Justin’s visit to The Office set

Here’s an email I received from Tallyhead Justin this past weekend:

Dear Jennie,

I recently won the Teen Voices auction to visit The Office… and this Monday, I will be visiting the set and meeting the cast and crew, a dream come true for my girlfriend and I. If it wasn’t for your fansite, I would have never known there was an auction to visit The Office. Thank you for everything you do at OfficeTally. Well, time to head to the airport to fly to LA!


(By the way, the latest auction to visit The Office set ends today 1:40 pm EDT!)

Thanks, Justin. Here is Justin’s report from his visit to The Office set!

We arrived at 11 am and met our tour guide Jackie (Randy Cordray’s assistant) in the green room. We watched the monitors of a scene being filmed live. They were shooting Episode 4 the entire week.

During a scene break, Creed walked in and talked to us! They continued filming many takes of the same scene. During another break, we caught a glimpse of Greg Daniels as he walked by. Never saw him the rest of the day though.

They finally had a break where we could go on set while they set up the next scene. We entered into the office set through the door between accounting and Meredith’s desk. It was very disorienting, as I thought we would enter through the main entrance by reception.

Ed Helms came up first because he had set up the auction that I won. Then a lot of other cast members came up and couldn’t have been friendlier. Seriously, EVERYONE was so nice. They made us feel like we were the celebrities. It was quite shocking! They made fun of us for being from the south as we took a group picture!

Soon after that, Jenna came up and took a picture with us. She might have been the most excited person to have us there.

We went back into the green room as they finished up the next scene. We then got to go back on set and watch a rehearsal in the kitchen! Then everyone breaked for lunch. We sat with 2 writers and Zach Woods at lunch. The room was filled with mostly crew, but Leslie and Craig were also there. The cast then had to go do a table read in a trailer.

This was our time to take many pictures on set and get a full tour of the 2 sound stages. We sat in the editing suite with Claire, one of the 2 editors. She showed us the cold opening for the Season 7 premiere! She also showed us clips from episode 4 that was shot earlier in the day and even asked our opinions on which takes to use! She gave us past seasons blooper DVD’s and we went back to the green room.

We watched them film scenes in the break room and kitchen and a talking head. They moved to the parking lot to shoot and during the rehearsal, they brought us out there to watch.

This is where we finally met Steve and Rainn. Both were just as friendly as the rest. Steve actually hung around and we talked about the weather, Dinner for Shmucks, and Despicable Me! We then left the lot as we had been there for six hours!

From what we saw, Season 7 is just comedy, comedy, comedy! We are very excited to see the final product aired and what Season 7 has in store for us fans!


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