fire…is there any reason, or just a coincidence?

  3. Did you write in Pam’s reaction to Jim’s sort of proposal? What was scripted? (Shock and happiness? Shock and confusion?)

  4. Pitch-perfect episode. Everyone from Michael to Creed to Kevin were on fire last night. How did it feel writing this episode after the strike ended?

  5. Was Pam excited about the exchange at her desk with Jim, or freaked out? Was she trying to drop a hint that she wants to get engaged when she said she wouldn’t move in with someone without a ring?

  6. I got the feeling that Kevin was about to cry when he was talking about how things had been going bad for him. Was this alluded to at all in the script?

  7. Who played the chair model? Several people I’ve talked to remarked that she looks just like Jan in a wig.

  8. Was it true that the chair model had died? I suspected that the agency had made up a name and told Dwight she was dead to protect her privacy. Was that discussed when writing this episode?

  9. Why did Jim buy the engagement ring a week after dating Pam, then wait 5 or so months to decide to get ready to propose? Loved their interactions!

  10. W.B. Jones- possibly reference to W.B. Mason?

    I had to ask given your Boston roots and said company’s signage all over Fenway. Glorious episode, by the way. I loved it!

  11. What would you call Pam’s facial expression after Jim told her that a proposal was coming? To me it seemed that she wasn’t all that thrilled about it. Did I interpret it correctly?

  12. Why is Michael being so mean? I noticed that in the last couple episodes he is not only oblivious and lacking self-awareness, but he is also being extremely rude. For example, I think that it was out of character for him not help Andy and Kevin get the parking spaces back. Was it Jan that changed him so?

  13. Did Andy’s loafer penny hold any significance for him or does he just generally keep his lunch money in his shoes?

  14. I loved Andy’s monologue about the down-and-out guy he’s helping get a parking space. Were you referencing all the descriptions we get from the presidential candidates about how what they really care about is (insert sad story about trying to find a job/care for sick mother here)?

  15. From the episode post:

    “Maybe someone pointed this out already but did anyone notice the date on the headstone? The model died in 2003, but the catalogue seems to be from this year as Dwight mentions “waiting for next year’s chair catalogue”. Why would they use a photo with a model that died 4-5 years ago? :P”

  16. Why was Michael so mean to the blind date?

    Was it just me or was Pam’s face a little unsure when Jim was talking about getting engaged?

  17. Who were the guys (other than michael and bob vance) who played the bosses of the 5 families? Are any of them on the regular cast/crew of the office or were they random actors?

  18. First of all, great episode! Thank you! even my 2yr old sat quietly during the whole episode.

    My question, Is there any storylines that you would have loved to expand more on during this episode?

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