My phone call with Jenna Fischer — exclusive!

When I got home today after work (yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but I do have a full-time job outside of OfficeTally), I had a lovely surprise waiting for me in my inbox — an email from the newly Emmy-nominated Jenna Fischer, asking if I would like to chat briefly with her this evening.

Um, yes please.

She had decided not to do any formal interviews today, preferring to give an exclusive to OfficeTally to thank the fans! How great is that?

How her morning went: She woke up bright and early, turned on E!, and watched the announcements with her husband, James. She was disconcerted when she realized that only the outstanding show and lead actor/actress categories were read live, but luckily received a call from her publicist immediately after the show, with news of her own nomination! WOO HOO!

She then got on her computer to get on the Emmy site to see if there were other nominations for The Office, but the site was jammed and she couldn’t get in. That’s when she headed over to OfficeTally to see the complete list. (I had the same trouble as Jenna getting onto the Emmy site, but did finally manage to snag the list.)

James, who was not feeling very well, still managed to surprise Jenna with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that Jenna says was “as big as a coffee table.”

Who she’s talked to from the show: She hasn’t talked to Steve Carell yet, but she did receive congratulations from pretty much everybody else, including Angela, B.J., David, Kate, Brian, the writers, and the editors, Dave and Dean. “It’s a great group of folks.”

Phyllis was the first cast member to email her, which was “especially cool considering she was one of the people responsible for casting me on the show!”

Jenna text messaged Rainn the minute his name was announced this morning, but for some reason, he didn’t receive it. I asked if she read Rainn’s disparaging remarks about her in the People article, and she laughed and said yes.

Jenna was very disappointed that John Krasinski did not receive a nomination. She received a wonderful congratulatory email from him “that would make you cry — John is an amazing guy.” There is no denying that John and Jenna have unstoppable chemistry and deep affection for one another.

Jenna gave kudos to Executive Producer Greg Daniels for his genius in assembling the cast and staff for the show; I called it kind of “magical,” and she agreed.

Jenna’s performance this past season: The most emotional part of the phone call, at least for me, was when Jenna talked, with great affection, about her character, Pam. And how this Emmy nomination was really Pam’s nomination. When Jim left for Stamford, Jenna was concerned that Pam’s character would be left by the wayside.

It was really important to her that Pam was allowed to develop as a full and complete character on her own. That certainly happened in Season 3.

Jenna spoke of how important it was for her to “honor” the character of Pam in her performance. If this nomination doesn’t validate Jenna’s commitment to Pam, I don’t know what would!

Jenna seems to be a little in awe of the fact that a character like Pam, who she says isn’t a “laugh-out-loud, larger-than-life comedic character,” would garner an Emmy nomination. (But, of course, that is precisely why she did receive a nomination.)

Shout-out to the writers: Jenna visited The Office writing staff earlier this week. I asked her what the mood was in the writers’ room: stressed and panicked? Frantic to get scripts finished? She said no, they’re not stressed, they’re actually pretty relaxed and pumped up. “Like the first day of school,” she said. She calls herself a “writer’s groupie” — if you can’t find her on set, chances are she’s either hanging out with the writers or in the editors’ room. The writers did reveal a few tidbits to her about Season 4!

When the writers were planning Season 3, their roadmap for Pam covered every bump in the road, including Pam breaking down crying and Dwight comforting her, and her moment of weakness in her brief reunion with Roy. I’ll say it again: the writers are extraordinary.

Preparing for the big day: Jenna’s mentioned before how she’s not big into dressing up. Now that she’s an official Emmy nominee, I asked, doesn’t she need to step up the stylin’ this year? She joked, “why can’t we just go to the Emmys in jeans and t-shirts?” (I’m with her.) Of course, Jenna mentions she wouldn’t mind borrowing that gorgeous $900,000 pink diamond ring she wore to last year’s Emmy evening …

Recovering from injury: I asked Jenna how she was doing physically — she says she’s doing really well. Resting by the pool, enjoying her two months off, reading a lot. And catching up on Big Brother. (Do NOT post Big Brother spoilers when you comment on her MySpace blog!)

What the fans mean to her: Jenna had to mention again how floored she was by the outpouring of support and well wishes that greeted her when she went to her MySpace page today. She wants to thank all The Office fans, here and at MySpace, and sites like OfficeTally, Northern Attack, and Give Me My Remote, “who have supported us from the beginning. I feel like we’ve taken this journey together.”

Signing off: Our short phone call ended when the CPK delivery guy arrived at her door with dinner. Much too soon. Thanks Jenna. And CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! Your fans love you to pieces and are so excited for your nomination.

P.S. Don’t forget that Jenna has a special MySpace blog coming up later this week. You don’t want to miss it! Her MySpace page is at


  1. The thing I love about Jenna the most (and I will also echo the very same sentiment about Angela)…is that she is such a normal, cool, sweet person who just happened to become famous. And lucky for all Office fans she is amazingly unfamous in her generosity and spirit.


    And Tanster/Jennie if this all isn’t a validation to your tireless work, I don’t know what is.

  2. Congrats to Jenna on her nomination and to Officetally for the exclusive-both very well earned.

  3. Wow! I am so excited for her!! Tanster, I know you put in an inhuman amount of hours into this site, but I hope it feels worth it after you get an exclusive interview with someone as cool as Jenna Fischer. I’m very jealous. Thanks for putting this up!

  4. I’m so happy for her and everyone who got nominated! Her performance this season was phenominal. And I agree that she’s so amazing in how much of a nice, sweet person she is.

  5. Yea! Thanks for sharing your phone convo. I would’ve been nervous just to talk to her, but you two are practically like old college pals or something by now. Awesome.

  6. Jennie, you put together a fantastic site. I’m not at all surprised Jenna contacted you personally. I’m thrilled you got to have a great conversation with her and thankful that you shared it with everyone. Keep up that awesome work!

  7. So happy for her. Thank you for linking to the Rainn Wilson piece. I laughed out loud when he referred to her that way. I’m happy to hear she’s doing better. Can’t wait until the Season 3 DVD set comes out. I hope there are exclusive versions like there were last year at Target and Best Buy.

    Thank you for sharing this with us :)

  8. So, um… I guess that means you have Jenna’s number? You wouldn’t mind emailing to me, would you? :-P

  9. Hi, first of all congratulations on your awesome webpage.
    But I am bursting since long to say something: I absolutely admire and appreciate the relationship you have with the office staff and espacially Jenna. This is the way it should work, we fans do not need those paparazzi, letting us know every private detail about sone actors lifes, we were waiting for something like this, a healthy relationship with those who we admire for their work!
    Thanks again Jenna and the rest of the office and thanks Tanster.

  10. Awesome job, Tanster! Not that we are surprised or anything ;) Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us! See, Jenna loves you as much as we do :D

  11. I think she’s just the best. I love how she gives so much credit to Pam instead of herself. I dunno how much of Jenna is in Pam, but I just adore both of them. I’m glad that the Emmy voters finally recognize that too.

  12. Jenna never ceases to amaze me! Incredible actress, incredible person.

    (For the record, you never cease to amaze me either, Tanster. Once again, thank you!)

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