Got a ‘Chair Model’ question for B.J.?

Last week’s Q&A with Gene and Lee worked out so well, I’ve asked B.J. to do the same!

Do you have a question for B.J. Novak about last night’s episode, ‘Chair Model’?

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Remember, non-spoilerish questions about ‘Chair Model’ only. Thanks!


  1. Was it interesting writing an episode your character didn’t appear in? I think this may be the first time you have penned an episode where you didn’t show up, now that Ryan is no longer in Scranton regularly.

  2. This season, the two episodes you’ve written feature very little Ryan (Local Ad) or not at all (Chair Model), compared with Initiation and The Fire…is there any reason, or just a coincidence?

  3. Did you write in Pam’s reaction to Jim’s sort of proposal? What was scripted? (Shock and happiness? Shock and confusion?)

  4. Pitch-perfect episode. Everyone from Michael to Creed to Kevin were on fire last night. How did it feel writing this episode after the strike ended?

  5. Was Pam excited about the exchange at her desk with Jim, or freaked out? Was she trying to drop a hint that she wants to get engaged when she said she wouldn’t move in with someone without a ring?

  6. I got the feeling that Kevin was about to cry when he was talking about how things had been going bad for him. Was this alluded to at all in the script?

  7. Who played the chair model? Several people I’ve talked to remarked that she looks just like Jan in a wig.

  8. Was it true that the chair model had died? I suspected that the agency had made up a name and told Dwight she was dead to protect her privacy. Was that discussed when writing this episode?

  9. Why did Jim buy the engagement ring a week after dating Pam, then wait 5 or so months to decide to get ready to propose? Loved their interactions!

  10. W.B. Jones- possibly reference to W.B. Mason?

    I had to ask given your Boston roots and said company’s signage all over Fenway. Glorious episode, by the way. I loved it!

  11. What would you call Pam’s facial expression after Jim told her that a proposal was coming? To me it seemed that she wasn’t all that thrilled about it. Did I interpret it correctly?

  12. Why is Michael being so mean? I noticed that in the last couple episodes he is not only oblivious and lacking self-awareness, but he is also being extremely rude. For example, I think that it was out of character for him not help Andy and Kevin get the parking spaces back. Was it Jan that changed him so?

  13. Did Andy’s loafer penny hold any significance for him or does he just generally keep his lunch money in his shoes?

  14. I loved Andy’s monologue about the down-and-out guy he’s helping get a parking space. Were you referencing all the descriptions we get from the presidential candidates about how what they really care about is (insert sad story about trying to find a job/care for sick mother here)?

  15. From the episode post:

    “Maybe someone pointed this out already but did anyone notice the date on the headstone? The model died in 2003, but the catalogue seems to be from this year as Dwight mentions “waiting for next year’s chair catalogue”. Why would they use a photo with a model that died 4-5 years ago? :P”

  16. Why was Michael so mean to the blind date?

    Was it just me or was Pam’s face a little unsure when Jim was talking about getting engaged?

  17. Who were the guys (other than michael and bob vance) who played the bosses of the 5 families? Are any of them on the regular cast/crew of the office or were they random actors?

  18. First of all, great episode! Thank you! even my 2yr old sat quietly during the whole episode.

    My question, Is there any storylines that you would have loved to expand more on during this episode?

  19. The phone number for WB Jones wasn’t changed from Dwight’s flasher hotline. What gives?

  20. Was the song that Michael sang at the chair model’s grave improvised or did you really change the words to the beloved American Pie song in the script? I found it to be absolutely hilarious!

    You rock, B.J.!!

  21. Great episode! Thanks for it!

    I was just wondering how much time is supposed to have passed between Dinner Party and this episode?

  22. “Oscar Mayer Weiner… lover”: Improv or scripted?

    Fantastic episode, B.J., and thank you so much for answering all the questions!

  23. Terrific writing on the episode, B.J. In the MTT chatroom, we were actually surprised that you wrote it; not in a bad way, just it’s usually not the type of episode that you do. :)

    Anyways, my question is: was Andy’s/Ed’s dancing in the script or something that was added during filming? I thought that that was hilarious.

  24. It was cute that it went from day to night when Dwight and Michael were singing in the cemetery–it took them hours to finish the one song (we know American Pie is a long song). Were they singing the song over and over, did they mix it up a little in the grave yard, or did it take them a few hours to remember the ending?

    Oh, and how long did you resist using the Oscar Mayer Weiner Lover joke? It worked well in this episode.

  25. It seems like Andy gets a long better with the Scranton gang than he used to. Has he finally gotten less annoying or what?

  26. This episode was beautifully written. It had everything from hysterical humor to touching and beautiful moments. Bravo!

    Where did the idea for Jim’s “shoe tying” joke come from? That was just a stroke of genius.

    The timeline has been tough to pinpoint. Is The Office in real time at this point?

    Did you originally plan for the current story arc for Jim and Pam, or was it something decided after the hiatus?

  27. The first deleted scene posted really fills in what happen after Michael broke up with Jan. without it the episode seems a bit confusing —

    why was it not included in the episode?

  28. In the beginning Michael mentioned wanting to play ball with his kids before he’s too old, which must mean he wants a long-term relationship. But towards the end, he says he’s looking for a passionate affair and not companionship. What’s up with that?

  29. First off, this episode was excellent!

    How much of Andy’s dance was choreographed? Was a lot of it improvised? The moonwalk was HILARIOUS!

  30. I know, from hearing dvd commentary from Mindy, that some writers collaborate on some scenes — did you work with any of the writers for a scene (if so, which scene)?

    Also, was Phyllis being sarcastic when she told Andy to call her when he got to his car when he forgets his cell? And is Andy referring to someone specifically at the end?

    Thanks. This is now one of my top favorite episodes!

  31. Whose idea was it to have Jim fake propose to Pam?

    Amazing episode. One of the best this season! =]

  32. Are we to assume that Pam’s parents are divorced, and that was part of the joke behind Jim’s “I’m writing down your mom’s name” moment?

  33. Are you and Gene and Lee messing with Mindy? This is the second week in a row that she had no lines. She’ll get back at you in the next episode she writes!

  34. Is there any reason why your episodes tend to feature Michael and Dwight butchering songs together with simultaneous dance? Last night it was American Pie and during Fire Drill it was We Didn’t Start the Fire.

  35. Why didn’t they use the scene at Schrute Farms in the episode? I waited all week wondering if Michael would be staying at Dwight’s farm and thinking it could make some hilarious moments.

  36. There were comments in the episode that implied the time jump, but I was just interested – what is the ‘official word’ on the time jump issue?

  37. Originally, the episode was titled “Parking”. Was there more of an emphasis before on the stolen parking spaces than there was on Michael’s quest for a date, or did “Chair Model” just seem to fit better overall as a title? I loved the chair alliance between Pam and Creed and I hope there are some deleted scenes that extend that part of the plot.

  38. Which would you say you enjoy more: Writing to push important arcs forward, such as the Jim/Pam “fake proposal” stuff OR something like Kevin getting dumped, where the audience can piece together in their imagination how he’s been dealing with it or how it occurred?

  39. First off, superb episode. You are now my favorite writer. And the hottest in the office. Multi-tasking…I like that.

    Also, Kevin Malone’s Talking head was so touching, he seemed on the verge of tears.

    Now, I just want to know, was Pam scared of Jim discussing proposals, or was she just shocked they had that conversation? Because it was very hard to interpret, even though, technically she brought it up.

  40. The blind date seemed like a brilliant homage to the British Office. Did you watch that episode before you wrote the script? I loved that whole exchange.

  41. Did you guys need to get permission from Wendy’s so Michael could make that call?

    It was so funny, by the way!

  42. Dear BJ,
    First, I really enjoyed last night’s episode, particularly Michael’s sugar-laden drink order at the coffee shop.

    I think originally this episode was named “Parking”. Why the switch to “Chair Model”? What’s the process for naming episodes?

    Quizzical in Quincy

  43. What exactly was Pam’s reaction after Jim told her to get ready for a proposal. Was it “OMG…he’s serious, I can’t believe this is finally happening” or “Oh…crap”?

  44. BJ-

    You have been the writer of some great Jim and Pam moments with the end of “The Initiation” and with Pam’s possible move/engagement in “The Chair Model”, where do you get your inspiration for these moments when writing? Because I’m not a big Jim/Pam-gusher but these two moments in their story line are just beautifully done from the dialogue to the reactions by the two of them. Great job on last night’s episode as a whole!

  45. Thanks for doing this again Tanster! Here’s my question:

    Were there other possibilities for the song that Michael and Dwight sang at the Chair Model’s grave? If so, what other ideas were tossed around?

  46. First off, I loved everything about this episode!
    My question is, was it an intention to go with sort of a season 2/3 sort of vibe? Is it ever an intention to do that or do you like to give each season a different type of feel to it?

  47. How long did it take to film Jim’s fake-out proposal/shoelace scene? The light was so beautiful and natural there, I can’t imagine it would have lasted long.


  48. Following the Jim/Pam scene in the break room, some are speculating whether or not Pam’s parents are divorced. Do the writers know details like that?

    Thanks so much for another fantastic episode and keep up the amazing work, B.J.!

  49. Jim buying the ring after a week – was that intended to be adorable, or too much too soon?

  50. The conference room in this episode where the 5 businesses met looked different, was this room set up for this particular scene or did the old conference room get remodeled ?

  51. How much of the content of this ep was originally planned to be spread over a few eps? Was this [and possibly the rest of the remaining eps] the cream of the storyline crop?

  52. How much of Andy’s annoying fashion sense is scripted, and how much is left to the discretion of the wardrobe department? I mean really, green socks?

  53. The episode felt like there was too much going on, (though was still wonderful and hilarious). Since it went through some title changes, is it safe to say that there were some parts of the storyline that just got left on the cutting room floor? It feels like the “Parking” story could have been its own episode and the “Chair Model” could have been its own.

  54. Great episode BJ.

    Was there any moment cut out of the final version of the episode that you really wished had been included?

  55. How did you come up with the idea to get Jim to fake out Pam at the end of the episode? It was CLASSIC. Its one of the reasons why fans love Jim/Pam.

  56. How hard of a decision was it to have Pam and Jim go ‘there’? Big step for those characters!

  57. How much creative license do you have when writing an episode? For example, I’m sure laying the foundation for a Jim/Pam proposal was previously planned for this episode, but did you come up with the idea for the parking problem and Michael’s blind date on your own? Or was that a joint effort by the writers, leaving you to write the dialogue and jokes around it (which were absolutely hilarious, may I add!)?

  58. From a British fan – The scene where Michael meets Pam’s landlady at the coffee house was very reminiscent of the Christmas special of the British Version; where David Brent goes on a blind date and doesn’t like what he sees. Did BJ use this as inspiration for Michael’s encounter?

    Best episode of the season so far in my opinion. Awesomeness.

  59. I know you guys have to write “around” Angela, given her situation. Did that take away from any involvement she may have had with Kevin and Andy’s quest? Her+Andy=Very Intriguing. This was an epic episode, by the way. I love how Michael was his old, uncomfortable self with the complete social ineptitude and selfishness/rudeness. Christmas Party, anyone? Classic. Thank you for that.

  60. Were you ever afraid that Jim was going to come off a little bit like a jerk in the fake proposal scene?

  61. I noticed that when Dwight and Michael were singing in the graveyard the sky became quite dark. How long were they singing?

  62. Are you trying to make every boyfriend in the world look like a loser compared to Jim? Because seriously, I almost dumped my boyfriend for a fictional character last night. :)

  63. Why didn’t Kelly jump on the chance to play matchmaker with Michael the way she did with Pam and her neighbor?

  64. Of course you know that Jim’s fake proposal fooled the audience as well as Pam. Was it totally a joke, or did Jim consider for a second making it real? Has Jim just been waiting for the right moment all this time, or does he want to know that Pam is ready to be engaged again?

  65. So I guess an unspoken result of the infamous Dinner Party, was Michael and Jan breaking up and how long ago was that? Because although she was quite looney, at the end she was repairing Michael’s Dundy as though she felt bad/ realized her own insanity.

  66. Okay, I have to ask a Jam question. Did you originally have it planned before this episode that Jim had already bought Pam a ring or did you create that fact for this episode?

  67. Wonderful job, BJ!

    Was it your intention for Dwight to actually jump on the headstones as the they walked up to the model’s grave OR was it Rainn just being a disrespectful doofus? I thought that was such a funny little touch to the episode. Well done…

  68. It seems like there was a big time jump in between Dinner Party and Chair Model (6 weeks if you go by the deleted scene on Dwight’s farm). Do these strike-affected time jumps make it difficult to establish where character relationships are developmentally? I.e.-JIm getting ready to propose, Michael moving on to other women, Kevin breaking up with Stacy, etc. Was there extensive talk about this issue when all the writers got back to work?

    Thanks a ton, and it was a fantastic episode!! Brilliantly written!!

  69. Large hot chocolate with caramel and a shot of mint – did you do a taste test to figure out the most “Michael Scott-like” beverage or did you just try to come up with the most sickeningly sweet drink you could think of?

    I LOVED this episode – excellent writing!!

  70. When Michael was giving his speech about dating, was it intentional that the camera crew zoomed in on Toby when Michael was talking about getting laid, Kelly when he was talking about having babies, and Pam when he was talking about being in love?

    We all know Toby needs to get laid and Kelly needs herself some babies.

  71. Thank you so much for the gift of that episode.

    I was wondering if you could tell us what the script descriptions were for the look on Pam’s face after she and Jim joke about the proposal. Is she thoughtful? Excited? Scared out of her mind?

    Thanks again!

  72. Thanks for setting this up Tanster, and thanks for answering our questions B.J.! It was an amazing episode. Was Kevin using his footbath from the Christmas party in the scene where he talked to Michael? His pant legs were rolled up, but I rewatched the scene a couple of times and I couldn’t tell if he was actually soaking his feet.

  73. When Kevin was sitting on the couch with Michael, were his feet in the foot bath from S2 Christmas Party? Please say yes.

    Also, will we be hearing more of Creed’s master three-chair plan?

  74. Is it difficult to write the Jim and Pam storyline without it being too cheesy or too good to be true?
    I think you did a great job last night capturing a realistic portrayal of where their characters would be at this point in their relationship. I loved how you made it very lighthearted and sarcastic (which is so them) as opposed to heavily romantic.

  75. Thanks for a fantastic episode, B.J.!

    Jim has been nicer than usual in season 4 when it comes to pranking his co-workers. Why didn’t he come up with something spectacular to put on that notecard?

  76. Was the end shot at a real cemetery, or was that a park or golf course with head stone props? I’m guessing at least the chairmodel’s head stone
    was a prop.

    I realize this isn’t exactly a writing question, but my fiance loved the red shirt Pam wore in the episode and was dying to know where she got it. Any help would be appreciated.

    Thanks very much!

  77. Sorry, one more question that popped up in the MTT boards…

    Did y’all fake Jenna out with Jim getting down on his knee? Like filming it normally with the script without the knee and then the final take, having John do the knee thing. :) Just wondering…

  78. I’m wondering: What is your favorite line(s) in the episode?

    Mine are: “I am a catch and I won’t be the one who got away”

    and “You can wait until next year’s chair catalog is published”

    Thanks for taking the time to answer.

  79. Who was the actress that played the landlady? Has she done any other “Office” episodes?

  80. I feel really sorry for the woman who played the landlady. Please assure us she was paid well or she got her SAG card or something to make it worth that abuse.

  81. The strike has left me confused about the timeline. Is it still just weeks after The Deposition, or is it April 2008 (five months later)?

  82. How hard is it to keep Michael a ‘lovable loser’ without him becoming this tragic character? It would seem to be a very fine line, where we as the audience want to see him find someone nice to settle down and have his kids with, yet still keep his fumbling for it funny and not depressing.

  83. Who dresses Andy? In particular, who had the brilliant idea of him wearing green socks to match his tie?

  84. One of the best episodes ever, it mad me laugh and cry, a great balance!! What was your thought process in coming up with the storylines??

  85. I enjoyed both plots (the chair model, parking) included in last night’s episode. Before the strike, were these plots going to be included in two separate episodes? Or did you originally conceive this one episode with two story lines?

    Also, were there any deleted scenes that you really would have liked to see in the episode?

  86. BJ the episode was perfect! Everyone did a fantastic job.

    Jenna was the one who picked out the engagement ring from Roy, I believe. Did John or Jenna have an input on the ring Jim showed last night?
    Greg Daniels has mentioned in interviews that because of the shortened season, we shouldn’t expect a huge storyline arc for Jim and Pam. What was your thinking in having a possible engagement now?
    I thought the break-up between Kevin and Stacy was, of course sad (Brian almost had me crying during his last talking head), but in nice contrast to Jim and Pam. Was the timing only a convenience?

  87. Tanster… you’re like… part of The Office TEAM. *bows down to you*

    My question is:

    Who decided that in this particular episode it would be revealed that Jim’s going to propose to Pam?

    Fantastic episode! I was rolling on the floor laughing, and my heart nearly stopped with the Fake Out Proposal!

  88. Hi B.J.,
    Great episode! I have three questions – Was the chair model, in fact, still alive (i.e., was Dwight just getting the runaround from the modelling agency)? Was Creed going to sell the extra chair? Also, why was Michael so mean to the nice landlady?

  89. LOVED the episode! I’m wondering if the graveside “celebration” was as much closure for Dwight as it was for Michael?

  90. Now that you drive a lexus hybrid sedan, do you really think you’re helping the environment? Does driving it make you think you’re better than us? Maybe you should have gotten the whole crew a coffee cart instead of just sponsoring a Pinkberry run for the writers.

    [from tanster: you writer pranksters are driving me crazy!!!]

  91. B-J-B-J! you deserve a chant bc it was a GREAT SHOW LAST NIGHT! you rock.
    you set it up to where even jim halpert himself says his proposal will be awesome when the time comes.
    what was your description of pam’s landlady when you were casting for her?

  92. Wow–What a really great episode all the way around–it gave so many characters a chance to shine! This was just so very well directed too. What was it like working with Jeffrey Blitz? Was the the first time he’s directed an Office episode or have you worked with him previously?

  93. How long does it take to write an episode like that? You are a genius. It was fabulous, especially the Jim/Pam ending. Do you get a woman’s perspective before shooting it..cuz it made me melt….. Any outtakes from that one? Will we see them as extras on DVD? Thank you – thank you… smiles

  94. I have two questions (well three) 1) I noticed that the model in the supply catalogue looked a lot like Pam’s landlady, only younger. Was this on purpose and was she model for the catalogue. 2)Why did Creed want all those chairs?

    Thanks for answering my questions!

  95. Hi B.J.,

    I love the episodes that you write. I especially like how you decide what NOT to write. Like, what’s with Creed and the 3 chairs? But it is funnier NOT to spell it out. And we now know that poor Pam probably got proposed to by Roy and was engaged for so long because he really only wanted her to move in. That piece of information was brilliantly disclosed. Very subtle. You are developing your backstory even after Roy is out of the picture. I’m impressed.

    I’d like to know if any of the dialogue in Chair Model that made it into the episode was improvised and which lines they were.


    Alison in Virginia

  96. When writing this episode, was there fear of jumping the gun? Many blogs have been saying that Jim and Pam’s relationship on the show has felt rushed. What’s your take?

    Also, I’m a bit disappointed that Kevin and Stacey broke up. Was there a parellel on how Kevin and Michael handled being single?

    By the way, amazing perfect episode. Total Season 2 feel, which I’ve missed. I bow down to your awesomeness! Bravo, Novak!

  97. Am I going crazy, or was Kevin (in the beginning of the episode when he was sitting on the couch talking to Michael)using his foot bath he bought himself for Christmas? It looked like his pants were rolled up, and I thought that was hysterical!

  98. Serious question: Was switching the focus back to the office and not other locations based on the fans’ somewhat mixed reaction to the episodes that have taken place elsewhere?
    Not serious question: Do you know what Creed needs three chairs for? I don’t need to know what the reason is… I just want to know if you know what the reason is.

  99. B.J., great episode! Why did Jim have the engagement ring in his pocket? Does he carry that thing around all the time?

  100. Was there anything included in the episode originally that explained why the cameras have been absent since Michael’s dinner party? Is this going to be addressed?

  101. How much time has actually passed between “Dinner Party” and “Chair Model”? Also, it was a great episode and my favorite this season!

  102. Awesome episode B.J!
    Q1: What women were the other people at the office (Creed, Angela, Oscar etc) gonna set Michael up with?
    Q2: I guess chances are slim to none that you’ll answer this, but should we be worried about the look on Pam’s face when Jim says he’s serious about proposing to her? (Who am I kidding, this is prime time tv, of course we should be worried! Crap!)

  103. I have 3 questions! I have so many more, actually, but I’m freezing up at the thought of B.J. actually answering my question. Way to go. Probably ruined my chances. But here we go.

    1) In the deleted scene for the episode, it says Michael has been staying at Dwight’s farm for 6 weeks. Is this the strike time gap, or was that just assumed to be in Dinner Party?

    2) What was Creed’s second chair for? I assumed it was to put his feet on, but does he have ulterior motives for the chair? Like a bed perhaps?

    3) Did you find it tougher to write episodes after the strike, because there was such a long time gap? I personally think this episode was as good as ever, but don’t call that sucking up. :)

  104. Am I going crazy, or is the chair model just Jan (Melora Hardin) in a dark wig? My husband noticed it first, but when I rewound it to take a look, it really does look like her.

    Great episode!

  105. BJ — loved the episode! So, be honest, was that look of hesitation on Pam’s face after she and Jim joked about an engagement because she was suddenly regretting turning Ryan down?

    Seriously though, this and Local Ad have been my favorites this season, great job!

  106. Who submitted the, ‘hot and juicy red-head’ Wendy as a possible date for Michael? Who voiced the Wendy’s employee?

  107. What were John and Jenna’s reactions to this upcoming story-line of Pam and Jim possibly moving in together/maybe getting engaged? Were they onboard with it or did they not like the idea?

  108. How was the atmosphere on the set for this episode being that it was the first full one back in the office involving the entire cast since the strike?

  109. Did you conceive the initial concept of Jim having the ring for Pam, or did all of the writers discuss it? If it was another writer’s idea, how were you given the task to actually pen the episode?

  110. BJ, great episode!!

    Actually most of the questions that I wanted answered have been asked, so I’ll ask one that is probably not going to be answered anyway. :)

    Okay, here is a question that hasn’t been asked, was Michael planning to adopt children? I thought in Dinner Party the possibility of him “having” children has pretty much been taken care of.

  111. I loved this episode, B.J.! I guess I’m just really interested to know how the whole dead chair model thing came about. Did you first think that Michael should fall in love with someone he doesn’t know who turns out to be dead, or was it that Michael should fall in love with an office supply catalog model? I just like hearing how story ideas evolve.

  112. BJ, I loved last night’s episode and especially appreciated that it featured the whole ensemble. How fortunate the Office is, to have every cast member be of such a high caliber! And, to have such brilliant writers!

    My question: What line(s) in the episode got the biggest laughs during the table read? What line was your favourite?

  113. Probably one of my favorite lines was, “Hey Oscar Mayer Weiner lover!”

    Did you come up with that one?

    Also loved Andy’s line about the little people trying to pay their kids’ orphanage bills and trying to figure out how to put oil in their cars and pay the mortgage on their $400 apartments.

    Great episode!

  114. What is the significance (if any) of the Chair Model’s name? Thanks BJ!

  115. Was the actor who played Paul Faust’s resemblance to Matthew Fox intentional? I really thought it was him at first! Excellent episode, by the way. Truly a return to form. :)

  116. Dr. Novak, Why does Creed need 3 chairs? Is he planning on using them as a bed?

  117. 1). How did you guys manage to secure the rights to “American Pie”? How did you come up with the lyrics?
    2). What was the stage direction for Andy when he was moonwalking in the parking lot? (I.e. was it just “Andy dances” and Ed Helms decided to moonwalk? Or did you have moonwalking in mind when you wrote the script?)
    3). What was your favorite scene to write?

    Thanks so much!!

  118. What were Pam’s reactions to Jim saying they could move in together, telling her he was going to propose, and the fake-out – before she knew it was a fake-out? Has this progression been planned for awhile? And a ring after a week!? (Watching it a second time she seems happy, but I wasn’t sure after watching it last night.)

    Also, GREAT writing and the fake-out was so classic! I’ve been feeling that the Jim and Pam story line was a little less Jim-and-Pam-that-made-us-love-them, but those two scenes were just perfect! I just want you all to know that I haven’t been this passionate about a T.V. show since, like, ‘Dawson’s Creek’. Please don’t judge me for that. (The entire show is amazing, not just the Jim and Pam storyline.)

  119. Hey B.J.! I really liked the episode, but I’m afraid that the show keeps feeling less and less like a documentary and more like your typical sitcom (more camera angles, always picture perfect lighting, more gags). Is this intentional, or just happenstance? Thanks

  120. Terrific episode, BJ.

    Question: Is there any significance to the chair model’s last name? In other words, if you re-arrange the letters, does it spell out anything of significance?

  121. Did you start writing this episode before the strike? If so, were there any major changes between then and now?

  122. Are you intentionally limiting Angela-Andy-Dwight storylines because of Angela’s lovely baby bump?

  123. How much time takes place (in the Office world) between The Dinner Party and The Chair Model?

  124. Hey BJ, great episode tonight! Brian did a wonderful job at showing a different side of Kevin. It was very touching. How did this come about? Were you reluctant to show a different side of Kevin?

  125. BJ, What was written down in regards to Jenna’s reaction shot as “Jim” walks away from her at reception after all the talk about proposing? Her look goes from a mix of giddy from joking to “Oh My God, he’s not joking.” in about .0009 seconds. How was she told to respond?

  126. What was with Pam’s expression after Jim told her that a proposal was coming? She looked worried and scared after he walked away, is this hinting at something?

  127. What was the thing on Andy’s desk when he states that he left his cell phone in his car.

  128. BJ —

    Great episode. I really enjoyed the deleted scene that is currently up (Michael checking out of Schrute Farms) but am surprised that it got cut as the cold opening, especially since there is no other direct reference in the episode to the time passage. Who decides which scenes get cut? How much say do the writers have? Any insight as to why that one didn’t make it?

  129. what was the expression after Jim walked away after he told her he was going to propose supposed to mean?

  130. Hi BJ!

    How long had you writers known that Jim bought the ring for Pam a week after they started dating? (Made me squeal from happiness, by the way!)

    (Two Toasters– I thought that guy was Matthew Fox too! Haha!)

  131. was the chair model melora hardin wearing a wig? it looked just like her! plus it would just be funny that he’s infatuated with someone who looks just like jan.

  132. Did I read the tombstone right? I thought it said 1966-2003. Did the modeling agency lie to Dwight just to get rid of him?

  133. B.J., did you base the idea for the blind date type plot from the British version?

    Did anyone else think it was hilarious when Andy and Kevin were coming back to celebrate their victory, and Kevin says we did it, while Andy yells “I did it!”

  134. b.j., great episode. i am so proud to be the owner of a laminated b.j. autographed dollar bill. that has got to be worth at least $1.00 now.
    was there a significance to the people shown during michael’s speech about needing to be set up? creed= old toby = needs to get laid and pam = in love?
    also, that is definitely jan in a wig right? has to be!
    loved the details, stanley’s weak high five to kevin’s fist pound killed me!

  135. Were you behind the change of the episode title from “Parking” to “Chair Model”? If so, why the change?

  136. From what i caught from the deleted scene Michael has been living with Dwight for 6 weeks, wasn’t there a 5 month jump?

    Was Michael trying to find a woman who was like the old Jan?

  137. BJ, I loved the episode… it was brilliant in so many ways!

    My question: Jenna Fischer mentioned that the writers said nothing would be going on with Jim and Pam this season. What brought on this huge change of events?

  138. Is the ring you guys are using the same one as the one pam had on before from roy?

  139. Chair Model was awkward, hilarious and heart warming BJ. Everything I adore about the Office. Thank you. Is there any significance to the chair model’s last name?

  140. How, as a team, do the writers coordinate the larger story arcs, such as Jim/Pam and Michael/Jan, into the individual episodes? The engagement thing can’t be something you do without consulting someone.

    But Jim’s engagement story flowed so nicely into the whole thing about Pam’s landlord might kick her out of the apartment. It seemed natural but made me curious how the whole writing process works with a writer’s individual story vs. the show’s one or two main stories.

  141. Best episode of this season! What was the thought process behind selecting the ring?

  142. Also, what compelled you to write such great material specifically for Kevin in this episode? From “Wendy:’hot, juicy redhead,'” to his TH about losing Stacy, he really shined in “Chair Model.”

  143. This was a jam-packed episode, was there anything that got cut that you wished could have been included?

  144. okay this is what i REALLY want to know:
    during kevin’s talking head he starts to say something about “when…. its just nice to win one” what was he about to say? does it have ANYTHING to do with jim and pam being so happy together? it seems like he was going to reference some other situation that he felt like a loser about in addition to the stacey situation. gambling debt? is there something else there or am i just reading too much into this.

  145. Seeing that Jim wants to set Michael up with Pam’s mom, are Pam’s parents divorced?

  146. Great episode B.J!
    In the end where Michael and Dwight are singing on the Chair Model’s Grave, were the lyrics scripted as he sung them or was Steve improvising?
    -One of the best episodes to date. :)

  147. It was hard for me to tell: What was Pam’s reaction to Jim telling her that he’s going to propose?

  148. BJ, the minute it aired, this episode became an instant Office classic! We’ll be talking about it for years.

    Where do you get your inspiration for the outrageous things Michael and Dwight say?

    Great job with this one!

  149. How much time elapsed between Chair Model and Dinner Party? Did you do any chair or model research for this episode? Do you writers have any say in the chairs you write in?

    Thank you for an amazing episode, and for answering our questions. I really hope “shorn’t” enters the vernacular soon.

  150. At the end when Michael is saying goodbye to his idealized version of Jan, the chair model, and he busts into his rendition of Miss American Pie I thought I was going to die laughing. Did you write his hysterical lyrics, or was that improvised? It was a wonderful closer, especially when he and Dwight were in full on song and dance mode.

  151. BJ,this episode was pitch perfect! Thank you, thank you!

    Was it your idea that Jim bought the ring a week after they started dating? I think it was brilliant.

  152. Which of the deleted scenes do you most wish you could have included in the episode?

    What was the location shoot with Steve and Rainn in the cemetery like?

  153. This goes along with everyone asking about the title change…

    Maybe it’s because I always enjoy when the episode titles have a double meaning but as soon as I heard Michael’s speech about finding the perfect woman in the cemetery I thought the title choice was perfect since the other story lines in the episode (Kevin and Jim & Pam) had to do with the struggle to find the perfect woman/man as well.

    So, my question, was this parallel part of the motivation behind the title change?

  154. Great ep BJ! It was very subtle how it went from dusk to dark at the cemetery as they were singing American Pie. I think only people who know how long that song actually is got the joke. But my question is…

    How much of the song did Rain & Steve actually sing? And it looked improvised, was it?

  155. Last week we heard about some great visual jokes that were in Dinner Party that weren’t really focused on, like all the photos in the condo being of Jan with other men – were there any little background jokes in this episode that we might not have noticed?

    And, the question on everyone’s mind: was Kevin using his footbath when he told Michael that he and Stacey broke up?

  156. Last week the writers mentioned visual jokes that were in the episode’s background, like the plastic sleeves on Jan’s desk chair, the multiple bowflex machines, the absence of Michael in any of the photos – was there any of that type of stuff happening in this ep that we may have missed?

    Also, I’ve noticed that the show is starting to feel more like a typical sitcom (camera angles/lighting/gags, etc). Is this a deliberate style transition?

  157. Debbie Brown getting fired in Product Recall, and now Deborah the Chair Model getting killed in a car accident high on cocaine. As a Debbie myself, I see a pattern here. Do the Office writers have anything against Debbies? And if so, why?

  158. This may be a fairly mundane question, but it’s tickling my curiosity-bone: Why does Creed need/want 3 chairs? Other than just being Creed, I mean.

  159. B.J., great episode, thank-you so much! The episode title changed from “Parking” to “Chair Model”. Did the title change because there was originally more fottage about the parking situation in it, or just because you guys liked “Chair model” better?

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