Emmy reaction

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  1. Tanster – Jenna is right – you are my first website to check every morning – sad as that may be! Thanks for keeping us Dunder-Mifflin Addicts up on all the latest and greatest! – ea

  2. Knowing that Jenna Fischer is checking officetally.com, makes me realize that maybe the cast of The Office is as geeky as we are when it comes to the show. Tanster your website is really the best though.

  3. Must be cool to now have people say your name as “Emmy nominated actress Jenna Fischer.” Only thing better of course is “Emmy winning actress Jenna Fischer.”

  4. Congratz to Jenna. :)

    Gotta love Tina Fey’s reaction to her own nomination… (“This is an outrage!”) :D

  5. yay.. I’m a tipster!!

    I love that Jenna checks officetally just like the rest of us. It makes me feel less geeky. Or something.

    Congtrats to the cast and crew for the nominations. I really hope they all win. Can’t wait for september (for many office-related reasons).

  6. That is pretty cool and down-to-earth of Jenna to share her reaction with her fans on myspace. There are not many actresses/actors that would do that. But of course the bigger she gets, the less likely these personal online blogs arise so enjoy them while they last. And look at Tanster choppin it up with the celebs. I predict a cameo appearance on the show in season 5…

  7. Congrats Jenna! Well deserved.

    And congrats, Tanster. Bet you love that little shout out! Did your server crash yet?

  8. Oh my. Reading Jenna’s blog on her reaction to the Emmy nominations just made me tear up. That was a really touching tribute to Pam. It’s really moving how much she cares about Pam, and that Pam isn’t just a character that she acts out when TV season rolls around.

  9. Jenna’s blog made me cry! What a sweetheart! She deserves this so much, I am beyond thrilled for her and the rest of the cast!

  10. I read Jenna’s blog first thing today and I cried for her too. I don’t know if she’ll ever read this, but as a midwestern gal who never got out of the midwest to chase a dream, I feel immensely proud of her. In Pam’s transformation this season, I knew all along that she’d get that Emmy nom. She’s given me inspiration and hope not only in her but for all of us to become FNBs too. I’ll be a wreck when her name is called and goes up to grab her Emmy…

  11. Oh man. I got all verklempt at the end of Jenna’s art show analogy.

    Congratulations, Jenna! I’ll be rooting for you and Pam hard.

  12. “I love that Jenna checks officetally just like the rest of us. It makes me feel less geeky. Or something.”

    On the contrary, I believe it makes us all part of the same geekdom. For we are all The Office, and The Office is all.

  13. Yay Jenna! Totally deserved. I just reread on OT that it wasn’t Grief Counseling that was submitted, but that episode made me laugh very hard. Singing along to Dwight’s recorder left me crying I laughed so hard.

  14. So happy for Jenna and the rest of The Office crew! All the nominations are well deserved, IMO. :-)

  15. Hmm…if Tanster gets a cameo, we better get some details!! Good job on the shoutout-just goes to show what an awesome site you’ve put together! :)

  16. I actually forgot to say Congrats to the Office nominees in the other thread where I was griping about John being omitted. So, oops, and Congrats!

    And does anyone know if Jenna stop accepting friend requests on her myspace? I’ve had one submitted for about three weeks and she still hasn’t approved. And well, obviously she has been on. I’m starting to get offended. ;P

  17. “On the contrary, I believe it makes us all part of the same geekdom. For we are all The Office, and The Office is all.”

    Yeah, that’s true.

  18. Congrats to all the nominees.

    I’m tempted to start an online petition to keep Jenna out of high heels on Emmy night. ;) Not worth the risk.

  19. i dunno if jenna’s stopped accepting friends.. i can’t think of why she would.. i submitted mine two or three days ago.. i assume she just doesn’t feel like accepting the thousands of friend requests.. gotta get her assistant on that though.. i do want to be a part of that big surprise blog entry “later this week”

  20. Jenna has not been active on myspace much at all since her injury, so maybe she has just not gotten around to accepting new friends… But I’m sure she will. I’m guessing it’s still not much fun to sit in front of a computer for extended periods of time… Which is what she’ll be doing as Pam soon! Jenna spends a lot of time on myspace while they are filming the show, I’m sure she’ll catch up then ;)

  21. “I’m ecstatic. I haven’t won anything since I won a giant poster of Sting from the Dream of the Blue Turtles Tour in 1985.”

    And Scrantonicity covers The Police. Coincidence?

  22. “One of the first calls I made, I made to her, and I haven’t heard back from that bitch. But yeah, I’m so excited for her.”

    I always forget how frickin funny Rainn is. Coffee almost came out of my nose I was laughing so hard reading that! :)

  23. I’d like to add to my earlier note that if Rainn wins I’m totally expecting a re-creation of his excellent speech from the sales convention last season. Complete with fist pounding and yelling.

  24. What’s up? I’m new to Office Tally but think it’s great so far. So here’s the deal. I’m about to start watching the UK version of “The Office”. I really don’t think anything in this world could be funnier than interaction between Michael and Dwight, but we’ll see haha. Oh, and are there any other guys here that would trade their girlfriend for Pam? haha…or is that just me?

  25. Shawn Kat – I second that! I can’t believe Rainn is in Toronto!!

    Anyways, I’m so happy for both him and Jenna and Steve.. and everyone at the Office!!

  26. A quick Google search led to some tidbits about Rainn’s stay in Toronto. Unfortunately, we missed an open call for extras for the movie’s finale from last week

    It’s too bad the movie’s producers didn’t post on OfficeTally. Perhaps they were concerned that the response would be too overwhelming given the number of faithful OT readers!

    Thanks for the great work.

  27. There’s a little mention of Jenna’s nomination over at ew.com’s emmy coverage.

  28. “Of course, I must ask you the question you’ve surely answered at least 15 times already today: Where were you when you found out?

    I was on the surface of the moon, and a carrier pigeon showed up from my publicist’s office.”

    LMFAO…Rainn is hilarious

  29. I know a ton of 14 year old girls who could write a better story than whoever wrote the story in People about Rainn.

  30. I’m so happy for everyone at the office! I do feel bad for JohnK, but this wasn’t his season, he was so much better in season 2. I think Rainn deserves it more.

    I’m glad bearseatbeets brought up not being accepted as Jenna’s myspace friend… I’ve been waiting about 3 weeks also & was wondering if I had been denied.

  31. Rainn is so amazingly funny even in these interviews, I’d really like to see him win. Oh, and I love the cage match reference.

  32. Jenna and Rainn’s reaction from Eonline:

    “I got up early and fixed some waffles and turned on E! for the announcements,” Office star and Comedy Lead Actress nominee Jenna Fischer said. “I didn’t realize that they don’t announce the supporting categories on TV. So, when they finished, I just sat there wondering what to do. About five minutes later, my phone started ringing like crazy.”

    Bobblehead inspiration and now Emmy nominee Rainn Wilson, who along with Fischer, Steve Carell and The Office as a whole, spread the love to his fellow unheralded thesps.

    “I’m thrilled and honored both for the nomination and to be a member of the best cast on television,” he said.

  33. You know, I thought John was great this season. I just think it was understated. Jim was very very emotional this season and had a lot going on in his head and heart. I felt so much for the man. John does so well at playing a tortured soul. I’m really hoping that next year he’ll get a little more recognition than just being the character that all girls swoon over.

    (Or maybe he’ll just win an Oscar instead)

  34. I think Schur is jealous of all the attention Jenna’s interview is getting and wanted to join in on the fun. :D

    Mose rules.

  35. Rainn has an interesting plan for his Emmy outfit:

    “I’ve actually rented Björk’s swan dress. I know that’s kind of recycling, but I saw An Inconvenient Truth.”

  36. reason number 3209480923 why this site rocks!

    Nice shout out from Michael, tanster!

  37. Random note:

    I just watched the episode commentaries from Season 1–it was so cute especially with lots of stories from JK! I’ve seen it before when I purchased the DVD. I usually don’t laugh out loud, unless it’s pretty freakin’ hilarious and it pretty much was.

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