OfficeTally Tagline Contest

One of my favorite OfficeTally features is the quote randomizer, which displays random quotes from the show at the top of the page.

Since no Office episode is airing Thanksgiving week, I thought it would be cool to replace episode quotes with OfficeTally taglines — written by y’all!

Submit a tagline and you may win an Office Season 2 DVD … see rules after the jump.


  • Submit a tagline by adding a comment to this post.
  • Taglines must be, at most, 60 characters. Characters include letters, numbers, spaces, punctuation marks, everything.
  • The tagline must be about OfficeTally. You can think of a tagline this way: if the word “OfficeTally” were on the front of a t-shirt, what would it say on the back?
  • You may enter as many times as you like.
  • Sorry, not all entries will be used in the rotation, only the ones I like. Which will most probably be of the witty and/or funny variety. Sorry I can’t give more direction than that!
  • To be eligible to win a prize, you must provide a valid email address.

Examples of taglines

  • Devoted to The Office.
  • That’s what she said.
  • Your gateway to all things Office. Arigato.
  • All Office, all the time.
  • Your Office world. Delivered.
  • Read it. Share it. Love it.


  • Of the taglines that are selected for rotation, three will be randomly selected to receive any Office episode from the iTunes Store.
  • Of the taglines that are selected for rotation, my favorite tagline will receive The Office Season 2 DVD! (Courtesy NBC) Nice early Christmas present, eh?

Important dates

  • Sat. Nov. 25, 11pm PT: Deadline to submit entries.
  • Sun. Nov. 26: Selected entries start appearing live!
  • Tue. Nov. 28: Prizewinners announced.