My visit to the ‘Parks and Recreation’ set

Thursday, April 9th, 2009 | 19 comments


This was in my hotel room when I arrived Thursday night. Is that sweet or what?
Parks and Recreation

Greg Daniels like to jump rope at the office. Whenever there is a break in the discussion, he’ll get out his rope and jump for a minute, then resume whatever he was doing.

The Parks and Recreation set is bigger, brighter, and newer than The Office set. It still has that “new car smell.” The PandR set is at a real TV studio; ‘The Office’ set is in a scary neighborhood where junkyard dogs roam wild.

Dan Goor is a writer for the show and self-proclaimed master of the fart joke. And when Mike introduced Dan to me, I gave him that look, like, I know you from somewhere, I just don’t know where. He finally revealed that he played “hot dog guy,” or Karen Filippelli’s husband from The Office episode ‘Lecture Circuit’ Part 1!

Dean Holland, award-winning editor for The Office, works on Parks and Recreation.

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  1. 1. Matt Bennett  

    This looks like so much FUN! I can’t WAIT for the premiere tonight!

  2. 2. Tonka  

    Very cool! Excited to check it out!

  3. 3. Delmy  

    Thanks again for always sharing your experiences with us, Tanster :)

    Can’t wait for tonight!

  4. 4. Pam's BFF  

    This a-w-e-(clap-clap)s-o-m-e! And, btw, Tanster, you look amazing! :)

    [from tanster: awww, you’re so sweet, thanks!]

  5. 5. Kenna  

    Awesome! That pit is unbelievable. And someone actually lives in the house they’re using for Rashida’s character?! That must be insane for the homeowners!

    I can’t wait to finally see the premiere tonight. Thanks for the report, tanster!

    [from tanster: i actually asked at first, so this house is unoccupied and you guys just rent it out? and they’re like, no, people actually live here. they’re just gone during the day. i know. crazy.]

  6. 6. Brian  

    Let us all bow our head and have a moment of silence for FJM.

    OK, play ball!

  7. 7. emily  

    Tanster, you are one lucky girl!!!!
    Is the website the reason you get to do all of this cool stuff?

    [from tanster: yes, i am a super lucky girl. :) ]

  8. 8. Tiffany  

    Sweet report, Tanster! Perfect timing too :) Sounds like this cast/crew is just as awesome as THE OFFICE. Can’t wait to see how P&R does this season!

  9. 9. brucebat  

    Wow!!! Lucky girl! Can’t wait to see the new show!

  10. 10. Koos  

    Awesome, Tanster! I’m looking forward to the premiere tonight

  11. 11. theinjury  

    I absolutely died when I saw the “wall of heroes”. Can anyone confirm, is that a picture of Janet Reno on the bottom left on top of the bookcase? I live and work in DC and shockingly I think my own “wall of heroes” would look almost the same lol.

    [from tanster: yes, that is indeed Janet Reno.]

  12. 12. phyllis*farm  

    And the unrequited love affair is between…?

  13. 13. clipnotavailablefromlocation  

    Thank you so much for the report tanster,
    I’m definitely watching the show, Amy Poehler is a hero of mine since she did that rap song on SNL while being very pregnant.

  14. 14. Carly  

    I love Caitlin!! My friends and I were just watching some of those sketches last night haha. Just another reason to watch this show!

  15. 15. Joe Morgan  

    Baseball season really isn’t the same without Mike Schur trying to get me fired.

  16. 16. Debi  

    Tanster – you and Rashida have matching bangs! Sounds like you had a blast! Thanks for sharing all this with us. I’m really looking forward to tonight’s premiere.

  17. 17. Grape Soda  

    lol @ #16.

    Awesome report Tanster! Wish I could go hang out at these sets for 13 hours!

  18. 18. david eckstein  


  19. 19. Jeff  

    Tanster, now that Episode 4 has aired, do you have any cool behind-the-scenes stories about any of the scenes that were aired? Thanks!

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