My phone call with Jenna Fischer — exclusive!

When I got home today after work (yes, I know it’s hard to believe, but I do have a full-time job outside of OfficeTally), I had a lovely surprise waiting for me in my inbox — an email from the newly Emmy-nominated Jenna Fischer, asking if I would like to chat briefly with her this evening.

Um, yes please.

She had decided not to do any formal interviews today, preferring to give an exclusive to OfficeTally to thank the fans! How great is that?

How her morning went: She woke up bright and early, turned on E!, and watched the announcements with her husband, James. She was disconcerted when she realized that only the outstanding show and lead actor/actress categories were read live, but luckily received a call from her publicist immediately after the show, with news of her own nomination! WOO HOO!

She then got on her computer to get on the Emmy site to see if there were other nominations for The Office, but the site was jammed and she couldn’t get in. That’s when she headed over to OfficeTally to see the complete list. (I had the same trouble as Jenna getting onto the Emmy site, but did finally manage to snag the list.)

James, who was not feeling very well, still managed to surprise Jenna with a gorgeous bouquet of flowers that Jenna says was “as big as a coffee table.”

Who she’s talked to from the show: She hasn’t talked to Steve Carell yet, but she did receive congratulations from pretty much everybody else, including Angela, B.J., David, Kate, Brian, the writers, and the editors, Dave and Dean. “It’s a great group of folks.”

Phyllis was the first cast member to email her, which was “especially cool considering she was one of the people responsible for casting me on the show!”

Jenna text messaged Rainn the minute his name was announced this morning, but for some reason, he didn’t receive it. I asked if she read Rainn’s disparaging remarks about her in the People article, and she laughed and said yes.

Jenna was very disappointed that John Krasinski did not receive a nomination. She received a wonderful congratulatory email from him “that would make you cry — John is an amazing guy.” There is no denying that John and Jenna have unstoppable chemistry and deep affection for one another.

Jenna gave kudos to Executive Producer Greg Daniels for his genius in assembling the cast and staff for the show; I called it kind of “magical,” and she agreed.

Jenna’s performance this past season: The most emotional part of the phone call, at least for me, was when Jenna talked, with great affection, about her character, Pam. And how this Emmy nomination was really Pam’s nomination. When Jim left for Stamford, Jenna was concerned that Pam’s character would be left by the wayside.

It was really important to her that Pam was allowed to develop as a full and complete character on her own. That certainly happened in Season 3.

Jenna spoke of how important it was for her to “honor” the character of Pam in her performance. If this nomination doesn’t validate Jenna’s commitment to Pam, I don’t know what would!

Jenna seems to be a little in awe of the fact that a character like Pam, who she says isn’t a “laugh-out-loud, larger-than-life comedic character,” would garner an Emmy nomination. (But, of course, that is precisely why she did receive a nomination.)

Shout-out to the writers: Jenna visited The Office writing staff earlier this week. I asked her what the mood was in the writers’ room: stressed and panicked? Frantic to get scripts finished? She said no, they’re not stressed, they’re actually pretty relaxed and pumped up. “Like the first day of school,” she said. She calls herself a “writer’s groupie” — if you can’t find her on set, chances are she’s either hanging out with the writers or in the editors’ room. The writers did reveal a few tidbits to her about Season 4!

When the writers were planning Season 3, their roadmap for Pam covered every bump in the road, including Pam breaking down crying and Dwight comforting her, and her moment of weakness in her brief reunion with Roy. I’ll say it again: the writers are extraordinary.

Preparing for the big day: Jenna’s mentioned before how she’s not big into dressing up. Now that she’s an official Emmy nominee, I asked, doesn’t she need to step up the stylin’ this year? She joked, “why can’t we just go to the Emmys in jeans and t-shirts?” (I’m with her.) Of course, Jenna mentions she wouldn’t mind borrowing that gorgeous $900,000 pink diamond ring she wore to last year’s Emmy evening …

Recovering from injury: I asked Jenna how she was doing physically — she says she’s doing really well. Resting by the pool, enjoying her two months off, reading a lot. And catching up on Big Brother. (Do NOT post Big Brother spoilers when you comment on her MySpace blog!)

What the fans mean to her: Jenna had to mention again how floored she was by the outpouring of support and well wishes that greeted her when she went to her MySpace page today. She wants to thank all The Office fans, here and at MySpace, and sites like OfficeTally, Northern Attack, and Give Me My Remote, “who have supported us from the beginning. I feel like we’ve taken this journey together.”

Signing off: Our short phone call ended when the CPK delivery guy arrived at her door with dinner. Much too soon. Thanks Jenna. And CONGRATULATIONS AGAIN! Your fans love you to pieces and are so excited for your nomination.

P.S. Don’t forget that Jenna has a special MySpace blog coming up later this week. You don’t want to miss it! Her MySpace page is at


  1. I second that, Kasia!

    You are so lucky, Tanster. So, so lucky!


  2. The thing I love about Jenna the most (and I will also echo the very same sentiment about Angela)…is that she is such a normal, cool, sweet person who just happened to become famous. And lucky for all Office fans she is amazingly unfamous in her generosity and spirit.


    And Tanster/Jennie if this all isn’t a validation to your tireless work, I don’t know what is.

  3. Congrats to Jenna on her nomination and to Officetally for the exclusive-both very well earned.

  4. Wow! I am so excited for her!! Tanster, I know you put in an inhuman amount of hours into this site, but I hope it feels worth it after you get an exclusive interview with someone as cool as Jenna Fischer. I’m very jealous. Thanks for putting this up!

  5. I’m so happy for her and everyone who got nominated! Her performance this season was phenominal. And I agree that she’s so amazing in how much of a nice, sweet person she is.

  6. Yea! Thanks for sharing your phone convo. I would’ve been nervous just to talk to her, but you two are practically like old college pals or something by now. Awesome.

  7. Jennie, you put together a fantastic site. I’m not at all surprised Jenna contacted you personally. I’m thrilled you got to have a great conversation with her and thankful that you shared it with everyone. Keep up that awesome work!

  8. So happy for her. Thank you for linking to the Rainn Wilson piece. I laughed out loud when he referred to her that way. I’m happy to hear she’s doing better. Can’t wait until the Season 3 DVD set comes out. I hope there are exclusive versions like there were last year at Target and Best Buy.

    Thank you for sharing this with us :)

  9. So, um… I guess that means you have Jenna’s number? You wouldn’t mind emailing to me, would you? :-P

  10. Hi, first of all congratulations on your awesome webpage.
    But I am bursting since long to say something: I absolutely admire and appreciate the relationship you have with the office staff and espacially Jenna. This is the way it should work, we fans do not need those paparazzi, letting us know every private detail about sone actors lifes, we were waiting for something like this, a healthy relationship with those who we admire for their work!
    Thanks again Jenna and the rest of the office and thanks Tanster.

  11. Awesome job, Tanster! Not that we are surprised or anything ;) Thank you so much for sharing this with all of us! See, Jenna loves you as much as we do :D

  12. I think she’s just the best. I love how she gives so much credit to Pam instead of herself. I dunno how much of Jenna is in Pam, but I just adore both of them. I’m glad that the Emmy voters finally recognize that too.

  13. Jenna never ceases to amaze me! Incredible actress, incredible person.

    (For the record, you never cease to amaze me either, Tanster. Once again, thank you!)

  14. Tanster you gotta be loving life right now (I know I would be) an interview with Michael Schur then a phone conversation with Jenna! This is by far the best office fansite out there. keep up the good work.

  15. That’s so cool. And how nice of David Denman to contact her when he’s not even on the show anymore.

  16. What an amazing woman! I love how she wanted to give OT the first interview!

  17. I want to cry–You and Jenna are just so warm and personable. It’s really hard to fake that! The whole thing is just so sweet because one of the things I appreciate about The Office is the way it cleverly comments on current trends (the references to amazon, ringtones, Netflix, etc.). So Jenna calling the webmistress of a brilliant fan site as one of her first interviews after an Emmy nomination . . . it’s plain, well, genius (AGAIN!!). Too bad that can’t be bottled and popped into the show (or can it?).

    Jennie, thanks for being the voice of the fans. You represent so kindly.

  18. Thanks so much for sharing Tanster. JMB couldn’t have said it better…I second that!

    Just think, maybe she’ll mention OT in her acceptance speech…I’m thinking positive, she just has to win that Emmy!!!

  19. There is just no one sweeter than Jenna Fischer. I am so, so glad that she is getting this recognition, and that a character as real as Pam is getting this recognition. Thank you, Jenna!

  20. Sweet! Jenna loves Office Tally like we all do! Goes to show what AWESOME work you do Tanster!!!

  21. Jenna is such a sweet heart! How rare is it to have an actress seem like a real person and not some stuck up better than you personality. I hope she wins because she deserves it!

  22. Tanster! That was awesome!! Thanks so much for sharing this with us. I am so thrilled for Jenna.

  23. Wow, that is really cool. I think I was most excited for Jenna’s nomination out of all of them.

  24. Thanks so much for posting and sharing her words and your experience. Nobody deserves the personal connection with the folks on the show more than you! Just wonderful :)

  25. wow, that is SO cool! thanks for sharing! it is unbelievable what a great fansite this is. you really dont have to go anywhere else to get anything office related…its all linked to from here. its wonderful!

  26. I could draft up a lengthy lil tome on the virtues of Jenna and the OT, and how fitting it was that Jennie got the interview and blah blah blah…

    Instead, I’ll just say this: Cool. ;)

  27. It’s nice to have reading like this to fill the void between now and nearly-October.

  28. That’s awesome, you get an e-mail from her asking to chat on the phone, and then you have an all-out AMAZING conversation!

    I am still so happy for her and everyone else, and I agree that John should have gotten in there. :(

    She’s so cute, love her!

    Can’t wait for Emmy night!!!

  29. Awww….Jenna is too awesome for words! Thank you so much for sharing this interview with us, tanster! All the best to Jenna for the upcoming Emmys!

  30. How NICE is she?!?! I must say Jenna seems really great – she shows that she actually thinks about her fans. I’m impressed, and I hope she never changes. :)

  31. That’s incredible, Tanster! What an incredibly classy lady Jenna is! She deserves all that’s sweet and good in life.


  32. I was thinking that if I landed an interview with Jenna Fischer, very few people I know would be impressed, even though it would be one of the coolest things I’d ever have to brag about. So I’m duly in awe of you, tanster, getting this opportunity to chat with such an amazing actress and truly nice person. You can’t help but read that and just wish her well professionally, personally and physically (her poor back!).

    Thank you for sharing with us.

  33. Thank you so much to Jennie and Jenna for sharing this with all of us! I loved Jenna so much before and even more now! I’m so happy for her and the show – I really am pulling for her to win most of all. Congratualations to Jenna!

  34. Jenna`s amazing, I just love her!! Congrats Jenna ! And tanster, i hate you for getting to talk to her. BOOO . LOL . Just messing.

  35. While listening to the Fresh Air interview (on NPR) in which Terri interviews John Waters, he mentions that over-the-top people, “people that are freaky in real life” don’t necessarily make good actors. I think he used the words “real wrong!” He noticed that they can seem “stilted” on camera. Instead, he recognizes that “good actors in real life are shy and very quiet people” . . . “they come alive with the camera.”

    Who does this remind you of? A certain Emmy nominated (soon to be Emmy winner!) actor named Jenna Fischer, perhaps?

  36. Wow, how thoughtful is she. I’m so impressed that she reached out to you (and by extension us fans) for an exclusive interview.

    I have to agree with her. This emmy nomination is very much about Pam. I’ve said it a million times before, but I’ll say it again. What an extremely wonderful character. Watching her grow this season was gut wrenching and wonderful at the same time. Much like what it would be like in real life if you were watching your daughter, sister or best friend go through the sames things that Pam did. This season was truly an inspiration for me (and others I’m sure) and a reminder that its never too late to grow and change and mature. I found strength in watching Pam find hers.

    But none of this would have ever translated if it weren’t for Jenna’s performances. And after this interview I see why. Clearly, this isn’t just another character to her. Clearly she sees what we see. I have a hard time beleiving that anyone deserves that emmy more for that reason alone.

  37. A-MAH-ZING!!! I can’t believe you come home and, oh, there’s an email from Jenna Fischer…and I’m going to talk to her tonight on the phone. What?! Beyond fantastic!!

  38. Congrats and good luck Jenna!
    As Jenna mentioned, I am really glad that a character like Pam was nominated. It shows that a nice, shy person, or just someone different, can also be successful.

  39. Tanster, I was rudely awakened at 4:42 this morning by an earthquake that rocked my house. I groggily decided to go online to check the severity of it and as soon as I opened my browser the first headline that caught my eye was “My phone call with Jenna”. My pulse quickened even more as I clicked over and read this article. After a few minutes of reflecting on the awesomeness that is Jenna I remembered, “Oh yeah, the earthquake.” So what I’m trying to say is, Jenna (and OfficeTally) has the power to distract from certain death and destruction! Okay that’s a bit of an exaggeration but you know what I mean. Great job!

  40. OMG tanster, that is so amazing! I didn’t think I could love Jenna more, but I do!

  41. Once again, Jenna Fischer proves to be one of the coolest people around, not just in Hollywood. Class act. Deserves all the kudos she gets and more!

  42. Wow, how cool is that? Thanks so much for sharing all the details with us, Tanster….and to Jenna for thinking to call and give them to you. She is absolutely the greatest, and I’m SO proud of her!

  43. I remember Jenna saying once that she would love to just play an enduring character that everyone could relate to and adore and would always remember. (Or words to that effect.)

    I think it’s safe to say that Pam Beesly is just such a character.

    Congrats, Jenna!

  44. Everyone has already said everything I want to say, and, yet, I still feel compelled by Jenna’s unending appreciation of the fans to thank her in return for not forgetting us now that her star is really rising. It is so rare to find someone so genuine in an industry like this, and even more rare for that quality to be recognized and rewarded.

  45. Tanster, it must feel great to know that all of your hard work on this site is not only recognized, but greatly appreciated by the cast and the crew of the show! Congrats! I’m so happy for you!

  46. And my love for Jenna continues to grow… What a class act and an amazing talent. I’m so happy for you, Jenna!

    Thanks, Tanster, for sharing the interview.

  47. Jenna is awesome! I really hope she wins! Thank you for sharing this Tanster, and thank you so much for this site :)

  48. WOW, great job Tanster! You both certainly have built strong rapport.

    Congrats, Jenna! You’re an incredible actress.

  49. Just when I didn’t think it was possible to adore Jenna more. She is the BEST. I’m most excited about her nomination this year–Pam was the best character out of all the television I watched this past season. Her entire storyline and the her slow progress…absolutely beautiful. Gosh, this show…kills me.

  50. Wow, talk about someone who “get’s it”. Jenna has got to be one of those huge-brained people walking around among us. She is just so smart and classy… and it makes me happy when such recognition comes to those that work so hard and are so dedicated. We like you…. we reeeeeeealy like you!

  51. I just continue to be blown away by Jenna’s generosity and love of Pam, the show, and her fans. She truly is a class act. Thanks for doing this for us, Tanster. :)

  52. Don’t you just wish you could be BFFs with Jenna and Angela – I would love to spend a day with those two!

  53. I think Jenna’s best work was the Dwight scene in “Back from Vacation”, though her work in Beach Games, Grief Counseling and The Job was top notch as well.

    Pam is one of the least funny characters on the show. She is basically the “straight man” to the zaniness around her (Dwight, Michael, Creed, Angela, Kelli). Which makes the times when she does enter into the zany world just *that* much funnier (drunk Pam at the Dundies, at the grocery store with Jim on Michael’s birthday, teaming with Karen with the other Christmas party with more brightly colored paper, etc…).

    Great work and well deserved nomination.

  54. Jennie and Jenna:

    The two hardest working ladies in show business!

    Thanks so much for everything you do for us.

  55. Jenna is such a wonderful person and I am so glad I was able to find this show and be a fan of all of these great people. Tanster, you are a cool cool girl and kudos on the interview!

  56. That is too cool! I want a phone call from Jenna!

    She totally deserves an Emy. Jenna is such a sweetheart and her performance this past season was truly inspirational. Great Job Jenna!

  57. i’m actually not kidding when i say that i got tears in my eyes reading this part:

    “Jenna was very disappointed that John Krasinski did not receive a nomination. She received a wonderful congratulatory email from him “that would make you cry — John is an amazing guy.” There is no denying that John and Jenna have unstoppable chemistry and deep affection for one another.”

    thanks so much to jenna –who proves that you can be genuine, have all your priorities straight, and make it in hollywood…and of course to tanster –who also proves that you can do it all! :)

  58. Awesome Tanster!

    I’m very happy that she mentioned JKras and being disappointed over him not being nominated. And it’s nice to see how supportive they all are of each other.

  59. She just gets more awesome, doesn’t she?

    I totally teared up at the part where she talked about John’s email and again when you mentioned how she wanted this nomination for Pam. I think everyone recognizes a little bit of Pam in themselves–a moment when you haven’t said or done something that you think you should have–and she’s just such a beautifully and heartbreakingly constructed character. Kudos to the writers and Jenna for creating a character so complex and sympathetic.

  60. tanster thank you SO MUCH for being that thread connecting the fans to the stars. another touching, illuminating interview

  61. She truly is a sweetheart! She’s an all around great person who deserves an Emmy for her dedication to her character. Tanster, I’m very happy she decided to chat with you, you deserve it for all the hard work you put into OT! Thanks for sharing this with all of us!!!

  62. Great interview once again, Tanster (I’m just so glad you get these wonderful opportunities – you really deserve them for all of your hard work!) I, too, was happily surprised that voters appreciated a character who is about more than just laughs and an actress who can combine comedy with more human elements so beautifully.

  63. I love being a fan of The Office. The cast and crew have actually built a relationship with us through the internet and it’s such a rare and wonderful thing to experience.

    Jenna’s especially wonderful to us.

  64. You think you’re so cool just because you get to talk to Jenna Fishcer on the phone. She only did that because you have a second full-time job running the best Office fan site on the net. Big whoop.
    Totally kidding. You deserve it like Jenna deserves an Emmy. Good luck to all the Emmy-nominated Office cast,writing, and crew members!

  65. Great interview Tanster. See, I told you you’d do great.

    I’ve been waiting all day to read this interview. And it didn’t disappoint.

    I appreciate what someone posted below; how that we don’t need the entertainment media to get our fix of Office news when we are fortunate enough to have this website where we can get real, deep, and thorough interviews from a person that really truly cares about the actors and the show itself.

    Your hard work and dedication is much appreciated Tanster. Keep up the good work.

  66. Thanks, Tanster!! :) If she does this for you, I’m REALLY curious about what her blog is going to be about. She’s one of the greatest actresses out there because she’s not full of herself like most of them are, and she’s a real, down-to-earth person w/ a great character. Maybe cuz she’s from St. Louis! lol :) Anyway, it was a great interview! I’d be squeeing if I had a msg from Jenna on my answering machine. :)

  67. Jenna is so awesome and real — kudos to her and congrats
    now if she would only tell us what the writers told her about season 4…

  68. Jenna, we absolutely love you!

    Tanster, we love you for spending all your free time outside of work giving us our fix!

  69. I want to give a big shout-out to the peeps in the OTCR — that is the first place I headed after I read Jenna’s email.

    The OTCR peeps made me laugh and calmed my nerves! Thank goodness for you.

    (Sorry I didn’t get to your questions — it was a short call)

  70. A little behind-the-scenes tidbit about the interview —

    It was a short conversation, it went by really fast, and I didn’t take any notes during the call, so I had to write up the entire interview from memory afterwards.

    Two hours later, around 11pm, I was tired and a little unsure of whether I remembered everything correctly. So on a whim, I emailed Jenna: “Are you still up? Can you fact-check my interview?”

    Yeah, I’m a dork.

    Luckily, she was still up, and we emailed back and forth for a bit. I made a few tweaks, and posted the final version of the interview around 1am.

  71. Yikes, tanster…1 am! Talk about dedication. And it’s such a tedious process to have to accurately transcribe an interview, especially one from memory (double yikes!). Thank you so much for all your effort in getting this interview out to us so quickly. It’s a labor of love being the webmaster of OfficeTally, and we appreciate all your hard work. You rock!

    And Jenna is such a sweetheart to help you with the trancribing process!

  72. Oooh, thanks for the little behind-the-scenes info! Also, I think Tanster is a webmistress. :)

  73. Tori, OT’s resident episode reviewer, IMed me with what James (Jenna’s husband) posted in the JGAS forum last night:

    “BTW, Jenna didn’t do any interviews after her Emmy nod, because she just wanted to enjoy it herself. But she was very touched by all the nice messages from the MySpace folks, so she’s doing only one interview — with Office Tally. She’s on the phone with them right now downstairs. I think it’s pretty cool that she turned down national radio, TV, and press, and just does the Office fan site.”

    Thanks, Tori! (And man. I’m flabbergasted.)

  74. That is just sweet was that of jenna!!.. it was a great interview tanster! ahh i love the office, they are sooooo good to their fans :D

  75. Wow, my love for Jenna and all things Office (including this site) never ceases to grow.

  76. I’m not the same Amy that posted earlier, don’t usually post here but I read every day at work and love OT. Wow, just, wow. I echo every kind thing said already. Can’t imagine an actress who’s done better work this season. Jenna is remarkable. And I think she likes you, tanster! :) Thanks so much to you for bringing us the interview, and to Jenna for granting it.

  77. This just proves how much Jenna’s fans mean to her … I mean what other celeb would turn down interviews from major publications and shows in order to do an exclusive one for a fansite. There should be more stars in Hollywood like her.

  78. It just goes to show how appreciative she is towards her fans! I think that is so awesome!

  79. When I read the title of this article I about fell off my chair! I don’t know why I was so shocked-we all already know how the cast/crew have come to know and love tanster like we have, and we know how down-to-earth Jenna is. But still-to have a phone chat with Jenna! How great for you, tanster! (And INCREDIBLY well deserved!) I echo everyone else’s sentiments. For Jenna to care so deeply for Pam and Office fans alike, is just amazing. I’ve been moved nearly to tears. In this bizarre, paparazzi-filled world we’re living in, it is almost unbelieveable that such a wonderful, warm, TALENTED, and grateful actress like Jenna Fischer still exists. We Office fans are constantly rewarded with treats like this, and I feel so lucky. The Office is more than just a TV show and Jenna is more than just an actress. She is a real person who appreciates everything that has happened to her. And I am more than thrilled to share in the joy with Jenna and the rest of the Office gang. Thank you, Jenna and tanster!

  80. When Jenna wins that Emmy,and I think she will, I,ll be yelling “HELL YEAH” louder than anybody

  81. Tanster,
    I don’t think you and Jenna could be any more awesome right now=P
    By the way, you are one lucky girl.

  82. That is so sweet of Jenna to have talked to you, Jennie. It’s nice to acknowledge how excited we all are for her. :)

  83. she’s amazing.
    i watched lollilove again yesterday cause it just felt like a Jenna day!

    and the countdown to the awards begins…

  84. I really don’t think she could be any more lovely. It was so sweet of her to think of you and all the fans in the midst of all the craziness yesterday. And people wonder why I love this show so much…

  85. Tanster, how cool is that when you could get a casual email from J-Ficsh (yea I just made that up) asking you to interview her?!? Next contest should be to come up with a question for Tanster to ask Jenna for their next interview.

  86. Its Official! Jenna is the coolest celebrity there is!!! I am so happy for her getting the nom. I hope she wins!!!! She deserves it! THank you Jenna for being so great to your fans ;)

  87. Just another reason Jenna rocks the house. We truly feel like we’re all in this together and when Jenna receives an Emmy (or the cast for that matter), we can all feel the excitement.

    Glad to hear her back is healing nicely and of course that she’s as grounded as ever (shirt and jeans to the Emmys, LOL)…(in case she comes back to read) Congrats Jenna!

  88. It is incredibly sweet of Jenna to talk to a fansite instead of the national press. Congratulations to Jenna and to Tanster, for scoring such an awesome interview!

  89. 95 | lemoñadé I concur with your statement. I love The Office, but one of the reasons is because the people involved are so FREAKING AWESOME!! Could we BE any luckier to “know” them? Tanster, this definitely speaks volumes about your work on the site and how much attention it garners because of its excellence.

  90. What a great interview tanster! So glad Jenna spoke with you! All of us at the NBC Office Message Board have our hearts full at this moment – for Jenna, Steve, Rainn, and all the other castmembers and crew that make this the best show on television! :)

  91. Congratulations Jennie on the interview! You are so deserving, after all you do for The Office and the Cast and of course, us, the fans. You’re the best! : )

  92. Okay, this whole thing just kind of sums up how I think this show is really special and set apart from pthers on the air today. It’s evident that the actors and actresses truly care about their roles and also care alot about the fans.BTW Tanster, I’ll say it again, you are very good at what you do!!!

  93. Tanster, thank you so much for getting all this fabulous information to us…the show rocks because of its actors, writers AND fans! It’s cool that Jenna asked for her first interview after the nomination to be with you.

  94. great interview tanster…and in case I don’t say it enough….wonderful site.

  95. Aww! Jenna is so gracious to her fans!

    Tanster; A far-fetch but oh so awesome idea for a contest would be somehow picking someone to interview one of the cast members either on Office Tally Chat or by phone. Man, would that be awesome!

  96. Thank you so much for the interview! The dedication that goes into this website is amazing. It is wonderful to actually have a dialogue between the cast and crew of a show and it’s audience–not a common occurence.

  97. I love her to pieces! She deserves the award, no question about it.

    Thanks Office tally!!

    And a huge Thank You to Jenna!

  98. Wow! I miss a whole weekend of Officetally and look what happens! I’m now a whole week behind! Great interview Tanster.

    About the Emmy nominations regarding John Krasinski, I can kind’a understand why he might have been left off the nomination this year. For one thing, this whole season of The Office was mostly about Pam; it was her story, her story to tell.

    If anything else, John should’ve gotten the Emmy nod during Season 2… he really deserved it.

  99. i am so excited for the whole cast and rainn as well, but jenna is such an under dog to me and she has gone beyond my expectations with pam during season 3 so i’m rooting for her like no other to win. she deserves it. how many days until season 4?

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