Michael Scott’s boxing cat puppet

Michael Scott Boxing Cat Puppet

Who made a return appearance on The Office Season 7 episode Costume Contest?

Michael Scott's boxing cat puppet

That’s right, Michael Scott’s boxing cat puppet, who we haven’t seen since The Office Season 2 episode, Email Surveillance!

I haven’t been able to find it online, so this might be a special item created by the props department…

In any case, how I’ve missed you so.


  1. Haha good find! The whole “finding out what Stanley won’t notice” cold open was priceless.

  2. I caught this right away and it made me so happy!! I’m surprised they still have that prop LOL. I’d buy one right away if they sold them.

  3. Michael & Dwight just standing there w/a pony & the puppet made me laugh so much on thursday. It’s so random & yet so normal for them.

  4. The “Find out what Stanley won’t notice” open made me think of Season 3’s Gambling episode where they give Creed a potato to replace his apple, and he doesn’t notice. :)

  5. I had a boxing ET (The Extra-Terrestrial) back in the day. Don’t know what that says about me (or the people who did tie-in products back then).

  6. it’s not a prop, I had one when I was little, I freaked out when I saw this on the episode, i’ve been googling every possible description for the past hour but I can’t find one for sale anywhere. It was one of my favorite toys as a kid

  7. This cat puppet is popular in Argentina. They use it in a late night show. He’s called “El gato de Verdaguer” and he tells racist and sexist jokes. You can see it here.

    I also tried to find one available online but seems impossible.

  8. I found the boxing kitty at my local Goodwill for $2. It’s in great shape and still works as it should. Love it!

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