Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

Brief Interviews With Hideous MenThis post lists items about John Krasinski’s ‘Brief Interviews With Hideous Men,’ the film adaptation of David Foster Wallace’s book which John wrote the screenplay for, directed, and co-stars in. The film debuted at the Sundance Film Festival in January 2009.

The film also stars Julianne Nicholson, Will Arnett, Bobby Canavale, Dominic Cooper, Max Minghella, and Timothy Hutton. It opened in limited release in September 2009.

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  1. I’m so excited for John and wish him the best of luck this week at Sundance!! I can’t wait to see the movie.

  2. Looks fantastic! I hope this has been entered in East Coast film festivals as well! Anyone know if and/or when festival films are shown on the Sundance channel?

  3. My mom is going to Sundance this year and I’m trying to convince her to see John’s movie. (If she gets in, she better get his autograph!)

  4. finally! I’ve been waiting for this movie for three years now. I can’t wait to see it. I hope he enters into iffboston.

  5. Honestly, I love Jim Halpert as a TO character. But I think I love John Krasinski as an actual real life person even more. The movie looks great, he’s so humble, and everything I’ve seen him do is just… awesome. Life would be so much better if there were more people like him around.

  6. I so want this to be well-received for him. He’s one of the good guys in Hollywood and he deserves it. From all I’ve read, it sounds great. What he took on was no easy feat and I’ll be sending good vibes his way on Monday.

    I hope to someday be able to see his passion project.

  7. John Krasinski AND Josh Charles on the same project? Life doesn’t get better than this. Good luck at Sundance!

  8. anyone at sundance and have extra tickets to this screening (any day)? long shot i know…but i’ve been trying my best! thanks.

  9. Wow…I can’t believe this movie is finally getting screened! I read the book when I heard Krasinski was filming it (3 years ago now!) and I am very interested to see how he has managed to translate DFW’s prose into film. Fingers crossed for everyone involved!

  10. Good luck, John! I hope the film makes to my local theater. I’m so anxious to see just how he made Wallace’s book come alive.

  11. This clip looks great. Love the music.

    Way to go, John! I really hope this can get distributed somehow. I don’t exactly live in a major metropolitan area, so no hope for seeing it in a theater, but maybe a dvd will be available for sale?

  12. Said a little prayer today for you, John! Hope everything goes well at Sundance! Can’t wait to see the movie!

  13. Just saw John at Sundance for a bit. He looked nervous, but excited. I didn’t see the movie, but there was a really big crowd there. Ed Helms was also there, but “dangit” I missed him.

  14. I’ve been reading some reviews on “Brief Interviews”, and am pleased to see that it appears John is getting some very positive buzz. Of course there are comments about him being a first time director making some errors, and that some things might not mesh between stories, but it looks like he’s getting some nice pats on the back.

    Here’s hoping a distributor picks this up so the rest of the world can see it.

  15. Well I don’t know the official numbers or anything, but John’s movie seems to be doing extremely well. I’ve gone to try and see it twice now but all the times were sold out and they only got 10-12 people in from the standby line. Tomorrow is its last showing and I’m going to try again. Wish me luck! Anyway, just wanted to give you a heads-up from someone at the festival. His movie is impossible to get into! At least for a slacker who didn’t get tickets early enough. Way to go, John!!

  16. I love entire posts devoted to John Krasinski. :)

    The EW interview was great, the interviewer sounded a bit like Rashida Jones! The movie sounds great, I hope it does well!

    [from tanster: i thought the EW interview was great, too! thoughtful questions.]

  17. John and Ben Gibbard!!

    How did he get the frontman of Death Cab for Cutie in this? Are they friends?

  18. MedicDroid –

    Yes, Ben and John are pretty close and have been for a couple of years I believe. Exhibit A: (scroll down to see pics of John with the band).

    Although the film didn’t win an award, I think it’s a huge honor to be chosen from the hundreds of other entries. I love the cast photo too! Congrats John!

  19. I so want to see the movie now!
    Will I ever be able to see it here in Quebec? I sure hope so!

  20. Said it before, will say it again. ANY film with Josh Charles, plus the wonderful abilities of our beloved John Kras, will definitely get my butt in the seat. I LOVED the book and can’t wait for the film version, even though I know there will be differences!

    Do we know where/when the limited release locations will be? I’m very rarely one of them, but I could plan a drive if needed, haha!!

    Thanks for posting!

    [from tanster: i would love to know the theater schedule, too. looked over at yahoo movies but didn’t see anything. tallyheads, keep a look out!]

  21. Brief Interviews with Hideous Men is one of my favorite books and I’m so glad that John Krasinski was the one who adapted it…can’t wait to see it!

  22. Do we know if he’ll be at all of the screenings or only certain ones? A few of us are planning on going but want to make sure he’s there. Wow- that sounds a bit more stalkerish now that I’ve typed it out. Anyway, it looks good!

  23. Dude Wow! I am so going to either the 6:25 one or the 8:20 showing. I don’t know which but I am going. I am almost positive if I see him I will freak out and not be able to actually say anything to him. I seriously hope that doesn’t happen!

  24. The website says he’ll be at the 6:25, 8:20 and 10:15pm showings both days. That’s not a lot of time between showings, though, to get people in and out of the theater, so it might be just a little introduction from him and then the movie. Not to burst anyone’s bubble ;) I’m going to try to go – thanks so much for the info!

  25. Saturday night, 6:25. SO THERE.
    And I’m totally going to freak out too, there’s no doubt about it. haha

  26. Finally! An Office event in NYC!

    Can’t wait to see him! Thanks so much for this info, tanster :)

    [from tanster: you’re welcome! :) ]

  27. The IFC films website – – says that the film is in limited release starting Friday, 9/25, but it’s also on IFC On Demand starting today (9/23) through 12/15, if you have that service through your cable company. Can anyone confirm that? I can’t get the link to open for more detailed info on the film, but there’s a big graphic on the homepage of the IFC website.

    My friend and I are going to the late show on Friday night – woo hoo!

  28. To confirm with Comment #41: Yes, it’s $6.99 to watch the movie from the comfort of your living room. It’s titled “Hideous Men”. To find it, select “Movies & Events,” “Same Day in Theaters,” and select either “IFC in Theaters” or “IFC in Theaters HD”.

  29. tanster do you know what his appearance entails?? if it’s just like a little speech or a meet and greet type of thing??

    [from tanster: sorry no, i have no idea.]

  30. I saw him reading at Skylight Books in LA. He was so awesome, he stayed after for photos. He is even hotter in person if that is possible.

  31. hey tanster & tallyheads! i actually just got home, i went to see John at the ifc center in NY. It was amazing…first off, John’s interpretation and directing of the novel into a film was spot on, and there was this great cast who caught every little detail. after the movie was over John came out for a brief q&a and i was one of the few to ask a question!!! it was amazing…my friend actually took a video, it’ll be on facebook…tanster, i’d love to send it to you to post on the website but honestly i don’t know how lol.

  32. Just got back! The movie was great, and my boyfriend and I waited outside afterwards so we got to meet him! He was really nice, and he took a picture with us. Oh, and he thought my shirt was awesome. Here’s a picture (I didn’t know how else to send this to you):


  33. TJ-

    I’m going tonight to the 6:25, were there a lot of people there? Where did you go to wait for him after the showing? Haha I really want to try and meet him outside afterwards too..thanks for any advice.

  34. I got back last night (i went to the 6:25 one). Told him he was adorable (i asked him “why are you so adorable?”) haha.He is so skinny!!! and he had new sneakers haha. Go see this movie it is amazing!!!!!

  35. Christine C-

    There were a lot of people, so you should show up early (and you ought to have tickets by now because it was sold out last night).

    We went to the 8:20, and waited just outside the theater for about 20 minutes. We caught him on his way out, after he went and said hi to the next showing.

  36. just got back from seeing john! it was really awesome but also slightly disappointing. we sat front row for the Q&A so we were really close and we have some great videos and pictures (will send). disappointing part was we waited outside for 2 hours for him to come take pictures and give autographs and after seeing him walk in twice he told us he would come back to do it but he never did :(. he was with his fiancee emily blunt who came in with him and the owner told us they were trying to have dinner. but all in all still really awesome to see him, just as cute in real life!

  37. I’m on my way back home from the last show. The movie was great and his intro was also great. I’m just sorry i couldn’t stay after for the Q &A if there was one since it’s raining and it was getting late.

  38. Christine C –

    I’m home too. It was nice meeting you at the screening and standing outside for 2 hours. It was great and disapointing like you said. The best part was sitting front row and I got to ask a question. The movie was great as well. I’m excited to see the videos you took.

  39. My friend and I also went to the 6.25 show on Saturday. It was a lot of fun, especially since we sat so close to the front. I can’t believe how funny he is, it seems so effortless. But the disappointing part was that we stood outside for two hours with these awesome other girls waiting for his autograph and he said he was going to come back out for us but never did!!! But apparently on Friday he did so at least I know he tries to keep his word. I think I was out there with you Christine C.! hah

  40. haha yea we were the two girls without a marker!!! I still can’t believe he gave autographs on Friday!

  41. Hey Radish Inn

    I stood next to you in the 2 hour autograph waiting line and you told me that you sat behind me near the front row at the 6:25 screening. How awesome we have this little reunion on this post.

  42. Zaida-
    Hey yeah!! haha this is totally awesome. Maybe we will run into each other again the next time we wait two hours for an autograph :)

  43. EmilyKrasinski – I stood right behind you on the line! I was the girl with the two guys. I should have asked you if you go on Officetally! Darn O well the movie was amazing I went to see it again on Saturday but they were sold out. I really wanted to see John Twice! O well at least I saw him =)

  44. Great interview with JKras. Thanks for posting, Tanster. Also thanks for all the Tallyhead info for how to find the movie on OnDemand. I watched it a few weeks ago and loved it. A wonderful, quirkly little movie and John is simply amazing in it. His monologue at the end? Completely and utterly blew me away.

  45. Not sure if this has been mentioned yet, but if you have Comcast On Demand, you can rent the movie for $8.

  46. I’m just so happy for John! Why? Because he gets LOVE that he does. John, if you’re reading this (he’ll never does but a girl can dream), you got to know that I really admire you and I want very badly to be like you, to be someone so full of life and happy in life! Hope that my dreams will come true just like you.

  47. Amazing interview. It is very clear that he loves what he does and it is just as clear that he doesn’t take anything, regarding his career, for granted. There is another clip (twice the length!!) on the Making Of website where he briefly talks about The Office. What a well-spoken, intelligent guy!

  48. What a great interview! And he’s so right: the minute you start thinking too big fer yer britches and lose that sense of, ‘this would be fun,’ everything often does fall apart!

  49. Oh my goodness! That was amazing. I feel like every clip makes me love him more and more!

  50. Just bought a ticket for Nov. 7th! Excited! I missed out on seeing Angela at my Alma mater, URI. Woohoo!

  51. I just got my tickets for Friday at 9!! OMG I am SO excited! I think my husband might be a little jealous of my fan-girl status haha

  52. Me too! We are going to see the 7:00pm show on the 7th! Does anyone know if he speaks before or after the show? And, do ya’ need to purchase any additional tickets to see him speak?

  53. I bought my ticket too! I am SO excited!
    Re #77: I think he’s doing an intro before the movie starts and a q&a when the movie ends. Do you think he’ll have time for pictures/ autographs?

  54. I just called the theater. They said that the intro and Q&A will both be after the show. Does that make sense? Intro AFTER the show? hmmmm…

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    I don’t know if I’ll be able to keep myself from getting all fangirl squee over him. I’ve been wanting to meet him for 5 years. He’s my ultimate celeb crush. This could get embarrassing.

  56. I just got tickets for 7 pm on the 7th!! I’m so excited, these things never happen in Boston! OT meetup maybe?

    Oh my god I might get to meet Kras!

  57. Yes, let’s do an OT meetup! I know I’m getting there early to beat traffic/get parking. How should we plan this? Emails?

  58. OMG, I’m going to be in Boston for my friend’s wedding–I might actually be able to meet John after all these years of fangirling. Friday at 9:45pm, anyone? (It’s at 9:45, right, not 9pm?)

  59. Bought my tickets for the 7:00 show on Saturday, and I live about three blocks from the Booksmith! Hmm…maybe John and I can carpool?

  60. Does anyone know if we need to buy the film postcards beforehand or are they selling them at the bookstore?

  61. I got tickets for Saturday at 9:45 and wondering the same as Tiff do you have to get there at 9 for the intro? Or does it start at 9:45? CAN’T WAIT!!!!

  62. I’m so pumped!!! Got my ticket for Saturday at 7! Everyone should eat at The Friendly Toast beforehand!! I can totally see John eating there it’s so hipster, just like this movie!!!

  63. Christi at 88: Are you in Boston right now? Do you mind calling the theatre and checking the 9pm/9:45pm dilemma? If not, I’ll call tomorrow night when I get in to ask.

    kimba at 81: I suspect someone may have wipe the drool off my face and pick me up off the floor after I faint. This is definitely going to be ugly.

  64. Seems like there is a lot of cast traveling to different places with different projects going around, which is great! I wish I could travel to the Austin showing. My cousin is from there so I am sure she’d be down for me staying. The only thing is me having class on a Friday, and trying to get a flight so it probably wouldn’t work out. Let’s hope for another opportunity in the future!!

    This seems like a great movie, and I hope it plays somewhere close eventually.

  65. Tiff- Sure I can call the theater, I live right near Boston. I have a cold so hopefully when I call they won’t shun me and tell me I can’t come so I won’t give anyone swine flu. Yeah I just want to know how early I should get there so I can get a good seat. As someone else said it could get ugly!

  66. Me again, (probably should have saved this for one post!) I called the theater and they said it was at 9:45 and if you bought tickets online to get there at least a half hour before. I’ll probably get there even before 9 because I’m a dork.

  67. Today is the best day ever. I cannot believe JKras is coming to Austin. I literally screamed when I saw this.

  68. @Christi – Thanks for calling, and letting me know! I tried to call this evening, but for some reason the theatre phone wasn’t working. I’m going to try to get there early, but it’ll be difficult – hope they’ll let me in!

  69. Was anyone in Austin able to get tickets? I was on right at 12 and both shows sold out before I could even get my credit card info in.

  70. John Krasinski sang Happy Birthday to me tonight at the 9:45 Kendall Square screening!!!!!!

    I’m still in shock. This was awesome. Hope everyone else who got to see him loved him as well. I cannot believe how sweet and charming he is in real life. AMAZING.

    [from tanster: oh yay! first report from this weekend’s screenings. so excited for you! :) ]

  71. Tiff, that was so cool! It was definitely great to see him in person, and to see the movie. My friend introduced him before he came out, I am so jealous. haha Hope I get to meet him tomorrow!

  72. Was at the 9:45 screening in Boston, John Krasinski was incredibly funny and genuine as he always is. He definitely started singing “Happy Birthday” to Tiff. He also commented on the camera flashes. It was pretty insane actually.
    I laughed really hard, when he talked about how he was nervous/felt pressure to make the film because he knew people who loved the book even before him: “In High School I was like, ‘David who?’ and everyone was like, ‘Shoot him.’ ” That was hysterical. Anyways, it was amazing seeing him in person, and hopefully I will go see him tomorrow, I know it’s going to be crowded though….

  73. I also forgot to mention how incredible John was in his own film. He had a big monologue at the end, that pretty much solidified the whole film and wrapped it up nicely. I now understand why JK discovered a drive for acting after reading monologues from this book, it is quite incredible. Yay for John, he’s having the time of his life right now, and well deserved.

  74. Heather ~ I was able to get the 9:45/Nov. 14th screening that John Krasinski will intro. Were you at least able to get those tickets?

  75. @Heather:
    I got tickets from Austin, but they’re for the later shows (at 9:45… there was only one left for Saturday so I think we got Friday tickets, but I’m not exactly sure on the date) where he’ll only be introducing with no question and answer session afterwards. Says he’ll still be sitting through the whole screening though :)

    Also saw that the website was bugged and didn’t really make tickets available online at 12 .. My friend checked at 12:30 and said they still weren’t, but we managed to get some around 2:30 after we finished class.

  76. Heather – I was able to get tickets for the 7pm showing on Saturday in Austin. I was hoping to get tickets for Friday, but they were sold out by 12:02! From what it sounds like though, I’m amazed that I was able to get tickets for the Saturday show!

    Kayla – That’s a bummer about the website for you; the tickets basically went on sale right at noon for me, so I didn’t really have an issue with that.

  77. @Tiff- That’s awesome that he sang happy birthday to you!! Wish I was there but I have tickets for tonight so I’m very excited… How did he find out it was your birthday? My birthday is on thanksgiving sooo maybe I could tell a small lie …and maybe he’ll do an encore of his birthday singing..perhaps..

  78. I got to meet John today at the Brookline event. I wasn’t lucky enough to get one of the 200 tickets, but he stayed a little bit late to sign autographs and speak with those of us waiting outside. He was the nicest guy! Well worth the pneumonia that I will no doubt have tomorrow :)

  79. i find it hilarious that the author of the book this movie is based on is named David Wallace

  80. Just saw John Krasinski at the Brookline Smith & Kendall Square today!! He is so down to earth it’s incredible. He even gave my sister & I ( we’re twins) a shout out at the q&a!! He told us that we were adorable because we asked for only one autograph at the Brookline Booksmith to make it easier for him. He ended up giving us two because he told us that sooner or later we’re going to have to separate! (haha)
    This was the best night ever! I can’t believe John Krasinski remembered us!

    [from tanster: that is awesome! thanks for sharing!]

  81. @ shut it. I was there tonight too and it was awesome! He is amazing. I thought the shout out to you and your sister was great! You lucky girls! It was a fun, fun night!

  82. @ Annie: Thanks! I totally agree, it was such a fun night!! I really enjoyed the movie, he did a great job directing it.

  83. He is even cuter in person. I was able to get to Brookline Booksmith and the 7pm showing of the movie. It was adorable how he kept talking about how nervous he was.

    Seeing the movie and hearing him answer questions about it has definitely made me interested in reading the book and checking out some of Wallace’s other works.

  84. 108 @WiseWithWorms: I don’t think it’s a coincidence. I could be wrong, but I think the character of the DM CFO is a nod to David Foster Wallace.

  85. Saw John last night as well! Wow, I was so excited for the twins! My husband and I were sitting right behind you!

  86. @ quackle: Thanks! We were excited too! I am so glad we caught the whole thing on camera! John Krasinski has to be one of the most genuine/humble celebrities out there.

  87. I was at the Friday 9:45 showing! Omg, he is just perfect in person. I was sitting directly in front of him, first row (I’m a huge loser haha) and he kept looking right at me. I was grabbing my husband’s leg (very Toby-esque) in sheer joy haha… He’s hilarious, charismatic, so humble, and very sweet. Husband even admitted afterwards that JKras is probably one of the coolest celebs he’s ever encountered :) I really hope he comes back soon, since the only thing that could make Boston better is him being here haha

  88. How neat to read all the posts from folks at the movie as well!
    I was at one of the 7 PM showings with an intro and Q&A. I liked the movie more than I thought I would – it was actually quite funny although very dark. To paraphrase JK from his audition for TO, there were a lot of ways to screw that up, and even though I have not read the book, I was impressed with how well it was done. I was also impressed by JK: genuine, honest, personable, nervous, charismatic, energetic. I got the impression he would be fun to hang out with and could see why he could convince so many people to make the movie although he was pretty much an unknown at the time. Great crowd at the show as well.

  89. Does anyone know if John will be in the New Jersey or NYC area anytime soon? I would love to see a Q and A of the movie, I already saw it and thought it was amazing. Any help would be appreciated!

  90. I had the greatest John Krasinski encounter ever! I went to the 7 pm screening on Saturday & he was wonderful & funny & the movie was amazing as expected…after the Q&A, he left immediately & I really wanted to see if he’d sign my season 2 DVD (the best one), so I asked the movie theater employee standing by the door John exited if he was able to give it to him to sign & he (stealthily) told me my best bet was to wait outside in the theater parking garage after he does the 9:45 intro. I did & my nerdy super fanatic self asked him if he’d sign my DVD & I kept saying sorry for being so dorky about it but I’ve been a fan since the pilot & I have an unhealthy obsession with The Office & he was like no not at all no problem that’s awesome…he was so down to earth & sweet & he took a pic w/ me & my friend & it pretty much made my LIFE! Thanks Office Tally for letting us know that he was in Boston this weekend! It was the best news to find out ever!

    [from tanster: yay! that is awesome. i love hearing all these stories. :) ]

  91. Oh & I forgot to mention – I just expected him to sign the outside cover of the DVD (which has much wear-and-tear due to excessive watching), but he opened it up to take out the disc w/ the picture of himself on it & signed that one! Sooo sweet!

  92. I went to the 9:45 showing and …. swoon. Just perfect. I was planning on my seating and I sat a few rows up because I knew I would pass out in pure joy so safety precaution. It was so incredible, all the next day I was smiling to myself at work. I waited after the movie to see if he would come out afterwards, dork strikes again. Guess I now know from Meghans awesome encounter that he left!

    Thanks Tanster! I would have probably found out about it when it was too late and sold out so you’re awesome!

  93. tanster: my mom and i are in the picture! we are towards the back, with really blonde hair (both of us) and there is a woman in a red shirt standing between us!

    [from tanster: yes, i see you! awesome. :) ]

  94. Quick question, not sure if anyone can answer it, but does anyone know if you didn’t get a Q&A session but rather one that John Krasinski is introducing if he stays through the whole thing? I read somewhere that he did but I’m not entirely sure as it seems like it would be pretty boring to sit through your movie twice ;)

    Anyways, I hope he sits through it :( it’s the last scheduled session he has scheduled (9:45 PM Saturday Night in Austin). But just curious as to whether or not he stays :)

  95. I am so excited for everyone who got to meet John, and so jealous of the girl who managed to get a picture with him at one of the movie screenings.

    I was wondering if anyone has video of the 9:45pm Friday screening – it was really dark in the theatre, so I only managed to get audio of John. If you do, could you let me know?

    I’m going to post the audio of John’s “Happy Birthday” to me on YouTube or Facebook. I also asked him to say congratulations to my friends who got married this weekend–the bride was so excited by this, I showed her right after the ceremony! =)

  96. @Kayla (125): We went to the 9:45, and he did a quick Q&A before the movie. I don’t think he stays for the whole thing.

  97. I’m going to the Austin screening tomorrow tonight and I think I’m more nervous than excited lol :)

  98. I had the absolute pleasure of meeting and actually talking to John Krasinski in Austin on Saturday at BookPeople Bookstore for his reading/Q&A/signing. He is so unbelievably nice, humble and such a great actor. He signed my copy of the book and a postcard for me and even shook my hand. I was so very nervous that I completely forgot what I had planned to say to him. Even though I know that he probably told everyone “thank you so much for coming out” ~ when he said it to me he made me believe it and made it seem like it was such a generic statement. I also got to go to the 9:45 screening of his movie with the intro given by him and loved every minute of it. This has been the best day and I’ll never forget it.

  99. Thank you, everyone who posted an account. For those of us who aren’t able to be at any of these events, it means a lot to read about them and see those glimpses.

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